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Eritrea says constitution will be ready in the next 3 to 4 years

H.E. Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu

By Tom Miles & Aaron Masho(TPLF supporter)

A top Eritrean diplomat said human traffickers, not rights abuses, were driving people to leave the impoverished African country, after a U.N. body accused the government of presiding over forced labour, torture and other rights violations.

Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu told Reuters in Geneva on Tuesday there was an international "conspiracy" to tarnish Eritrea, saying Western nations had in part been swayed to act against it by regional rivals.

Eritrea, one of the most tightly controlled countries in Africa, has long accused its much larger neighbour Ethiopia -- with which it fought a 1998-2000 war over a disputed border -- and others in the region of trying to destabilise it.

Ethiopia and Eritrea have regularly traded accusations, while nearby Somalia and Djibouti have pushed for greater U.N. scrutiny of human rights in Eritrea.

The U.N. refugee agency UNHCR says 5,000 people flee Eritrea each month and many end up being picked up in the Mediterranean trying to cross to Europe. Those who make it often say they are fleeing indefinite military conscription and other abuses.

Tesfamicael dismissed these charges, saying the number of migrants leaving Eritrea was "insignificant" and that many of those claiming to be Eritrean in order to secure asylum were lying. The figure of 5,000 was a manipulated statistic, he said.

"The whole ideological apparatus of the Western countries has been mobilised against Eritrea, believe it or not," he said.

"Human trafficking networks have been established even in the major cities of Western countries."

U.N. refugee officials at camps near Eritrea say they want to discourage migrants from making the perilous and often fatal journey to Europe.


Tesfamicael repeated accusations that Ethiopia was meddling in his country -- something Addis Ababa routinely denies.

"Ethiopia’s belligerent stance, as a way of trying to weaken Eritrea ... and even make regime change in Eritrea, has also been part of this equation," said Tesfamicael.

On Tuesday, Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn told parliament Eritrea maintained a "belligerent stance" against his country and warned of "scaling up" Addis Ababa's response. He did not say what that might entail.

Tesfamicael came to Geneva to urge the U.N. Rights Council not to give a new mandate to three investigators who produced a 484-page report accusing Eritrea of widespread torture, forced labour and other violations. But their mandate was renewed last week.

Eritrea has vehemently denied the allegations, but the investigation could lead to a referral to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

"We are not worried about that," Tesfamicael said, adding that human rights were used as a weapon to "intimidate" Eritrea.

Some migrants describe military conscription as a form of indefinite servitude, where men and unmarried women alike aged 18 to 50 are forced to serve for meagre wages.

Tesfamicael said 100,000 people had been demobilized in the past decade and that demobilisation would continue, but he did not say how many were still doing military service.

"We have our whole population defending the country in various ways and in various capacities," he said. "The whole of Eritrea's four million people have always been mobilised, as a small nation, as a young nation, fighting against 90 million Ethiopians."

Eritrea plans to reach a "new level of development" by 2018 and is now writing a new constitution that will be ready in the next three or four years, he said.

Eritrea is also working with several U.N. bodies and various nations including Finland, Denmark, Egypt and South Africa, said the envoy, adding that reforms had to be driven by internal forces, not dictated from outside.

"There is nothing that we want to hide in Eritrea."

(Reporting by Tom Miles; additonal reporting by Aaron Masho, editing by Edmund Blair and Gareth Jones)
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  1. Ethiopia's War with Shabia's Eritrea is IMMINENT ! Stay tuned .. Fire will soon rain on your land ..forget the "constitution" . Shabia won't survive 2 years ! Basta !

  2. Your bravado just proves that Ethiopian rebels gave your TPLF a nose bleed all week.

    Try defeating the rag-tag rebels within your own borders before you face the organization that put you into power.

  3. Your Weyane claimed that Shaebia won't last 2 weeks or two months in 1998-2000. Remember when you unleashed a naked aggression against Eritrea with the blessing of the West and with billions of dollars of aid from the U.S and other European countries. Your Weyane not only shopped and attained all kinds of weapons and military gears, but they hired Belarusian mercenary pilots to fly your military jets. You have achieved neither your political or strategic objectives and the Weyane aggression failed and failed miserably.
    Now do you think that your demoralized and utterly disorganized Weyane armed forces will achieve anything? I am going to try to help you here. You can daydream all you want, but the reality is that you are going to be completely disappointed big time.

