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My Journey to Capitol Hill to Talk about Eritrea

Dr. Samuel Mahaffy 

My Journey to Capitol Hill to Talk about Eritrea

I journeyed to the U.S Capital yesterday to talk about Eritrea. No one paid me to go. No one asked me to go. I went because my heart told me to speak up for Eritrea. It was not one of the easiest trips I have made. It required going through security checkpoints and navigating subway transit stations. I was grateful to have an audience with a legislative aide to one of the U.S. Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee.

My message was this. I am saddened that my great country and the U.S. State Department is reticent to join the growing global community that is normalizing relationships with Eritrea. Eritrea has its faults. There are important challenges and changes that it must face. There are doubtless mistakes that have been made and injustices that have been done. Just as there are here and in every nation. The global community supports justice and peaceful resolution of conflicts through dialogue and engagement and not through isolation and self-righteous blaming.

On my journey to the U.S. Capital, I carried my copy of a profoundly significant book just published by Cambridge University Press. In Peaceland: Conflict Resolution and the Everyday Politics of International Intervention, Severine Autesserre clearly lays out the case that foreign interventions "based on simplistic narratives" are simply unproductive and do not further the cause of peace. They can, in fact be extremely harmful.

The continuation of the U.S. State Department animosity toward Eritrea grows from reliance on a once dominant and simplistic narrative. Our reticence to face the fact that sanctions against Eritrea are no longer just or useful is the outcome of an outdated and simplistic narrative that does not match geo-political realities.

Implementing international agendas based on narratives that are so over-simplified that they belie the truth has real consequences in real people's lives.

I expressed on Capitol Hill my perspective that the cause of regional peace in the Horn of Africa is served by respectful dialogue with and recognition of Eritrea. Simplistic narratives about Eritrea that led to sanctions are no longer acceptable.

We can do better than the simplistic and dominant narrative in the U.S. foreign policy that seeks to isolate Eritrea at every turn. The deeper conversation about Eritrea must happen if we are to truly support peace in the region. The more complex narrative must be inclusive of historical perspective and inter-state relationships. It must find understanding of why many families risk their lives to leave--not only Eritrea--but this region of the world. What are the causes of this migration and how have our policies played a role in perpetuating it?

The deeper dialogue about Eritrea must ask how sanctions and hostile stances toward the country play into the much criticized extended national mandatory service and two percent income taxation. There must be understanding of how Eritrean policies are responses to the need to defend its independence and the integrity of its borders.  The deeper conversation about Eritrea must recognize that, more than not aligning itself with extremist groups, the country has been a bulwark against extremism.

I do not know if my visit to the U.S. Capital to talk about Eritrea will make any difference. I do know that as long as I have breath I will be an advocate for peace and peace never is served by institutionalizing simplistic and dominant narratives.

The international conversation about Eritrea ought to be less about either fair and unfair criticisms of the government and more about the people of Eritrea. The people of Eritrea deserve the lifting of sanctions and respectful engagement. The voices of ordinary Eritreans both in their country and around the world deserve to be heard.

Peace never emerges outside of real relationships that are respectful and mutual. Caring about peace in Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea requires letting go of our agendas and stepping into relationships. Peace begins with how we treat our neighbors.

We can and must do better than the simplistic dominant narrative. It is time for the U.S. to catch up with the growing  global community that is engaging respectfully and productively with Eritrea. It is time for a new chapter in our relationship with Eritrea and the Eritrean people.


Dr. Samuel Mahaffy was born and raised in Eritrea. He is a U.S. citizen who has been involved in conflict transformation work for several decades. He received his Ph.D. from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Samuel Mahaffy posts regularly on topics relating to Africa, Eritrea particularly, and peacemaking on his website at

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  1. May god bless you Dr. Samuel Muhaffy, helpful indeed your advocacy, thanks so much. Eritreans are not and never will be people who deserve sanctions as they behave humbly everywhere recognized for their dedication and working people.

  2. Thank you Dr. Samuel Mahaffy for being a voice of reason. You are truly the ambassador of peace and understanding!

  3. Thanks dr. Samuel, No sanction and Yes for engagement. The security council makes again and again mistakes upon Eritreans, this discredit the institutions and nations and makes stronger the Eritrean unity to go forward.

