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Construction of 1,680 modern homes and shops begins in Asmara

Construction of 1,680 modern homes and shops are underway in Asmara - Credit:

Construction of 1,680 modern homes and shops begins

Construction of 1,048 modern apartments, 376 residential houses and 256 buildings for shops have commenced in Asmara, according to state media.

The multi-million dollar construction project is being developed in collaboration with an Italian company around the Halibet Hospital, Space 2001 and Sembel districts of Asmara.

The project, which is being financed by the Housing and Commerce Bank of Eritrea, is part of a larger initiative by the government to tackle urban housing shortages.

The government says this project constitutes the first phase of its urban development plan, and similar projects are expected to be implemented in various cities.

Other major infrastructure projects that are underway or will commence soon include two modern colleges, Massawa's housing project, Gergera dam, Dahlak Master Plan and Ras Harab resort. 

A small sample of prices and rooms taken from HCBE

Type of homeLiving Area SizeTotal RoomsHome-Prices______
70 sqm 
2 rooms, 2 baths
€42,385 ($56,304)
120 sqm angled
2 rooms, bath
€66,471 ($87,961)
175 sqm
4 rooms, 2 baths
€99,297 ($131,906)
200 sqm 
4 rooms, 4 baths
€113,006 ($150,184)

Source: Housing and Commerce Bank of Eritrea

The following are renders obtained of the projects. Click on the images to enlarge.

Render of 200 sqm modern houses, each featuring 1 living room, 4 bedrooms, 4  bathrooms, and
 1 kitchen that will be on sale for  €113,006 (US$150,184 ) - Sembel district of Asmara
Villas worth €113,006 (US$150,184 ) to be constructed in the Sembel district of Asmara
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  1. zey kemzia ye delie kemzie just a start-up...soon we'll see more..kullu gizie awet nehafash..wo zelalemawi zekri ne sewuatna

    manuele kab roma

  2. Great news but who in Eritrea can pay such amounts or is it only for those OutSide ?

  3. Don't worry Dragon...if you can't afford doesn't mean others are too...for your information so many have already paid the required/requested amount.

  4. In the eritrean culture, S H A R E means tradition, this means if an eritrean citizen who lives in Bolivia buy a house in Eri, automatically his family, will benefit of that..we say in general it's a good beginning.
    manuele kab roma

  5. Addis Ababa start it 4, 5 yrs ago, Asmara start to follow that by watching the project in ETv.


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