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Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia report Ethiopian regime is in crisis

Eritrean opposition groups within Ethiopia report TPLF regime is in crisis 

The following article was translated from Tigrinya to English by YAY

By Eritrean Opposition in Shire, Tigray

Internal conditions in the background of the temporary Declaration of the Military State of Emergency didn't decline but instead keep on smoldering unresolved. Concrete evidence that support this [conclusion] is the fact that a statement comprising three huge political questions with several underlying points to each was released in 20 cities at once in the Oromo Kellil. The three big points are the following:

• Orominya ought to be added, as our national language, to AmHarinya.
• The name of Addis Ababa must be altered back to Fifinne.
• The Addis Ababa Kellil should be defined.

When this and other leaflets related to the Oromo Kellil were distributed the Ethiopian Army had to come out of its camp to be on a lookout in Oromiya in the past weeks. Until today, however, there is no other big danger except for the arrest of those suspected of leafleting. In Tigraiy, with the existence of all corruptions, bad governance and conditions with Eritrea, a train rail [project] that started during Meles's time to enhance this Kellil's development was halted for unknown reasons. It remains unknown as to who should be held accountable for the property and monies that have already been dispensed of so far. As a result, people in Tigray, who found nobody to cuddle them off their anger about what happened [to some] in Gondar, are seized by astonishment. Meetings held in all cities/towns and districts are often being dispersed fruitless.

Ethiopia, in general, is in the following conditions:

1. [Final] decisions are not in the hands of one body, and not like how it was during Meles's time.

2. The Declaration of the State of Emergency has created a temporary stability, but no solution was proposed.

3. Internal distrust has gripped EPRDF, the ruling party.

4. Leaders of the military forces are divide on resolving the problem with Eritrea. [The choice is between] taking or not taking a [violent] military step; and the faction that opts not to fight [a war with Eritrea] is dominant right now.

5. Egypt's diplomatic moves in the region has concerned Ethiopia's people as a big threat to Ethiopia.

6. Saudi Arabia and others entering Assab has demolished  Ethiopia's [plans] on access gateway to the sea.

7. Ethiopia-America relations are at their lowest level; and Ethiopia's relations with China, Russia, and India have strengthened. This asserts that Ethiopia is in a rough diplomatic status with Europe and America.

8. The core issue is that [Weyane's Ethiopia] has not yet determined which way to go with Eritrea.

We are not too far away from the truth if we briefly say that Ethiopia's situation is in a bad state.

from an Eritrean Opposition Camp in Shire, Tigray

 22 May 2017


ህሉው ኩነታት ኢትዮጵያ ብከፊሉ
(ካብ ደንበ ተቃውሞ ኤርትራ ሽረ ትግራይ)

ድሕሪ እዚ ዘሎ ግዚያዊ ወተሃደራዊ አዋጅ ዘይቀሰነ ውሽጣዊ ኩነታታ ተደጕሉ እንበር ፍታሕ አይረኸበን። ናይዚ ጭቡጥ ምስክር አብ ዝሓለፈ ሰሙናት አብ ክልል ኦሮሞ ብዙሕ አናአሽቱ ነጥብታት ዝሓዘን ሰለስተ ዓበይቲ ፖለቲካዊ ሕቶታት ዘለዎን መግለጺ ብሓደ ግዜ አብ 20 ከተማታት ተዘርጊሑ ነይሩ። እተን ሰለስተ ዓበይቲ ነጥብታት ከምዚ ዝስዕባ እየን።
• ሃገራዊ ቋንቋና ምስ አምሓረኛ ኦሮሞኛ ክውሰኾ አለዎ።
• ሽም አዲስ አበባ ናብ ፊንፊነ ክምለስ አለዎ።
• ክልል አዲስ አበባ ክንጸር አለዎ ዝብል እዩ።
እዚኦምን ካልኦት ንክልል ኦሮሞ ዝምልከቱን ዘለዎም ወረቃቅቲ ምስ ተዘርገሐ ከም እንደገና ሰራዊት ኢትዮጵያ ካብ ግቡ ወጺኡ ንኦሮሞ ክሕልዋ ቀንዩ። ክሳብ ሎሚ ግን በጀካ እቶም ነዚ ጉዳይ ጌይሮሞ ይኾኑ ተባሂሎም ዝተአሰሩ ካልእ ገዚፍ ሓደጋ የልቦን።

