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Eritrean Airlines to Purchase More Planes

Eritrean Airlines to Purchase More Planes

In an interview with state media, the chief executive of Eritrean Airlines,  Mr. Shakil Afab Kashmirwala, disclosed his company will introduce a third plane by October of this year that will service flights to Frankfurt, Nairobi, Johannesburg, as well as increasing direct flights to Jeddah, Karachi, and Lagos.

"The Eritrean airline plans to have its own modern fleet. Hence, we are looking at different option at this moment in time starting from the Airbus A320s to Airbus A330s. We are also evaluating the new 737s from the Boeing as well as we are looking at the wide body aircraft.", Mr. Kashmirwala said.

Eritrean airlines currently has an Airbus 320 and a Boeing 767 as part of their fleet. The Airbus 320 was introduced on July 13 of this year and has already started operating flights to Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah, Khartoum, Lahore and Rome, while the Boeing 767 makes twice a week flights to Khartoum.

New Passenger Terminal and Plane Hanger in Asmara

In order to make Eritrea an airliner hub, Kashmirwala stated a multi-million dollar construction project of a new passenger terminal in Asmara is in store. "We will also build our own passenger terminal for there is a need to have a new passenger terminal to sustain the sixth freedom traffic and to make Eritrea a get way to Africa.",  Kashmirwala revealed to Shabait.  Kashmirwala went on to add Eritrean Airlines has plans to build a new hanger, with the aim of being self-sufficient in regards to all maintenance of Eritrean planes.

                                              [click on the image to see larger quality]
Eritrean Airlines Boeing 767-238(ER) - Photo: Paul Morris 

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  1. We are getting in there, all the hard work is paying off.

  2. How will Eritrea get the new Boeing 737 planes when the American government will block it ?

  3. Please correct the title, it's the wrong information. Eritrea only owns the Nasair aircraft, and doesn't own any of the new Eritrean Airlines planes.At the moment we're just renting it from the Pakistanis.

  4. ^^ Agame, you purchase something whither you lease it or buy it. Eritrean Airlines has two aircraft, with a third one going to be bought this October. It's getting easier and easier to detect agames these days, because news like this puts your inferiority complexes on overdrive.

  5. Nasair is privately owned airline dude.And also as long as they provide sevice to eritrean people who cares about ownership for right now; but one thing is for sure Eritrea is on the rise.

  6. Nasair isn't a private, it's a co-ownership with the government. It's been merged with the Eritrean airlines recently.

    Anon 9:13 you moron,no one is downing playing the government achievement. I happen to like this website very much so I want to get the fact. By the way, leasing a plane isn't the same as purchasing a house. Idiot. check what the word purchase means in terms of civil aviation. FYI, I use to work for Eritrean Airlines. Now, got lost.

  7. Once again you are opening your big mouth who the hell told you Nasair and Eritrean airlines merged? The reason Nasair changed its name to Nasair Eritrea is coz there is already another airline by the name Nasair (go google it)besides ex-Eritrean airlines worker doesn't warrant a bit. Now do not get lost jus learn something from fellow Eritrean......did you google it.

  8. Hahaha who's dumb now?
    It's in this site.

    Waiting for an apology retard. I win!

  9. You see now dumb people are about win and lose; dude everything you see in site does mean proven fact,it is just another site that you share info. why are you afraid to google it any way?

  10. Dude do me a favor check marcNASAIR disclosed that it has changed its name to NASAIR ERITREA because there exists another company with the same name, and not because it merged with Eritrean Airlines. Asmara, 25 March 2011 - ... h 25/2011.

  11. Retard,
    You don't know how to use google search? Of course I googled it and that's how I found the link to this site. And there's a reference on the link which leads to and many other sites. Are you now saying the eritrean government doesn't know what it's saying? Your beyond stupid. Admit your wrong and leave me alone. And don't you ever try insult your own people without knowing the fact. I've had enough of your stupidness , idiot.
    If you don't know how to use google, let me help you out:
    Here's what the government minister says in'this third phase, NassAir and Eritrean Airlines have been merged together and this would help bring about better outcome. In general, the department would exert utmost efforts to achieve more gratifying results.''

  12. All you have to do is just click on the references link on the article I posted before. If you don't know how to use google properly here's a quote from Mr. Woldemichael Abraha, The ministry of transport which says in
    ''In this third phase, NassAir and Eritrean Airlines have been merged together and this would help bring about better outcome. In general, the department would exert utmost efforts to achieve more gratifying results''

    Don't you ever try to insult your own people without knowing the fact. Adios.

  13. Eritrean airlines and Nasair Eritrea were supposed to have merged but its being postponed. They will likely merge very soon. It was the Eritrean government that announced they merged but because of external challenges against Eritrean airlines, it was postponed. This will take place sooner rather than later. Nasair Eritrea changed its name because Nas air, a Saudi based airplane company was causing confusion. Personally, I hope they don't merge, even though it's probably to their benefit. I rather have two airliners in Eritrea than one.

  14. Now you are the one insulting your ownself coz you have no facts it shows both airlines are merged dummy. So why in the f@#c do you think
    they have different the way if your source of info are tesfanews and madote you are in big trouble.

  15. Mortal Kombat
    Thanks for the clarification. You're right, having two airlines are sounds much better than having one.

    Anon 8:28

    You really are unbelievable. I gave you the link to the where the government minister actually admits that and yet, you don't accept it. Sorry I didn't know if you actually are a vegetated moron. Btw, the link I gave you is the main source, whereas madote and tesfanews are secondary. You're embarrassing yourself, you need to wake up or give it a rest. I must be explaining to some a waste of space crackhead or something?. Lol

  16. Do not worry about Eritrea .....AGAME go worry about your dead country

  17. how do you like being kicked around by the people you dislike? I mean it is like playing with a child.

  18. yrdaka(begger)lemany

  19. In the early days of of independence of eritrea there was in Asmara air port writen aritrean air line in those days i was a young student who was eager to read about his countries image in the world midia, one day i was reading a news papre in arabic called ALHAYA
    it is a dayly paper issued in london, in one of the pages some one wrote the "Eritreans donot own a single tyre of a plane let alone a plane it self but they are writing AIRITREAN AIR LINE" this was the title of that page.
    Today i say to him that was only the vision !!!!!!

  20. Hollo every one, i wonder why do ageme always show a great concern, go to hell you evil witches do comment about your self. eritre is eritrea you can never change any thing.

  21. To one and all, I happen to like this website very much please let us communicate as much as possible in matured way, we don't need to call each other names. Most of us we do luck knowledge and right information this may cause some misunderstanding among us.

  22. Guys who ever owns it, the main thing is Eritrea is on the right move. God bless Eritrea. Starting something is one thing finishing is another thing. working with world civil avation is not easy this days. I pray God to give them the streangth they need. again God bless Eritrea.

  23. Any GOOD NEWS is alwayas good for Eritreans, but it is equaly bad for those how dont wish Eritrea to develop.

    However, thank you for such great news.


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