  4. I am sure it will be better for Eritrean people if the government releases the political prisoners, journalists, religious personals and implement the constitution.
    In a way it will solve part of the problem that the Eritrean government have had with the west. I'm just saying!

  5. Thank you and well done Dr. Mahaffey for showing your support to Eritrean people. The unfair treatment by State Dept must stop.

  6. Thank you Dr. Mahaffy! We appreciate your efforts!

    "Dr. Samuel Mahaffy was born and raised in Eritrea." - Interesting! I wonder if he speaks any of the native languages?

  7. We appreciate your honnest effort to broker peace and for justice to reign supremely my fellow country man and fellow human being. Dr. Mahafy, I can assure you we do not have an enmity with our Ethiopian brothers and sisters, as I am sure you are fully cognizant of. All we are saying is that, the rule of law MUST be respected and there is no reason why we can not live side by side as two amicable sovereign states - cooperating in everything and anything that benefits BOTH our people. Is that too much to ask? I think not!

  8. This is the 'Hagerawee Agelglot' we are talking about! Keep it up wedi Erey!

  9. Dr. Mahaffy,

    Are you telling us you know better about what the people are going through in the North Korea of Africa than those who are suffering under the totalitarian regime?

    ”The true enemy of peace is injustice. Respect for persons, for their dignity and their rights is the corner-stone of peace. The absence of such respect destroys the foundations of peaceful human coexistence. For this reason we ask for the liberation of all those who have been arrested and those who have been waiting under arrest for longer or shorter periods of time. Justice should be administered to all those who have been detained illegally, those forgotten in prison … These are times when the disturbing question “Where is your brother? …. Your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground” (Gn. 4:9-10) resonates more strongly than ever.”

  10. Cleanse Yourself FirstNovember 13, 2014 at 10:39 AM

    Dear Dr. Mahaffy,

    You said

    "Eritrea has its faults. There are important challenges and changes that it must face. There are doubtless mistakes that have been made and injustices that have been done. Just as there are here and in every nation."

    Good start. May you please therefore elaborate what these mistakes and injustices are that have been done in Eritrea. I say this because we have to first agree on the diagnosis (clearly identifying what these injustices are) before we prescribe any treatments (as in like asking the state department to normalize its relationship).

    There is a saying in Tigrigna: ሓባእ ቁስሉስ፣ ሓባእ ፈውሱ። I assure you once we agree on the diagnosis and identify the root causes of the diseases then the solution will be clearly spelled out without having the need any further trratment from far away as in State Department or the Kremlin.

    Let's cleanse ourselves first before asking others to de-cleanse themselves to look like us.

  11. Why don't you get a job as a choir boy, jemalino?

  12. Dr. Samuel you are honest man with honest mission I am glad that you are very determined person your deeds are good testimonies of your determination, you have proven that you are true Eritrean no matter who you are or where you came from is irrelevant,that why you don't give up the fight you fight for injustices with justices, at the end jusitice will prevail. The sworn Eritrean enemies may throw nasty comments, and they may come with sophisticated and unfounded lies to derail your mission. All those lies will crumble it will be a shameful for those lairs.

  13. I'm doing a marvelous job doing what I'm doing. When are you gonna find another job than being a cheerleader for tyranny? :)

  14. So, you really believe the State Department cares about Eritrea any more than the GoEr? How odd! The State Department has been on record, demonizing not only the Eritrean leadership, but essentially working against the interest of Eritrea starting back in the 1950s when it was the author of the so called Federal arrangement with Ethiopia. Are you going to blame Isaias for that misguided and meaningless US policy stand?
    Listen, we know we have some problems that we need and must address, if you are Eritrean, you probably know them. But priority must rule supreme. The first thing is we need our neighbors to the south get the hell out of our land and respect the International jurisdiction to which they have signed. Once that is done, there is no reason, why the National service program could not be amended and the need of 2% Tax resented, if that is what needs to be done. But with Ethiopian troops illegally positioned on our land, don't be silly and expect any leader (Isaias or otherwise) to just get rid of the hagerawi agelglot!