  4. This coward person is a big liar. No one believes whatever he says.

  5. The Eritrean Constitution, founded of "social justice" is already in action on the ground. You do not need to read it on paper when it is already changing Eritrea for better right at this very moment..

  6. Happy to know that the world is waking up, we're not alone! AgeNa! Mr. Ambassador.

  7. The usurper , isaias afewerki , knows that he cannot replace the people's Constitution that was ratified in 1997 by the people's representatives, nor will he produce one because by then he will be behind bars.

    But then the question is, why has he been lately blabbering about illegal Constitution that he knows will never see a light of the day?

    In 2011, we all remember when, in NewYork, he told to some gullible Etitreans who came to welcome him that there would be National Election and that the reason it was delayed for so long was due to the woyane invasion.

    But did he live up to his words? No. Why? Because National Election would bust the consummation of his life long evil dream against our country and people.

    Exactly four years after he provided false promise to the New York crowd, he pronounced the ratified People's Constitution dead and talked about drafting new illegal Constitution. One and a half year later, he is telling us that his illegal Constitution will be operational in four years.

    Would any one, except his cult worshippers, believe that he will produce any constitution? No one for the reason stated above.

    Remember his reasoning last year when he pronounced the ratified People's Constitution is dead : new development outdated it. Of course, that was false because the ratified People's Constitution does not die; amendment clause is incorporated into it to account for future development.

    What then could be his main motive for blabbering of drafting new constitution?

    To preempt the Commission of Inquiry? The announcement of the Penal Code was also issued to the same end. None of his intrigues worked ; the Commission of Inquiry handed the UN Human Right Council a report that exposed his anti Humanity nature.

  8. Exactly!

  9. Agame. why don't you focus on finding Quenty.

  10. The Eritrean Constitution, founded of "social justice" is already in action on the ground. You do not need to read it on paper when it is already changing Eritrea for better right at this very moment.. Do not take my word for it, just go home an see Eritreans constitution rooted on "social justice" in action on the ground.


  11. By whose authority ? Did you authorize it as a sovereign Eritrean, or was it imposed on you as a subject by the usurper?


  12. Tell that to your master, isaias afewerki who is by his father and mother tembenai tigrawai. Poor soul, you do not know the identity of your master.


  13. You are recycling the usurper lies. Please Google the Eritrean Ethiopian Claim Commission report.

  14. Don't believe it constitution is not going to defend the sovereignty of the country .we have the strong and smart leaders that why special usa they don't like them .because they are not going to be pupets like somal and Ethiopia. If they obey for the west they are not given as hard time .they don't like self reliance they don't like the way we do business because in third world manning they give them 5or10% so this is head each to them.

  15. Coward is not proper word for the warrior of Nakfa . Coward is the right word for those faceless Internet warriors.

  16. Eritrea, the house of cards, will not get its constitution in 2-3 years. It didn't happen in 20 years. Why all of a sudden 2-3 year time period to implement Eritrea constitution? Human right violation and committing crime against humanity will not be written of for writing a constitution in three years time.

  17. Kkkk, we all knew that Issayas will never implement a constitution, of the simple reason that he can't rule with rule of law. It's like expecting a maffia leader to follow the law. The peoples constitution from 1997, which was wrriten with peoples participation took 2 years to.make it ready but the so called New one (Issayas green book) was announced for a 1,5 years ago and now we are being told that it will take 3-4 additional years to make it ready. HGDEF is leaving in paralel universise far from the reality. This must be a big blow even for those hardcore supporters who was expectining at least minor reforms. By now we all know that HFDEF baboons won't reform, they have too much blood in their hands and it is too late for reform.

