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Photos of Eritrea's wildlife animals

Just a little over 60 years ago, Eritrea was home to an abundant amount of big game species. However, do to several decades of war with Ethiopia, poor farming methods, and deforestation, their numbers have drastically declined. As a result, new government polices were implemented at the start of Eritrea's independence in 1991. These government enforced regulations have helped in steadily increasing their numbers through out Eritrea.

The following are pictures of Eritrea's wildlife.

Blue Breasted Bee Eaters (Merops Variegatus) - Semenawi Bahri Eritrea.
Photo courtesy of  Solomon Abraha

Birds of the coast of Eritrea. Photos courtesy of eritreaembassy-japan

Eritrean flamingos flying at Howakil Bay. Photo courtesy of Linda and David

Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki and government official viewing
the water buffalos near Mendefera, Eritrea.

A herd of water buffalo near Mendefera, Eritrea. Both water buffalo
photos are courtesy of Shabait

Ostrich in the Dankalia region. Photo courtesy of Solomon Abraha

Over a dozen ostrich running in the plain of Wangabo (Eastern Eritrea)

Ostrich running in Eritrea's Danakilia region. Photos courtesy
of eritreaembassy-japan

Baboons north of Asmara. Photo courtesy of Petros Pete

Baboon on the Asmara-Massawa road. Bananas seem to
excite him.

Eritrean antelopes in the Dankalia. Photo courtesy of Solomon Abraha

Close up of antelopes -Photo courtesy of Eriview

Gazelle in Semanwi Bahri National park.

Worthog drinking in Gash Barka region of Eritrea

Leopard from Eritrea's Semenawi Bahri national park. Photo is
courtesy of  Solomon Abraha

Eritrean boy near Agordat with a dead Leopard --1934

Eritrean warrior with a young male lion near Barentu -1935

Italian man with a cub lion in Gash Barka, Eritrea -1936

Young male lion walking south of Tesseny --Photo taken
in summer of 2006 by Ibrahim Hassen.

Kudu in the Semenawi Bahri region. Photo is courtesy of kilnsey

Young spotted Hyena near Mendefera, Eritrea. Both spotted and stripped
Hyenas are found in Eritrea.

A herd of about 90 elephants in Gash-Barka Eritrea.

Close up of the Eritrean elephants.

A wider shot of the herd.

Close up of elephants in Gash Barka - Photo courtesy of Eriview

Here's a video showing Eritrea's landscape, wildlife and Red Sea children

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Photos of Eritrea's wildlife animals Reviewed by Admin on 5:56 PM Rating: 5


  1. With all Eritreans starving to death, I bet ya'll that any wildlife in Eritrea is on the Brink of Extinction.

    The end of Eritrea is a free ticket to lick the red Sea salt "Amole Chew" !


    here... kitty kitty kitty kitty...

  2. what is you problem you degenerate mind adghi. Why are you people obsess with Eritrea, your jealousy is going to drive you crezy. Now, go and kick melles agame ass.

  3. You see, we Eritreans are not savage barbarian like you, agame-adghitat. Trust me we will not go hungry because we are hard working people. Un-like you, we don't wait for the white man to come and feed us. Thank to our government who love and care his people we will never go hungry. Stop been hasadat.

  4. I'M telling deki the agames are realy!!! sad people they are even MAD at our wildlife!!! mesakin kkkkkkkkkkkkkk @ #1 comment

  5. Thank you we eritreans dont wait for a white man to feed us. Death to woyane.

  6. Ethio's poor minded agames knows no thing about Eri, they have got no country to appriciate , poor agame they are always shame of their identities, but we Eritreans proud of who we are and we will grow and show the world how much we did for the country. Long live deki-Eri! God bless you!

  7. Eritrea will soon be a role model of Africa

  8. wow, fighing everywhere, well the white man kicked both of your ass, how about now

  9. You nomads, uncivilized and blood hungry people, aren't you eritrean people 24/7 on youtube cursing tigrai people even on your TV? instead of working hard and feed your bad azz ? now eat those animals if you really have and give us peace. 75 % eritrean below poverity and eritria the poorest country on earth, txs to your leader giving you the punishment you deserve .

  10. We are uncivilized? atta qondaf lemanai agame, what do you know about civilization? We Eritrean's don't discecrate cemetaries, we don't rape 75 year old women, we don't invade other people`s countries. You uncivilized agame savege, tell your bullshit to somebody who doesn't know you, hasad agame if you want more "knowledge", come back for more!

