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Sawa: The Heart's Beat of Eritreans!

Sawa Eri Youth Festival

O Sawa, O Sawa: the fount of eternal knowledge and wisdom
The celestial Sawa, Eritrea, is serene oasis where a young men and ladies would embark on constructive and successful path to acquire abundant knowledge and wisdom. The Sawa Academy Institution (SAI) is place where young minds are nurtured and cultivated to become not only the future leaders of Eritrea, but also the future leaders of Africa and world. Each year, young men and ladies from all tribes of Eritrea are nestled on the amicable arms and on the mosaic buildings of Sawa Academy Institution (SAI). Teenagers, from various social backgrounds and ethnics, would flock in thousands to the SAI to the finish their last 12th grade of high school. While they are pursuing their premium academic courses and a variety of career paths, they would also learn a basic military training (self-defense), as well.
Why students must learn a basic military training 'self-defense' that is combined with world-class academic courses? Because of the constantly war threat from the belligerent Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) a minority’ regime in Ethiopia, thus the students must learn a basic knowledge of self-defense to safeguard their families, their loved ones, and their ancestral lands. On the first day of arrival, in SAI, the ardent teenagers would instantaneously have a profound and eternal connections with the cordial academic institution once the set their foot on the soil; and also, they would quickly immerse themselves into the ‘melting-pot’ society of SAI without any concern or worries. Amazingly, in Sawa, no student is left behind from having a bright future. Whilst the zealous teenagers acquiring of various premium-academia in SAI, they would also learn at same to embrace and have a fundamental knowledge about a zero-tolerance to a variety of religions and cultures that Eritrea is endowed with.... The students of SAI would learn that ethnical diversity is a beautiful and blessing ingredient to nurture in society and, it’s also one of the bed-rock of sustaining an everlasting harmonious in the intricate and heterogeneous society. Unfortunately, in the twentieth-first century, some African societies are continuously plagued with tribal strife in which national development growths have been hindered by the outcome of perpetual instabilities and erosion on the fabrics of society. In today's society, stability should be the hallmark of component that several African countries must incorporate into their multifaceted ethnicities of society if their national developments are going to show a trend of sustainable growths in their fragile economy. So, why do all Eritreans have an utmost commendable for Sawa Academy Institution in Eritrea?
The evolution of Sawa Academy Institution (SAI) was unanimously aspired by all citizens of Eritrea and Eritrean Diaspora. SAI has stemmed from the outcome of Eritrea’s struggle for self-determinations and to safeguard its permanent existence in the Horn of Africa. After Eritrea’s independence, Sawa was a necessity of institution to evolve in Eritrea because Eritrea’s sovereignties, in past, have always been compromised by invaders. Overwhelmingly, all Eritreans have unanimously and unequivocally taken an oath that Eritrea would never be again a nation of prey. Eritrea, as peaceful African nation, has a vital role of geo-political location on the Red Sea Basin and Horn of Africa. The Red Sea, along with Gulf of Aden and Gulfs of Suez, is extremely important to the geo-political and strategic locations for the Horn of Africa. The Red Sea route is the life-line artery and crucial gateway for high volume of containers (goods) that transits thru water from Northern of Africa vicinities to the rest world. The significant of Red Sea Basin locations on the Horn of Africa and regions, in the past and present, unfortunately it has continuously marked Eritrea as a country of interests to invaders.
Eritrea had faced unnecessary of successive invasions, in 1998-2000, by the repressive TPLF ‘minority’ regime under the disguise of bogus disputes for an insignificant town: Badme. Unexpectedly on a beautiful day, Asmera, capital city of Eritrea, was unexpectedly attacked by the military jets of the minority regime. Unfortunately, the Eritrean government was instantaneously and profoundly immersed into unnecessary war to defend its precious citizens’ lives and sovereignties. Sadly, the Eritrean government had sincerely tried to avoid the imminent full-scale war with the warmonger's regime. Eritrean government had tried all diplomatic channels with the warmonger’s regime because the prudent Eritrean leaderships know precisely the graved consequences of having a full-scale war for Eritrea. In 1998, Eritrea was relatively at its infancy. Unfortunately, the warmonger's regime was determined and solemnly taken an oath to invade Eritrea by any means necessary and regardless of diplomatic channels by which the Eritrean government had relentlessly tried to restore the conflict to a peaceful dialogue