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TPLF Regime: A Bully of The Horn of Africa

TPLF gestapos


“Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Horn of Africa should be free of brutal bull-TPLF”

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the word of bully is defined as “A person who uses strength or influence to harm or to intimidate those who are weaker.”(2) In today’s society, most of countries (Developed and Undeveloped) have done marvellous work in identifying bully’s behaviour and condemn it in our society. In America, in several states, there is anti-bullying legislation that has been passed to protect Americans from bullying. If several countries have condemned any form of shapes of bully’s behaviour in their society, thus the international communities should condemned the brutal bully’s TPLF regime on the Horn of Africa. Why Eritrea and Ethiopia should be continuously bullied on Horn of Africa by ‘minority’ regime of TPLF?
The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has rapidly manifested itself from freedom fighters to a brutal-bully [minority] regime in Ethiopia and Horn of Africa environs. For last several decades, the brutal bully regime has rendered nothing of goods but full of perpetual horrors in lives of Eritrean and Ethiopians in the Horn of Africa. Literally, the people and the environments of Horn of Africa have completely been under siege by the brutal-bully regime for more than two decades. The victims of the bully regime are not only Ethiopians but also Eritrean and others. Unfortunately, the brutal-bully TPLF has vowed to destroy the strings of harmonious environments in the whole regions of Horn of Africa for no legitimate reasons. Furthermore, the brutal-bully TPLF determined to render full of horrors, intimidations, famine, and deceptions on many lives of Ethiopian people and Horn of Africa. Many precious lives are perpetually perishing on daily basis in jaws and belly of the bully regime; and the international communities has covered its naked eyes and ears when the Horn of Africa has turned into irreversible destructions and flame by the bully.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” (1)
― Desmond Tutu

 a.) The People of Eritrea
Peaceful citizens of Eritrea were the first victims of bully TPLF [minority] regime in the Horn of Africa. Unfortunately, the international communities have suddenly turned off their naked eyes and shut-off their ears to the victims of Eritrean people when Eritrea’s borders were fully engulfed with endless of flames and continuous invasion by the brutal-bully TPLF. The rogue regime has miserably failed to invade Eritrea; and also, the bully regime has failed to subjugate the will of Eritrean people in reversing the hard won of Eritrean independence from Ethiopia and Westerner nation. There was no legitimate reasons whatsoever for the brutal-bully regime to wage disastrous wars against Eritrea in pretext of insignificant town of Badme. The war of 1998-2000, the People of Eritrea-vs.-Brutal Bully TPLF Regime, was not on Badme, as everyone knows, instead it was a cause for expanding the Tigrayan Kingdom (Big Tigray). The manifesto of Big Tigray, constitutes of expanding Tigray’s fiefdom to above and beyond Red Sea Basin, was crafted by the bully regime in early years of its struggle.
The pregnant manifesto of ‘Big Tigray’ by TPLF regime was going to be a reality on the Horn of Africa once all the meticulously planning was successfully and orderly executed. The prudent planning in making of Big Tigray in the Horn of Africa was anchored on two fundamental factors to be swiftly employed once the bully regime siege completely the power of Ethiopia: First and foremost, the bully regime was to establish diplomatic corridors throughout the world swiftly; Secondly, to control and gain the access of the Ethiopian population for sustaining a supply of men-power for the forthcoming of durable army that would eventually manifest itself into a bully regime in the Horn of Africa (Eritrea & Ethiopia). As result of this, the bully army, under the pretext of insignificant town, waged full-scale of invasion on the citizens of Eritrea when Eritrea was at her early infancy. By the Grace of Lord, and by the bravery of Warsai & Ye’ka’elo army, the manifesto of expanding ‘Big Tigray’ above and beyond the horizon of Red Sea Basin was completely annihilated and buried for good. Alleluia!
Out of frustrations from not subjugating the will of Eritrean people, the bully regime would eventually restore its evil deeds into bullying Eritrea by means of  ‘No war, No Peace’, by means of successive sanctions, and by means of hiring immoral and opportunistic writers to write a negative narration about Eritrea to depict a distorted image to the world. Writing negative narrations, on daily basis, about Eritrea, which it has one main goal to accomplish; it’s to paint a horror and distorted image about Eritrea to the noble and humble citizens of the world. Further, the daily negative narrations on Eritrea are orchestrated to attain the following goals: to demonize, to isolate, and to paralysis all aspect of foundations. However, the bully regime has miserably failed numerous times on trying to accomplish its futile missions with millions dollars of Public Relation Media fund on Eritrea. Eritrea, as a sovereign nation, is constantly harassed and intimidated by independent freelance writers who are paid agents of the bully regime to write negative narrations on the people of Eritrea; then it’s a classical symptom of bullying behaviour at international level.
According to various online-news, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemeriam Desalegn, was not a jubilant leader that the people of Eritrea have established diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia and UAE. According to several online-news, the PM of Ethiopia has given his opinion to Saudi Arabia and UAE for leasing the port of Assab, Eritrea.(3) This kind of narrow opinions by the PM of Ethiopia must be the most hilarious story of the century. One couldn’t help himself/herself to laugh the whole day on the childish opinion from PM of Ethiopia. Obliviously, this is a pure indication and symptom of bullying behaviour at international level.
Eritrea is a nation which belongs to the international communities and has secured all its rights as a sovereign nation. The port of Assab and Massawa, Eritrea, are within/inside parameters of the sovereign Eritrea; and therefore, it’s an Eritrea’s prerogative and her unalienable rights to lease anyone as it pleased so….This is a pure symptom of bullying a nation that the noble international communities should immediately condemn it and immediately bring tangible punitive measurements to the bully TPLF regime. The PM of Ethiopia is fully aware that Eritrea has all its rights to lease her ports for economical endeavours to anyone who wishes to be her partnership. However, the bully regime doesn’t have any regard to its neighbour sovereignty and as well to the human rights of its citizens.
Perhaps, a bully will always be a bully regardless of changing into utmost elegant suits, or acquiring utmost educational status, or holding an utmost position of leadership status….


