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Photos of Eritrea's Landscape

Eritrean landscape is endowed with striking natural beauty and geographical diversity. From lush, cool and towering plateaus, to beautiful palm-studded subtropical lowlands that descend to sub-sea level deserts that are regarded as being one of the hottest places on Earth.

Just a little over a century ago, 30% of Eritrea was covered in forests (2008, Schmidt, Curtis, Teka, p.356 ). However, due to deforestation and wars, this figure has been reduced to just 4% (2007, Leclerc, Hall, p. 311). Since independence, Eritrea has initiated closures of degraded lands, particularly those found in the driest part of the country. Management of the closures are organized by Village Councils of Eritrea, known as "Baito". In many cases, community forest guards have been deployed to protect the illegal cutting of wood. In addition to these initiatives, the government has deployed the Eritrean army to plant a million tree seedlings in targeted locations. For the time being, these community and government supported initiatives in reversing deforestation through targeted closures of degraded land in Eritrea seem to be working. (2002, Edmund G. C. Barrow, p.72)

The following are images of Eritrea's landscape. Nearly all the images below are courtesy of Christian Vigna.

Click on the images to see larger quality.

landscape near Asmara

Eritrean train on the Massawa-Asmara transit 

For more images of Eritrea's landscape, visit Christian Vigna's photos. Sponsored Ads
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