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Is Egypt Seeking A Military Defense Pact With Eritrea?

Eritrean SU-27UB jet fighter landing (credit: Griffon/

Is Egypt Seeking A Military Defense Pact With Eritrea?

Recently, a Yemeni news agency, Alhadath, claimed Egypt is seeking a joint defense agreement with Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. According to the report, the defense pact would include Egypt building military bases in Eritrea and Djiobuti, and would help defend these countries from foreign forces, presumably, Ethiopia.

While Yemeni news agencies are infamously known for fabricating news, there is some evidence to suggest this story could have some truth to it. Last summer, two Egyptian generals visited Somalia to study ways to rehabilitate the Somali National Army facilities. Similarly, in 2012, Wikileaks leaked files from the Texas-based global intelligence company, Stratfor, which quote an anonymous high-level Egyptian source saying they were talking to the Sudanese government to build a military base in the border of Sudan and Ethiopia.

Even with the limited evidence available to support this claim, the information provided is still very plausible when you consider time is not on Egypt's side. By 2017, the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be completed. If talks fail, which appears they will, then Egypt must destroy the dam before Ethiopia starts filling it with water or risk flooding Sudan's flat eastern territories upon its destruction. So this leaves Egypt with a 3-year window to find a political solution to this crises before the military option is used.

Once the military option is decided, distance will be the only obstacle left for the Egyptian military. Currently, Egypt can not attack Ethiopia because it is beyond the combat radius of all Egyptian aircraft staging from Egyptian airfields. Therefore, Egypt needs one of Ethiopia's neighbors to provide an airfield to launch its attacks against the dam and other military targets within the country. Naturally, Sudan and Eritrea would be the best fit, due their proximity to the dam, and other military targets. Thus, signing a military defense agreement with either of these countries becomes a top priority for Egypt.

Signing a defense pact with Eritrea could also potentially shield Egypt from international scrutiny if it decides to use military force. For instance, since the regime in Addis Ababa is allergic to peace and has a track record of attacking Eritrea every few years or so, Egypt could use any future minor border disturbance by Ethiopia against Eritrea as a pretext to not only destroy the dam but bring about a regime change in Addis Ababa on the guise of bringing peace and security to the region.

While most bigwigs in Egypt would certainly prefer to end this dispute peacefully, a few observers have noted that some of the top brass in Cairo could be looking for a fight with Ethiopia for reasons other than the dam. Egypt's domestic crises, coupled with its diminishing international clout, could make war a costly necessity in the minds of Egyptian generals. For them, Egypt is in a state of political uncertainty and finding an external threat to rally the country behind could bring much needed stability to the country.

In many ways, Egypt of today mirrors Ethiopia of the 1990s. During that period, the TPLF regime was trying to convince Amhara elites, the traditional rulers of Ethiopia, that they were not the puppets of EPLF. In order to prove their political independence and solidify their rule, they attacked Eritrea. Seemingly overnight, those who were calling TPLF leaders traitors and puppets of Eritrea were volunteering to become canon fodders for them in the name of defending their country from an external threat that never existed.

Whether this rumor is true or not remains to be seen. One thing that is certain is Eritrea will not allow Egyptian troops to have a military base inside the country. Egypt was never a friend of Eritrea, nor will it be one in the foreseeable future. Despite this however, Eritrea's and Egypt's national security are under threat by a wayward regime in Addis Ababa that has no regard for international law. Signing a defense pact would be in both countries' immediate and long term interests.

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  1. Even if Ethiopia wanted to fight, with Egypt's lopsided air superiority, it wouldn't be much of a fight, either. Under these circumstances, the Ethiopian regime will be forced to accept the dam's destruction without any retaliation. For it to retaliate facing these difficult conditions would be the end of the EPRDF administration in Ethiopia.

  2. Even if Ethiopia wanted to fight, with Egypt's lopsided air superiority, it wouldn't be much of a fight, either. Under these circumstances, the Ethiopian regime will be forced to accept the dam's destruction without any retaliation. For it to retaliate facing these difficult conditions would be the end of the EPRDF administration in Ethiopia...

  3. Even if Ethiopia wanted to fight, with Egypt's lopsided air superiority, it wouldn't be much of a fight, either. Under these circumstances, the Ethiopian regime will be forced to accept the dam's destruction without any retaliation. For it to retaliate facing these difficult conditions would be the end of the EPRDF administration in Ethiopia.

  4. Russia's defense talks with Egypt part of regional arms drive

    Read more:

    Egypt signs $3 billion deal for Russian fighter jets, attack helicopters

  5. I'm not sure why Ethiopians like yourself feel the need to pretend to be Eritrean when posting comments? Your actions on here clearly indicate you're Ethiopian of the Tigray ethnicity.

    Get your inferiority complex handled!

