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1990 Nightline Video Shows Ethiopia's War Crimes against Eritreans

Former Ethiopian leader, Mengistu Haile Mariam - Credit: Alamy

1990 Nightline Video shows Ethiopia's War crimes against Eritreans

A 1990 ABCNews Nightline program showing the Eritrean war of independence was uploaded to Youtube recently. Hosted by Ted Koppel, the program shows graphic images of Ethiopian MiG fighters targeting Eritrean civilian populations with napalm and cluster bombs.

Looking back at the atrocities successive Ethiopian regimes have committed against the Eritrean people, I wonder where Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International were? Despite over 200,000 Eritreans being killed out of a then population of 2.5 million, no one in the West seemed to care about the welfare of Eritreans. Yet these same agencies are now shedding crocodile tears over Eritrea for trivial matters that does not concern them.

Let this video serve as a reminder that no matter what obstacles Eritrea and Eritreans face, we have to overcome them on our own. Hoping the West will intervene out of guilt or kindness is silly at best and suicidal at worse. Therefore, self-reliance is not a gimmick for Eritreans; it's a necessity for survival.

Long live EPLF!

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1990 Nightline Video Shows Ethiopia's War Crimes against Eritreans Reviewed by Admin on 7:54 PM Rating: 5


  1. A good reminder to those who forgot yesterdays's atrocities commited by Ethiopia and rightly so where were they the likes of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UN Human Rights and those free journalists when our mother breast was cut off when our young brothers were run over by tanks and maimed by bombs, where were you? where you supporting the Dergue? and now for sure you are supporting the despotic rulers of Ethiopia who are3 not good for themsleve nor for their country men.
    all those who trade in the name of Humanity, like Amnestiy International, Human Rights Watch and the so called free press thanks for your help just keep outof our affairs, you never had a good history nor will you make any nice history either, so stop medling.
    SELF RELIANCE is our Motto and Non aliance is our way!!!!!

  2. UN Human Rights dag watch and Amnesty International are backed up by the west to serve for their interests only.
    If these Human Rights functional institutes are working in reality to serve and to advocated on behave of the humans, they would have accused the USA higher officials to face ICC trail because of their brutality. History is repeating by it self now and then, I hope the blood shaded of these innocent people will pull them down and kneel down.
    The only choice that we have is to stand by our own feet and march forward with the slogan NEVER KNEEL DOWN!!!!!!

  3. Your comment has nothing to do with the article. You need to understand carefully before your comment.

  4. Hundred percent I agree with you.
    Never neel down!!!!

  5. We paid a heavy price to get our independece. After 1991 we thought the suffering was behind us, and we were suppose to go ahead and build our country. But what we missed was Issayas and his inner circle weren´t fit to lead a country in peace or take us towards a democratic country. Many of those great fighters who fought and lead many battles against the Ethiopians are dieing in prisons without getting a chance to defend themselevels. Unfortunatly we Eritreans need to struggle one more time, this time to remove a home grown dictator once we thought was a hero. As Issays himself put it "Once a hero doesn"t mean you will be a hero for life" and that fit himself perfectly.

  6. Concerned_Eritrea
    First of all you don't need to concern about Eritrea, you better concern about your country where it is located.
    Don't you know that Eritrea have more that four million(4,000,000) Issayasis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Shame on you too, weyane boot lickers.

  8. Michael Solomon
    1 stick to the point
    I don't know why you regurigitating what woyane fed you? comment on the topic not nonsence garbbage you put it and if you worry about amnestiy Internationall go and bend back ward lift your shirt to please them!!!

  9. Well said Kahsay!

  10. Well said Kahsay!.

  11. Ethiopia never wants any more Shabia. and its Derge that responsible for the crime. and as well ur dectator tegadalayet. for innocent people.....

  12. Kahsay,
    Real Eritreans are dying in prison, in the mean time the country is lead by a Tegru maffia group with Issyas in the head , i could have given you the names but lets leave it for now since we all know who they are. No worries we will soon take back our country.

  13. How soon do we forget. There you have it need anymore evidence that the AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is a total joke when it comes to AFRICA. They are just a hidden tool of western intelegence agency's

  14. People forget things so quick; the younger generation should know the atrocities commited by Ethiopia agains our is not that our leaders don't want peace with our neighbours, it is all this past crimes that makes them to be cautious when dealing with Ethiopia.

  15. It's a pity that all Ethiopians don't know the scale of atrocity committed by the previous Ethiopian regime. I find it hard to believe this was real and committed by the derge regime. The fact is Mengistu was equally brutal to his own people. I personally support the stance of Eritreans on self reliance.


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