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Recap of the 8th Annual YPFDJ Conference and Related Events

Recap of the 8th Annual YPFDJ Conference and related events

April 22, 2012 (ASMARA) — Nearly eight hundred Eritrean delegates attended the 8th annual Young Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (YPFDJ) conference in Sweden.

The gathering was held from April 6th-9th and covered three main topics: strengniting the movement, political development and services within Eritrea.

After the successful conference had concluded, an after party for Eritrean youths was organized by Club Shukorina in Stockholm.

Choreographed disturbances

During the conference, a small group comprising mostly of middle-aged men were seeking to enter the private meeting to protest. After they were denied entrance, they began throwing rocks at police officers.

Feeling threatened by their violent actions, Swedish police fired a warning shot in the air which sent the small group fleeing in all directions.

“They took the opportunity to throw stones with no other motive than to cause trouble,” said police spokeswoman Marie-Louise Nilsson.

Many of the troublemakers were said to be organized and transported by the Swedish tabloid Magazine Expressen, which is accused of slander against Swedish-Eritreans and organizing small groups to cause disturbances wherever they congregate.

Legal action against Expressen

After the conference concluded, over 300 Swedish-Eritreans and concerned Swedish citizens filed a police report against Expressen, accusing the tabloid magazine of defamation, hate speech and insulting Swedish-Eritreans.

In a similar cause, on April 14th, hundreds of demonstrators came together to protest one-sided and demonizing coverage of Eritrea and Swedish-Eritreans by Expressen magazine and other media agencies in Stockholm.

Swedish government rejects ban on 2% voluntary tax

After lengthy deliberations over the voluntary 2% Development and Rehabilitation tax, wrongly labeled as diaspora tax for Eritreans, the Swedish parliament decided to reject legislation that was intended to prevent Swedish-Eritreans from taking part in it.

The bizarre heightened interest over the voluntary 2% Development and Rehabilitation tax, which was first adopted in 1994, is widely regarded as an effort being spearheaded by the Ethiopian government in its continued efforts to economically strangle Eritrean citizens living in Eritrea.

The following photos are of the conference 8th annual YPFDJ conference

8th Annual YPFDJ conference - Photo: MEDIA YPFDJ

8th Annual YPFDJ conference  - Photo: MEDIA YPFDJ
Sammy showing his tattoo of the Eritrean national anthem at the conference

8th Annual YPFDJ conference  - Photo: MEDIA YPFDJ

For more photos of the 8th annual YPFDJ conference, visit the following links: |Photos 1 | Photos 2 | Photos 3|  - To view photos of the after party at Club Shukorina, visit here

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