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Eritrea to Build a 20 Million Cubic Meter Dam

Photo: Toker dam.

Eritrea to Build a 20 Million Cubic Meter Dam  

Eritrea is building a new 20 million cubic meter Tekera Dam to supply water to Asmara, a senior government official said.

The design and construction of the dam will be conducted by national experts and companies, the official added.

Since independence, Eritrea has built more than 300 agriculture and water reservoir dams to ensure food security and alleviate potable water shortages.

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Eritrea to Build a 20 Million Cubic Meter Dam Reviewed by Admin on 6:57 AM Rating: 5


  1. It is good news to hear that the dam is built by a national experts and companies which is good example of self-reliance. The younger generation of the Eritrean people will do a miracle in regard to national development.
    Long live to the Eritrean youth!

  2. I don't know if we are talking of the same dam called Gergera, located between Dekemhare and Mendefera, which is one of the biggest dam we have in Eri for now, (about 37 milion cubic meter), that will be source to many cities: part of Asmara, Dekemhare, Mendefera, Adikeyeh, Segeneiti, and Massawa as well, i get this information directly from my ex-work mate a structural engineer Rezene, who is engaged there..Even in this case, about the design and construction is all made in Eritrea..
    yes long live to the Eritrean youth.

  3. This is a different dam, Cane. But you are right, Gergera Dam will be the biggest dam once its completed. I was told by a government source that it is nearing completion.

    I could be wrong but I believe this image below is that of Gergera Dam.

  4. I don't know where this new dam (20 cubic meter) is supposed to be built. But the picture shown is the Toker dam which has been built about 14 years ago and I know Gorgora is going to hold much more than 20 cubic meter of water, which is in progress of being built as we speak.

  5. Lalmba!

    You can Google down to know the location exactly. I am not 100% sure but I think it is some what near Emba Tekera, and it will start to built now. Gergera dam is nearing completion.

  6. Kerkebet Dam in Gash Barka, Eritrea

  7. Dear Eritrean Government,

    Keep building more modern houses, more dams, and invest in technology! Those are the three main areas I care about. You can't excite people with food security, but you can get them excited about major infrastructure projects!

  8. Kkkkkk Tekera dam this is pointless and lies because this dam was built by mengistu régime.

  9. If you can't even feed your citizens, what use is there of large glitzy projects that benefit the minority. This has been the path for many developing nations and what do we find, massive social inequalities. Eritrea will not fall down that path. Our priorities were forged during our struggle of independence and the govt and people are on a path of social justice for all. Large infrastructure projects will come in due time when the necessary skills and funds are available.

  10. Kikwein eyu kemey zeyikwein

  11. 100% Eritrean engineering !! and some Nile countries can't even feed their people let alone build sophisticated dam. Eritrea kicks ass !!!!

  12. Lies are the best instruments of woyanes and their servants to cover the truth.

  13. Wedi Tekera u should call urself wedi Raya that's your true image and fit's you.

  14. Can any one advise me as to why Anseba River could not be "dammed" so as to alleviate the 50-yr-old water problems in Keren and surroundings?
    The Italians started a big dam in Anseba then during the Dergue Regime,the Catholic Charities allocated millions of USD but some regionalists at that time blocked it questioning as to why that much amount of money($30 million USD) should be allocated only to Keren.
    thgen during the Post-Indpendence Era,while Mr.Tesfay Tecle was th emayor of Keren or the Governor of Anseba Region,a multi-million dollar project was placed with the help of the Arab Banks but the project was cancelled for unclear reason and Keren and its surroundings are suffering chronicall from shortage of basic drinking water despite being one of the richest regions in water resources.
    cCn some one clarify this issue?

  15. betri Haki: From some reliable sources, the Tekera dam is to be built in the gorges near Adi Halo (A village near Zawle-Kelkelti) about 15 kilometers south of the Tekera mountain Heights. It makes great sense to build the dam at the lower elevation in order to capture flood water emanating from Mountain Tekerea and environs. I was always wondering why some one did not think of building a dam at the foothills of Mountain Tekera. After all Mai Tekera is the source of the river Mereb and the Italians used to call its foot hills as "Punto Mereb". It is great news and the construction of the dam will hopefully alleviate the drinking water shortage in Asmara.


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