  11. The Agames are really funny people, albiet in a disgusting way. It's difficult for us Eritreans to take them seriously. Don't let them write comments here.

  12. Thank you for compiling such wonderful pictures. I hope the department of wild life protection has a thorough study on their numbers and present status and future trends of these precious wildlives!!

  13. U see, the point was for us eritreans to discuss about our country and wildlife etc in the comment section. But the first one to comment was an agame and he changed the subject. Look either the moderator shouldn´t allow these people to comment or let all of us ignore these kinds of people because the only thing they want to achieve is to disrupt us from our agenda, whatever that agenda is for the day. A GOOD AGAME IS A DEAD AGAME.

  14. u stupid agame dont care about ur animals. did you see how u treated ur cheetah cubs. disgraceful. anywayz do any of u beautiful eritreans know where i can find a cheetah. im going in holiday in a few week times but i wanna see a cheetah. i heard there is some cheetahs in semenawi bahri but there hasnt been any knowledge. please write soon.

  15. Hi bro/sis semenawi bahri ancient forest has many wils animals including cheetah's. they also provide you with ture guide that will take you 9 km long work through the forest and if you are lacky can see many wild animal including cheetah's. Make sure to visit the down town tourist office in Asmara, they will provide all the info you need. Good lack and have good trip, I am envious.

    kab aftika/i

  16. thank you haway/haftey. that really made my day. May our children treasure, the future of eritrea wildlife.

  17. hello im Berhane from Washington DC in Amercia. its very exciting that eritrea, even after the war, have very good amount of wildlife. We all know about the hyenas, maybe eritrea top predator. but what about the africian wild dogs. do they still live in eritrea or are they extinct.

  18. its confusing. i have been speaking to eritrean professionals working in eritrea wildlife department and they are saying that the lion, cheetah and africian wild dog are close to extinction or there is no information of their presence.

  19. To the poster above me, what is it that's confusing you? No where in this report does it say Eritrean lions are in abundance. All it states is Eritrea's wildlife is slowly climbing back. Eritrean lions are still in existence in Eritrea. I personally heard them around the Barentu mountains. Many Naras speak of their goats being eaten by lions. As for wilddogs and cheetahs, I don't know of their information. But the Eritrean lion is still alive in the Barentu mountains and south of Tesseni. The Eritrean leopard population has exploded of recent years. Many farmers are loosing cattle because of them. Of course, the hyena is still around in all parts of Eritrea. The only big game animal that's certainly extinct in Eritrea is the white and black rhino.

  20. yes i know eritrea wildlife is growing. i know gazelles, ostrich and of course leopard have been growing. only reports i seen it that lions occur in south-west gash barka. are they eritrean lions or ethiopia becuz i think animals can cross border. wild dogs are very rare and are in few numbers in eritrea. i have only heard cheetah mentioned in semenawi bahri but has anyone seen a cheetah in semenawi bahri.

    also, is there any protection for these lions becuz farmers will kill them because farm animals are important. butni dont want lions being killed because they are precious animals.

  21. Eritrea has had a well established lion population since times of immortal. Their numbers dwindled at the start of British rule, who went out to hunt them. Then with the various occupational wars with Ethiopia. Lions are not migratory animals. If they are born to a certain area, they will almost die within a few miles. I've never heard of lions being present in modern Tigray region. All the Ethiopian lions are found in the south of the country, particularly the ones bordering Kenya and south Sudan. Eritrea is regarded as Africa's northern most big game wildlfe because of its unique situation where all these large animals can be found, although in smaller numbers.

    The Naras and Kunama tribes normally do not hunt a lion. A lion is generally viewed in high regard, even if that lion kills their farm animals. The Beni Amer traditionally hunted lions but even they stopped. Government polices are strict. The lions in the barentu mountains can be viewed and certainly can be heard at nights when their loud roars echoes.

    Wild dogs in Eritrea may be extinct because wild dogs in general are a rare animal in Africa. But I we can not be certain because it was generally believed that all of Eritrea's elephant population was extinct uptill 2003, when the huge discovery was made. As for cheetah, I don't know. I've heard they exist in the danakiil, where they hunt ostriches. I doubt they would be found in the Semenawi bahri region, considering they are sprinters who need open savanahs like the Danakail or Barka regions.

  22. Also another reason why I believe the cheetahs wouldn't live in the Semenawi Bahri is because the leopards would kill them on site. From my understanding, the only cheetah sitings i've heard was in the danakiil savanah.