  6. The solution for this problem is simple for Ethiopia. If Eritrea sign a military pact with Egypt Ethiopia can sign a military pact with a nation bigger and stronger than Egypt. Remember Ethiopia is already in Somalia, and Ethiopia is training and building puntLand's military. Somaliland is working with Ethiopia military. The soft areas in south covered in terms of security.

  7. It's really hard to anilize this situation, but one thing is true, weyane will not sleep well until continue occupaying our land for so long..

  8. Don't kid yourself. Ethiopia might be a "client state of the US"...but the US, in spite of Ethiopia doing it's bidding in Somalia and South Sudan" is not about to go on the limb for Ethiopia much less sign a defense pact or even sell it military weapons, who does that leave u with ? Israel(not bloody likely as Israel has not reason to antagonize Egypt). Russia(they're already willing to sell Egypt billions of dollars worth of weapons). So what are you left with china or turkey?once again not maybe Uganda will join you, but as we all know, museveni is a joke and not reliable partner on anything.

  9. The dam will be built and Egypt will be checkmated once and for all. As long as Egypt doesn't pose threat to Ethiopia the dam will not be any threat to Egypt. In fact it will benefit Egypt on many levels. Cheap electricity, controlled release of water through out the year, less stress on Aswan dam, increased water flaw due to an improving environmental conditions in Ethiopia.
    No one in the world believes Egypt has a case. So Egyptians will come to terms with the new reality.
    The question is what would be come of Eritreans the perennial porosities.

  10. I think you are in the wrong website. DOG HEAD!!!!
    You have a problem to read and understand articles and comments rightly. Therefore don't waste your time when it is wasted.

  11. I think it is very clear Eritrea will not give military base to any nation. Eritrea is not for sale.

  12. A wise Eritrean leader would have used this big opportunity to force the Woyanes to compromise and good deal for Eritrea in secret talks. He would have used the Egyptian treat as pretext to get a deal which will give us a permanet peace and get our border demarcated. The Woyanes are in need of closing one border away from being an Egypian attack ground and despite the offical retoric would be willing to compromise. But I don't think Issays is capable of doing so, and trusting the Egypian and picking up a new fight with Ethiopia would be the dummest decision Issays could make, because they will at the end betray us (imagin an Arab dying for defending a black african ally).
    The problem with Issays is, he doesn't care about the well being of us Eritreans or the country anymore, he is just an angry dictator who have been humiliated by the Woyanes and for any cost he want to humilate them back. That is how an emotional leader thinks, a wise one would have made a deal now and wait for right time to struck back. There will come a time when the Woyanes will be kicked out from Ethiopian (they already tought the rest of Ethiopia how to do that by kicking out our brothers ans sisters in 1998 - 2000), that will be the pay back time and not now.

  13. Belesa,
    Don't be sure about the dam will be built. The Nile water is the life line of Egypt and they are ready to go to war to save it. If they allow Ethiopia to go ahead, tomororw Uganda or any other upstream countries will follow and build another dam. Hence the best thing the Woyanes could do is leaving our land and make a peace with us and close one possible attac ground for the Egypian forces. Don't forget technically the international law is on our side if we start a war to remove the Woyanes from Bamde since it is internationally recognised Eritrean territory.

  14. I think you are infected by a disease called Issayas!
    Mehret yewredelka!

  15. The analysis fails for multiple reasons: 1)Djibouti has a common military agreement with France and never been under-attach of Ethiopia. In reality Djibouti is benefiting from Ethio-Eritrea problem. 2) Sudan has shifted its side to support Ethiopia, the dam will allow Sudan to expand its agricultural fields down in the river. That is why Sudan is keep supporting Ethiopia's idea about the dam. 3) Somalia is a failed state and needs time to reach to be part of such an agreement. 4) In regard to Eritrea; this type of idea would only help to entertain the blind patriotic diaspora. In reality each household knows the cost of war. As per for schizophrenic diaspora who thought war as a video game, it is a nice topic to spent hours in coffee houses. Weather we like or not the geopolitics of the region is very dynamic and the dam will have great impact in stabilizing this dynamism. Not for the current government but for Eritrean's they have a significant benefit if keep walking on the correct path.

  16. Zeragi,
    The sad reality is our country is ruled by one man, and he is the cause of most of our problems right now. Hence it is the right thing to focus on him and remove him once and for all. I do belive there are good people with much more better leadership stiles even within HGDEF who could do much more better job. Unfortunatly heros like Petros Solomon who could have made a big difference in our country future is dying in prison cell.






  20. Those mentally retarded , confused,and incoherent amercan officials are always lying about Eritrea. No,wonder even they do not have an ounce of intelligence. I'm quite sure the al-CIAda and leaking pot TPLF cadres were behind this allegation.

  21. Those of you who are interested to know the dynamics and shifting of power and ecnomy around the globe read this article. Some of our neighbors countries will be a failed states after few years. Interesting to read.

