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Photos of Eritrea's Bird Life

Eritrea's bird life is surprisingly abundant and diverse. Nearly 560 species of birds have been recorded. This high number of bird diversity within Eritrea is largely due to its location. Eritrea lies between a popular bird migratory path that links the middle-east and the African continent. The highest concentration of bird populations within Eritrea are usually to be found in the Semenawi Bahri national park, Asmara plateau, Dahlak Islands and the coast.

More known birds, such as the ostrich, (know as Segen in the Tigrinya language), are to be found in eastern parts of Eritrea (Danakila). The vultures are found throughout all of Eritrea, while  raptors are found on the Dahlak Islands and the Eritrean plateau. Eagles are found throughout most of Eritrea, with greatest numbers of them residing in the Semenawi Bahri national park.

The following are images of Eritrea's bird life. All photos presented below are courtesy of Christian Vigna. Click on the images to see larger quality.

Blue bird on the Massawa-Asmara road

Eritrean Raptor 

Brown Booby flying over Eritrea's coast.

Geese just outside of Asmara

Eritrean Geese flying on the Dahlak Islands

Egret bird on the Dahlak Kebir Island

Eritrean raptor flying near the coast

Hooded Vulture on the Dahlak Kebir

Great Egret flying on the Dahlak Kebir shores

Pelican outside of Asmara

Pelicans just outside of Asmara

Blue Heron flying near the Dahlak Kebir

A Eurasian Hoopoee just outside of Asmara

For more images of Eritrean bird life, visit Christian Vigna.

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  1. I wrote a book on eritrea with my best photographs during the past two years between Asmara and the archipelagos of Dahlak on your beautiful country, unfortunately my book it was only in French, I know that Eritrea interest many people everywhere around the world, thank you to the Eritreans who helped me to realize these wonderful pictures.

  2. Some photographs of the Dahlak archipelago from the Air and ground ....


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