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Eritrea's electricity supply set to improve by next month

Completed in 2003, the Hirgigo power plant is the largest power generator in Eritrea.

Eritrea's electricity supply set to improve by year's end

Eritrea's electricity supply, which has experienced rare blackouts of late due to technical and logistical glitches from the main power plant in Hirgigo, will improve when the overhaul of generators are completed by the end of next month, an official tweeted the other day.

Originally completed in 2003, the Hirgigo power plant is currently being expanded to provide more power by the China Sfeco Group, a Shanghai-based company. Although no timetable hasn't been provided, the project is expected to be completed soon, according to Yemane G. Meskel, a senior Eritrean official.

In striving to provide clean and renewable energy, the Asmara Municipal Administration indicated they installed 120 solar light poles in several Asmara neighborhoods a few months ago. The solar lights, which are as bright as their predecessors, can run up to 14 hours a day.

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New solar light poles placed near airport streets in Asmara. 

Percentage of population in East Africa with access to electricity. Credit: World Bank 2013/Fikrejesus Amhazion
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Eritrea's electricity supply set to improve by next month Reviewed by Admin on 6:48 AM Rating: 5


  1. This is actually major news. I'm really glad the government is tackling this problem.

  2. Aman, Don't be Naive, This is not news at all. First of all the blackout is massive not rare, and The reason is because Eritrea cannot afford to buy Fuel. The story should be if they are working in renewable energy and adding more MW to the Hirgigo plant. Hirgigo is not enough to supply the whole country. The Government should find another alternatives.

  3. this is simply..source less..and propaganda...

  4. the 2* 23 mw = 46 MW extension is enough to household 90.000 ppl with energy.. its a progress!!

  5. Mike,
    I think you are missing the point. If the Generators in Hirgigo were running in full capacity, The power outages in Asmara would be very minimal. The Problem is Shortage of fuel, There is no Foreign currency to buy oil. The 46MW Generators, did they use water to run? I don't think so.

  6. The fact is that generators are old and they are in need replacement. This 46MW oil powered turbines/generators are not a NET expansion of electricity.

  7. Also what are you source's of information that there is a shortage of hard currency. There are revenues's although not massive from mining money going to the ministry of finance.

    The shortage of electricity rather than blackouts which are indeed rare is not the fault of the government god bless thier soul.

    The real problem with powering electricity in Eritrea is that there are NO domestic energy resource that are found or are currently being exploited for a variety of reasons costs being one of them.

    Another factor for electricity shortage in Eritrea is the growth of consumption of electricity which is attributed to a bigger population and increased use of electricity consumable goods both domestic and industrial capacities.

    Rather attacking the Eritrea government you needs to choose your words carefully.

    Thanks Madote for your pro Eritrea reporting.

  8. Daniel,
    I don't know if you follow my post, I am more interested in Renewable energy. And also Yes The government is responsible for the blackouts and shortage of electricity, Because EEL PA is owned by the Government. However that is not what I am interested. I am interested in researching the best alternative to replace the generators, with Wind, Solar or Thermal. if you have any ideas please share. Do not Change the subject into politics.

  9. At the end of the year around November/December HIGDEF comes with "big plans/changes" for the new year and beyond, and ever year, nothing changes except it gets worse. We are not fools stop telling us one lie after another.

  10. burthie2013@yahoo.comNovember 22, 2013 at 5:13 AM

    Are you Sure?We will see it what will happen if they commit their promise it is quite good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Semira,

    Renewable energy sounds good. And all the industrialized nations are aiming for that, but they are not quite there yet. Particularly, US is so depenedent on Coal plants that it is becomeing political.

    In regards to Eritrea, the renuwable energy should be seen as a future target. The reason being, it will not solve the immediate problem, as it needs time and lots of money to implement from scratch. What Eritrea needs to do is fix or sustain its existing power sourse and run that until it initiates the project, implemets it and runs the renuable energy.

    Besides, you can not depend 100% on solar or wind Energy, as it is nature dependent- it can only be a stand by - or if it is going to be a main source, you have to have the fuel energy power plant to be used as a stand by and to fill in whenever the winds are blowing.

