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Denden kindergarten inaugurated in Asmara

March 10, 2013 — The AssItEr Onlus organization, a non-profit group that promotes development in Eritrea, has inaugurated a kindergarten named Denden in Asmara's Denden camp.

Denden school will accommodate 400 children between the ages of 2-6 and will feature 3 main classrooms, an office, kitchen, playground, bathrooms, including showers for students and staff.

Children who attend Denden will also receive a mandatory medical screening prevention by a cardiologist and an Italian pediatrician.

Prior to Denden's inauguration, the previous kindergarten accommodated 230 students, who were housed in 6 containers of 15 square meters, each lacking adequate water, furniture and electricity services.

Denden camp was originally founded by the Women's Association of Eritrea in 1996. It's a residential area occupied mostly by disabled veterans of the Eritrean Revolution.

Denden Kindergarten consists of 400 square meters 
Denden Kindergarten inauguration
Garden designed after Eritrea's outline 
Students of Denden
Denden kindergarten

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  1. Denden is inaugurated on 3 march 2011


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