አብ ትግራይ ምስቲ ኩሉ ብዛዕባ ብልሽውናን ሰናይ ምምሕዳርን ምስ ኤርትራ ዘሎ ሕማቅ ኩነታትን ንዕቤት እዚ ክልል ተባሂሉ ካብ ግዜ መለስ ዜናዊ ስተጀመረ መገዲ ባቡር ብዘይ ርዱእ ምኽንያት ደው ክብል ተወሲኑ አሎ።አብዚ አብ ምጅማሩ ዝጠፍአ ንብረትን ገንዘብን መን ከም ዝሕተተሉ ከይተፈልጠ ተሪፉ አሎ። በዚ መሰረት እቲ ጌና ብጉዳይ ጎንደር ሕርቃኑ ዝእብዶ ዘይረኸበ ህዝቢ ትግራይ በዚ ናይ ባቡር ጉዳይ አስደሚምዎ ይርከብ አሎ። አብ ኩሉ ከተማታትን ወረዳታትን ዝግበር ዘሎ አኼባታት ፍረ ዘይቡሉ ብተን አሎ።

ኢትዮጰያ ብሓፈሽኡ አብ ከምዚ ዝስዕብ ኩነታት ትርከብ፤

1. ውሳኔ አብ ኢድ ሓደ አካል የሎን፡ ከምቲ አብ ግዜ መለስ ዝነበረ አይኮነን ዘሎ።
2. ህጹጽ ግዝያዊ አዋጅ ግዚያዊ ህድአት እዩ ፈጢሩ፡ ፍታሕ ግን አይቀረበን። ጠለብ ውሽጣዊ ጉዳይ ኦሮሞ፣ አምሓራን፣ ትግራይን አይፈትሐን ዘሎ።
3. ገዛኢ ፓርቲ ኢሃደግ አብ ውሽጡ ዘይምትእምማን አሎ።
4. መሪሒነት ወተሃደራዊ ሓይሊ አብ ምፍታሕ ጉዳይ ኤርትራ ተኸፋፊሉ አሎ። ወተሃደራዊ ስጉምቲ ምውሳድን ዘይምውሳድን፡ እቲ ክንዋጋእ የብልናን ዝብል ሓይሊ ዓብላሊ እዩ ዘሎ።
5. ግብጺ አብዚ ዞና ትገብሮ ዘላ ዲፕሎማስያዊ ምንቅስቃስ ንኢትዮጵያ ዓቢ ስግአት ምዃኑ አብ ህዝባ ዓቢ ሻቅሎት አሎ።
6. በዓል ሱዑዲ ዓረብ ናብ ዓሰብ ምእታወን እቲ ኢትዮጵያ ትሓስቦ ዝነበረት ጉዳይ አፍደገ ባሕሪ ዘሪገላ አሎ።
7. ኢትዮጵያን ዝምድና አሜሪካን አብ ዝተሓተ ደረጅኡ ምህላውን ቻይናን ሩስያን ህንድን ምስ ኢትዮጵያ ዘለወን ዝምድናታት ምድልዳሉን ኢትዮጵያ ምስ ኤውሮጳን አሜሪካን አብ ሓርፋፍ ዲፕሎማስያዊ ኩነት ትረከብ አላ።
8. ብቀንዱ ጉዳይ ኤርትራ በየናይ መገዲ ትኸዶ ጌና አይወሰነትን ዘላ።

ብሕጽር ዝበለ ኩነታት ኢትዮጵያ አብ ሕማቅ ኩነታት አሎ እንተበልና ካብ ሓቂ አይረሓቅናን።

ካብ ደንበ ተቃውሞ ኤርትራ ሽረ ትግራይ

Source: Meskerem

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