  18. And what about the "Claims Commission"? You and all the Weyane apologists never fail to mention it in your futile attempt of absolving the Weyanes naked aggression against Eritrea.
    You are here regurgitating what the Weyanes and their hired Eritrean hands talk about day in and day out, and you are going to tell me who not only started the war, but who invaded and wrecked havoc and wanton destruction.
    Yeah, in case you have forgotten, it is the detestable Weyanes that are occupying sovereign Eritrean land. But what I find utterly mindboggling is explaining this very ERITREAN fact to those who claim to be Eritreans, but act to be more Weyanes than the Weyanes themselves.

  19. Hey!
    I have a patent on the word Quenty !!
    .... :))

  20. Erty,
    And why do you care about our Eritrean constitution?

  21. Well, I am afraid that is what it will be unless a serious, patriotic alternative that is loyal to the country and has nothing to do with outside forces (be it the US, EU, Weyane, . . .) exists. Does it ever occur to you "oppositions" that you are the hindrance to everything you claim should happen in Eritrea? For now, Shaebia (that you wrote Shebiya is not accidental, it gives away that you are a Weyane) is the only alternative!

  22. His name is Yohannes GhebRe-Anenia

  23. ALULA, Stop whatever you are smoking.

  24. That was quick! As for the patented word, I am a witness!

  25. Love you Brother :)

  26. Why you guys care about Ethiopian election?

  27. My comment was in line with the topic. The issue was the UN probe of Eritrea in relation to human rights. The diplomat brought in some other issues that would safe Eritrea from the main agenda. The constitution was one of the things he mentioned and he put a time frame on it. I was just saying what has changed that makes the constitution a priority fro Eritrea to consider right now. I think I have a legitimate point questioning the time frame and the seed of the process.

  28. Will be authorized by Eritreans, are you? soon we'll get ID, then we'll see leqbat gual leqbat, what are going to do..

  29. Do you think we are somilis ata adgi? or sudaneese..Remember we're Eritreans...w a h a t o..our land is full of your fathers, uncles, due to your donkey leaders..Eritrea..mesh mesaqa adgi, wala nato temtsaeh

  30. Dear brothers,
    The enemy of Eritrea Dictator Iseyas is good in creating parrots. How?
    - Wedi Gherahtu use to say " We cannot enact constitution because of No war and no peace situation"
    The situation has not changed but Wedi Gherahtu changed his wording immedeately and without any logical explanation because his master told him to say it " Eritrean constitution will be ready in 3-4 years" I would accept if this was said by Wuchu or any moron generals that we use to have and that we have now as well but Tesfamicael's rethoric of the same shows his "soul selling or concience selling habit " Shame on you brother.
    According to the constituation of Eritrea , it could be amended only by the parliament but our Jango Dicator can kill the cosntitution or kill a general with impunity without beeing responsible!!!!!
    I can only say that Your Hilina and the Brain of your Master has died but the constitution which was ratified by our inteligensia is still alive and will strive soon!!!

  31. Please leave ETHIOPIAN ROYALTY fake history website proof at the door step. That is only proof for stupid ethiopian woyanes. No one else in the world believes you. Not even other ethiopians much less Eritrawyan.

    Btw if you do have proof that is not related to ethiopian "royalty" websites please be a pal and cite it for us.

  32. OOOOOPS! We forgot to get your blessings Mr. Tewelde...sorry..but we'll always forget about you and your blessings...stay the crap out of here..jasus

  33. So...let it be...and it'll be Ato Yohannes...any problem with that?

  34. Beka..." BASTA" kea tekhailulei...akualsa injera gherkaio embaar? Kndei ghizie feraaraa, guran zeisemaana? Inihe meda, inihe feres...

  35. I wonder where Aron Measho thinks he comes from when agreeing to call Eritrea "an impoverished country"? Miserable, "we´re the world" food raised ethiopian.

  36. we don't give two flying sh*ts! fake elections kmt

  37. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 8, 2015 at 6:49 AM

    By Shaebia's authority!!!!!!!........

    BTW--- I wish Shaebia -- implant the constitution fast... becuz i cant wait to see the likes of Selam gual tore serwit, and meron gual eza eseba to be hanged with their leaders in-front of hafash!!!...

