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Video: Speaking of Eritrea!

Dr. Samuel Mahaffy: I was born in Asmara, Eritrea and grew up in the town of Senafe. My family lived in Eritrea for around 27 years. I have four brothers and two sisters, all born and raised in Eritrea.

I moved to the United States in 1966. The transition to life in the United States was very challenging for me. I still consider Eritrea my homeland. I have stayed connected to my Eritrean roots through being involved in nonprofit work with immigrant and refugee communities from Eritrea and other East African countries.

Sharing my heritage from Eritrea has always been important to me. I reconnected in the U.S. with a wise Eritrean woman who taught me how to make injera when I was little. After lots of struggles, I became a bit proficient at fixing injera and the traditional foods from Eritrea. I taught my three beautiful children to make injera.

To honor the Eritrean people who have meant so much to me and to help correct misconceptions about Eritrea, I published a book called Eritrean Cooking: Rich Relationships and Recipes from East Africa.

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  1. hmm... "born in Eritrea" he says... what were his parents doing in Eritrea? Living in Eritrea without the consent of the Eritrean by violating its sovereignty, is he a son of U.S agent? Son of a CIA? Son of a U.S Army bastard camping illegally and pooping babies on our soil. Don't trust any white man or woman. Soon he's gonna trash Eritrea and Eritreans on his book deal just like Dan Connell and Michela Wrong. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I'm disappointed at Madote for posting white preachers/agents on this website.

  2. By Samuel Mahaffy (PhD),

    HELLO my name is Dr. Samuel Mahaffy. In recent year I become a passionate advocate for publicly confronting misrepresentations and inaccuracies about Eritrea and the Eritrean people.

    I have been asked many times, why are you always been speaking of Eritrea? I am here today to answer that question for you.

    Well I am a U.S. citizen but by my birth I am Eritrean in my heart. I was born in the city of Asmara and grow up in Senafe Eritrea. Like many, I left Eritrea many years ago but my heart is always remained with the Eritrean people. The Eritrean people are my people. They are my people by my birth as ወዲ ሰንዓፈ, a son of Senafe, Eritrea and by the kind acceptance of me as one of the ‘other Eritreans‘.

    The country of Eritrea and its people have much maligned and misrepresented in western media. Since earning my PhD from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, I become relentless in seeking to share accurate information about the country of Eritrea.

    “What does it matter to you if Eritrea is misrepresented?,” people asked me. The image portrayed of Eritrea in much of western media just not match with the people of Eritrea I know and care about.

    I spent a great deal of effort in both research and Eritrea, and connecting with Eritrean communities around the world and in Eritrea. I am compelled to speak the Eritrea I know and love as a matter of truth and justice.

    I am deeply convicted, there will be peace in this world only as we engage and a mutually respectfully dialogue among nations. I accept the analysis of scholars such as Noam Chomsky who suggested, the effort to invisibilise countries like Eritrea grows from an international strategy to main power and control over others. It perpetuates hegemonic discourse, which is of course is not really discourse at all. The United States that I care about is bigger than that. We can and must engage respectfully with other nations even when their dreams and aspirations may not align with our own strategic, economic, military and development interests.

    Make no mistake, I know that Eritrea is not with out its faults, and you do too. There have been mistake made as Eritrea has re-built as a new nation after a costly war for independence. But I believe in the future of Eritrea. Eritrea is here to stay and it will find its own way. It will persist in charting its own course.

    Eritrea is prioritizing the needs of its people. It is developing an innovative model that encourages self-reliance rather than dependency. The world is beginning to recognize the Eritrea has the potential to be a great agent for peace and stability in the Horn of Africa and so the model for self-determination.

    I have deep faith and hope the Eritrea will unfold a new post-liberation chapter that is one of peace and tolerance; and acknowledges and finds room to nurture the dreams and aspirations of the youth and young people of Eritrea.

    For those who wonder what the real story is about Eritrea, I invite you to visit the country in the Horn of Africa and you find out for yourself. Engage with me on twitter and social media and in the conversation about Eritrea.

