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Eritrea's Gergera dam is nearing completion

Photo: Toker dam. This is not the Gergera dam. 

Eritrea's Gergera dam is nearing completion 

Construction of Gergera dam in Zoba Debub region is nearing completion, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Built along a gorge, the dam will be the largest cyclopean masonry dam in the country and will provide clean drinking water to the Zoba Debub region.

The dam, which is being funded and built by the Eritrean government, will take a few years to fill with rain water, according to the source.

Taking three years to build, the Gergera dam is one of the largest construction projects the government has taken on. Despite the importance of the dam, little is known about the project.

Since independence, Eritrea has built more than 300 agriculture and water reservoir dams to alleviate potable water shortages in the country.

Location: Zoba debub, Debarwa sub zone, east of Teramni
Cost: Unknown
Completion: early 2014
Funded: Eritrean government

Video of Kerkebet dam. This dam is located in the Gash Barka region of the country.

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Eritrea's Gergera dam is nearing completion Reviewed by Admin on 6:39 AM Rating: 5


  1. What I admire about shaebia is they talk less and,work more they don't brag about anything

  2. Proud to Be Eritrea .... 100 :December 3, 2013 at 7:44 AM

    It's too Nice to hear when they start to build am Impressed


  3. Well done Eritrea !!!
    Let your enemies pee in their ladies skirt.

  4. Some clarifications and corrections for the Admin's attention ...
    The first pic shown is of Toker Dam, the 2nd biggest dam for asmara.
    Gergera dam is a cyclopean masonry dam, with rock fill, not an earth dam.
    It is intended to feed growing towns that include Mendefera, Dekemhare, and Dibarwa; in future also Massawa as it has a capacity in excess of 30 m.m.c.
    It did not take 5 years to construct, rather the work began late in 2010 and early 2011.

  5. I agree. The Eritrean government is all action and no talk. They haven't even mentioned this project publicly.

  6. Thank you! I've heard it's for Asmara, too.

  7. waw betaemi zegerem serah eyu, meraya metsait eritrea

  8. Selemntay etie ane zehbkewo ryeto tedmsisu. Zetsmeani kezarebe mesel alenie meselnie. Hji ewen Mr agame (isaias) bezgbero gebnate kehtet eiu.

  9. Really amazing well done deqi Erey

  10. Eta hirrrrr zibelkaya

  11. guy's this not poletical or shabia or nansense tolk, pls you have to see this at work level, not at talking level, our citys are not the same any more, lives more people and diffrent needs sevice than 30 years ago, we need to build like this now atherways we are late, what i admire is the dam is build financially and techinicaley Eritrean. if it's everthing is eritrean makes you feel proud. like i am now. thank you

  12. Nice. God bless Eritrea.

  13. Meantacka Do Teckoritsu......hehehehahaha!!

  14. "Let your enemies pee in their ladies skirt" one can make enemy his friends if he is not null minded like you

  15. You are due for psychotic medication,you are responding to voices.
    This is madote, not asye hasedna .com or

  16. Oromai C'est la VieAugust 7, 2014 at 1:34 AM

    cost - unknown Hhhhh


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