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Pictures of the renovated Mai Jah Jah Fountain in Asmara

The  renovation of Mai Jah Jah Fountain and its environs has been completed.

The 8 million Nakfa (US$532,000) project included construction of walls, installation of electricity, water and other lines, as well as placement of public toilets, water reservoir and other amenities.

In an effort to make the site green, a number of trees and flowers were planted in the area along with the erecting of park seats, solar energy-powered light poles and other decorations.

Pictures credit: Nsoo Hory

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Pictures of the renovated Mai Jah Jah Fountain in Asmara Reviewed by Admin on 12:02 AM Rating: 5


  1. ፌሬንጂ ጣልያን ዝሃኔጻ አስመራ ህግዴፍ ኮኔ ኢሉ ዬባርሳ አሎ።ኬቴማታት ትግራይ ይህኔጻ ፡ኬቴማታት ኤርትራ ኳአኒ ይዓንዋ።ጃህራ ጥራይ ድሕሪ ዓሌም እዩ ዜትርፌካ።እኵይ ስርዓት አስመራ ዌይስ ብቴንኮል ዌይስ ክእሌት ካብዜይምህላው አማሓድራ ባዶ እዩ።ሓርቤኛ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ አጋጣሚ ኮይኑ ኬምኡ ዝአሜሴሌ ንፉእ ሜራሒ አይምራሕን እዩ ዜሎ።አቤይ ኢሞ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኬምቲ ቴባዓኔቱን ጻዓርኔቱን ሜራሕቲ እንቴዝህልዎ ኔሩ።ህግዴፍ ህግሓኤ እሕቅቅ አቢሉ ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኬጥፍእን ኬዜናብልን ዝቴላዓሌ ናይ ኢርይራይ ጉጅሌ እዩ።ሬሳሕ ኬቴማን፡ ፌጌር ሴብን ኬም አብ አስሜራ አዬጓኔፌንን።ሕጊ ዜይብሉ ዓዲ።እዚ ቍርዲድ ምስቴአሌዬ ጥራይ ኢዩ ኻአኒ ኤርትራውያን ዝርህዌልና።
    ሴላምን ቅሳኔትን ፍትሕን ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ።
    ዜሌዓሌማዊ ዝኽሪ ንስውአትና።
    ዓዌት ንሓፋሽ።

  2. Why mentioning tgray and their shitehole towns which look modern on the surface but are built very soon-to-collapse-economical and just for show and are mostly empty? Might it be because U´re from there?
    The reason Asmara is/was not given priority is due to the eritrean govts. holistic developement view of the country, hence, the meager resources are used to develop villages, towns all over the country and their needs is far higher than the needs of the asmarinos. By the way, Asmara was not built by the italians only but ion of eritreans. The man power was eritrean and as can be seen, the italians even chose to give the capital city a name chosen by the natives to begin with. The ones who destroyed Asmara, are ur cousins the amharans. Then, you praise the eritrean people as a transparent ploy to create a schism with its leadership. Then U turn 180 degrees and you call it "tenkolegna hzbi". Well let me tell you something which I know you already know but am gonna say it anyway: 99% of Eritreans are HGDEF!
    Now go ahead and ang yourself with your shoelaces.

  3. You say whaaaat? Resah keteman fwger hzbin? I don't know whonyoi aee talking aby here....may be it is Addis Koshasha?..zey hafir dimu geremariam shimu...kemaka u.

  4. Leaving your talk from EDAGA ENUDAT to the side, could you please, please, and please try to talk in Asmarino Tigrigna. It you can not, at the very least try speak in AGAMIGNA.

    Trashing your lies to the the garbage, what is this, corrupting our language! Take a look at your words:

    ፌሬንጂ....ዝሃኔጻ ....ህግዴፍ......ኬቴማታት....ዓሌም ....ዜትርፌካ.....ዌይስ .....ብቴንኮል.... ዌይስ.... ክእሌት .....ሓርቤኛ...ኬምኡ ....ዝአሜሴሌ ..... ዜሎ።አቤይ ኢሞ....ኬምቲ ....ቴባዓኔቱን ...ጻዓርኔቱን.... ሜራሕቲ... እንቴዝህልዎ ኔሩ።ህግዴፍ... ኬጥፍእን... ኬዜናብልን...ዝቴላዓሌ ጉጅሌ እዩ።ሬሳሕ ኬቴማን፡ ፌጌር ሴብን ኬም አብ አስሜራ አዬጓኔፌንን።

    this is what you call a liar who could even use simple words to promote his lies and that is what we call "double jeopardy"

    On the other hand, if you are Wedi Mai Telamit who thinks he talking in ASMARINO TIGRIGNA, you sure did a good job in exposing your idiocy. Speak in Asmarino Tigrigna or do not speak at all!

  5. አስጌዴ is telling the truth, in Asmara and the other cities even the walls are crying due to the intentional banning of construction and repairing.


  6. The holistic developement view of the country (regime) is to demolish entire neighborhoods such as the demolishing of historical neighborhood of Amatere that resulted on the displacement of thousands of poor women and children.

  7. እተ ወያኔ ሌባ, ምን ኣገባህ እዚህ, ኤርትራኖች ቤት, የፈለጉ ይስሩ, ኣታላይ.

  8. ኣስገዴ ኣጋሜ ነው, የሱ ኣስተያየት ዋጋ የለሽ ነው, ኣንዳንተው. ሌቦች, ሻቢያ ማታለል ኣይችልም..

  9. Who is telling the truth ? አስጌደ or ኣስገደ፣ KKKKKKKKK
    ከተመሳሳይ ትምህርት ቤት ካልመጣህ በቀር፣ ኣማርኛ ኣይሉት ትግርኛ እየጻፈ ምኑ ተገልጾልህ ነው ፍርድ ለመስጠት የበቃኸው።

    ኣየ ነገር ክርቱታት ተለኣኣኽቲ፣ ዓንጃላት!

  10. Asmara was founded, settled and named by it's ruler at the time, Ras Alula, you moron. Know your damn history rather than reading an invented version, off used toilet paper handed to you by Emperor Issayas.

  11. Hari kelbi agame,

    Although it would be easy to think of Asmara, the Eritrean capital, solely as an Italian built colonial city, its origins actually reach back to between 800 BC and 400 BC. The Tigrinya and Tigre people live around there.

    Originally, it is said, there were four clans living in the Asmara area on the Kebessa Plateau: the Gheza Gurtom, the Gheza Shelele, the Gheza Serenser and Gheza Asmae. These towns fought each other until the women of each clan decided that to preserve peace the four clans must unite. The men accepted, hence the name Arbate Asmera. Arbaete Asmara literally means, in the Tigrinya language, "the four (feminine plural) made them unite". Eventually Arbaete was dropped and it has been called Asmara which means "they [feminine, thus referring to the women] made them unite". Although there is still a zone called Arbaete Asmara. It is now called the Italianized version of the word Asmara. The westernized version of the name is used by a majority of non-Eritreans, while the multilingual inhabitants of Eritrea and neighboring peoples remain loyal to the original pronunciation, Asmera. An Ethiopian legend tells that in this region the Queen of Sheba gave birth to the son of Solomon, Menelik I.

  12. Good work GoE!

    Now start on all those beautiful Art Deco buildings.

    And what's this we hear about an Eri Swiss Bank Account w/ 650 million USD in it?


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