b.) The  People of Tigray
The people of Tigray are clearly victims of bullying by the TPLF regime. Although Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was evolved from the Tigray regions; but the rogue regime has absolutely failed to delivery its promise to the people of Tigray. On contrary, the brutal-bully regime has brought nothing but fully of horrors, corruptions, lies and deception, continuous poverty and famine,  to Tigrayan people who were the foundation of springboard for the cradle of TPLF. Even though, the people of Tigray were the backbone of the brutal-bully regime during the early periods of struggling in the jungle, but today the majority of Tigrayan could be found in dire economical and uncertainty of future.  
The intention of [No war, No peace] was orchestrated by brutal bully regime with the blessing from the Western nation to suffocate and strangle the people of Eritrea on its economical and social institutions. However, the wicked plan of rogue regime not only has absolutely failed to accomplish its mission on the people of Eritrea but it has backed fire on itself and on Tigrayan people. The short sighted brutal-bully regime completely made grave miscalculation on stranglehold of [No peace, No war]. Sadly, this futile plan has slowly been haemorrhaging the Tigrayan society for the last decades that the brutal-bully regime has refused to recognize or admit it. Perhaps, no one should be surprised by the bully’s mentality.
During the monarch’s era, Haile Selassie, Eritrea was an aorta of road for economical journey that people of Tigray did preferred to take. Eritrea, then, was a land of honey and milk for the majority Tigrayan who were looking for a better life. Therefore, the implementation of stranglehold, [No war, No peace], by the brutal bully regime has completely cut off the aorta’s channel of economical journey that majority of Tigrayan have had previously taken it. The stranglehold of “No war, No peace’ has definitely brought more a stagnation of economy and a potential disastrous longevity more on Tigray regions than on Eritrea.
As result of this, Demhit as new freedom fighters of Tigray, has spring up to answer and to bring back all promises that the bully TPLF has failed to do so. Furthermore, the majority of Tigrayan people would like to restore the brotherly and sisterly communications between the people of Eritrea that the bully regime has closed. Therefore, some of immigrants from Ethiopia, who are crossing the Sahara’s desert to knock to the doors of European Countries and Westerners countries for a better life, are asking asylum under the disguise of Eritrean identity.

