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Eritreans Bid Farewell to Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu

Eritreans bid farewell to H.E. Tesfamical Gerahtu, Eritrea's Ambassador to the UK and Ireland (Credit: Eritrea Embassy Media)
Updated 12:15 PM EST

Eritreans Bid Farewell to Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu

By Eritrea Embassy Media,

On 22nd February 2014, Representatives of Eritrean Organisations in UK organized a farewell reception in honor of H.E. Tesfamichael Gerahtu, Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the UK and Ireland.

On the occasion, Representatives of National Organisations, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Coventry, Nottingham, PFDJ, NUEW, YPFDJ, ERIPN, ESMT, EMWG, SARU, presented gifts to Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerahtu on behalf of the Eritreans in UK. Representatives of Eritrean communities in London also graced the farewell reception with their presence.

Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu thanked the representatives for the cooperation they showed him and the Eritrean Mission to the UK and Ireland.


By Madote,

No information was provided as to what Ambassador Tesfamicahel's next position will be or who would replace his current one.

The former freedom fighter has been the Ambassador to United Kingdom and Northern Ireland since 2007 and had previously served as the Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the Republic of South Africa and was the Director General for the National Education Department of Eritrea.

Videos of the event: 

Video of the event is courtesy of Saba Gebregiorgis:

Click on images to enlarge. All images below are courtesy of Eritrea Embassy Media in the UK

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Eritreans Bid Farewell to Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu Reviewed by Admin on 3:24 AM Rating: 5


  1. Well done Mr. did a good job and i wish you all the best in your future carrier.

  2. Thank you for your hard work Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu! You will be missed!!!

    Ambassador Tesfamicael is very popular among Eritreans in the UK. The person appointed to fill his position has big shidas to fill.

  3. Thank you for your hard work Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu! You will be missed!!!

    Ambassador Tesfamicael is very popular among Eritreans in the UK. The person appointed to fill his position has big shidas to fill....

  4. Thank you for your hard work Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu! You will be missed!!!

    Ambassador Tesfamicael is very popular among Eritreans in the UK. The person appointed to fill his position has big shidas to fill..

  5. Anbessa Tesfamicael Gerahtu, we will miss you!

  6. Ambassador Tesfamiceal Gerehtu!
    Anta Jegna!! I know you since 1977 as a hero and dedicate person and still remaining the same, never get tired to serve your people and country and you are always alive.
    I wish you all the best in your future carrier!

  7. Ambasador Gerahtu " the Best Eritrean Diplomat so far" . Yes to that!!!
    It is with great pleasure and admiration that I say this to ambassador Tesfamichael Gerahtu. Job well done wedi halal meriet. We are proud of you. We have followed you through your journey as Ambasador and noted that you have have no matches, you worked tirelessly in your tenure as ambassador to the UK, but travelled to many European and Scandinavian capitals to deliver your eloquent speeches to Eritreans in Mekete seminas, festivals and PFDJ meetings that send enemies shiver in the cold while challenging the international actors/enemy Agents to prove to them that Eritrea is Beautiful, brave, clean and in safe hands. Amabsador Gerahtu also engaged Friends of Eritrea and revived relations which brought about successful diplomatic relations. He engaged Business communities in the UK and convinced them that Area means peace, stability,Business, investment and Growth. He played prominent role in leading Eritreans in Uk and other capitals that has defeated Sanctions and many many enemy ploys that caused the sanctions and that followed after. I wonder if ambassador Gerahtu was the Ambasador to UK or to Europe. Probably he has to go to Europe to fill the gaps that existed there. No other diplomat was seen as active as successful as ambassador Gerahtu. We have to me proud of him for his unmatched work, devotion and I am sure time was not enough for him to accomplish what he has started.
    I wish ambassador Gerahtu all the best in his future work and life.

  8. One of my favorite Eritrean diplomats! :) Thanks for your services Ambassador!

  9. We are proud of you!. You have been an example of calm intellect and steadfast diplomat for our Country, I think we should clone you so that we can have many of you kind in the future.

  10. What a wonderfull ambasador, you have been great motivator, organiser and selfless man; because of you and the likes of you, you made us proud Eritreans. I wish you all all the best in your future appointment and god bless you amasador Gerahtu.

  11. sad to see you did an excellent job, both within the people and the UK government ... big big shoes to be filled

  12. all eritreans standup together for the cross eritrean revolutionary movement!
    dictatorism enough!
    military service enough!
    unemployment enough!
    starvation enogh!

    stand up together!.Now it must be the time for the ground performance!
    enough for much talking and internet and radio tiger!
    Revolution now! revolution now! revolution now !
    asmara,dekemehari,keren,tessenie,mendefera,massawa.....etc now revolution!
    We seek the eritrean military ,civil officers to join the revolution!
    REVOLUTION NOW!DEATH for Isayas,yemane monkey,sebhat efrem!
    stans up the youth ! stand up the youth!

  13. woyanay!!! hallucinatiing!!!! with high grade fever risk of cerebral malaria, soon to coma and death!!!

  14. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 24, 2014 at 7:45 AM

    michael , dehan dika ?The achievments of the outgoing ambassador was less than average. Eritrean needs formidable ambassador in the UK who is capable of answering tough and complicated questions regarding th human rights situation in eritrea and eritrea's relation with the UN and Ethiopia. Since 2007 the ambassador was just repeating TV ere like a blind deaf parrot.

  15. No love lost mr Tax collector.. I never seen a man who could lie without being red.Born to madote ban me..the truth heart..Let PFDJ send him to Afganistan or Somalia as PFDJ Ambassador to facilitate relation with Al Shebab and Taliban.

  16. Tedros mehari; listen what the message in the music say. We do not cry we are enthusiats about life. We love peace, equality respect each other. Listen to the message now the message- ab london zebelkayom ane, ab leeds, ab swiss zebelakyom ane , ab newcastle, biminmngham, coventry, zebelkayom ane. Where you there to challenge wedi Gerahtu? No you cannot do that because you do not have the gut. If so then what happened?. You went underground, shiveringand not gut because your allegations are false.
    Have you learned the Human rights allegation, the somalia alegation and many many other cruel ployes levelled against Eritrean government but all failed. Somalia montiroing group is disintegrating, a new person is working with eritrea because the previouse ones Agents of Meles/woyane and were fired in no time. The reason is because they allegations were fabricated allegations, there was no prove. When there is no prove then the fate is to go to hell. Where is brayden of Canada, the messenger of Woyane?Suzan rice. He is No were to be seen ,. he was fired with disgrace. You are not different from him. You can do nothing else other than to cry faul . I am sure you are saying all the time what you have outlinesd on this post. But what have you done so far. Nothing. You cannot even help yourself. Go to hell

    As human rights in Eritrea, Eritrea is the most country that repescts the rights of its people. If we have problems then it is one brick at a time we solve them. We have eyes, ears and brain to anaylyse everything more than you can. We know were we are heading, You are just a hypocryte. I do not even beleive you are Eritrean. You do not have any right to be here or stay here and you will face stiff slap on your face.

    Ambasador - Tesfamichael wedi Gerahtu has no matches, he can answere every question as appropriate as possible. He can face any one face on to challange. You never tell me he does not answere questions. of course he dose not have to answere the question to make you happy. but depending on the reality and possible situations.

  17. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 26, 2014 at 9:08 AM

    dehan diki ? All what i said was this: Eritrea needs an intelligent ambassador in the UK. The outgoing ambassador was not , by all standards. Why were you so offended and why did you think, i was in the opposition ?


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