    There is no place on Earth as beautiful and amazing as Eritrea and so, I wish the country and people of Eritrea well.

    I’ll stand with you and for you as long as I have voice.

    Thank you የቀንየለይ and God Bless You.

  3. I don't like why this Mahaffy guy keeps advocating for the fascists in our beloved country. I, however, think there is too much hate in your voice. I don't care if one is white, black, yellow or green; what matters is whether or not the idiot is helping the people or the tyrants.

  4. Watch your language and stop being paranoid!! Paranoia leads to isolation!! Let's not push everybody away. We can not be living and leading the country with 'ZEBNE GHEDLI' style. After a while everyone gets bored. As you said ' threat me like this once shame on you, threat me like this second time shame on me'...

  5. Countless foreigners fought along our side during the fight for liberation, but after liberation they were abandoned and not given a proper role. They felt betrayed and disillusioned and left the country and never to look back.. Would you like me to list names?? I personally know at least two of them...

  6. Isn't that the answer to your question you have posted. Being born in Eritrea makes him an Eritrean. Obviously, he loves Eritrea and Eritreans. You do not want harm to be done onto whom you love!

    A better question, why is your nick name Mandela?

  7. b/c she's a house slave

  8. forkedtongue straightenerFebruary 1, 2015 at 4:30 AM

    what role would you've given them: maybe president, maybe finance minster ? .... i mean they are white after all, the closes thing to God....F*** twisted Agame

  9. Dr. Mahaffy i said it again and again..i love you. Thank you for your heartfelt support and love you have toward my people and my Nation. Thanks from deep of my heart

  10. Why is the so called doctor advocating for the fascist regime? Does he have no fear of God to completely ignore the plight of the tormented people? Maybe he should go back to school.

    "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding."

    As to my nickname, Mandela spent decades in prison for fighting for the liberation of his people from fascist Apartheid tyranny just as those who are in prison in fascist Higdef run Eritrea.

  11. By the power vested in me, I here by declare and bestow Dr. Samuel Hahaffy an "HONORARY CITIZEN OF ERITREA".

    Dr. Samuel Hahaffy, thanks for being the advocate of peace and harmony in the otherwise troubled world.

  12. Yes, he was probably a kagnew kid, born in Asmara, and grew up in Senafe. He is Eritrean. Any crazy fucks trying to talk about race and CIA in this term is a desturbed individual!!

  13. I think most Eritreans suffer from short term memory or have some kind of amnesia. Let me refresh your memory my fellow drum beating cheerful Eritreans, DO YOU REMEMBER DAN CONNELL & MICHELA WRONG? hahh??? Have you learned a humiliating lesson from them yet???? or are you asking for more trouble by blindly embracing more strangers like them, in this case the so called Dr. Samuel Mahaffy, just another self proclaimed peace maker aka book seller tyrant in ships clothing, a double agent, don't you ever think people like this guy will bring peace and security to our land, he's a book seller and self promoting opportunist, when are you going to learn my people???? just when??? instead respect and work with your own, respect your people but not outsiders, NEVER TRUST OUTSIDERS !!!! Our forefathers have said it thousands of years ago "megedi mis wedi adi". Know your history people and respect your forefathers. Long live Medri Bahri, Long Live Bahri Segassi, Long Live Eritrea !!!! Death to tyrants !!!!

  14. Mendela fought people like you also who want imperialism at the cost of his/her people. You are on the WRONG side of history. If you are going to disagree., disagree without being a traitor. You people think badmouthing Isaias will ever get you on the good side of Eritreans? YOUR WRONG.

    Even if Isaias is guilty of 100% of the garbage you claim. He gave half of his life to the struggle and is a TEGADALAY we will forever respect that sacrifice you idiot. Just like all the traitors we never talk about them the way you talk about Isaias cause they were once great hero's and we respect the memory more than we disrespect the type of people they became or are yet to become.

    Naming yourself mendela just proves your more of a wolf in sheep's clothing and your tired old rhetoric is beyond old and tired. You need to revamp your message. Name calling our heroes on tigraoffline will earn you no respect here!.

