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Resident Says No More Electric Shortages in Asmara

Power to the people! Photo: Nighttime aerial view of Asmara 

Resident Says No More Electric Shortages in Asmara

The power shortages experienced in Asmara for the last few months have ended, a resident in the city said by phone.

The ending of the electrical issues comes just one month after an Eritrean official tweeted the power shortages would be resolved by the end of December.

According to Yemane G. Meskel, a senior Eritrean official, the blackouts began after 'technical and logistical glitches' at the Hirgigo power plant occurred.

Regionally, reports indicate Djibouti is experiencing prolonged power outages, while severe power blackouts and water shortages since mid-June continue to plague Ethiopia.

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Resident Says No More Electric Shortages in Asmara Reviewed by Admin on 9:32 AM Rating: 5


  1. We the real Eritreans know this will be resolved!! In Eritrea with PFDJ and the people of Eritrae Nothing is impossible guys!!!!

  2. Great news madote, but please let us compare ourselves with countries that are much better than us. That will push us to work harder and will allow us achieve something greater.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Ahmed. The information about Ethiopia was only added to show power outages are common in sub-Sahara Africa. Regionally speaking, the Eritrean government has done considerably better at providing power for it citizens. It's just really unfortunate that the minute a prolonged power issue occurs in Asmara, it was politicized to undermine the country as a viable state by Martin Plaut and other pro-Ethiopia journalists. Ironically, while Martin focused his attention on Eritrea's power issues, it was Ethiopia going through a massive and severe power and water shortages that are still not resolved.

  4. I deeply respect your views and analysis and always enjoy reading them. I believe the main objective of the person you mentioned is to demoralize and disintegrate the people of Eritrea not to search for the truth, and is doing his job accordingly. But more than anything i wish we could stop comparing ourselves with our neighbor to the south. Why not think big and start comparing ourselves with the west? Again i appreciate for giving me the chance to exchange my views.

  5. Great! The this will help with the economic progress too.

  6. I understand what U mean Ahmed. It´s like in a sports competition. If U concentrate on those who perform better then one gets the inspiration to get better. But I understand madote´s point of view as well. The bottom line is though, that the country to our south gets peace within itself and finally gives peace to her neighbours as well. Our neighbour to the south is like a "negram sebeyti", who should be disciplined and made to behave.

  7. Really !!! 20 yrares after independence still People are suffering of power shortage? By now we should have solar power lighting pur Towns such as Massawa, Asseb, Ghindai, Tesenei.... And Wind power should give energy to lur beloved capital city Asmara.
    But retarded us, we celebrate for our capital city got electricity. It make it sound as if the city is called Juba.
    Few days ago people cheering abou the Sudanis Airways called NOVA. Do you knop that crap in on European black list? As an real Eritrean i dont act as cheer Leader of our Government, but I ask questions such as - Why is our Airlines bunkrupted? Why are we Only dependable on HIRGIGO power plant? Why dont we implement constitution?........

    Happy New Year and Marry X-Mas

  8. Zantana zanta JigninetDecember 27, 2013 at 12:55 PM


    Are you saying that Electricity should not emanate from Hirgigo but from a city called constitution? Where is that place by the way? Is it something that someone hammered it to your skull (b zeben Wube zxememes Wube kbl arebo). Sometimes I really feel embarrassed to read stories like this written by people like you who hardly know what they write. I doubt your Eritreanness and am not sure if your list can go any more than the cities you mentioned.

  9. To answer your question, Yes it will, because that is the intended purpose. Eritreans and their leaders say we will uphold the pledge of our martyrs by honoring the sacrifices of those who gave their only begotten lives so that Eritrea will be a responsible nation that provides fair and equitable development opportunities the nation as a whole regardless of location, gender, ethnicity and all other sub-national sentiments.,,

  10. I'm very pleased that the Eritrean government not only fixed the issue but expanded power. Job well done! Now its time to focus on diversifying our energy by focusing more on solar and wind energy.


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