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Eritrea's Coastguard is a Headache for Criminals of the High Seas

Eritrean Coastguard and Air Force Patrolling the Red Sea

Eritrea's Coastguard is a Headache for Criminals of the High Seas

On Monday, Reuters wrote, "Eritrean forces boarded a merchant vessel that was in their territorial waters in an incident the crew initially reported as a pirate attack, maritime officials said today."

Predictably, the so-called Eritrean 'opposition' groups were quick to label this incident as a 'hijacking' or 'piracy' by the Eritrean government. They were also gleefully hoping this incident would escalate into some military confrontation with a Western country.

Unfortunately for them, this was not a piracy or hijacking by the Eritrean coastguard. This was a ship that illegally entered Eritrean territorial waters; therefore, the Eritrean coastguard had every right to board the ship and search the vessel.

If anything, this incident proves Eritrea's navy and coastguard are doing a outstanding job of denying illegal fishing and subversive groups from using its territorial waters with impunity.

It should be recalled, in 2010, four British PVI contractors were captured after trying to flee without paying fuel for their boat in Massawa. Upon searching their small vessel, the Eritrean navy found 18 high-powered rifles and sniper rifles, 8 handguns, munition and found evidence that the boat entered Eritrea's waters illegally on more than a few occasions, which led to their detention and investigation. Eventually, the crew was released after the Eritrean navy completed their investigation.

A photo taken by the crew practicing off Eritrea's Red Sea waters

The four British contractors who were detained.

18 high-powered weapons and sniper rifles were confiscated from their boat 

Their vessel contained eight hand guns

Munition confiscated from their boat
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  1. Well done!!!!
    Long Live to The Eritrean Youth!

  2. Look at this slimy trespasser.

  3. Good job deki Sawa!!!!

  4. Well done Eritrea!!!
    We are proud of you.

  5. if any ships entered to our red sea illegal shoot them and keep the sea as much as possible

  6. That is what means Eritreawinet, Bahirikan Meretkan mqutstsar.


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