  38. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 8, 2015 at 6:50 AM


  39. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 8, 2015 at 6:54 AM

    Its ugumesh's savior in the time Atsebo.. ask the ugumesh they know it better, but like always they deny it. they always forgot their saviors :)

  40. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 8, 2015 at 6:56 AM

    Nobody cares about u ugumesh,

  41. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 8, 2015 at 7:00 AM

    Its the khat and the hunger that making him hallucinate. sing him "we´re the world" to make him come down.

  42. You are big liar.Big portion of your country is under agame control focus on that.

  43. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 8, 2015 at 7:02 AM

    Indeed shaebia.. will rule for the next 100 years thru us!!!!

  44. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 8, 2015 at 7:10 AM

    Ethiopian rebels are kicking ur woyane-tigray's behind... since 6* and the attack is still counting...

    And.. Woyane-tigray will also face a large rebellion from the pple inside... sound familiar yep just like libya Yemen and Syria. thats the scary part isn't it??? LOl...and as tigrayan u should be scared, after all u pple(tigraians) are the most hated pple in Ethiopia thanks to woyane-tigray. : )

  45. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 8, 2015 at 7:11 AM

    Tewelde woyane's boy... u just Exposed the sh!t out of ur self. LOL..Ha-ha-ha-ha...

  46. I assume this poem is sufficient for all those grass eating PFDG suppoerters.
    ኣንታ እንታይ ተረኽበ ኣዬ ዓቕሊዶ ጸበበ ላዕልን ታሕትንዶ ኮነ
    መሸንቆቓ ዶ ጸቢባ ዘድምዕ ጊዜ ምስባኸነ ህዝቢ ምስ ምስተበታተነስር
    ለባማት ደቂ ሃገርና ድጋጊሞም ሚዒዶም ዝሰምዕ ምስተሳእነ
    እዋይ ሕማቕ ዕድል ኣየ ህዝብና እዚዶ ትፍደ ከም ብደው ዝዓወነ
    ብገርማዕ ወዲ ገርማዕ ምስተማሓደረት ሃገር ክህሎቶም ዝበነነ
    ዓለም ካባና ትማሃር ኣላ አንዳበሉ ዝጭድሩ ከም ሰብ ማእከላይ ዘበነ
    ድሕረቶም ዶብ ዝይብሉ ፈኸረኦም ካብ ዓለም ንማሃሮ የልቦን ካብ ኮነ
    ንሶምስ ይርከብዋ ድኣ ገደደ አምበረ ጻማ ህዝብና ብኽፍኣቶም ዝባኸነ
    ኣብ ናይ ህግደፍ ዓለም ድኣ ዘይተነግረ ከፋእ አምበር የለን ዘይተገብረ ዘይተፈተነ
    ቀደም ኔሩ ምሕሳብ ምምርማር ምልባም ካብ ሕጂ ገልጠምጠም ገጹ ከምዝተደወነ

  47. The 6,000,000 Eritreans who are enjoying "social justice", which includes lifting every Eritrean for better are the "authority". Under the Eritrean constitution, which is in action, every Eritrean, especially those who were left behind are lifted up and here they are enjoying what "equality, fraternity, and liberty" was meant to be.

    Please head to home to see a "Constitution" in action on the ground. The "authority" are the Eritreans and those who are benefiting from such governance are the Eritreans. It is time for you read the Eritrean Constitution in action and the ground. Go ahead and make my day, go to Eritrea to see the constitution in "action".

  48. why the amiches are die hard and blind supporters of pfdj more than the typical people? if some one could brief me, please?

  49. can libero, please debate in civilized manner and give us your reasonable argument. instead of defending with reasonable argument you behave as rabid dog. ezi nay slave atehasaba gidefo.

  50. How do you know that? Is that your imagination or all the amiches you know are hard hate your Weyane regime. Which one is it Wedi Kihishen? The answer to your question is that almost all Eritreans are pro their country--pro Eritrea-- wherever they might have been born. Of course we have our own traitors. It would have been better if they'd become Ethiopian citizens than join every Ethiopian ruling junta that wants to colonize Eritrea.