  22. Amen!!
    Look at some of those arrogant people commenting here,many of them trolls and undisputed keyboard worriers!!!
    They have already dug their holes, they like hiding like rats when heated up.

  23. I don't think you are concerned about Eritrea. I don't see any future for EQL as Sophie call them or any woyane intrude like your to influence politics in Eritrea.Eritrea is for HGDEF as HGDEF is for Eritrea. EPLF=HGDEF has chosen Isaias to run the state affair long time ago and he is genuine, honest, vissionnary leader.
    As to Egypts concern, be sure Eritrea will not allow Egyptians to use Eritrean soil to attack Ethiopia? you don't really know Eritrea.

  24., no military pack with the 53th state of America, no way should we let the snake in through the back door...have we ever needed any one to defend as? have we ever put our trust or faith on the hand of others to bring our independent or a voice? letting Egypt in is exactly the same as letting the US in.

  25. i think people need to look at the definite lose and not just the possible gain...

  26. Can you provide any evidence to substaniate the 30K claim? Thanks.

  27. Actuality your "analysis" is faulty. Sure, Sudan is saying right now, that both countries should bargain, rather then going to war, but when push comes to shove if Egypt decides it is going to war with Ethiopia then Sudan will have to make choice, and Sudan will be in Egypt's camp. Egypt has a hell of lot more pull then Ethiopia.

  28. let me get this straight, Ethiopia for the last decade has refused to abide by an internationally binding agreement and has pursued a "no war, no peace" policy of trying to slowly bleed Eritrea, and has actively sought to isolate, push sanctions, and attempt regime change, and destroy Eritrea but according to you, "Eritreans are the parasites" for choosing to possibly side with Egypt. lol. You are delusional.

    Eritrea has every right, and absolute good reason to side with Egypt. Strategically it makes 1000% sense for Eritrea to sign a defense pact if need be. At least then Ethiopia would know how it feels to live with a big threat right next door.

  29. Actually a defense pact with Egypt make absolute sense and a necessity.

    1. At the very least it might force Ethiopia to aide by the Algiers agreement lest to remove any possibility of Eritrea signing a defense pact with Egypt.

    2. Ethiopia has pursued a "no peace, no war" policy of trying to slowly bleed Eritrea. For the last decade Eritrea has borne the brunt of this, at least an Egyptian threat will reverse things, ease Eritrea's brunt, while increasing the Ethiopia's cost of their hostility towards Eritrea.

    3. A pact with Egypt would mean Ethiopia would have to think twice before trying another "adventure" in Eritrea.

    4. A pact with Egypt would also mean political and financial backing, not just by Egypt but also other countries like Saudi Arabia, gulf countries, and other members of the Arab league that are in Egypt's corner.

    5. It would help increase Eritrea stature by making Eritrea a country that others would be forced to take seriously as opposed to a punching bag for dysfunctional African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti and somalia.

    All in all, I would say a defense would be absolutely essential for Eritrea's well being and future stability.

  30. I have read all AND slave mentality is the only word that can explain Eritreans.Day dreamer all.

  31. isayas is now cheating people just to forget their cases and to talk about ethiopian dam.
    we must look the problem of eritreans.
    the problem of eritreans inside eritrea
    the problem of eritrean immigrants.
    These days we are listing from asmara that certain revolutionary movements and and military uprising is undergoing in eritrea.
    this is our case.lets talk about this.
    there are informations the southern military front of eritrea has entered in to conflict with the dictator.
    in the western front manjus has been entered in to conflict with the dictator.
    please lets talk about this case because it is our own case.
    afganistan case,pakistan case asit is presented in eri tv is not our case.
    our case is the recent revolution case in eritrea!

  32. Don't pretend to be an Eritrean anta ajaw woyane!
    Go to your website we don't need others to tell us who we are and what to do.
    Hassawi, lekbat!!!!
    hasdat woyane!!

  33. Why are you barking in the Eritrean website? isn't that delusional?

  34. wrong....wrong...firstly who told you of these figure( 30k)? secondly who told you that in Eritrea we fight or die for the sake of a leader? we died, sacrificed our lives for the sake of ERITREA...probably you as an Ethiopian, you know from history that your grand fathers died for the sake of the King or Ras....

  35. May God give you peace of mind as i can see you're going nuts....i hope you'll never had a chance to lead a nation...otherwise it's going to be a disaster...

  36. Zeragi, as your names says you're absolutely a ZERGI...all nations are lead by one man...

  37. can't eritreans who are affected by the dictator talk about their cases.for how many years we are devoid of our right.when we are expressing our selves we are posted to other citizenship or weyane.
    eritrean who is expressing his/her interest is woyane or ethiopian according to the cheating dictionery of the dictator.

  38. all eritreans standup together for the cross eritrean revolutionary movement!

    dictatorism enough!

    military service enough!

    unemployment enough!

    starvation enogh!

    stand up together!.Now it must be the time for the ground performance!

    enough for much talking and internet and radio tiger!

