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Sudan to link 340‑km Electricity Transmission Line with Eritrea

Senior Eritrean and Sudanese officials traveling from mainland Massawa to Tualud island - January 17, 2014

Sudan to Link 340‑km Electricity Transmission line with Eritrea

During a three-day visit to Eritrea by Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, Sudan and Eritrea pledged cooperation on a number of economic and infrastructure developments, Sudan's foreign minister Ali Karti told reporters over the weekend.

The top Sudanese diplomat said the two sides discussed ways for opening the borders and turning them into crossing points for goods and passengers, noting that consultations with authorities of border states are underway.

He further said that discussions highlighted education and health sectors besides roads linking the two countries, adding that the two sides agreed to review a 150 kilometers (93 miles) road inside Eritrean territory which Asmara has already started to build.

Karti also said the Sudanese side committed to completing the a new 340‑km (211 miles) electricity transmission line connecting the two countries, stressing the construction of the project would begin soon after conclusion of the necessary studies are completed.

The 220‑kV interconnector, which has been described as a 'top priority' project by both governments, would link Kassala in Sudan to the Eritrean towns of Teseney, Barentu, Agordat and Keren and, when possible, to Asmara.

The road to Massawa aka Menegedi Batse - January 17, 2014

Senior Eritrean and Sudanese officials stop to look at  Semenawi Bahri aka the "green belt" of Eritrea - January 17, 2014

Senior Eritrean and Sudanese officials stop in a resort in Semenawi Bahri for traditional coffee - January 17, 2014

Sudanese President meeting Eritrean citizens

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir in Massawa - January 17, 2014

Cultural show performed in Massawa for Sudanese delegation January 17, 2014 

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki  - January 17, 2014

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki - January 17, 2014

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir leaving for Sudan via Massawa International Airport - January 18, 2014

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Sudan to link 340‑km Electricity Transmission Line with Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 3:21 PM Rating: 5


  1. where from sudan can sell electricity to Eritrea. It looks line from Sudan and electricity from Ethiopia.i got it.

  2. Good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is a perfect move. Loved it. Eritrea need to consider any economically/politically viable options. At the same time, explore/study/develop its own resources (Solar, Wind, thermal). In the mean time, until it stands on its own, Eritrea need to take actions like this one.
    What Eritrea should never do is: depend 100% on outside source. Imagine, Woyanies one day go to Church/Mosque and miraculously realize how shitty they have been acting, and decide to come to their senses And say, Eritrea and Ethiopia restore normal neighborly relationship, based on respect and we decide to purchase Utility from them, ok? And imagine we bought 100% of our Utility needs from them(God forbid)....that means the main switch is up there in woyanie land, and we put our selves at their mercy (again, God Forbid!)
    There fore the way to go is use outside source as a stand by and always develop our own. And believe me, Eritrea Is the most blessed nation on Earth and we have all we need. Add to that the fact that Eritrea has dedicated, country loving, hard working, God fearing people as citizens...The sky is the limit
    God, bless that nation of ours!

  4. Temesgen amlak, ayni hassadat yedfenelna..

  5. Proud to be Eritrean


  6. Temben people represent love, peace, and good family values. Generally speaking they are so nice people like the rest of Tigrai. How about you, are you as good as Temben or as snake as weyane?
    in UK Democracy, in white house Autocracy. watch TPLF hypocrisy.

  7. well that one is a good and optimistic value or result of longer relationship b/w to countries, this is really benefit to all ,time to be success ,no more wast time.cheers

  8. Good move , that is until we produce our own .

  9. Sudan buy electricity from Ethiopia and sell to eritrea with profit wow this is funny, God bless Ethiopia

  10. Not funny, it is everyday business practice. Eritrea uses the electricity to smelt copper, sale it to Italy, make profit Italy make copper wires sales to Ethiopia making profit, Ethiopia build electrical transmission line to sell electricity to Kenya, Sudan and Djibouti, stash the money in Swiss bank and beg for food from Canada and USA! this is funny.
    God Bless Eritrea

  11. Eritrea is buying electricity indirectly from Ethiopia that is why Isias was saying last year in his 7hrs interview looool.

  12. Big Mike
    No one is more ignorant than you and hide your self behind truth it is you the shabians who buys electric power from Sudan and Sudan buys from Ethiopia. whether you like it or not you are forced to buy from Ethiopia indirectly because you don't have any other options.

  13. Tekeze Hydro power 430 Mega watt ! Ashegoda Wind power 120 MW. There are still three on pipeline wind farms which are expected to generate 100-120 MW from identified wind farms in Tigray. Tekeze-2 will be build in the coming 5 years which will be used for Irrigating 70,000 Hectares of land and Generating 310 MW in general Tigray is one of the power house in Ethiopia. God willing we will export power to Yemen, Djibouti will also get additional power.
    We can also give some leftover to Eritrea/Bandaland based on how that banda-land behaves.
    Hope your power shortage will be solved coz you know the switch will be in Tigray and ON/OFF depends on how you behave to your masters TEGARU.
    I know it hurts but that is the fact. Tigray determines what comes in and what goes out.
    God bless TIGRAY and May Eritrea save itself from this tragic situation and free our selves from those 100,000 refugees in Our area.

  14. Hasadat telyoms ewe!
    Gina hasadat Eritrawyan keytikonu da'a ember. Silemntay telkani, Ab Tigray zelewa fabrikatat darga nab Asmera zikena'a bombtat eyen eko mibal jemirkum nierkum.
    Hisada da'a kabzuy nilaeli entayalo dyu?
    Amlak gibrikum rie'u hiriheray gieru yikexeakum alo gin weike hiziw'n bizae'ba kaleot hagerat mis tezarebkum wegiha timesyekum ala. Kab hisada ayewxukum antum selatotat.
    God bless Tigray land

  15. Hizi girm emo hagers bi imported power eya tetew eila zela maleyu!
    Wey gud atumselbat weya SINGAPORE da'a SING A POOR koina eko eilom ashikomna.
    Wey ERE wenenti bahri. Dhahan selam tirah ember nisikatkums nab etikedwo yeblkumn. Tiemyet da'a atyu yibahal alo'mber.
    Mehzenti fitret


  17. article is about Eritrea/Sudan cooperation.

    no one asked for your opinion on the matter, agame.

  18. Your inferiority complex is showing again.

    stick to your site. no one here will miss u

  19. ethiopia has electricity? news to me since i hear there's constant blackouts in the capital Addis


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