  23. thanks a lot bro/sis its good to hear eritrea has a small, but stable population of lions.
    and yes from 1955-2001 there has been no elephant sightings and out of nowhere there were 30 elephants.
    in the future i want to work in eritrea and estabalish a sancutary for cheetahs and wild dogs.
    i have heard wild dogs in dankali but theres no recent update but never a cheetah in dankali.
    and yes, leopards will kill cheetah and their cubs. but maybe their could be a cheetah population in semennawi bahri.

    when did u here the cheetah sightings in dankali. gazelles and ostriches are good food for the cheetah

    also, does anyone know where there has been confirmed wild dog/cheetah sightings


  24. Well actually, there was always sightings of Elephants but they came from Kunama and Nara farmers. The Eritrean government wanted hard proof before they can state Eritrean elephants existence was real. In fact, it was in 2003 when an American traveler using a small plane discovered a herd of 93 Elephants in the gash Barka region and took those pictures you see in this article. Today, it is estimated there are 130 to 160 Elephants in Eritrea. Another heard of elephants was discovered south of Tesseni not too long ago.

    I've only heard of cheetahs in Eritrea being in the danakil region. Cheetahs are almost extinct in Africa...they only number fewer than 10,000 in all of Africa. I highly doubt cheetahs would live in the Semenawi bahri but you never know, perhaps all the 'leopard' sightings in Eritrea that are being reported frequently could very well be cheethas being mixed in.

    I heard of the cheetah sightings in 2003 by a man from tio. I asked him if he was sure it wasn't a leopard (we call it nebri, which also means tiger) and he said no way a leopard can run that fast. It was hunting the ostrich, so that might be good sign, because leopards are too slow to capture an ostrich. I do hope you open a sanctuary for cheetahs and wild dogs in Eritrea. That would be great.

    As for wilddogs, I've never heard of them being present in Eritrea, nor have I even asked. When I return to Eritrea next summer, I will ask for them but even they tell me there aren't any, we can never be too sure because Eritrea is yet to be well researched. Hopefully there are wild dogs in Eritrea.

  25. thanks a lot for the information. i can undertsand why a cheetah will not be in semenawi bahri because they dont live in rainforests. Dankalia is very open and there is lots of space i can imagine a cheetah living there.

    but sum1 in this article stated there are cheetah in semenawi bahri, hopefully he/she can actually see has seen one.

    i have heard wild dogs in dankalia. they still exist in eritrea but very few numbers.

    and thanks once again hopefully as i get older ill open these sancutaries and also teach people about wildlife.

    if anyone knows the status of these two animals or possible sightings plase reply to me.
    thank you

  26. listen my friend. eritrea has no lions, eritrea has no cheetahs. eritrea has nothings. u only have hyenas who are dogs like you. if you have these lions in barentu or cheetah in dankalia. WHERE THE THE PICTURES!!!

    Ethiopia is home to liosn and cheetahs and many more. eritrea has nothing and its animals are probably starving.

    when we take over eritrea, the red sea will be ours

    amole chew

  27. hahaha this is a very funny agame. i notice evrytime i hear of ethipia wildlife, i hear its severe declining and this is true and you attack your animals. However, we beautiful noble eritreans, our wildlife is increasing. i think you should worry about your own wildlife then ours

    also, the person who wants to open sancutaires, i have been speakng to some eritrean naturalist who said thats is assab there is defintely population of leopard not cheetah.

    and i asked him about lions, he said he never has heard of lions occuring in barentu and theres never reports of lions attacking goats. he said that there persence occurs in around the setit river area. and never has there beeen sightings only people hearing roars

  28. hi, i am lauren and i was a tourist travelling in eritrea. may i say i had the most fantastic experince. the country offers so much culture and history, when i saw this forum i couldnt help and tell you that semenawi bahri is one of the most beautiful forest. i saw many wildlife ( actually saw a leopard kill a bushbuck ) and many bird species. ive actually booked a ticket with me and my friend to go on a 10 day trip back to the park. i saw an ethiopian forum saying theres some cheetahs and i would love to video and picture and put it on this forum. are these rumours true.

  29. well i thank you for embracing one of our countries national treasures. well theres many wildlife but i dont know about cheetahs,
    the person who said kab aftika/i person said there is and then others say its not very likely.

    by the way guys looking forward to the CECAFA U-20. Lets hope the Red Sea Boys make us proud

  30. Are these abyssinian lions - small lions that have black mane
    or normal east africian lions

  31. well if there is lions in eritrea, they are defintely east african lions. there has been roars of lion around the setit river. But the guy who said he personally heard them around barentu is mistaken and theres never reports of people claiming their livestock is attacked my lions. and good news, there r reports of the existence of wild dogs in dankali but more research is needed.