    Revolution now! revolution now! revolution now !

    asmara,dekemehari,keren,tessenie,mendefera,massawa…..etc now revolution!

    We seek the eritrean military ,civil officers to join the revolution!

    REVOLUTION NOW!DEATH for Isayas,yemane monkey,sebhat efrem!

    stans up the youth ! stand up the youth!


  40. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 24, 2014 at 3:44 AM

    You must be fool, ignorant or both. Egypt can not defend itself let alone eritrea.Egypt is currently fighting its economic, social and political problems.

  41. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 24, 2014 at 3:45 AM

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk which country is going to be a failed state ?

  42. Malelit controlled Ethiopia, do not worry DIMHIT is going to look after you.
    Brainwashed knee-grow cracKKKers house-boy!

  43. Don't forget, the dam belongs to America and not weyane. Finance them and they will not allow that anything happens. That is why Egypt is now with Russia

  44. Read the article from a publication of the National Intelligence Council USA and you will find Ethiopia will be one of the failed state in 2030. Then ask your landlords USA why they predicated that? Read page 19 from below article it will be more convincing.

  45. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 24, 2014 at 7:34 AM

    kahsay, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk loms gediduka imber. Dont day-dream. By all standards we are doing far worse than djibuti and somalia. Wake up and smell the coffee. Tilyan lemzi kemaka kirekbu kelewu ignorante iyom zibluwo. kkkkkkkk

  46. Egypt talks about military attack against Ethiopia....

    TRANSLATION: Younis Makhyoun, leader of an ultraconservative Islamist party, said Egypt should back rebels in Ethiopia or, as a last resort, destroy the dam. He said Egypt made a "strategic error" when it did not object to the dam's construction.

    Makhyoun said Ethiopia is "fragile" because of rebel movements inside the country. "We can communicate with them and use them as a bargaining chip against the Ethiopian government," he said.

    "If all this fails, then there is no choice left for Egypt but to play the final card, which is using the intelligence service to destroy the dam," said Makhyoun, whose Nour party won about 25 percent of parliament's seats in elections in late 2011 and early 2012.

    Another politician, liberal Ayman Nour, proposed spreading rumors about Egypt obtaining refueling aircraft to create the impression that it plans an airstrike to destroy the dam.

    "This could yield results on the diplomatic track," Nour said.

    Abu al-Ila Madi, leader of the pro-Morsi Islamist Wasat party, suggested that a rumor that Egypt planned to destroy the dam could scare the Ethiopians into cooperating with Egypt on the project.

    Magdy Hussein, another Islamist politician, warned that talk of military action against Ethiopia is "very dangerous" and will only turn Ethiopians into enemies. He suggested soft diplomacy in dealing with the crisis, including organizing a film festival in Ethiopia and dispatching researchers and translation missions.

  47. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 24, 2014 at 7:35 AM

    Robel, Is bereket mengisteab flying them ?

  48. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 24, 2014 at 7:39 AM

    Sudan"s al-beshir can not rule sudan for a single day without the blessing of the US supported Ethiopian government, Dont day dream, sudan are having a good relationship with eritrea because they are blackmailed by higdef using the eastern-sudan and darfur cards,

  49. Any war with Egypt against Ethiopia will be financed by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

    How can Egypt not defend itself? It has the largest army in all of Africa with the most advanced air force, army and navy. Egypt also has the most elite commandos in Africa. Egypt's air force alone can neutralize Ethiopia's military within a matter of two weeks.

    The social issues in Egypt will pale in comparison if they do nothing to defend their water lifeline, the Nile. This is a red line Ethiopia arrogantly crossed.

    I think we are looking at the final moments of the TPLF regime before its rapid demise. Picking fights with countries of your own size was never in TPLF's capacity. Let's see you try your primitive human wave tactic against a population that is the same as yours in number.

  50. Hi Stone-head, 30K is the number of our dead and wounded soldiers.

  51. could you provide any evidence that it is not??

  52. Really a lost dog! That is why you are in the wrong website.

  53. Ethiopia and Sudan have a very strong relation and they are allies. Egypt has a very strong military power among Africa, guess who the second is, Ethiopia! Anyway let's forget the military comparison and go to the reality, Ethiopia can divert the Nile river, 86% of the Nile river is produced in Ethiopia, if the Nile river is diverted and its course is changed, then Egypt won't last a week. So daring Ethiopia with military will be fatal for Egypt! And believe me diverting the Nile river is so easy than you can imagine! It's my profession!

  54. I think u yemane are the one wth inferior complexity here...calling names and insulting ppl if they don't agree wth u is the tactic of ur master iseyas and we all know what his complexity is.iseyas meron said the eritrean will fight..including ur own self...coz we fought in badime for nothing....

  55. As soon as your cooperation about to start against Ethiopia about the Dam with Egypt the sooner the shabians putt the rope around their neck by their own and vanished once for all.

