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Eritrean Officials Met with SEMG in Cairo, Egypt

Eritrea's ambassador to the UN, Araya Desta 

Eritrean Officials met with SEMG in Cairo, Egypt

Eritrean officials met with the UN Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group on Friday, 14 February in Cairo, Egypt, according to a document published online by the group.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed how to facilitate the implementation of Security Council resolution 1907 (2009) and 2023 (2011).

The Cairo discussion comes just two months after another meeting was held in Paris on December 7, to which UN sources say was "productive and meaningful".

UN sources also say Eritrean diplomats are confident that the sanctions will be lifted soon after the Monitoring Group's latest report on Eritrea was 'lite' on violations.

Eritrea and SEMG's closer cooperation of late is largely due Dr. Jarat Chopra, the current Coordinator of the Group, who has taken a different approach from his controversial predecessor Matt Bryden.

Mr. Bryden was fired in August of 2012, after the UN received a considerable and detailed complaint about him for his lack of professionalism and political bias that severely undermined his credibility and the SEMG.

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  1. UN must lift soon the unfair and unjust sanction over Eritrea and Eritrean people.
    Long live to Eritrea and Eritrean people!
    Our victory is certain!

  2. Betri haki teketen ember ayteseberen..

  3. UN has to be dissolved, it was created by these war mongers all to achieve their own selfish aims.

    The real terrorist are the Washington does not require rocket science to that up.....!

  4. where is the report online lol

  5. Thank you madote for the timely information!

  6. I sense you're a troll.

  7. Time is now to lift the unjust, illegal and politically motivated sanctions on Eritrea!

  8. Gena hirrrrr kitibla eikin antein areyti kuEnti


  10. Yes time to lift the unjust and unfair sanction!!!!!

  11. The UN has been unjust to Eritrea throughout its existence in its 60+ years as Organization. Eritrea still waiting to hear one decision by organization towards Eritrea based on truth, fairness and rule of law, Let us hope and cross our fingers it that will get it right this time around and start to mend its tarnished image.
    God Bless and Protect Eritrea and its People!

  12. What some people forget is, once you get sanctioned it is very hard to get it lifted because all the veto members need to agree to it. It would have been much more easier to stop it in the first place. The question is how did we get sanctioned?.
    The issue we have is, we are led by people with zero diplomatic skills, starting from the president himself. The Ethiopian led group got the excuse like Al-shabad and Djubuti conflict. And what did our so called leaders at that fime, nothing. They acted when it was already late. Why to recognise the Somlian government so late, why not to do it much more earlier not give them the excuse?. Or the conflict with DjubutI, the president himself denied that there was no conflict, but later accepted mediation from Qatar and until today we have soldiers from Qatar patroling the border between Eritra and Djubuti. This is somehting Eri-TV never mentioned to the Eritrean people. Why all this misstakes? Both actions could have been taken much more earlier but as always the so called president acts late. This happens only in a country when one man rules, if we had parlament where things are debatede, we could have had many minds instead of being ruled by mad dog which thinks he is god and knows everything. May god save us, and our only hope seems to be FORTO 2.

    1. @ madote
      why did you delete my comment? Hji ewen ewe higdef metalleltie medenagertie eiom felete.
      @ concerned_eritrean
      hahaha forto 2. Ya, that's the only solution left for us. This time, we will not fail. We will throw him.

  13. You woayne follow DOG HEAD what are you doing in the Eritrean website. We know all your websites are dead and running out of time, and that is why you are here.

  14. Instead of attacking the message you chose to attache the messenger. Everytime an Eritrean start to question Issayas and Co. policy you HGDEF blind supporter accuses one to be Woyane or Tigraway. If you are in DNA counting business ask Hagos Kisha if he is Eritrean. Belive me i am for sure more Eritrean than Hagos Kisha (100% Tigraway, Yemane Monkey (50% Tigraway) and Yemane Charlie (50% Tigraway), Asmelash Eri-TV (50% Tigraway) together, that is something i can assure you.

  15. Dawit,
    That is HGDEF propoganda, we had wonderful relation with UN/USA until 2001. Bill Clinton chose even Issayas to be one of the good African leaders around 1995. Things changed after Badme verdict where the Woyanes refused to leave. Not only that before 2001 heros like Pertos Solomon used to balance Issays power but since they were put in prison the mad dog start to rule the country by himself, that is when the country started to fly on auto-pilot.