  32. haway, it doesnt matter about wild dog or cheetah, we have beautiful wildlife
    and it is growing and will grow more if peace carry on
    my family live in a village 12 kilometres from teseney. its fantastic there is a sighting but what is the present condition of lions in teseney. and no one has told me of lion in barenti buts thats interesting news

  33. im going eritrea next year and hopefull i will explore all these places where there are reports of these 3 animals. i cant wait and i love animals. and by the way a leopard is a fast animal but it cannot outrun the ostrich. also, leopard dont hunt in open plains. so i absolutely think that this is defintely a cheetah in tio. but i will traval to gash barka to look for lions and dankali for cheetah and wild dog and i will create my own forum and hopefully get pictures of these animals if they occur in these so regions

  34. wildlife in eritrea are coming back. in kerkebet sub - zone, wildlife such as zebra,ostrich,hyena and antelopes have returned in great numbers.

    lets hope the same happens to the lions, cheetahs and wild dogs

  35. Its fantastic to hear the presence of lions occuring in the gash barka region. i know there is lot of wildlife in gash barka region but is there any animals lions prey in gash barka. the gazelle is too quick for a lion to catch. if these lions occur in gash barka region, what are the kind of animals they eat. the only animal that i know that lives in gash barka is the warthog. what about kudu or the tora hartebeest, do they still occur in the region, is there other animals that occurs in the region.

  36. it makes me angry that people are claiming all these rumours without truth. the only proof of lions occcuring is in sandachina, which is in south of teseney. if lions occur in barentu, they certaintely dont live in the mountains. if the person who claimed he has seen them, why didnt you take photographs of them.

  37. its fantastic that wildlife is increasing throughout eritrea especially gazelles, ostriches and monkeys. also, the eritrean people show respect to wild animals and its a taboo to kill or harm other wild animal.
    WOW eritrean leopard looks in great shape
    i love cheetahs but they are extinct in eritrea but you never know, eritrea needs to be researched, who knows what can be found

  38. Eritrea government is the key to help these animals gradually increase their numbers.

    Baboons, gazelles and ostriches are blossoming and the almost extinct greater kudu, is now stable. The elephant has now returned and makes eritrea look even more beautiful.

    the picture of a lion gives me hope that maybe lions do still occur in Eritrea.

    Cheetah and Wild Dog have not been seen in Eritrea for 15-20 years, so its probably fair to say they have been extinct

  39. i am from eritrea and i really love it its really nice

  40. are there any sacred animals in eritrea of a animal that represents eritrea.

  41. wow it so nice all of this things.i like all eritrean people we have two keep our country animal.If we don't keep theme they will go away .Eritrea will show upp bake our wild animal .Come on Eri show .But is that realy in eritrea it has any tiger and lion?

  42. there is no tigers in africa only asia
    i dont think eritrea has any lions or cheetahs but maybe small number of wild dogs. u never know eritrea is not researched.
    well in eritrea a lion is seen as a warrior, a hyenaraitor , a leopard as the secret, elephent as the bringer or life...

  43. Lions - south west gash barka
    cheetah - unknown, probably extinct
    wild dog - somewhere in dankal but status unknown and could be extinct

  44. who has seen or heard the presence of a cheetah in semenawi bahri
    i doubt they will be found as they are not forest animals.
    they are savannah animals

  45. the least thing should be said to the eritreans is good on good work
    save the helpless animals which they were nearly extinct during the ethiopian occupation to eritrea.this shows the eritreans are a head of their fellow african neibours, who are winging about protecting wild lifwe it is a shame ????????

  46. interesting pictures doubt eritrean wildlife is recovering. looking closely at the lion pic however u can notice a radio collar, and i have not heard of any research teams in eritrea therefore the pic is dubious. also the numerous claims of farmers losing livestock,most of the time turn out to be civets and genets which resemble a leopard.
    Not denying that leopards and lions exsist, but i have not seen convincing evidence yet.

  47. That is a young male lion, its a lion mane not radio collar. Also, south of teseney is a place called sandachina, where farmers report of lions roaring. Leopard in eritrea is in abundance. Spotted hyena and leopard are common predators in Eritrea so you are wrong

  48. In barentu, there is lots of towns and people.... I doubt it supports small animals let alone a lion.

    It is yet to be confirmed that eritrea supports a population of lion. Hopefully research is done

  49. Thank you so much for the great pics. My people please don't reply to those agames they don't have anything good to do except go after Eritreans. so please ignore them.
    And about some guys saying they are dogs or what ever....people i heard there are some Leopards in fil-fil selemona.