  56. All your day dreams and wishes to get Badme back by even thinking the way you try to explain by cooperating with Egypt against Ethiopia will be the last chance for shabians to survive and that is exactly what will happen before we start fighting Egypt in side Eritrean territory and shabians have to be eliminated first before any thing and you will be history.

  57. The truth is, Ethiopia is building a dam for $5 bill. Which is more than Eritrea's GDP.

  58. Funny! They won war by spreading rumors. They got noting!

  59. Rissi Hammhamm, I am not in a wrong website, I am in a right website were Eritrean issue is discussed. Some of you knuckle head accusing me and others as Woyane , just we voice against the moron in Massawa. let me tell you one fact, when it comes to Eritreanism , I'm 100% sure, I'm more Eritrean than you. People like you who advocate war against Ethiopia will never leave your comfort zone to go there and fight. Don't expect my brothers in Eritrea will fight for you or your leader. I will do everything to smuggle my brothers out of that place. None of them will spill their blood for roches like you.

  60. lets leave the insult " by stating I am naive" and see your points. Sudan and Egypt share cultural, religious and historical east Africa you can't find two nations like Ethiopia and Eritrea who have a strong cultural, religious and historical ties but experiencing a bloody wars to kill each. This means having those ties not necessary avoid wars. The key is interest, and you should ask is Sudan going to benefit from the dam and the relationship with Ethiopia. One thing you missed is the current Ethiopian regime is doing what has been doing by Hileselase or Mengstu. Ethiopian foreign policy is the most stable policy in the region. They had a good relation with great powers since 40's and the current regime is keeping that. Weather we call it " Kidame" or something else it is working for them. I personally do not wish any war in the region a gain and do not be willing for my nation to be part of another proxy war. Hope they will settle down their problem with dialog and diplomacy.

  61. I do not know where you get your news, here is a news form Feb 20

  62. I read it and I don not believe I do believe in the analysis. If i have to, it will make me Eritrea is also part of the world who is going to sufferer in the next 15 years according to the report(hopefully you read that line too). Africa is growing and attracting the world not in 19th centuries way. Be optimist and read articles like

  63. You are a destruction wisher but president Isayas Afewrki is smart person and knows what the consequence will be if he try the destruction way you wish , write , and comment above.

  64. all your comments are nothing but day dreams and brainless wishes for your own Country future destructions.

  65. That sounds like fear has reached Eritrea like swine flu. Egypt will do this Egypt will do that. You guys have no idea what Ethiopia has the most important commodity called water that can be used as weapon if worse case scenario. Egypt will never risk it's water to be diverted or poisoned never. What egypt can do is use the old game of arming rebel groups and Eritrea's military who are the verge of collapse lets face it. The fact remains if u attack Ethiopia by proxy Ethiopia will do what it did in 2012 even on bigger scale it is only fair.Other than that we are very busy building our country from scratch we have no time to think about Eritrea as it is insignificant for us.

  66. Just In case Eritreans wonder what we are doing here are some of the hard works in Ethiopia enjoy

  67. ''remove'' woyane from you are talking nonsense. How dare do you think this suicidal act .GO TO BED MAN. you are tired.

  68. I know my country is one of the developing countries and is one of the third fast growing economy in the world. Remember how many years does it took the developed world to develop their economy and still are suffering from economical crises. "Rome has not been built over night"

    Yet your reference is an old one 2008 and written by Ethiopian guy, but the above article above is published recently in 2013 By a publication of the National Intelligence Council USA and that is your master head and should be respected.

  69. Hej guy!! we are not kids!!! you can not cheat us by saying that Ethiopia is having good relations with great powers and stable policy. Ethiopia is always serving the interests of the west or east. Isn't Ethiopia under neocolonialism? When was Ethiopia independent country? Independently with out foreign aid and independent from infiltration politically and militarily? When are the next generations of Ethiopia going back to pay the debt of Ethiopia? Ethiopia the poor country will remain to feed the rich countries in order to pay back the debt? That is how most African counties and people are abused by their failed foreign policy. Just serving others interest "Kedemti"

  70. i got nothing to say but Funny, Rubbish Article with a bunch of Rubbish comments.

  71. The person who
    wrote this article has for sure some mental problem. once the regime in Asmara
    leave Eritrea for good and some TPLF hard liners from Ethiopia , both countries
    will leave in peace and work together to defend outside invaders. Believe me
    ..there is no close brother and sister to both countries than these two
    sisterly countries. Both TPLF and PFDJ created the problem. Once they go , the
    peace will come to the both beautiful people.