  16. great reply keep it up ma bro/sis.when things gets good remember there will be a lot of cry babies hi hi hi

  17. The gallants EPLF fighters stay to their ground and prevailed over their enemies on the battle. These days again the brave EPLF leaders are prevailing over fabricated allegations and sanction. Viva Eri!!!!!

  18. Hey concered Eritrean,
    Never mind you are eritrean or not, what is needed is you have to be honest to your your self, at the same time who are you to judge, tell us your skills and abilities otherwise like you mouthing on Eritrean government, you should expect some one to hurle abuse at you! not that I am happy.
    However for your points, stop talking what is a figment of your imagination, you seem to be articulate on your English but your analysis has a lot to be desired! Read in between the lines, when was the US and UN good friends of Eritrea? Why did Eritreans have to fight for 30 years to get our independenc? I doubt, you will be able to answer it, go back to school and with open mind and heart forget about what the President can do or should, READ YOUR/Eritrean History and examine Eritrean case, I am sure you will have a better understanding of the past as well as the current situatiation.
    Ask your self why was the INEPT MAtt Bryden fired? why did Rassia rubbished his concoted story? why did UN forced itself to change the embicile Matt Bryden? why did not the SC (security council) did not overwellmingly vote to sunction Eritrea? If you can honestly answer this questions or comperhened the issues you would not have written a DUMMIES POLITICS!
    In deed if you are Eritrean as you claim to be, (I am no one to vouch your nationality) but who ever you are, you need to think critically, hurling insults at your government without proper understanding of the issues is exposing your mind set of being not to be coherent with Eritrean masses, stop making your sefl a loughing stock for us Eritrean people on the net!
    OK do Croncerend Eritrean brother!!!!!

  19. I am very, very proud to be an Eritrean citizen not a sellout and a puppet of woyane like you.
    I stand by own my feet as other Eritrean people do. I condemned all disgusting odds against my country and people. If you were an Eritrean citizen you would have condemned the sanction and woayne who occupied our land illegally?
    We know who are our enemies very well, don't underestimate the five million plus Eritrean people, we are not ignorant people. We don't need to tell us a people like you who we are. A person who is suffering from identity crises and inferiority complex in the 21th century.
    We are the generation of 21th century and plus. Wake up!!!!! you are living in a stone age with your comrades woyane.
    Our first enemies are people like you, USA, Woyane and other pseudo Eritreans "kedeat" sellouts and puppet of the west who supported Eritrea and its people to be sanctioned.
    We are the people who refuse to knees down!
    One people and one country!
    Stay away from the Eritrean website!!!!!. We don't respect a people like you to deal with us, who are servants of our enemies. Ajaw woyane!

  20. What is your message? Go back and read your message again. Are you in support of the sanction or oppose? I will wait an answer for my question.
    garbage in and garbage out!!!

  21. issayas wedi medhin berad

  22. Another Woyane child stealing EPLF fighters picture pretending to be Eritrean. His picture carrying Kalashnikov is EPLF fighters heroes picture well documented in EPLF history. I condemned this idiot woyane listro kid who is making joke and dancing over our Martyrs graves. Although woyane lives in identity crises, they are the arch enemy of the Eritrean people and our Martyrs. They destroyed our fallen heroes graves in Shambeko. Woyane coward they are even afraid for our skeleton will fight them back too.

    How stupid is this person!!!! If some one wants to know more of him visit his profile and check he is 100% woyane. some of examples comment in other website

    "WHERE will it be divert too ? you have to have good ethiopian map knowledge so to make it short we can divert it to south ethiopia it will join omo river fellow dawn to Kenya then Indian ocean to remind you we are building the heights dam on earth with hight of 240-300m in omo river it will be completed in 2016"

    "advanced Egyptian military you must be kidding Israel defeat egypt in 2 hours egypt is no much with Ethiopia battle harden army egypt cant defeat the bedewien rebel from sinia let alone ethiopia we should support the bededewien from the egyptian accupation of sinia"
    Please madote block this person permanently!!


  24. I don't spend my valuble time in arguing with people who prefer namecalling than debating based on facts. Hence i rest my case. Go ahead and call me Woayne.