  50. Dear,
    My name is Alice Zacchi, and I work for a publishing house based in Italy named Atlante ( I'm interested to the picture shows on Flicker named Eritrean man drinking Coffee in Gash-Barka ( It could be published in a new book about coffee that we are preparing.
    Is the images available in high resolution? Have you got other images on this topic?
    You can answer me at this e-mail address:
    Thank you in advance for the information.
    Best regards,
    Alice Zacchi

  51. great pictures, hopefully as the smaller animals such as gezzeles and ostriches come back, the larger big game animals will return as well. eritrea is a new country it is slowly developing. and about the negative jelous agame...let's not let them keep us distracted from our mission..awet n hafesh...long live eritrea

  52. These pictures show that Eritrea is a stable nation in which wildlife are returning. if smaller animals return, then so would big animals like ambessa (lion). Bless Eritrea

  53. cheetahs are found in ethiopia, djbouti and sudan and even somalia. these countries all surround eritrea and yet cheetah are thought or likely to be extinct in eritrea. hopefully they are alright

  54. I spent two years photographing animals around Asmara, Dhalak, Fifil, many species of animals and relatively easy approach for all nature lovers, in my opinion it's quite possible to ornanize safari now in Eritrea... thank you and safe travels in Eritrea, Best Rgds - Christian VIGNA. & Animals faune pictures From the world - Animaux

  55. I have some interesting pictures on my website Panoramio for Eritrea... C.VIGNA.

  56. A protected species in the Dahlak Islands Archipelago "The Gazelle de.Soemmering"
    I had several times had the chance to photograph .. C.VIGNA & Animals faune pictures From the world - Animaux

  57. It is so exciting to hear that all these wonderful wild animals are coming back , Eritrea is beautiful and wonderful country it’s truly a hidden gem .
    Now it’s time for Eritrea’s government to heavily invest on its eco-system in order to protect and preserve public resources while helping people enjoy them. Also education and preservation is another important field in which the government must heavily invest such as teaching people about
    parks, national monuments, and historic sites helps people understand and
    appreciate these national treasures and inspires their desire to protect them.

    Last but not least please do not mind those envious mindless Ethiopians who come to Eritrea’s videos and blogs and start insulting, unfortunately these ignorant Agames are in abundance and there is no hope they will get
    extinct anytime soon so the best thing to do is follow what Virgilio suggested Dante “ Let us not speak of them, but look and pass."

    Bless Eritra Viva Eritrea Viva il popolo Eritreo

    Greetings and Love from Italy

  58. Seattle Washington Eritrean community centers are infiltrated by Tigray weyane puppets 70 percent are not Eritreans 30 percent don't pay tax they are against eritrean government they use the ertrean community as their piggy bank all the the board members are corrupted and they use the money they rub from the eritrean community to buy houses cars for them and for their family I try to fight against the corruption they are doing they kick me out I will try to expose this to the American goverment they are stilling a lot of Monty every day so my massage to all true eritrean don't participate in all Seattle ertrean community centers financially pay your taxes straight to eritrean government and fight against corruption in all eritrean community centers in Seattle Washington .

  59. Eritrea is beautiful even the hyena is beautiful but let me jump to my point about Eritrean community center in Seattle to all true Eritreans and to all anti weyane Ethiopian brothers the Eritrean community centers are all infiltrated by anti Eritrean government homosexual movements watch out don't participate in any anti Eritrean activity there instead the expose the Eritrean Seattle community board members their corruption they are stealing hundredth dollars every day the big thieves are about 15 board members but the most bad ones are Esak the president teklesenbet, and werknesh , and Mehary Asrat some of the thieves corrupting the people please help me expose them and stop them from stealing thousands dollars and restore the community center serving people not individuals . Eritrean people is a true democratic society corruption and laundering peoples money doesn't have a place in Eritrean society . Awet nhafash thank you .

  60. Hi how are you all Eritreans and Ethiopian brothers the real enemy of ertrean and Ethiopian people are weane puppets not all Tigray people but a percentage of Tigray people and weane followers down with weane down with emperialists down with puppet nations we are we Eritreans are the true democratic society we are the justice we are the true hope for humanity unlike the weane puppets weane puppets and emperialists don't have future they will be going to hell soon awet nhafash awet to eritrean people long live Eritrea long live eseyas afewerki the true hero .


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