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Highest Earning Eritrean Athletes

Highest Earning Eritrean Athletes 

According to ESPN's best-paid athletes list, Zersenay Tadese is the highest paid Eritrean athlete. The Track and Field star and world half marathon record holder reportedly makes $340,000 annually. This figure does not include his lucrative endorsement deals and excludes any other source of income outside of his sport.

Upon further research however, our findings suggest Henok Goitom, the 6 feet 2, 26-year-old striker is the highest earning Eritrean athlete. After being released by Udinese, Henok signed to a four-year deal with the Spanish football club Real Murcia for €3 million ($4,332,840 USD), earning him well over a million dollars annually.

Both Henok and Zersenay have been very active among the Eritrean community. Henok supports over 20 Eritrean mayrtred families and contributes to development projects in Eritrea, while Zersenay, who has become the most recognized Eritrean athlete, has regularly donated large sums of cash to martyred Eritrean family trust funds.

It is to be recalled, Henok gained international media attention when he used Ge'ez alphabet on the back of his jersey and reveled to news agencies that he was interested in playing for the Eritrean national soccer team.

The following chart below is a list of the highest earning athletes from the Horn of Africa.

Athlete NameNationSportAnnual Earning
Henok GoitomEritreaFootball$1,080,000
Tilahun RegassaEthiopiaTrack and Field$318,250
Ismail A. K. HassanDjiboutiFootball$51,500
McDonald MarigaKenyaFootball$1,300,000

Eritrean Track and Field Athlete Zersenay Tadese

Eritrean Football Athlete Henok Goitom 
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