  15. "ቢዑኴት ዝቴኔኽሴስ ካብ ጺምቢላሊዖ ይሃድም "

  16. መጣፋፈኣቲ ምኻዋኖም በቲ ሽሞም, ኢኻ ትፈልጦ. They do it to get attention..but the hard is that their nick doesn't match with their attitude.. ነጅስ ይብሉ ዕረብ አንተኾኑ ክምዚ ምስ ረኸቡ ኢዩ.

  17. You are the new face of new colonialism you turd.

    Fuck your neo colonialism you lair!.



  20. Dude, keep your ignorance to your self. I and other conservative Eritreans defending Eritrea's sovereignty believe those foreigners you're talking about are another DON CONNELL and we know them, no one has invited them at first place, they came at their own will, to advance their careers in journalism, for fame and book deal, their true intentions are unknown, just like your name, they all have "Libi Tigray", some were double agents as discovered later. Just us all foreigners who set foot on Eritrea's soil without an invitation or without the consent of Eritrea, they have no place in Eritrea. We do not need Agame, we do not need Amhara and we do not need your slave master aka white people. People,we are just witnessing another DON CONNELL and MICHELA WRONG in the making. If you deny this, you are retard or you are an advocate of those tyrants. Dr. Samuel Mmhaffy is not the messiah, he's not going to produce one drop of water for Eritrea rather harm the nation as his predecessors DON CONNELL and MICHELA WRONG have done. He wouldn't waste a second to make a YouTube video if it was't benefiting his career or promoting his books. Believe you me, when the time comes, he will sell Eritrea for pennies sitting in his all white neighborhood suburbia house. Give me a break !!!!

  21. I won't mince words bro., what your saying has no rational thinking in it. I will judge don connell on his merits same as everyone else. We have people that speak our language who are our color that are bigger traitors than don connell. Should we now not trust any Eritrean by your standards?

    We have no problems with Ethiopians we had problems with DERG and imperial wannabe haileselassie. We have no problem with Tigray we have problem with woyane. All our neighbors are more or less our cousins and brothers. We will have peace with them when the foreigners are tired of playing war games in our region.

    To be completely honest i get the feeling your trolling and if you are.., your a hopeless person to begin with.

  22. Are you saying, every white man who dropped by shall be another Dan Connell and is not to be trusted? That is childish at best and paranoia the worst. To be careful is one thing but to jump like rat every time the tree sheds its branches is weakness and lack of self confidence.

    Grow up, to learn from Dan Connell and his type is one thing and is commendable but to live in state of fear and mistrusting every one that came by is "paranoia". And that is not healthy,

  23. They say the worst enemy of you is you, especially when the
    "you" is an idiot like you.
    Grow up, not to be GOE supporter is one thing but to be your own worst enemy due to your ignorance is something that have no cure.

    Man, you do not need enemies for you have an enemy within you in the form of incurable ignorance.


    Theme "Flourishing in Arid Zones, The Eritrean Experience"

    The Concept

    Life in arid areas can be a blessing, not a misfortune: this is the message that Eritrea seeks to spread during Expo Milano 2015. Its contribution will be to illustrate the sustainability of its traditional agriculture. It outlines the potential of its natural resources as a food reserve for rural communities, explains how to deal with the challenges of water scarcity, introduces the traditional Eritrean cuisine (which, in many cases, has excellent nutritional value), and highlights the potential of cooperative approaches.

    The 125-square meter exhibition space within the Arid Zone Cluster, hosts illustrations, posters and brochures illustrating Eritrea’s various agro-ecological zones and the unique characteristics of each. It also explores the challenges posed by desertification processes and explains the "every drop of water" conservation techniques, through dam and lake building for the purposes of farming, fishing and animal drinking water.

