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Newly built water dam in Eritrea. Since independence in 1991, Eritrea has built over 350 dams.

The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.”  Marcus Tullius  Cicero
ROME WASN’T BUILT IN ONE DAY:  The great ancient Roman Empire had conquered vast lands of Britannia, Hispania, Gual or Gallia, Achaea, North African coastal region, Judea. According to history, the great empire such as Roman Empire was not built in one day. A great successful empire, such as Rome Empire, has gone thru the process of ‘Trials and Errors’ before it became a brilliant ruler in the history of mankind. What are the fundamental lessons that a modern society could learn from the greatest empire that a human-kind has ever built? According to all concrete indications that are shown from the grounds of Eritrea, the country is on tangible tracks and it’s forging ahead of becoming a great African nation for its citizens, on the Red Sea Basin, and in the  Horn of Africa, as well. Apparently, the noble nations are slowly recognizing the steadiness and determinations of Eritrea to bring a sustainable prosperity and permanent harmony in the Horn of Africa; even though, it’s surrounded with unabated crises on the regions. Certainly, the World do acknowledged that the Horn of Africa has been plagued with endless mayhem and horrible crises by the treacherous TPLF minority regime. Eritrean government certainly understand that [patience is a virtue] and it’s one of essential element of building ‘good governance’ especially for a new nation. The government of the people is determined to uplift Eritreans from abject poverty to sustainable prosperity at its own pace and also refused to succumb to the peripheral entities of pressures. Perhaps a new nation has inalienable rights to craft its own pace and set its own grounds of rules in making a constitution and democracy of institutions that would eventually reflect the fabric of its own society and its own citizen’s aspiration. What is wrong with that…?
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"
 The government of the people in Eritrea is determined to let Eritreans to become a master of their own destiny regardless of peripheral entity of pressure. Perhaps this kind of mind-set attitude from African people during the post-colonialism era was not tolerated and forbidden at all; and such a thought of this was impossible to think of. Despite of all difficulties and atrocities which was impregnated and orchestrated by Outsiders, and it was executed by the treacherous TPLF minority regime; the Eritrean government was determined to adapt the mode of self-reliance for its citizens and also determined not to succumb to their clandestine-missions. As the result of this, Eritrean government has been on merry-go-around circus of scapegoating in Somalia’s crisis, tarnishing campaign of image and integrity on Eritrea and Eritreans, assassination of characters on Eritrea and Eritreans, bogus Human-Rights allegations on Eritrea, back to back sanctions on Eritrea, harassments and intimidations of Diaspora Eritreans Patriotic, distorted informations on Eritrea and Eritrean people residing inside and outside…. Amazingly, all the cohorts of Anti-Eritreans have used all the dispensable tools and various outlets of social-media in trying to bring Eritrea to its knee. By ‘The Grace of God’, and by the brilliant leaderships of Eritrean government, and by the unity of Eritreans inside and outside, the enemies of Eritreans have utterly failed in their consecutive biased reports, consecutive bogus allegations, consecutive tarnishing on images and assassination of characters, and consecutive unethical and immoral missions to destroyed Eritrea. Purely, madness.
The Eritrean government, in the last decades, have outlined clear visions which constituted a broad spectrum of developments in the country: eradicating poverty (sustainable food-security), building a quality of universal infrastructures, building quality health-cares institutions, building primary -secondary and higher educational institutions, building sustainable macro-micro dams for reservoirs of water and, sustainable economic growths and so on. In the modern era, a majority of African countries have not completely eradicated an abject poverty despite of having rosy international media reports on their huge economical growths in the country. However, the facts on ground completely illustrated different pictures. Therefore, Eritrean government is determined not to succumb to the peripheral pressures of painting a rosy picture of lies just to please the International propaganda machine; unfortunately, some of African nations have certainly fallen for it….