    The questions however is why are you surprised that any Eritrean is a supporter of the government of Eritrea. Is it because "ፈስ ያለበት ዝላይ ኣይችልም?" When you recall that your government deported Eritreans under the most inhuman ways ever seen in Ethiopian history you wouldn't be surprised. These are the very Eritreans whose liberation army accompanied you to power in
    Addis Ababa, the very people who stabilized the government you were
    fortunate enough to lead. Do you recall your then Prime Minister's shameful statement regarding the color of eyes?

    Further, let's put for the moment starting the war against Eritrea--another betrayal by itself, and consider your government's refusal to abandon Eritrean territories under its control. Wasn't that to force us on a war footing over all this time and more? Isn't your government working actively to take advantage of the resulting difficulties--be it in organizing camps and human traffickers (as your American boss himself said), the drama played in imposing sanctions, the current human rights issues, etc, etc, . . . ?

    How can any person interested in justice, fairness, good neighborliness, . . . miss what is happening? And, you dare say "blind" PFDJ supporters while you are demonstrating complete blindness to your organization's aggression over Eritrea, its servitude to outside colonial forces, its massacres, assassinations, imprisonment under false pretext, and all the other atrocities on Ethiopians and its war crimes against Somalis?

    Who do you say is a blind supporter now?

  51. My friend you have demonstrated that you have no HILINA, yourself! Are you claiming that you were there or you have a document instructing H.E. the Ambassador what to say? The shame is on yourself for calling Eritrean generals who have obviously demonstrated their skills and earned the country its independence as "morons." How is it that you put yourself above them? A true Eritrean would give the generals some respect even if he/she finds some thing to criticize!

    You also talk about "selling" one's soul. Eritreans know that they are defending their country. What do you call an individual who has sold his/her soul to the enemy of Eritrea and expects to be put in power by the same enemies and the mechanisms they are using? If the "opposition" who have sold out to the Weyane had a cause, Eritreans would have supported them and they would have already been in power by now! You know there is no support for these traitors!

    Did you say the constitution was ratified by "our intelligentsia?" Who are the they? Well the intelligentsia are not enough for that purpose. How about the peasants, workers--the non-intelligentsia-- who are much larger in proportion than the intelligentsia?

    In any case, you hinted that you must be a Weyane. Don't be mad, an Eritrean serving them would be worse!

  52. Mr Pasta, Will HAGOS KISHA be entitled to a new ID card? Last time i checked he has 0% Eritrean background, and is 100% Tigraway. But you and other blind supporters has no problem with him as long as the big fish Agame Issays is Ok with it.

  53. You did not address my comment at all. Just the fact that it is about constitution allows you to comment in the tone you did and with the assumption you had? Not at all! You can understand that you are always way off the neighborhood from how your comments are received by readers here.

  54. Because woyane would DROP DEAD within 2-3 years ! Got that ? LOL LOL LOL
    nice calculation.

  55. Well, here is new information: it is now 0%! Why is the interest in ethnicity anyway? You cannot hide the underlying racist tendencies in you! You want us to believe you guys are democratic, blah, blah, blah . . . too!

  56. I baptise you Geretsadqan !
    You wedogeba, militia sirnay, wedi andinet and now uppgrade your chain of betrayal to....
    teQuamerti ... barya woyane ! right ?

  57. Kih riisi KewHi
    intay qumneger zeleka tmesil ? mezarbtna aykonkan kid gezakha ! Kid iske ! LOL

  58. This time it Tigrawot that shall be the "Fenji-Reghach". Have you forgotten the new English word of 2000, the "Fenji-Reghach" defined as live-breathing-walking Ethiopians who were driven to a landmine to clear the way before Tigray-only soldiers come. That is the word and here is Hailemariam to use Tigrawot as "Fenji-Reghach".

    The question is does this Ethiopian dummy, Hailemariam, has the "Fenji-Reghach" left to use before he heads north. This time Hailemariam has to use Tigrawot a live human landmine sweepers. After all, this is Tigray's turn to be used as Fenji-Reghach.

    Remember the "Fenji-Reghach" of Meles Zenawi? Meles Zenawi used all the "Fenji-Reghach" from the rest of Ethiopia. But this time, there are no "Fenji-Reghach" left for the Ethiopian youth have been scattered in the African Safari like wild animals.

