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Tour of Eritrea 2011

Eritrean Cyclist Teams Sweep All Stages

Tour of Eritrea was held from July 20-24 and consisted of 5 stages. Nations from Algeria, Egypt, and Sudan took part, while the host nation Eritrea had three of their teams participating.

The entire compeition was dominated by Eritrean cyclist who won all five stages. The only foreign national to put up stiff competition against the Eritrean riders came from Algeria's Azzedin Lagab, who preformed remarkably well.

It is to be noted, Eritrea will host the 2011 African Championships from November 9 - 13. All African cycling teams are expected to participate.

Stage 1

Winners of stage one:

1 - Yonatan Mesfun (ERI-Team C) 2h11’27’’
2 - Janni Tewolde (ERI-Team A)
3 - Frekalsi Debesay (ERI-Team A)
4 - Bereket Yemane (ERI-Team C)
5 - Million Amanuel (ERI-Team B)

Race Route: Asmara-Keren 95km (59 miles)

Stage 2

Winners of stage two:

1 - Merom Russom (ERI-Team A) 4h14’28’’
2 - Bereket Yemane (ERI-Team C)
3 - Awet Gebremedhin (ERI-Team C)
4 - Frekalsi Debesay (ERI-Team A)
5 - Tesfay Abrha (ERI-Team A)

Race Route:  Keren-Akordat-Keren 162 Km (100 miles).

Stage 3

Winners of stage three:

1 -Yonas Fessahaye (Eri-Team B) 4h16’44’’
2 - Tesfom Okbamariam (Eri-Team B)
3 - Tesfay Abrha (Eri-Team A)
4 - Amanuel Kibreab (Eri-Team C)
5 - Semere Mengis (Eri-Team B)

Race Route:  Asmara-Keren-Mendefera 147 km (91 miles)

Stage 4

Winners of stage Four:

1 - Tesfom Okbamariam (Eri-Team B) 4h28’17’’
2 - Yonatan Mesfun (Eri-Team C) 4h30’19’’
3 - Awet Gebremedin (Eri-Team C) 4h30’19’’
4 - Frekalsi Debesay (Eri-Team A) 4h30’19’’
5 - Meron Russom (Eri-Team A)  4h30’19’’

Race Route: Massawa-Asmara 120 Km (74 Miles)

Stage 5

Winners of Stage Five:

1 - Mekseb Debesay (Eri-Team A)
2 - Janni Tewolde (Eri-Team A)
3 - Abdelmalek Madani (Algeria)
4 - Tesfay Abrha (Eri-Team A)
5 - Berhane Melake (Eri-Team B)

Team Classification 
1. ERI B - Time: 56.23.05
2. ERI A - Time: 56.24.38
3. ERI C - Time: 56.26.32
4. ALG   - Time: 56.38.32
5. EGY   - Time: 56.43.22

General Individual Classification – Yellow Jersey 
RankNameNationTeamHeader text
1Russom MeronEritreaERI-Team A6:50:43
2Habtemariam TesfayEritreaERI-Team A6:54:01
3Tewelde JanniEritreaERI-Team A7:01:00
4Fessayhe YonasEritreaERI-Team B7:02:49
5Yemane Bereket EritreaERI-Team C7:03:16
6Debesai FrekalsiEritreaERI-Team A7:03:36
7Mengis SemereEritreaERI-Team B7:03:44
8Okbamariam TesfomEritreaERI-Team B7:04:18
9Kibreab AmanuelEritreaERI-Team C7:05:39
10Ghebremedhin AwitEritreaERI-Team C7:06:01

                                        [Click on the images below to view larger quality]
Tour of Eritrea 2011 - Cyclist Russom Meron and a friend      

Tour of Eritrea 2011 - Eritrean Cyclists Receiving Award

Tour of Eritrea 2011 - Cyclist riding from Keren to Agordat
Tour of Eritrea - Algerian Cyclist preparing for race
Tour of Eritrea - Cyclist riding through Asmara

Tour of Eritrea 2011 - Rider getting hydrated during race
Tour of Eritrea 2011 - Cyclist entering Keren

Tour of Eritrea - Cyclist heading for Keren from Agordat 

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  1. Well done and all the best peeps. You make eritrean's so proud. My cousin Aman used to race in the 90's too hehe

  2. This is amazing. But, it does not look a fair contest at all, all the winners are Eritreans. It's time to raise the ante, Eritrea should prepare a contest against Europeans.

  3. I agree about comepeting against Europeans. It wouldn't surprise me if they end up at Le Tour de France or Giro d'Italia. It's just a matter of time, brother.


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