  15. Dr Samuel,

    I do support your effort in trying to solve the border issue between Ethiopia/Eritrea by engaging USA. And yes the sanction was imposed on Eritrea on wrong excuses, it was manly sponsored by Ethiopia with the help of USA (as their partner in the region).

    With that said, you cannot ignore the fact that our people has been sanctioned by one man regime lead by Issays Afeworki for long
    time. No constitution, no human rights, open ended national service,
    imprisonment without a day in a court, no free press, no parliament, one man rule in everything, no right to build houses / apartnmnets……….the list is too long.

    Part of the failure internationally goes actually to Issays failed diplomacy and stubborn attitude. Let me try to explain why I believe so?

    In case of Somalia, did Eritrea (actually Issayas) provide Alshabab support? Probably not, even if he did it must have been insignificant. But he openly gave political support to Somali insurgence who were fighting the Somali transitional government which was supported by the whole world. Issayas should have known when to back off, since
    he was meddling in the intresst of Superpower especially USA. Issayas was betting on the wrong side of the Somali conflict and even invited a Somali who was on USA terrroris wanted list. He had several years time to officially denounce Alshabab and support the transtional government to avoid sanction. But as stubborn he is, he did all this very late i.e. after the sanction was implemented.

    In case of Djibouti, as you know there was a war between Eritrea and Djibouti 2008, which was denied by Issays. When Djibouti was screaming about being invaded and went to UN security council, Issays ignored all the call for dialogue and told Eritreans and everyone there was no conflict with Djubuti. Arab league tried to send a fact finding team and hear both countries story about the conflict, but as stubborn Issays was he refused. What happened then, everyone thought Eritrea was the aggressor. Once again, Issayas gave up and agreed to Qatar mediation when it was too late. Do you know that until today neither Issayas nor ERITV have told the Eritrean public about the presence of Qatari soldiers in the border with Djibouti?

    Both the Somali and Djubuti case were used by Ethiopia (indirectly by USA) to sanction Eritrea. Even AU which is the club of dictators who protect each other, supported fully for the first time in it's history to sanction one member state. Thanks to Issyas and his zero skills of diplomancy we dont even have real friends in Africa let alone in the rest of the world.

    My conclusion is that, we are again and again
    suffering in the international diplomacy because of one man rule and his
    stubborn attitude. If we had smart leadership who knows how to play the international politics welli we wouldn’t have been where we are today.

    Issays as a leader has reached a point of no return and he won’t be able to implement any improvement in his diplomacy or leadership style. Our only hope is internal coup lead by the old EPLF guard and restore our Eritrean dignity and dream, which our martyrs died for.

  16. Tsemam hDe deRfu is also a saying in tgrigna, and as to the root cause it's the state department and its surrogate woyane; in otherwords it is you and the likes we want to "cleanse" our Eritrea from. A parasite may possess a head but lucks brain! I'm not referring to you but well.... kosso!

    Madote cleanse this hypocrite "jamal" him please,.86ed!

  17. Cleanse Yourself First,

    The good doctor may have unintentionally misspoke here but you decided to corner him. Let me say this, if you don't know the root cause of the disease Eritrea is having by now, then you must on another planet

  18. Lalmba,

    What are you gone do if they dont leave?. Didnt we already wait for the last 13 years? Are you aware of the border conflict between India/Pakistan has been going on for the last 50 years, and is still not solved?. Will you expect the youth to serve in the open ended national service for the coming 50 years?. No there are other options, which we can implement risking our future. Thanks to Issayas one man rule we are weak both our diplomacy and military is weak. Our first priority is to get rid of Issayas and everything else will be solved then. Regarding Badme,let the Woyane be there, as ethnically unstable as Ethiopia is there will come a time when we can take it back without firing a
    single shoot.

    Let me ask you, do you have any idea about what will happen with our country if Issayas suddenly dies?. There is no constitution, a choosen successor, guns in every friend he is intentionally preparing us for civil war after his death. Honestly that worries me more than the Woyanes.