    Besides this is the time Hailemariam use "Fenji-Reghach" from Tigray origin. This is the time for Tigrai to provide Hailemariam the "Fenji-Regach" he needs to sacrifice like the "sacrificial lamb".

    (For those who do not know what "Fenji-Reghach", here is the definition

    Fenji..........bomb (landmine)
    Reghach.......Person who steps on to some thing

    Fenji-Regach.... a living- breathing-walking Ethiopian human being who is driven like cattle to step on a landmine to explode it before the Tigrian soldier is expected to move forward.
    By the way, in addition to the "color of their eyes", using living-breathing-walking Ethiopians as "landmine sweepers" (Fenji-Reghach) is another shameful history of Meles Zenawi)

    Here they are coming the "Fenji-Reghach", all grand children of Alula! I love it!

  59. This time the "Fenji-Reghach" shall be from Tigrai. Hailemariam has to teach the Weyane, this time is the time he will use the Tigrawot as the "Fenji-Reghatch.

    There is another thing you Alula should not worry. This time, the "AGLAI" shall all be from Debub Hizbotch. I sure hope you have not forgotten the word AGLAI".

    To the young Eritreans who are luck not to know a single word of Amhara, let me translate the word AGLAI for you.

    AGLAI......designated forces who goes to collect and dumps the dead bodies of FENJI-REGHACH in a big hole before Tigrawot-only soldiers are ordered for a suicidal mission.

    And after every thing is said and done, the poor AGLAI ends up collecting and burring the dead bodies of Tigrawot-only soldiers also.

    And that is your story from just yesterday, from 2000.

  60. The Eritrean Constitution rooted on "eqaulity, fraternity, liberty, and social justice" is in action. Do not expect the Eritrean Constitution to practice "self determination up to secession'. For more on the Eritrean Constitution, take a looklook:

    1. Free education to all, all the way to the highest education. You name it, schools every where and any where from corner to corner. Remember the "500 schools in 700 days" and do you remember the "67 schools in 100 days". That is the Eritrean Constitution in action.

    2) Shall I give you more on water supply, dams, and rerservoirs?
    3] Shall I give you Eritrea is the only African country that has met the 8 MDGs?
    4) Shall I talk about roads and bridges?
    5) Shall I say something about "food security".
    6] Shall I say something about the Eritrean farmer is producing food and vegetable three times a year.
    7} Shall I say about the minerals and mining for the benefit of the people?
    8) Shall I say about the Eritrean "Yellow Gold", "Orange Gold", "White Gold", "Blue Gold", and "Black Gold"?
    9) Shall I say something about.......this?.......that?......and those?.

    To know what the Eritreans are doing to build their home brick by brick, KAB BAHRI BICHILFA, please log on to the links below



    After reading these and some more, please stop barking like dog from the streets of the West. And good luck in your lonely cage at the corner of Broadway and 18th Street, the EDAGA ENUDAT of the West.

  61. Are you saying Meles Chenawi is Eritrean? Please Clarify.

  62. i wash i could be like you
    [belae saeri] know nothing

  63. @ Hilina......earned the country its independence as "morons..... Very disappointing! I feel pity for y. If y are really an Eritrean or else Weyane y wouldn't have said this. It is ridiculous 'kab mehro aemro'!

  64. You go in any nation, you serve it in a public way, you're entitled the tegbar malet iyu..what so ever, wala amharay qun..serah terah..endatezarebka, entay waga allewo? be fair, Mr men kenebleka? ayteqori..ab wetsai diqa tenerber? newih amet endeher serihka, kem kalay ziega, yehbuqa iyom..just wait

  65. Izi enda Eritrawian geza, iyu, deqi tegray out of here..

  66. Make your message clear. Is it for Gasha or for Hilina? You say @Hilina but you quote me. If it is for me, Gasha, my reply to Hilina is sufficient, read it again. If you have a problem with it, you need to reread it and take heed because it is for you too.

  67. The notion seems to be THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY. from your idea, the best Argument could be they hate woyane may be the people of Ethiopia extremely .

