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Five East African States to take part in Half Marathon competition in Massawa

By Shabait

Five East African States will take part in the half marathon competition due to take place in Massawa port city on February 7 in connection with the Silver Jubilee commemoration of Operation Fenkil. The Eritrean National Athletics Federation indicated that athletes from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Republic of Sudan and South Africa would participate in the competition.

According to report, an Eritrean national team headed by Olympic Athlete Zeresenai Tedese, who recorded victory in the completion, and clubs from Administrative regions would take part, and that the necessary facilities and infrastructure for the competition have been put in place.

The half marathon competition would be organized annually at national level during Operation Fenkil observances, the report added.
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  1. Aye germa..shem-na ketselemuwo hasibom, zegedede kem werqi enda tekkolaena newetseh allena..ab kullu medayat..Teàwet ata Jeg na Hezbi Eritra

  2. Were gena ezen zimetsa ametat rihusat yen..nimen eliwo..nehna trah e ejamna nigber...thanks.

  3. Berhane

    There is a Weyane who uses that name to post negative comments about Eritrea. Since you obviously are not that person, can you please use a nickname that separates you from him? The choice is yours, but if you allow me to suggest and you still want to use "Berhane," you could add something else to it.



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