    A showcase of short video clips explores phases of the food production chain and describes crop-growing and traditional harvesting. There is an interesting example of the counter-measures used in the area of Sheeb to slow down desertification. Some describe the many uses of the fruit of the jujube tree, and others, use of the mogogo (a typical oven found in homes) with its biomass differential compared with wood, and the adhanet mogogo (a modern mogogo), to increase energy-efficiency and combat desertification.
    Expo Milano 2015: Belvedere in Città 02/02/15


  25. That's a pleasure of all Eritreans i think, i'm sure they will reside into Eritrea's History and noble book..

  26. Idiot. You need to stick your head out of your ass. You could never have a proper perspective with head up your ass. Do yourself a favor and smell the fresh air outside your hole

  27. I just love listening to civilized discussions that exposes the fascist regime in Asmara for what it is: fascist.

  28. correction!

    "ኣስገደ" ! ! ያ ዓፋፍ፣ እስከ ቀቅድሚ ምጽሕጋርካ ኣዘራዝራ ጽሕፈት ትግርኛ ተመሃር።

    ከም'ዚ ዝስዕብ ዘሎ ክትብል ዝደለኻ ትመስል ኣለኻ?

    "ብዕኮት ዝተነኽሰስ ካብ ጽምብላሊዕ ይሃድም"

    ካብ ቤት ትምህርቲ "ደደቢት" ምዃንካ ከይእመት፣ ከክንድ "ስ" ን "ሥ" ክይትጥቀም፣ ከምኡ'ውን "ጽ" ን"ፅ"ን ከይትሓናፍጽ ብላዕሊ ዝተዋህበካ መምርሒ ኣጕሪሕካ ከምዘሎ፣ እቶም ለዋሃት'ውን ቆብ ኣቢልናዮ ኣለና። ግዳስ ጌና ብዙሕ ትምህርቲ የድልየካ ኣሎ'ሞ፣ ዓፋፋት'ውን እንዳ "ጸፋዕና ስለ ንዕልምን ነጽርን ንኣወዳድቓ ሆሄታትና ኣስተውዕለሎም።

  29. You and your tyrant show respect to those who sacrificed "half their lives" and lead the country to independence by throwing them in Eiraero? What kind of logic is that? The least you could have done is give everyone of the prisoners due process of the law and threat them humanely. This alone makes you the traitors - the ones who betrayed Hidri siwuatna. You will forever be remembered as the criminals who highjacked the Eritrean Revolution and introduced fascism in Eritrea. While, those brave souls who spoke-up for the people, for democracy and constitutional governance will be remembered as the true patriots.

  30. Thou shalt not kill;
    love your neighbor/fellow man as thyself;
    thou shalt not torture;
    thou shalt not put people in Eiraero, metal shipping containers, and underground cells.
    If you do, you will suffer the consequence.


  32. Talk about turning the truth on it's head. Go preach your agenda elsewhere. If your story was even 10% true you'd be in Eritrea not on internet.

  33. It's just a matter of time. In due time, your tyrants will be thrown into the dustbin of history, just like Mussolini's Camicei Nere and Menghistu's Derg.

  34. In your little conspiracy world probably but the rest of us live in a world that has something called reality. It is your own worst enemy. Even your "fake democracy" you live in said Eritrea is one of the very stable countries in the region.

    Fake mendela i will let you in on a secret. Eritreans inside and outside of the country have eyes and ears. We see whats going on around us and the region and we know our HISTORY VERY WELL. The fact that you try so hard to convince and coarse on the internet speaks VOLUMES. That means in "Real Life" "RL" what you say has no traction. The only person you are convincing is yourself.

  35. That's what Mussolini, Haileselassie, Menghistu, and even the Apartheid tyrants used to think - that they will rule forever. In reality, it was a matter of time before they bit the dust just as the current tyrants are about to do. Don't fool yourself into thinking your tyranny will stand forever. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice". Or, በትሪ ሓቂ ትቐጥን እምበር ኣይትስበርን።
    It's your choice. You can believe your own propaganda, or learn from history that your tyranny is doomed.

  36. why are you repeating the name of Don Connell and Micaela Wrong?we have worse traitors Eritreans. You can't lump together all white people as spies.We have good white friends like The late Dr.Fred Hollows,we made him honorary Eritrean citizen,we named the street located in the eye clinic he founded deserved so.


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