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Daniel Teklehaimanot & Kudus MeHawi are not only Cyclist Heroes!

Daniel Teklehaimanot & Kudus MeHawi are not only Cyclist Heroes!
By Haile Abraham
July 16, 2015
He stood tall and slender with a natural Eritrean smile on the podium as he raised both hands in victory and wore the highly coveted Polka-dot Jersey to make him the “The King of the Mountain” in the Tour de France 2015 stage 6 completion.  But Daniel’s victory is just more than a victory at the Tour de France for Eritrea and Eritreans.

Daniel’s victory is the victory to the masses, or like we say in Eritrea “Awet nHafash.”  His victory not only brought joy and happiness to all Eritreans but it was also a perfect response to those who went out of their way to demonize Eritrean and to demoralize its youth.  Since early June, the Human Rights Commission and the Western allies had their onslaught on Eritrea using the Commission of Inquiry (COI) fabricated and falsified report in an effort to bring Eritrea down to its knees.
But Daniel and MerHawi responded with a grace and dignity despite injuries and some uncalled for racial slurs. They both  have shown to be the perfect ambassadors for Eritrea and its youth, as well as a perfect response to the inflated number of Eritrean youths that the COI alleged to have said fled their country out of fear of prosecution.  Daniel and MerHawi have proven to the world with their humbleness and tenacity what the Eritrean youths are all about, and that both are typical and not special Eritreans.
As a tribute to Daniel Teklehaimanot’s unprecedented victory at the Tour de France, enjoy the clip below with “Segum” musical background.
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Daniel Teklehaimanot & Kudus MeHawi are not only Cyclist Heroes! Reviewed by Admin on 3:08 PM Rating: 5

1 comment:

  1. Ghebrelul GhebreslaseJuly 18, 2015 at 9:56 PM

    Rendezvous is the word I want to use to try to explain what these two Eritrean heroes (Dani & Merhawi) did. According to Google Dictionary "Rendezvous"
    The right product at the right place & at the right time!! The right product (Daniel)
    The right time (when COI falsely accused Eritrea) & last but not least the right place
    where the corporate Media cannot ignore!!!
    Eritreans from all over the corners of this planet watched Dani & the Eritrean Flag!!!!! Flying higher. Thank you.


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