    All in all your interest on thinking renewable energy is good, but your pointing fingers will not benefit any one. Always ask yourself the following question "What can I do to help?".....that is what citizens are supposed to do. Help in whatever you can, knowledge, money ideas etc.

    As for the shortage of hard currency and all, of course the GOE will be tight on money, what do you expect? a nation on sanctions, too much animosity, a threat of war from woyanie - forcing Eritrea to invest all the money it has on fending off Woyanie threat - real or perceived - it is forced to do what it is doing.

  12. እቲ ቀዳማይ ነጥቢ እቲ ኣብ ጸልማት ዝነበረ ህዝቢ እንቋዕ ናብዚ ኣብቀዖ። ነዚ ውርጹጽ ሓውና ወይ ከኣ ሓፍትና(ሰሚራ ሳንታ) ድማ ክብሎ ዝበሊ ቀስ እልና ናብቲ ዝድለ መንገዲ ከነምርሕ ከምምዃንና ዘይሰሓት ሓቂ እዩ። ሓደ ሓቂ ግን ኣሎ፡ እዚ ናይ ሕርጊጎ ንኣብ ከበሳ ዘሎ ህዝብና ጥራይ ዘገልግክ እዩ ሓይሊ ጸዕት እዩ። ከምዚ ናይ ሕርጊጎ ዝኣመሰለ ሓይሊ ጸዕት ኣብ ዝተፈላለየ ኩርነዕት ናይ ህገርና ኣለዋ። ናብነት ንምጥቓስ ኣብ ገበይ ኣለቡ ንምዕራባዊ ገማግም እተገልግል ሓይሊ ጸዕት ኣላ። In fact it is a great news for all Eritrean. I do not know If you are an Eritrean. And over all a change comes gradually. Let's wait and see. Thank you and The Eritrean Government.

  13. Semira Santa, I think it is time to recheck the meaning of "naive". First of all there is nothing that cannot be out of politics here. We're sustaining continued sabotage, designed to frustrate our people, from getting supplies & fuel to buying parts. We're under economic & political state of war, overt & covert. Our land Is still occupied & we are sanctioned illegally & unfairly, to make it worst. And there are detractors & defeatist agents among us who are bent on failing our govt. What we need at this moment is maintaining what we had & support it with other alternatives, however small ones, while looking for a bigger solution downroad. The country is developing in every aspect & shortness of power is understandable & we have to be tolerant & be supportive instead of being negative & trying to apply what you might have read. and don't forget our govt's recent praise In allternative energy. Against all odds, we will prevail!

  14. I CANNOT AGREE MORE GUEST.But why donot we use coal until we have other options?I know we use it for trains to some degree.

  15. Merhaba Samuel,
    I think going to coal is not an option. Many reasons for that. One, you need a lot of it. The trains running in in Eritrea consume only a tiny part. The second reason is the coal power plant requires coal burning boilers, which we don't have. And if we are going to invest at all, we would ruther invest on renuwable Energy, like what Semira said. Besides with coal power plants, there is the issue of pollution and NOx emissions etc. With green house effect and all, we may piss off al Gore (Kidding) there fore , Coal ia a no go. I think we should stick with what we have, improve it a bit, then when we get a breathing space we should aim far and go for a combination of fuel and also those renewable energy, untill we gradually transfer into 100% renewable energy.

  16. Yes renewable energy is the way to go. It´s clearly that the government is thinking about renewable energy for the LONGTERM. The problem with renewable energy and specially solar power (which i think is the future for Eritrea) is very expensive and needs large of investments. Modern solar panels are inefficient, and storage is one of the problems (Solar batteries costs a lot). Countries like South-Africa is working on it ( which is very good, even countries like Norway (if we are lucky, we have 2 weeks of sun in a year ) are putting money on R&D. As technology improves, solar devices will become cheaper and more efficient.

    In the shortTerm Eritrea needs to improve the Hirgigo power plant, thats the only way to go, because of the limited resources we have.

  17. I second to that. There is a lot to do with energy in Eritrea,but the problem is who ,how and when to invest init.


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