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Sudanese ‘Tarco Airlines’ registered officially in Eritrea

C5-MAB of Tarco Air at Khartoum - Photo Credit: Michael Ward

Sudanese ‘Tarco Airlines’ registered officially in Eritrea

By Yosief Abraham Z

After issuing an official resolution to open a branch in Asmara in January 2017, Tarco Airlines established and registered its business officially. By nominating Mohammed Abdalwahab Daleel as manager, the airlines objectives elaborated, among others, that aviation-centered activities, facilitating passenger transport and conducting e-tickets services, are the authenticated pillars.

Publicized its official registration in Eritrea on January 13 of 2018, Tarco Airlines head office in Khartoum articulates additional objectives of working as agent for international airlines and cargo passengers in Eritrea. Board directors of Tarco Airlines even assured their apparent desire for investing in businesses and activating endeavors for undertaking engineering activities thereby to excel aeronautic systems.

Already started cultivating good name for its fair prices, Tarco Airlines is another additional list to Eritrea after the Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, Egypt Airlines and Eritrea Airlines. Red Sea regional Air, Lufthansa, Yemenia, Saudi Arabia airlines, Sudan Airways, Nova, Daallo Airlines and others were also in aviation chronicles of the country in different range of years.

According to the Plane Spotters report, the Tarco Airlines fleet includes—as of November 2015—three Boeing and one Embraer ERJ aircraft fleets.


Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at

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