  72. "to not only destroy the dam but bring about a regime change in Addis
    Ababa on the guise of bringing peace and security to the region."
    really this is Africa we are talking about. at best a regime change at worse it will turn into Somalia or Yugoslavia. that's not peace that's chaos

  73. Lemagn, keyet yemeta genzeb newena ager yemetegenebut? Yamerica buculoch

  74. Slowly and surly the world start seeing the true liers and hynas of Africa. Not even intelligent. It is not only about Eritrea, you have destroyed Africa. Be sure Africa will be untied and Ethiopia will be walking alone. Look at your leader Meles, he was so stressed out trying to please the West he ended up sick and dead. Look at other African leaders, should be a lesson to all Ethipians

  75. Ben,
    I am sure u r joking.
    Eritrea's economic potential is beyond one's imagination.Plus, Ethiopia does not have that Money .It might have gotten it from begging as usual.
    If u want to know though,here is the Math:
    1 -10 to 15 billion USD in the next 8 yes only from Precious metal mining
    2-Al least a billion USD annual income from the Tourism,Salt,Fishing and related industries
    3-an average of 2 billion USD annual income from Culluli only besides the as of yet unknown but massive Bada Potash potential with more than a hundred yrs lifetime mining potential
    4-The as of yet sealed secret of massive gas and petrolium.potential said to be more than that of the Saudi Arabia.
    - the massive but cheap clean energy potential of the Red Sea Dankalia Natural Dam
    5 - the untapped Eritrean Brain Potential
    As to the Defense Pact among Egypt,Somsli,Djbouti,the Sudan and Eritrea,I think it makes sense and is past due and will contribute immensely to the peace of the Horn by simply balancing the Power.Forgtet about war,which we are not interested.
    There is no risk or problem of having this kind of Alliance

  76. What happened? aren't we going to become a Singapore, economically? didn't the East and the West include the us, scare from us militarily? aren't we the finest and goblel power militarily out of all africans? what is wrong with us now to ask egypt to guard us from outside treat, from the backward ethiopia? hummmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  77. If Eritrea thinks this, it will be the end of the game Eritrea as a country could not exist

  78. Remove Woyanne/TPLF by any means necessary! This is a cancer that must be removed from the Horn of Africa if this region wants sustainable peace.

  79. Remove Woyanne/TPLF by any means necessary! This is a cancer that must be removed from the Horn of Africa if this region wants sustainable peace..

  80. Are you kidding me? You are in a dreamland. Dreaming. The truth, which you couldn't twist or change is eritrea GDP today is $3bil and the dam cost more than $5bil with the transmission. This is the truth. About the untapped blabering potential I'm sure Ethiopia have more than Eritrea. So, that's not math.
    About begging, Ethiopia is one of the 10 country hosting immigrant. Immigrant from ERITREA, Somalia and Sudan. It's poor country and beg and feed this people. However, I never saw them begged for a plane from Arabs. The only country beg a plane from Arabs are Eritria. About Egypt the begged every time. Right now they begged Saudis to buy weapon from Russia. they begged America for weapons all time in their modern story.

    So, wake up from you sweet but empty dream and admit Ethiopia is doing a dam which is more than Eritrea.

    About the pact no one really care. Go for it. But it's funny at least to see Dijubuti's name in it. It's also a dream never comes true unless djubuti are dumb, but they not.

  81. What about removing shabia/EPLF cancer by any means necessary too?

  82. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 26, 2014 at 9:11 AM

    i agree fully.

  83. ቴድሮስ መሓሪFebruary 26, 2014 at 9:13 AM

    Stop joking. As an Eritrean, i strongly think Ethiopia is a better strategic partner to eritrea than egypt.

  84. Stop claiming Eritrean; then we can discuss the issue, from an Ethiopian and Eritrean angle. For any Ethiopian this article is a mind boggling and very disturbing in fact its just like a bad dream. For any Eritrean if this article is true, well the next military show down will be b/n two countries, which almost equal population and military power. So, as any BOXING match a fighter picks it's matching opponent ( equal ) in body weight. Finally, your Ethiopia finds its match and we will talk after the game. In the mean time do not worry about Eritrea and her well being.
    We will stay tune..for the show time.
    Good like...

  85. and off course, you don't have navy, or sea, or ports, or low deficit or high literacy rate, or low infant mortality.... what rubbish claim you have. You said "That's how we leave them..." .... dude... I guess you forgot what country is the cleanest and safest in the region, fiscally responsible, with several airline companies under it's belt, sea side resorts, ships, one of the top 3 solar panel producing nations in Africa, wind turbine energy, optometric cataract lens production, who builds ships and boats, pedestrian friendly urban planning, powerful navy, the only nation in the world to claim it's coastal line as protected national park and the only nation in Africa who does not rely on Western food aid, rather produces food of its own. We're talking about a nation who dominates The African Cycling Continental Cup Championship for the past 5 consecutive years.... you damn right bitch... you know it... yeah... that's how we left you all in the dust. Eritrea # 1.

