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Eritrea: A Beautiful Butterfly Nation!

Gold Medalist Ghirmay Ghebreslassie (Photo Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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Peace dwells on wings of butterflies ~K. D’Angelo”
Eritrea, a peaceful African nation, is continued to shine like an illuminating star and it’s reaching the unlimited sky with the wings of her progenies.  Recently, the world has repeatedly seen that Eritrea is unbreakable nation and, it’s determined to march forward to the new horizon of everlasting prosperities and eternal glories. Unfortunately, Eritrea was intentionally placed with the ‘invisible iron shackles’ such as sanctions and no-peace & no-war situations which was implemented by the thugs of Woyane [minority] regime. The invisible iron-shackles (sanctions and no-peace & no-war apparatus) were futile missions from the inception because Eritrea’s spirit could neither be shattered nor bridled by any means. The gallant Eritrean marathon-runner Ghirmay Ghrebreslass, at Beijing 2015, has definitely followed the foot-prints of his Eritrean predecessors of bring a glory to Eritrea which has dearly earned it with shedding bloods of her progenies. When heroic Eritrean marathon-runner was marvellously running, like an unbeatable mustang,  and while at the same time holding the beautiful flag of Eritrea to the victorious finished line, briefly I went into a silent-mode and thousands of emotions have instantly conquered my inner-soul. After my jubilant emotions have dramatically subsided, immediately I thought what “a beautiful-butterfly nation, Eritrea is!” with unbreakable mighty wings of iron. Why is Eritrea, as an African nation, has an unbreakable of mighty spirit?
The gallant Eritreans Ghirmay Ghrebreslass has definitely illustrated with his victorious wining of gold medal to the world that Eritrea is unbreakable nation. Unfortunately, Eritrea and Eritreans have been engulfed with biased after biased reports that are clearly designed to tarnish the young nation’s images so that Eritrea’s narration could be portray as negative to the world. The majority of biased reports on Eritrea were orchestrated and designed to cripple its national economy with the ‘invisible iron-shackle’ scheme which was to prevent the nation from its capacity of harvesting the potential energy that stems from her vibrant youths.  The Eritrean youths are the concrete pillars of building the fundamental foundations which is very vital role for young nation. The bombardment of biased reports on Eritrea’s images were, indeed, intentionally designed to portray and misconstrue the image of the Eritrean youths to the world; that there passions and inspirational goals were only to flee their country because there future were full of dooms and glooms. Contrary to the biased reports, the majority of Eritrean youths, with the exception of few, are committed and vowed to protect and service Eritrea.
Repeatedly, the majority of Eritrean youths have an unwavering of solidarity with their beloved Eritrea and have brilliantly illustrated to the world at all Olympic games that Eritrean youths would always have cohesive affinity to their beloved country. Unfortunately, some of the media outlets neither have the integrity nor the morality to depict the accurate pictures of the patriotic youths of Eritrea. When the marathon runner Ghirmay Ghrebreslass, IAAF World Championships, Beijing 2015, was holding the flag with his hand and while running at same to the finish line, it was indeed a true reflection of deed that majority of Eritrean youths, all over the world, have unwavering love to their country. Furthermore, the heroic act of marathon runner, Ghirmay Ghrebreslass, at the Beijing 2015, China, was a ‘tip of ice-berg’ deed for Eritrea’s future. Because there are millions of Eritrean youths like a Ghirmay Gerbesslassie, Daniel-Teklehaimanot, Merhawi-Kudus, Nathnael-Berhane, Zersenay-Tadese,  and much more, who have the mighty-wings of iron to propel their beloved Eritrea to its rightful destinations.
Eritrea has significantly faced numerous and unnecessary of obstacles in which was orchestrated and crafted by the thugs of Woyane [minority]regime. Unfortunately, all the unnecessary obstacles were intentionally designed as invisible iron-shackles (sanctions and no-peace & no-war atmosphere) which were slowly to suffocate the Eritrea’s economy from all angles. Sadly, some of the biased reports and the thugs of Woyane [minority] regime were clearly emanating vigorous propaganda that Eritrean government would not survive from the stagnation of the economy; and inevitable it would total collapsed from its own inflected wounds. Certainly, the world has finally become aware that the Public Relation (PR) media outlet of treacherous Woyane [minority] regime which does not have any credibility and integrity when it comes to Eritrea. The PR of Woyane is a media outlet which is the master of emanating hoax propaganda continuously on Eritrea.  Amazingly, this hoax propaganda on Eritrea is rapidly evaporating in air as time pass by. According to the legend- singer Bob Marley.You can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time.”(3)
On the contrary, Eritrea is steadily marching forward to its rightful destinations. The world has brilliantly sought a marvellous deed by young Eritrean marathon runner that Eritrea is a nation which is embedded in the hearts of millions and millions of Eritrean youths; who have solemnly taken an oath to protect and serve their beloved country. No matter what, Eritrea has given a birth to millions and millions of beautiful children with iron of spirits who are ready to bring a glory to their beloved country. Also, every Eritreans whether they are young or olds, they have solemnly taken an oath to protect and to defend Eritrea from opportunistic groups who have sold their soul to the highest bidder. The majority of Eritrean youths do not have a desire to flee their beloved country as the media portray them to be. The Eritrean youths with mighty iron of wings, all over the world, have an inspirational goal to reach the unlimited skies and bring an eternal glory to Eritrea-dearly, earned it. Therefore, Eritrea is nation that it’s endowed with beautiful children who their mighty spirit could neither be shattered nor broken into ashes.  Glory to you, Eritrea!
Glory to you, O Lord!  For safeguarding our beloved Eritrea…..
Yosef Tesfasilase



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