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Ethiopia/Djibouti: A Communiqué Gone Astray

Ethiopia/Djibouti: A Communiqué Gone Astray

In a Joint Communiqué issued at the end of their "First High Level Joint Commission Meeting" of 9 February 2015, Ethiopia and Djibouti go out of their way to "Condemn" Eritrea for its "continuous destabilization policy" and "urge the international community to tighten the sanctions imposed" on it.

Eritrea is appalled by this unwarranted and calumnious act of hostility. As it is well known, Ethiopia continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories in flagrant breach of international law as well as the fundamental African Union principles of the sanctity of colonial borders almost 13 years after the final and binding arbitral award of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission. Clearly, Ethiopia's unlawful behavior contravenes the integrity of aritration processes and the basic tenets of international law.

That Ethiopia's continued occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories constitutes the singular and central cause of regional destabilization is too palpable to merit additional emphasis. Unfortunately, the authorities in Addis Abeba seem to be immersed in a futile and transparent game of semantics. On the one hand, they say they are bound by the "final and binding ruling of the EEBC" only to qualify and annul this hollow "affirmation" and their treaty obligations by calls for "dialogue" and "readiness to go to Asmara" etc.

Djibouti's unwarranted stance is also difficult to decipher. As it is well-known, the putative border dispute between the two countries has been entrusted to the good offices of a mutually agreed third party, the State of Qatar. in the event, Djibouti's premature and hostile stance is hard to explain in terms of a pending, good-faith, dispute.

On the other hand, there is increasing awareness in the internationally community these days that the UNSC sanctions imposed on Eritrea were not justified in the first place. Many countries indeed believe maintenance of the sanctions regime is not tenable anymore. The Ethiopia regime is clearly worried by the implications of the crescendo against the sanctions on Eritrea and has used its leverage to insert the unwarranted clause in the Joint Communiqué.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
12 February 2012
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Ethiopia/Djibouti: A Communiqué Gone Astray Reviewed by Admin on 9:39 AM Rating: 5


  1. Are you going to release the Djiboutian POWs in your "good-faith" effort to resolve the border dispute?

  2. Do you know what POW means?? Prisoners of war. Why would Eritrea release people it has no business releasing? Djibouti continues to be someones dog at various times.., today it is Ethiopians dog for whatever reason. why should we be in good-faith with someone who is an ally of our occupier.

    I'm pretty sure if you stop your hostility and Ethiopia gets out of Eritrean land., Eritrea can find it in its heart to release the prisoners. I hope Djibouti would do the same.

  3. Agame "crying wolf" to their white masters again.

  4. Idiot. Djibouti released all those Eritrean POWs and deserters and handed them to the Red Cross. When are you going to start behaving in a civilized manner?

  5. Read and learn, you dumbass:

  6. What do you want me to learn lol? Those arn't POW's those are people that keep elsa Churum in employment.

    You still haven't explained why Eritrea should release people that are the aggressors with power hungry woyane cracking the whip at its back!

    Like i said you and your lackeys get the hell out of Eritreans land! you imbecile. I don't give a shit about deserters and elsa the trafficker.

    Learn some respect before you try to call someone dumb. Go read a real book about economic politics and imperialism you stupid pawn.

  7. It's funny how you think Djibouti even has the capability to take prisoners when it doesn't even have its own military. Go beg obama to help protect you from your imagination instead of Peace loving Eritreans.

  8. is djibouti a nation? i never hear anything being accomplished as whole national entity except knowing about a people who chew chat "kat" half a day. And I was thinking a type a detached france's territory, as french people being there since ever and still.

  9. The more Djibouti gets close to us the less Assab get importance to us.
    Bye bye Sh.....

  10. Yes when you made wrong calculations that you have said above and tried to invade us and we managed to kill your empty bravado that you are trying to tell us and get your life back by removing your dictator of the region before you destroy your self.

  11. Go beg obama to do it like you beg for everything else.

  12. What's holding you up, tough guy? Why don't you go get Badme instead of begging the AU, EU, UN etc. etc.?

  13. Why are dijbouti's always the lackey., its very sad.

  14. Tell that to the Djiboutian prisoners and their families. Their government released the 267 deserters and 19 POWs of yours, but your bully tyrants wouldn't let their loved ones go. Is that your idea of good neighborliness and "good faith" effort to resolve the border dispute? Now that the Ethiopians, whom you don't want to pick a fight with, are involved, your bully tyrants have one good reason to behave themselves.

  15. Eritrea., Eritreans will defend themselves that is all you need to know.


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