with the rogue-regime before Asmera’s bombing had proceeded. A peaceful Eritrea was completely faced with imminent invasion in its all boarders by the warmonger's regime. Neverthereless by the [Grace of the Lord] and, by the heroic acts of Sawa’s graduates, a.k.a.Warsai, under the tutelage of veteran fighters, a.k.a.Yika’ilo, they had eventually defeated and humiliated the TPLF minority regime at all borders. Momentarily, it’s the umbrella of Warsai and Yika’lo formidable defense that is still safeguarding the citizen's lives and Eritrea’s sovereignties. The rogue-regime has been repeatedly beating the drum of war in order to receive international attention and ultimately to harass the citizen's of Eritrea. Certainly, the citizens of Eritrea are enjoying the serene and harmonious society because of the formidable defense-walls by the umbrella of  Warsai-Yika'ilo army.
Indeed, the rogue-regime has unfortunately become a neighborly clown on the Horn of Africa to be reckoned with.... Shameless, the repressive regime proudly declared that the party of EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) has won 'all 546 parliamentary seats’ from the Ethiopian general election of 2015. The rogue-regime has proudly declared to the world that it received ''100% vote of victory" from the election. In spite of being the most repressive regime in the world, the regime would proudly beat its chest like a 'giant gorilla beast' that it had genuinely received all the votes from the 2015 general election in Ethiopia. Simply pure madness! Sadly, this regime has made the cradle of democracy inside Ethiopia and Horn of Africa as a mockery’s institution to reckon with. Sadly, the citizens of Ethiopia would never know the 'truth' of democracy under the repressive TPLF minority regime.  A lady with elegant suit would emanate a good laugh to the outcome of general election of Ethiopia, perhaps it would be rub salt into the wounds for Ethiopians who are deprived from a genuine democracy institution.
Currently the population of Eritrea, as of 2015, is at 6,707,960 people. (1) Contrary to population of Ethiopia, which is the second populous country in the continent of Africa? Therefore, Eritrea does not have any alternative or any other means when it comes to protect its citizens’ lives and, to defend its sovereignty and, to safeguard its existence as a nation on the Horn of Africa, but to have and sustain a huge army that is currently on stand-by on all Eritrean borders against the warmonger's regime who has relatively a massive army than Eritrea. A peaceful Eritrea has unalienable rights to defend its citizens’ lives and its ancestral lands regardless of how huge the bully is. The noble societies of international communities must condemn the immoral behaviors of the warmonger's regime in bullying a peaceful Eritrea. Also, the embodiment of international communities and, the Africa Union and IGAD, should immediately take an action against the most repressive regime on the Horn of Africa. Momentarily, the warmonger's regime has illegally occupied Eritrean sovereignties in spite of International laws. The regime must immediately vacate from Eritrean sovereignties without any preconditions and/or terms.
According to the history, David was a young brave man who had defeated Goliath in spite of his giant size. Momentarily, in the Horn of Africa, a peaceful Eritrea is constantly being bully by the TPLF minority-regime and along with his Big Brother's shadow. However, the peaceful Eritrea is determined to defeat the rogue regime, and to safeguard its citizen's lives, and its sacred sovereignties regardless of how big the bully and big brother's shadow are. Inconclusively, neither citizens nor nation should be bullied and, be constantly plagued with instabilities in their harmonious societies by the repressive TPLF regime because it has protection from big brother. Therefore, SAI is playing a vital role in Eritrea because it's protecting and defending its citizens' lives and sovereignty from any potentially attack by the warmonger's TPLF regime. A young nation, Eritrea, similar to David's history, is determined by all accounts to defend itself by any means necessary from bully in spite of his big brother protection.
Since the cradle of SIA, Eritrea has transformed itself into a nation who has steadily shown of remarkable national developments of growths in all sectors.  Today, Sawa's graduates are playing a significant role in meeting the demands of professional work-forces in all sectors in Eritrea: Medical Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Health Educators, Dentists, Builders, Scientists, Environmentalists, Fishers, and so forth. The SAI is the legacy of Eritrean martyrs who have given their precious lives for Eritrean children to become not only visionary leaders for Eritrea, but also for Africa, and for the world, as well. It is imperative that Developed Countries should take a holistic approach in giving their utmost recognitions and supports to the remarkable and brilliant works of Sawa Academic Institute, Eritrea.
Yosef Tesfasilase


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