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Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group Annual Report

Eritrea's UN Ambassador, Araya Desta

Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group Annual Report

The Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group has released its annual report concerning activities during the period from 1 January to 31 December 2013. Although it's 10 pages long, the report only provides one paragraph of information on Eritrea that is relatively new:

“On 8 December 2013, the Chair convened a meeting in Paris between the Government of Eritrea and the Monitoring Group. The discussion was constructive and centred on the implementation of relevant Security Council resolutions and the mandate of the Monitoring Group. All parties understood the importance of continuous contact and future engagements between the Monitoring Group and the Government of Eritrea.”

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  1. Ayni abayki ydfono anti halal hager.
    Kab resah minkegna Obama Binladen yedhnena

  2. Amen! for the above comment!

  3. Antum sebat entay dyu weridukum! Zelaealem mis zeimewadadrtikum alewlew misbelkum xahay berika ti'arbekum! Ayenay rishan afti halyukum eyu ayni abay zibahal zereba, Tigray b lieli 100,000 Eritrawi sedetegna techenanika zelas nisikatkum men'u ke gilix eilu zir'ekum! Chenewti eikum nayb'haqui xemamat hizbi.
    Hasadats nisikum. Foe Kedemti Tilyan.


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