  86. what the hell is with this discussion, the idea of Eritrea sleeping with these parasites is mind boggling and a nightmare scenario...
    lets get some perspective in reality, Ethiopia is not a choice (God put as together) and such discussion is so short term -sighted thinking that I’m disappointed with Eritreans (i know some will try to say that I’m some how not a real Eritrean so i advice you to read all my past comments before calling me names.) if we are really… really want to go to war with Ethiopia, then we should agree beforehand that the winner wins all, by this when Eritrea wins even though they will still be two separate countries the head of Ethiopia become the Eritrean president (I want the whole Africa to unite under the independent culture found in Eri). See I’m tired of been the subject of their policy of divide and conquer, we saw who control Egyptian army when an elected official was over thrown because DC did not like his vision of an independent Egypt (we must remember since Egypt sign the peace pact with Israel the Egyptian army has become part of the US of America military force) and i want the snake, this Euro=American disease out of my holy land, out of my continent, out of my home.. even though he's not in Eri, he's still in my land so i want the real enemy of my people out of my continent, then we’ll have an easier time in
    fixing my people by de-whiting taking all of this people culture, value out of my continent. for me the idea of Eritrea signing a defence pact with Egypt will be the death of Africa's Last Great Hope… then Africa will become a real slave, my enemy is not my neighbours for when I’m in Europe or the Americas and in a sea of white and I see the face of my neighbours I feel happy for I see a brother, our enemy is the snake with fork tangs that has invaded our land and then the house niggers that rule Ethiopia and also roaming throughout 51 states out of 54 states of my home.

  87. The Math is based on your masters 'intelligence report.
    It is a FACT .
    We R not into war but nowadays,we will do anything to defend ourselves.
    We just need a fraction of out GDP.
    We will make an Alliance even with the Devil to defend ourselves.
    You village be encircled by Egypt,the Sudan,the Greater Somalia and Djbouti.
    Kenya is not gong to come to your rescue either as it has its own issues with you.
    Oromos will be independent too.Then what R you going to do?
    Declare Abay Tigray Independence?
    You losers,keep crying.

  88. big threat?really? i'm sure you don't ever know what is BIG.. to tell you the truth there is no bigger thing than Ethiopia...and i'm sorry for you are not the part of it..

  89. U just leave us alone and take care of your business as u have plenty of things to take care of -
    Just watch in 3 yrs as to where Eritrea will be.Singapore or Qatar is nothing compared to Eritrea Provided we are left alone.
    Go back to Dedebit you losers.

  90. We will see but am afraid that the rope will rather choke U up losers for good once and for all.

  91. where you loser from? are you from Naqfa? you just mention another country here. yap, you will be Singapore alright. you said it 20yrs ago. now you got what you have. Enjoy you dream.

  92. Buit they lost that opition by choice--so let them go to HELL.

  93. Bingo Madote. I am sure the TPLF gang knows all these and they are just playing cards as well.
    I think the Sudanes can build better dams and better irrigation system with such a huge potential for Agro-industry--hoping qatar will realize tha multibillion dollar Agro-industry they promised.That country is richerthan most of us think but they are just careless or lazy--sorry to say that.
    I wish they could allow us to work with them.

  94. I do not believe the Sudanese/Bashir would forget what Meles said via wikileaks--advising the USA to remove al Bashir

  95. wow. Are you guys live in a different universe? or in a dreamland? you forgot to mention the only country who have a Disneyland in the world too. Its good for dream.

  96. The key is INTEREST-absolutely right,Zeri-Senay hawey/haftey.But you are still naive about what Madote is tryingto say.He/she is responding to what you said but is NOT wishing war.It just does not make sense to me advocating what the Ethiopians are doing to US,Eritreans---I mean----If the Ethiopian are siding with the West-be it for their diploamtic tactics or their size,I think we have to do everything at our disposal to defend ourselves--but war being the last resort in mind though.
    We could have been in a better shape and situation if the Weyanes respeced us the way they should and well integrated Eritrea and Ethiopia--economically, politically,diplomatically,socio-culturally--etc--not only could have benefited us all, but no ONE also could have dared to touch us in any form or by any means--But they messed up and the only option we have is to do what ever is necessary to defend ourselves.They not trustful/trust-worthy for ever as they proved it to us million times.
    In the long run, I am not sure the GERD will benefit the Sudan,which could have done a better job with some money from the Arab Banks.Qatar could have done a far better job with the $20 billion they promised to invest in the Sudan.They are just--stupid and way behind----

  97. If I may add,Zewdi,one of the Experts(WHO)or so ,reported unequivocally and without reservation and said:"What it should have taken 30yrs normally, Eritea achieved it within few years"----on Eritrea's achievement on The Health Sector and its Institutions.That speaks volumes and as a health care expert myself and with experience I have had with other rich countires,this is a MIRACLE,to say the least,despite my reservations I might have with my own government .But there is nothing perfect in this world as everything is relative.Mind you, this is despite all the odds and sanctions--in place.Let's be fair Zeri-Senay--please be Senay as your name implies.