  25. wedinakfa,
    First of all thank you for your respectful response. Let me make my stance clear i don't supprort the sanction since it will at then end hurt the people more than the leaders. Plus it was imposed based on the need of our neighbours. With that said, my brother there is nothing called fairnes in the world politics. The UN is there to protect the will of the super powers like USA, and don't expect to hear fair verdicts from the security councel. It is the responsibility of our government to make friends around the world and have someone who helps you protect our interest. Imagin the African union recommended for the first time in its history to impose sanction on one of it's own member. Why? As naive he was Issays made a speach in AU in 1993 he insulted all african leaders, was what he said correct? yes it was, but was it wise to say as he did? Ofcourse not, as a leader one need to chose his words carefully when talking in public. Thanks to Issays and Co, we are one of the most isolated country in the world. How many head of state visited Eritrea for the last 5 years? Or how many states invited Issays for a state visit? Don't count Sudan in this, Al Bashir is as isolated as Issays he needs a friend. We need change of policy and leadership, I never been a fan of president for life. He needs to go and we need new leaders who can take us our from the current status quo. Issays and Co are not capable of reforms which we need badly.

  26. Hassawi!!!! a big liar !!! dude!!! Is Eritrea an isolated country? Prove it yourself don't jump to comment blindly. Eritrea is in active diplomacy both regionally and internationally.
    Then who gave you man date to decide on behalf of me and other Eritrean people? Or your comments represents for you only?

  27. Zewdi,
    If you belive Eritrea is not isolated, then answer my question. How many head of states visited Eritrea for the last 5 years? Or how many countries invited Issays on states visit?. Again don't count Sudan and Al Bashir in this. We have even lost the only friend in the Middle East, Qatar. Since the former king left power, Issays didn't visit Qatar. The ironic thing is we are even isolated phsically, there is only one airline who still fly to Eritrea (the unreliable Egypt air). Forget Qatar and Turkish airlines, we have heard this propoganda for the last one year.......they will start in weeks times but they never did. The incomptence of Issays and Co. killed our pride Eritrean airlines which could have saved us.

  28. Dear concerend eritrean,
    Thank you, you seem to pick and choose your argument while wasting no time to castigate Eritrrea and the leaders.
    By your assertion that UN is there to protect teh interstes of the west so we Africans should sit ideally while we are being killed, our riches looted our honest leaders vilified and assasinated by the CIA? As much as I am peace loveing person, you can slap once but if you try once again I slap you doubly, we in Eritrea we don't have a defitist mind because our cause is JUSTICE, PEACE, PROSPERTIY adn dinginity, what I understand from your comment is we should be nice and accept what ever the supper powers do and say; I say NAY!!!
    You pointed out what the President said during the AU meeting, I don't have actual statment on what the President said but as we know, the so called free media is in business to maximise its income while serving the interstes of the super powers, you bend over to apppease no matter what!!!
    It might might have been necessary to say it thus, because of this institution good for nothing, we have bled for years, our mothers womb was cut open, our children were run over by tanks, what did the AU said and do, nothing. so if the president said what the AU monkeys offended, be it, we are not going to bend back ward to appease outsidrs while we are dying, starving adn denied out existance; step aside the hear and say innuendo, what is the realtion of Gabon and Nigeria to sponcer sanctions against Eritrea? was it right? No, gain go and study the history of Gabon(if I am right it is gabon certainly Nigeria) Nigeria? that id for your reference;
    Finally, if you think we are the most isolated country in the world, I do not accept this assertion; but let it be, because thier promise was to illminate Eritrea and Eritreans, so they tried to illminate us it did not work and they tried to isolate us, Jamaica is a small country with a big voice so is Eritrea is small but extreemly hard and difficult to isolate and illiminate, if any one thinks Eritrea is isolated they are ostriches hiding theuir neck in the sand, tehy need to live in a real world a real time, we are not in a stonge era.
    So brother concrend Eritrean, stop belittiling yourself or your country, stop beign defitist and think of the future, not only for now; if you think our leaders can not bring change, I don't need an explanation from you, I know my history, i know what the Eritrean people gone throw the last years and after independece; the only thing I can say is they are not miracle makers, tehy are not demi god, they are simply pople like you and me the only differnce is, thay have a can do atittude, million times dedication to their cause and most of owning to their experience adn desires they are peace loving leaders.
    Thank you.

  29. conerend Eritrean sorry fot the typo error, hope you have got my jest.


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