c.) The people of Ethiopia: Oromo, Amhara, Afar, Gurage, and Others.
The brutal-bully regime doesn’t discriminate on his victims. Sadly, the people of Amhara, Oromo, and others have faced many atrocities under the jaws and belly of bully regime. Unfortunately, the bully regime has declared a democratic institution in Ethiopia but the world has witnessed distorted acts numerous times by the rogue regime inside Ethiopia. The bully regime has neither regards to sovereignty of nations nor human rights of its citizens.
According to the Amnesty International on 23 June 2015:  
“The suspicious murder of opposition leaders and wide-spread human rights violations against opposition party members over the past few weeks raises questions about Ethiopia’s elections, said Amnesty International as the parliamentary poll results were announced yesterday.” (4) 
”The organization has also expressed concerns about the failure of the Africa Union Elections Observer Mission (AUEOM) and the National Elections Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to properly monitor and report on allegations of wide-spread abuses before, during and after the election.” (4)
Even though, this bully has painted rosy picture to the international communities, men and women with elegant suits who have  visited Ethiopia, that all Ethiopians have the right of freedoms to exercise their unalienable rights of expressions inside the country without being prosecuted in the jungle courts; nevertheless, it has been full of lies after and deception after deception acts to the world. It’s reality on the grounds, that the bully regime has jailed so many journalists and activists under the bogus charges of terrorism in which the rogue regime used it as an absolute immunity to silence anyone who dear to speak up to the outside world about the horror conditions inside Ethiopia.
Unfortunately, the brutal bully regime has used the terrorism’s wagon to its advantages to bully and to silent anyone, whether could be a neighbourly country or citizens of Ethiopia, who would try to exercise his/her fundamental rights. Even the small creatures of animal kingdom would be prosecuted in the jungle courts name of terrorism’s allegations.
Despite of the double-digits growth of economy in Ethiopia that bully regime would like to depict a rosy image to the world; yet, Ethiopia is at cross-roads with civil unrests in Horn of Africa. Recently, inside Ethiopia, Oromo’s students have been exercising their fundamental rights to prevent the bully regime from ‘land grabbing’ of their ancestral lands.
Today, some of Ethiopians have made a vow to fight the brutal bully regime with various military wings groups by themselves, such as Ginbot-7, OLF, EPPF, DEMHIT, and Others, to restore a true democracy institutions, human rights, brotherly and sisterly love with the people of  Eritrea and Eritrean government, and everlasting peaceful and stability on the Horn of Africa. Can anyone blame the citizens of Ethiopia to say ‘enough is enough’ to the brutal-bully regime inside their country?

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” (5)  Mother Teresa

Our beloved world is home to all human-races and all creatures. Collectively, we should do our utmost efforts to bring good governance of humanity to bring everlasting peace and harmony in all corners of earth. Therefore, international communities, and as well as all noble men and women must condemn any bullying whether it’s at local level, at national level, and at international level in our society.
International Communities must stand up against brutal bully regime, such as TPLF, who has brought endless of horrors and instability in the lives of millions and millions in the Horn of Africa. A bully TPLF should not be condone but should be absolutely condemned against its immorality, horrors, irresponsibility, deceptions, no regards in the value of human rights, no regards to the sovereignty of Eritrea and the people of Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Horn of Africa.
All in all, time has come for all noble men and women and international communities, who are the pillar candles of shining light on darkness in our world, must not let the brutal-bully regime of TPLF to continue to bring endless of horrors, endless of instability, and endless of human rights violations, intimidations to the citizens of Eritrea and Ethiopia.  SAY NO TO BULLY-TPLF; SAY YES TO PEACE & HARMONY!
Yosef Tesfasilase
Peace & Harmony: Eritrea & Ethiopia


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