  68. ezi nay slave atehasaba gidefo.

  69. Who's we you ass? Talk about yourself mr.-I-won-100%-of-the-votes-demokrat.

  70. Are you comparing Menghistu-the rat with Issu-the lion?Shit! You guys are really stupid!

  71. I don't think you know the meaning of the word "coward", aids- infested-shermuta.

  72. BULL SHIT!!

  73. Yes you might be entitled to nationality but few countries put foreginers in positions which are either economically or securitywise sensetive for the country. Here we have a Tigraway (Kisha) being the main moneyman in Eritrea, and only he and Issays knows the country budget and where it is spent. Only fools belive it is a coincidence that Issyas who himself is not fully Eritrean, is incircled by either halv-Tegaru or fully Tegaru?. Monkey, Charli, Kisha, Abraham Kasa (head of security), Asmelahs Eri-Tv etc are either full or half Agames. No country in the world would put the whole leadership of the country in the hands of foreginers, unless they are invaded. The irony is that real Eritrean heroes like Wedi Solomon, Duru etc are "suspected" to work with Woyanes, as the same time those Agames in current leadership positons are seen as "trusted" Eritreans, what a joke.

  74. cane
    who is entitled to give identity, do not you know that it is something that you inherit it, or got it like what u did in the country that u live as refugee, by the asumption that u can not write if u are in Eritrea.


  75. You are simply an appologist of the reign terror being waged on our people.and who apologizes for such injustice but a contented slave.


  76. Eritreans have already a Constitution they ratified 1997,under which isaias afewerki will be tried and be put to death for violating their Supreme Wll and for all the crimes against humanity he committed subsequently. Mark my words.

  77. Tell that to millions of Eritreans flooding the neighboring countries, middle East, Europe , Americas save themselves from isaias afewerki's reign of terror.

    Stop taking isaias words for the Truth, look at his evil fruits his evil work has produced.

    Who is living well in Eritrea? Only his family, his kids.

    Where is his first son, Abraham? Married raising his kids, while Eritrean sons and daughters are fleeing the reign of terror of his father.

  78. Is the same theater we heard 15 years ago with Saddam H, or 4 years ago with Libya's Geddafi? if wasn't for your name i could have expected was a white style talking we know very well in the west..

  79. And what were the traits these people, isaias afewerki, Sadam Hussen and Gadafi, have in common? Weren't they committing crime against humanity, falsely professing to be people's choice, vehement hatred of western countries, among others? Yes.

    Would the people slip into the civil war they are undergoing had they been under democratic governance? No.

    And what unique attribute does isaias afewerki possess? His parents are both from tigrai. That is why he has neither an Eritrean uncle nor aunt. All of his inner circle, kisha, Abraham kasa, the two yemanes, ashmelash abraha etc. are of similar descent. You better know it that you are helping the enemies of our country. The sooner you get out of this folly, the better for yourself and your country.

  80. Whose Constitution are you talking about? I know the usurper said the People's constitution that was ratified by the people in 1997 is dead and that he is drafting a new one. Can you please help us understand if there is also a third one?

    I hope the , Dedhri Adgi Zkede's, Ha Ha Entezeylemde Trat Lemede, is not applicable to your assertion. However, if you can't defend your claim, then you have contracted the so called isaias afewerki syndrome, pathological lying .

  81. Mr G.mariam, i disagree totally with, you, as you have similar ideas of agame, so, there is no point to talk..i'm sorry..

  82. TesaErna keyblus ygbai yblu . You could not stand the heat of the Truth and you ran away but I assure you, you have no place to hide; the hour of Reckoning is approaching you and the criminal isaias afewerki at the speed of light because the BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT SPILLED by isaias is calling for speedy JUSTICE.

  83. Kid ne un kieda bellom, hassawi

  84. aTa anhna nay tegbar hezbi, ina, kemaqum leqbetbet ayneblen, b bahli, maletey iyu.."TesaErna keyblus ygbai yblu", tebel, dea, tesairkums, teferidkums, lezarareb, leyneleqeq, teblu, nessequm do aykonkumen baàl tewayat lebbom


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