  19. Madote,

    I was actually impressed on your way of handling this page, and allowing different ideas to come up for discussion. But i guess i was wrong, at the end of the day you have a boss, the dictator in Asmara. I could easily change my ip address and post with different name all the time.....but that is not me. Good luck with your cencership, which we will get rid of soon once the dictator at home is gone.

    Go ahead and delete this message too, no worries it was to you anyway.

  20. Thank you Dr. Samuel for being a true voice of Eritrea.

  21. That was your simple dream.

  22. Thanks Dr. Mahaffy for your advocate for peace and justice for Eritrean people.
    The quotation below from the book you referred to pretty much summise the root cause of the problem we are observing between US and Eritrea.
    The sanction against Eritrea was based on unfounded and at times outright false allegations and simplistic narratives in which Ethiopia with the support of US officials played a major role.

    'foreign interventions "based on simplistic narratives" are simply unproductive and do not further the cause of peace. They can, in fact be extremely harmful.'
    It's long over due that the illegal and unjust sanction against Eritrea is lifted and both countries re-engage and re-establish their diplomatic relations for the sake of peace and mutual friendship.

    Read more:

  23. Are you living in a "la la land" my friend? Isaias is one and many so if he is no more a million more will be! Don't cow my friend sleep tight and sweet dreams; let us worry about our people and Eritrea. And the single shoot you mentioned is now a fully grown mature tree, where were you when we were sawing the seed?

  24. This article is sore to swallow for idiots like you. And if Madote has deleted your posting, good for them. Every website has aright and obligation to do just that. There is no freewilling website anywhere you go. So deal with it or get lost.

  25. But, they will live by hook or by crook. Trust me on that.

  26. Tegegne Haile GebissaNovember 13, 2014 at 1:03 PM

    Don't start saying we are not an enemy of Ethiopia unless you are big but with child brain. Yes presently we are sworn enemies of each others by increasing enmity level to higher ground than ever because of cheap un founded propaganda with full wish of hate that presented by Madote and Tesfa news is beyond repairable animosity and we are ok as long as the barking dogs are not capable of doing any thing beyond barking.

  27. Cleanse Yourself FirstNovember 13, 2014 at 1:15 PM

    Thank you Lalmba. Finally the chickens are coming home to roost! You have also done a good start: admitting the fact that endless slavery is injustice. Keep on brother, spill more.

    Of course I still challenge the good doctor to spill the beans and list one by one clearly the injustices done INSIDE Eritrea. Once he does that and Lalmba and alike chip in few more, the solution will be clearly spelled out; I repeat.

  28. Cleanse Yourself FirstNovember 13, 2014 at 1:20 PM

    Once again thanks Lalmba for being a lil honest and expressing your despair regarding successor. Trust me, if you could open your heart and make your brain work a lil more, you could easily see that is only the tip of the iceberg. There are far more worse things we will face as people and country not long in the future. To make it worse, the longer it takes to face it; only the worse it gets. Now go and do your homework brother. That is being true Eritrean caring for your people and country and not a despotic regime hanging by a thread.

  29. Cleanse Yourself FirstNovember 13, 2014 at 1:33 PM

    ጸማም’ሲ ሓደ ደርፉ!!! Applies to you more appropriately. Since you are brainless zombie to understand our discussion, let me explain to you that we are talking about diagnosis and not yet about treatments. You see even your crew member Lalmba understood it and responded accordingly. Go check your head and you will discover it is you kosso!

    ክልተ ሰባት ርእስኻ የላን እንተይሎሙኻስ: ሃሰስ በላ። ይብሉ የዕራብ። This also fits to you nicely.

  30. Cleanse Yourself FirstNovember 13, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    How is asking for elaboration on what he said cornering him? If you tell me you are tired of walking and I ask you from where to where you have walked, is that cornering you, you idiot? Unless you are a coward lied of course!

  31. Tegegne Haile GebissaNovember 13, 2014 at 2:04 PM

    You remain worthless barking dog behind key boar for 24 full years. Tel us exactly what the hell are you going to do if we don't, instead of saying by hook or by crock words.

  32. RU Krazy or something. No it is not mispelled. I just chose to spell it that way for you don't deserve anything better. Now, idiot - get lost!

