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Pictures: Sawa Hosts Twin Commencements

By Kesete Ghebrehiwet

Sawa’s open space amphitheater was packed to its brim with army-fatigues clad members of the National Service; vocational school graduates donned in black gowns; and, parents who had traveled from all over the country for the occasion.

The student city, so to speak, was drenched by windy rains in the previous evening. The normally
hot and humid climate was thus pleasantly replaced by a temperate breeze when the celebrations
kick-started at 6:30 on Saturday morning (July 11, 2015).

Sawa has long become a hub for high school students from all parts of the country where they take their final, 12th grade clasess, in the Warsay-Yikalo Senior Secondary School.

And since 2007, a vocational centre has been established in Sawa to offer both theoretical and
practical courses at the certificate level in various fields – from secretarial science to accounting and
machine operations and repair– for students who are not accommodated at the diploma and degree courses in the country’s various institutions of tertiary education.

This day was the occasion for the graduation of the 28th round of the National Service and the 7th
commencement of Sawa’s Vocational Training Centre.

The Vocational Center has graduated 19,000 trainees in the past seven years. Five schools of the training center offer two-year courses in eighteen fields of study. In the 7th commencement, the center graduated a total of 2,029 students. 52% of the total numbers of trainees were female students.

Members of the 28th round National Service program hail from 86 secondary schools in the six Administrative Regions in the country. During their one year stay in Sawa, the students follow rigorous academic programmes for eight months and sit for the National High School Leaving Exams.

They also undertake 4 months of military training as part and parcel of the normative 18-months long mandatory programme of National Service that every citizen has to fulfill.

On display during the two-hour spectacle were military parades, songs in local languages and plays
that depicted the pitfalls of spoiling kids with latest entertainment gadgets without instilling proper
discipline and focus on their education.

Prizes for excellence in military training were given to outstanding individuals and units by President
Isaias Afwerki. Those who achieved academic excellence were similarly given prizes by the Ministers of Local Government, Education and Agriculture.

In his brief address to the graduates, President Isaias Afwerki elaborated on the considerable public investments that have been funneled to upgrade the educational standards in Sawa.

President Isaias further noted the progress registered this year in terms of higher rate of success in the High School Leaving Exams in comparison to previous years.

The President also underlined the government’s purposeful efforts to provide skill development opportunities for those who may not score passing marks so as to equip them with employable and practical techniques.

President Isaias expressed appreciation to all those who made relentless efforts to ensure the success of the various programmes conducted in Sawa.

Pictures courtesy of Taezaz Abraha, Aklilu Zerezghi, Mhreteab G'michel

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Pictures: Sawa Hosts Twin Commencements Reviewed by Admin on 5:53 AM Rating: 5


  1. Again proud of you Eritrea, sacred Land, gift of Our Hero & Heroines Martyrs..

  2. Excellent! The skill training is very important side by side to joining the different schemes of the colleges. Sawa's objective is commendable to personal development both mentally and physically as well as to the country's. It is great to learn that the number of educated people are increasing from time to time.

  3. Here they are: the Eritrean sons and daughter; the Eritrean builders; the Eritrean defenders, the Eritrean leaders;come morning. Yo bet Eritrea was in good hands yesterday, Eritrea is in good hands today; and Eritrea shall be in good hands come morning.

    Here they are, "WULAD SAWA; WELEDO WARSAI' ready to take they land and people to the Promised Land!

    Wulad Sawa, can you help it? You are what you are-the sons and daughters the HALAL MERIET!

    Eritrea and Eritreans, thanks for being mine!

  4. Let's keep a careful watch of our neighbors and the western powers.

  5. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 16, 2015 at 9:49 AM

    I love the smell of when Eritrea says to the enemies.. Still standing b!tches. Ha-ha-ha..

    Like they said..continue ur struggle and the end u seek will be achieved. Honor, acclaim, and recognition are all possible outcomes for us, becuz we do not quit. Despite slow progress, our determination and sustained efforts will lead us steadily forward. We do not give up... Becuz we continue to believe in working hard.. The odds may be against us but we have the power to beat them... The courage to fight on and accept challenges will lead us to a bright future. becuz without self-reliance there is no progress. If one has not awakened to self-reliance, chances are their lives are not their own.

    Its been said-- Without struggle there is no progress!!..

    Perseverance against all opposition crushing all limitations. Pure strength through solitude discipline and determination.
    ********************************************************Awet N' Hafash!!**********************************************************************************

  6. This is the real picture of ERITREA. We are who we are. We are to be proud of ourselves. Those sons and daughters of Deki SAWA have been well trained and educated, again by ERITREA/SHAEBIA. God/Allah bless this sacred country ERITREA.
    Awet N'Hafash

  7. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 16, 2015 at 3:08 PM

    Awet N' Hafash to that brother!!!

  8. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 16, 2015 at 3:22 PM

    Indeed brother Philips, They want us to put down our guns from defending Eritrea, so their favorite pet the woyane-tigray can walk in without any problem. and thats why all the scream from puppets to end national service in-order to make us the next Yemen... No Thanks!!.. Our first priority is ERITREA!!!..

    "MAKE NO MISTAKE. Eritrea will neither surrender its sovereign rights nor will it abandon its independent political stance under any name including under the pretense of HUMAN RIGHTS."


  9. Dear Kesete,
    A nice summary but kind of disapointed for not mentioning about:
    How much the Implementation of the Ratified Constitution could have trippled this kind of achievements and Potential.
    -But I am HOPEFUL that, that will be achieved as well.
    Think about this;
    If we have an Inclusive and Unifying Constitution:
    -all Eri Citizens across the Globe would have been UNITED,ONE and STRONGer than ever and as such:
    a)No one would dare to touch ,let alone threaten, Eritrea in all aspects
    b)Eritrea would have been more than the Israel,Swiss or Singapore of Africa and beyond coz we have each and every reason and potential to be so with out a piece of exaggeration and boasting as History is the witness,NOT to mention the incredible Natural resources we endowed with!.
    time to wake up:
    -Genuine National reconciliation with out any preconditions NOW!
    -Revive/revitalize and implement the Ratified Constituion" NOW!

  10. For an individual who think positive the achievement on hand is first to be appreciated. This constitution and democracy are always used to pinpoint negativity. The topic discusses about this year graduaes so the increasing number of educated people is far more better than talking on topic which is on process and is on the good hand of the government. I heard one sentiment by one of the official to the graduates 'learn politics'. Very important 'lebewa'. The struggle was successful because all the participants were well trained in politics and knew their objective. "Independence". Period. I believe that sentiment should be replicated by the present generation *Shete meanta' for future betterment. No hypocracy!

  11. Kem werki bHawi ntseri...memelisna nHnHn, nHdes, nKHulaE, nAlem'wn nmihra hzbi ina :)

    PROUD TO BE...... E-R-I-T-R-E-A-N.....

  12. If there is no past there is no present or future. I quoted from a prominent scholar. Mr. John be sensible and stick to the point. Sawa is not a concentration camp but rather a learning institute both mentally and physically. Participating youth in the governing body has a great advantage becaue they see the development on their own eyes. Those who work hard are succesful in their studies the others ar learning skills. Perod!

  13. yeasterday shaboonsJuly 18, 2015 at 12:16 AM

    Wow you just nailed it bro..yes shaboons are skizoes living in the past

  14. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 20, 2015 at 11:56 AM

    Indeed---PROUD TO BE...... E-R-I-T-R-E-A-N.....!!!!


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