DO NOT PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE:  A new nation, such as Eritrea, has adapted the fundamental elements which are the bedrock of principles in building national developments that the government so far have accomplished and sustained the developments by its own capacity[Self-Reliance]. For instance, building a quality of universal infrastructures in the country is extremely vital role to the overall economic growths. For example, if a country that does not have universal infrastructure, eventually the economic commodities could not be transits from one location to another because of limited access roads. Therefore, no access to the universal infrastructures in the country would ultimately hinder the access and flow of ‘goods & services’. The encumbrance of ‘goods & services’ in the country because of limited infrastructures would subsequently have a huge detrimental effect on the national economy. As result of this, the Eritrean government has persistently embarked on building universal infrastructures and refurbishing the antique roads because the government clearly understood that it has a vital role on the growth of national economy.
According to history, the majority of villages in Eritrea had been completely disconnected from main roads and major cities. Some of the remote villages were completely disconnected not only from Eritrean society but also from the rest of world. Consequently, many pregnant women and the sick were faced with monumental challenges of health-care because there were no clinics or hospitals nearby. There were no interconnections of roads that the remote villagers or town had an access of. Unfortunately, many Eritrean villagers have lost their loved ones due to acute illnesses that indeed were preventable if they have immediately sought medical attentions. Due to the lack of universal infrastructures in the country, the vast majority of villagers were faced with abject poverty even though they had the ‘goods’ to exchange them in the markets.
Even though, the majority of African nations have received their independence more than half-century ago, they do not have yet accomplished universal infrastructures in their country. However, Eritrea, in less than two decades, has achieved monumental tasks on building universal infrastructures in the country in very short time. The government of the people clearly comprehended at early stages of its governing Eritrea that, without a quality of universal infrastructures in the country, it could ultimately impede the growths of economy in the country. Therefore, a country must have sustainable a quality universal infrastructures in the country if it’s going to propel itself in the growths of national economy. The majority Developed Countries certainly understood the vital role of having a quality of universal infrastructures in the country; ultimately it has huge affected on economical growths, safety and stability, health-cares, tourism attractions, and national sportsmanship….

The brilliant achievements of Daniel Teklehaimanot, Merhawi Kudus, and Natnael Berhane in the World Class of Cyclists have been a glory to the people of Eritrea, to the people of Africa, and to the people of Universe. The victorious journey of Daniel, Merhawi, Natnael, have been the visions of Eritrean martyrs. Immediately, after the Eritrean Independence, the government of the people have continuously engaged in building a quality of universal infrastructures in the Eritrea while the government has constantly been harassed by the thugs in the region. Subsequently, today in Eritrea every villages and cities are inter-connected to each other with sustainable quality roads that neither a village nor town is completely isolated from the economic growths of country. Because of this opportunity that the government of the people was able to render a service to the people, today in Eritrea many young Eritreans regardless from what regions they come from, they are able to ride their bicycle on quality roads without any concerning of their safety. Ultimately, the gallant Eritreans Cyclists were able to ride their bicycles to their dreams’ lands of participating to the World Class of Cyclists. Could a dream of participating in the World Class of Cyclists would have been possible if the government of the people did not have same dream..? Truly, the Eritrean government is [for and by] the people.
GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE. Eritrea is not immune from problems; just like a Developed Countries who are facing problems, as well.  Since the cradle of human-kind in this world, problems have existed within us; and will always exist with us. However, The Great Minds Alike have excelled in solving problems in rational and constructive ways. Inconclusively, today all Eritreans and the government of the people, not including the few opportunistic Eritreans of oppositions who are barking so loud at their shadows, are engaged in a due-process of solving their internal problems in the Eritrea. Truly, the Great-Minds do that. The vision of our martyrs for Eritrea is to become a shining star nation among star nations. Today, this vision is gradually becoming a gleam of reality on the grounds of Eritrea.  Contrary to biased reports, Eritrea’s landscape is becoming beautiful and greener as ever; Eritrea’s coastline is becoming more magnificent and serenity as ever; Eritrea’s villages and cities are becoming interconnected with a quality of universal infrastructures as ever; Eritrea’s health-cares institutions are saving more lives and improving more the longevity of people’s life as ever; Eritrea’s macro-micro dams are playing a vital role in eliminating water shortages in the country as ever; Eritrea’s Educational Institutions are producing a World Class of Educators as ever. Indeed, patience is a virtue.
“In defiance, Eritrea was born; from victory, Eritrea has achieved her Glory”
By Yosef Tesfasilase
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