  98. PIA clarified in a crystal way his stand on the Nile issue very positively and he is not as stupid as you would like him to be.The EPLF leadership has gained a tremendous experience for good after lots of ups and downs.
    EPLF is very smart in learning from its mistakes.
    Do not judge and these issues are more complex
    than most of us believe.
    One thing is true though :
    At the end of the day,Eritrea and its people has a legitimate right to defend itself and to reclaim its territory and to secure it's National Interest by any means possible and under any circumstance at the right time and place and situation.
    Madote,please close this topic for good..
    Eritrea will prevail as Truth and Justice will.
    May Peace reign in the Horn!

  99. Zerisenay
    Use common sense.
    How would you even consider this article to be of any value?

  100. It's better to be America buculoch than Arab buchlla. Soudi, gadafi, Qatar and now Egypt.
    Eritrea bagging to be in Arab leuge since 1995 but still be told under observation

  101. when you invade bademe, legally, it was Ethiopia's territory. you don't have reason to invade it unless you crazy. you did then run tails b/n legs and the crucial defeat comes. then the Algiers agreement followed. Then, The court decision. Now its Eritrean territory by law. Ethiopia invade it. you could do nothing. you learn your lesson. that's what "EPLF is very smart in learning from its mistakes." mean.

    "At the end of the day,Eritrea and its people has a legitimate right to
    defend itself and to reclaim its territory and to secure it's National
    Interest by any means possible and under any circumstance at the right
    time and place and situation." recite it every day and night in your dreams.

  102. oh dear! I understand how things are between the two (Ethiopia and Eritrea) sides. But, I don't think it is possible for Egypt to go to war with Ethiopia. If they don't want the water to reduce then they should prefer discussion. What if they lose their mind and go to war? then we can consume the water in micro but full scale like irrigation, diverting all the course of tributaries etc. Can they stop that too? Get real! The time has changed and Ethiopia is building greatest dam in the world and that africa never has seen before a dam of this magnitude. I am quite certain the majority of Eritreans wouldn't allow their nation to stand with Egypt. One love!!

  103. I think you don't know what Sissi is thinking of.. you guys (in Ethiopia) have to know the strategy of Egypt for the coming 3 years.. it's doing all peaceful efforts (not to stop the dam.. actually to make it not hazardous to Egypt) after the dam is completed in 2017 (if done as planned now).. the strategy is to destroy it by any means (it's life or death matter for the army of Egypt) and this will be done as a last solution.. because the cost is very high.. but of course the cost of not doing this is much higher

  104. I guess no one will wonder to see a modern village, as some ethiopian architect used to call addis abeba when on the other side Eritreans know one century ago what an Art Deco style cute city means..ena Eritranoch Arif neger dero new meyakut..selam bruk

  105. South Sudan signs military cooperation deal with Egypt

    March 23, 2014 (JUBA) – The South Sudanese government on Sunday signed bilateral military cooperation with Egypt, less than a week after it reached a consensus on a similar matter with neighbouring Sudan, from which it suceeded in July 2011

    The new deal, according the state-owned SSTV, was signed following after a South Sudanese delegation led by defence minister Kuol Manyang Juuk visted the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

    Juuk was accompanied by his national security counterpart, Gen. Mabuto Mamur Mate, the deputy director for military intelligence and South Sudan’s ambassador to Egypt.

    The defence minister is said to have held a meeting with the Egyptian president, Adil Mansour during which he delivered to the latter a “special message” from his South Sudanese counterpart, Salva Kiir.

    He also extended his appreciation to Egypt for the cooperation and investments, which have contributed towards strengthening the existing ties between the two countries.

    During the meeting, Juuk reportedly assured the Egyptians of his country’s commitment to remain its significant partner in the development of mutual interests for the benefit of citizens from both countries.

    Meanwhile, the Egyptian president reportedly expressed optimism that South Sudan would soon define strategic projects and outlines for their implementation.

    Mansour is also said to have assured the visiting South Sudanese delegation of his country’s willingness to find new funding mechanisms for bilateral activities in the field of defence.

    But while specific details of the military cooperation between the two nations remained unclear, military sources have told Sudan Tribune that the deal provides for the cooperation between the countries’ armed forces on the sharing expertise, training of special forces, joint exercises, participation in seminars and search and rescue issues.

  106. are you crazy, egypt could finish off ethiopia in a matter of month, egypt has just tanks equals to that of africa and south america combined, the egyptian navy is bigger than that of israel's..and to the people who say ethiopia comes second to egypt in africa, yes but their is a HUGE GAP in between, look it up yourself, its even silly to make the comparsion, and as for eritrea , egypt doesnt want them to use even their military to protect their country, we will do for them, with pleasure, its just an excuse to legitimize war with ethiopia in the international community and a defense pact with Eritrea will get us to war with ethiopia sooner or later..and even free the majority of ethiopians from the disgusting minority ruling ethiopia




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