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Eritrean Video Documentaries

The following videos are documentaries ranging from Eritrea's agriculture, history, infrastructure, and mining sectors.

One Childhood

Greening of Eritrea (part 1)

Greening of Eritrea (part 2)

Eritrea's struggle to survive

Eritrea's blue gold

Beautiful Asmara, Eritrea - Africa's Best Kept Secret

Eritrea: Rebirth of a Railway and Steam Trains

Eritrea: The oldest new nation part 1

Eritrea: The oldest New Nation part 2

Eritrean revolution 1979 (in french)

Eritrea Tha Land of sahaba Migration Part 1

Eritrea Tha Land of sahaba Migration Part 2

Eritrea Tha Land of sahaba Migration Part 3

Eritrea Tha Land of sahaba Migration Part 4

Eritrea Tha Land of sahaba Migration Part 5

Eritrea's Gold and mineral mining boom

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Eritrean Video Documentaries Reviewed by Admin on 12:09 AM Rating: 5


  1. Yes this is the real Eritrea and her people,with the wise leadership of Esseyas Afewerki.

  2. Eritrea's future is very bright thanks to its dedicated leaders and its mother land loving people.

  3. "one childhood" great to that eritrea is taking very good care of its future

  4. Wow I like to visit Asmara and whole Eritrea, what a beautiful country and beautiful people, I am sorry I never feel Ethiopian as friend I always think enemy of Somalia, I remember there where lot of Eritrean holds Somali Passport in 1970's - 1980's I was living in Jeddah Saudi Arabia they come to renew Somali Passport at Somali Consulate, I use to eat Anakesh area (Jeddah) which has lot Eritrian restaurants.

  5. To our somali brother the Eritrean people will never forget the important roll that our somalian brothers played in the way to lebrating our capital Asmara including our president who use to hold A somali pasport like thousands of eritreans all over the world.
    Our hearts are bleeding to see somalia getting destryed and our brothers and sisters dying every day and the children sufering.
    but in the end of the tunnel there is light INSHAALLAH ...

  6. what an awesome variety of collections which really captures the rise of a nation from ashes, showcasing the resilense and dedication of its people and their destiny. i'm simply floored at the arrangement of all of these videos as a whole.thanx you really are a breath of fresh air.

  7. Eritrea is taking the foot step of Somalia in becoming parish state.Both are the power house of hate.Please take away your refuges from Ethiopia I beg you.

  8. We the people of Southern Afar want independence from the Tigrigna led Eritrea. Our life has been destroyed by the highlanders. We want referendum to secede and join our mother Ethiopia. We have historically been Ethiopian. We want to unite with our brothers on the other side of the border. FREEDOM FOR SOUTHERN RED SEA!!!! VIVA AFAR..VIVA ETHIOPIA


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