  33. Yes the answer is as simple as that for behind key board jegna like you

  34. What is the problem professor contradict how compare oranges and apples India is not Eritrea or Pakistan get the facts straight did these two went to international court?what was the verdict do you know just you putting this analogy to mislead others. But!!! No true Eritrean will be swayed by this unintelligent analogies

  35. I agree with you 100%. My comment was also deleted because it hit the nail in the head. Had Dr. Mahaffy read my comment, he would have stopped lobbying for the most barbaric regime in Eritrean history.

  36. Good job DR. Sam for being the mouthpiece of the people of Eritrea.

  37. Kudos Dr. Sami...keep it up.

  38. Welcome back brother man!!

  39. Dr. Samuel Mahaffy seems to be inherently good person.
    The world needs few good men like him.
    Thank you for being on the side of peace.

  40. sRah zeyBlu kMsl YwEl, i think that's what you got going for you, arab no arab, i won't speak to a headless anything.

  41. Hey its "" Tho lol who recently posted Misinformation about Korchach which was deleted :)..... Go Head Delete my post too! Am glad you read it tho :)

  42. Why you interpret he have a boss? Or he should respond to someone? There is a tell: "ask your conscious what you'll do if you put your self in MadoteEritrea's shoes?"
    I'm a host like you and i can assure you i would be more harder than Madote. Rather i would say Thanks that allow us/you/me to express what so ever, even as you know many times to read very cheap, bad mannered, lies toward Eritreanism.
    Conclusion, an open web-media like MadoteEritrea's one welcomes those who bring constructive IDEAS, CRITICS, VISIONS..but should expel those who come intentionally to violate Our harmony.
    To whom you belong?

  43. A responsible people like the Eritreans would never do a savagery thing we use to see other parts in the're devaluing us.

  44. Cane,

    I am simply an Eritrean who care about his country. I agree with you that this website admin is in some sense better than the extremist admin at Tesfanews, who even can not distinguish between people of Eritrean and the mafia regime. He doesn't even allow people to criticize the president or his regime.

    When it comes to Madote, you very well know that when the regime supporters regardless how they behave, even yourself sometimes resort to name-calling, and their comments never get deleted. I don’t think that is fair, if there are rules to follow it should apply for all.

  45. He/she did the same for me, what do you expect?
    They are only serfs working for 1/4 of the spoiles of war.

  46. I understand from your comment you stand against the actual Eritrean Gov. What you like and what you don't the Gov is doing?
    I want tell mine, i'm aware a perfect gov doesn't exist in all world, but i'm aware that Eritrean gov. is of the unique's in africa that didn't sell-out your country, even the press from out-side world are taught.
    In general i will be with Gov of Eritrea cause i don't want to lose what we gain, and i'm against also to those who want sell the country and gather in our enemies table..i don't believe they stand for the Eritrean benefit

  47. Cane,
    Thank you for your respectful response, which I appreciate.
    Glad you ask the question what I don't like with the current government. Let's forget election, free press etc, we are not there yet. But I am fully against for a leader to be in power for more that 40 years (pre/post independence), forget the opposition why don't he hand over at least to someone within PFDJ?, am against imprisonment of people with out a day I a court, I am against of not having a paralament which can counter balance the president power and outline policies, I am against of not having constitution which can guide us through in case of for instance sudden death of the president, I am against never ending national service....why not rotation for instace, send home every year for instance 1:st round when X round is entering Saws, this could give hope to the youth.....The list is long. Inconclution I support collective rule like we had during EPLF era than the current one man show.

  48. Good job Dr. Samuel Mahaffy you are a true Eritrean.

  49. "The rule of law"? You better start practicing what you preach and implement the constitution; bring your prisoners languishing in shipping containers to a court of law; respect the fundamental human and civil rights of the people.

  50. It's your criminal tyrants that are under sanctions.

  51. I praise Dr. Samuel for his reasonable argument. He is a man of peace, logic and reason. But madote is unfair on handling diverse perspectives and i believe what Feeeeeeedup is saying isn't far from the reality. Learn to embrace diverse perspectives ideas and attitudes. ...

  52. Fedup
    Your name said all, I am very sorry for you for not knowing Eritreans' guts,however, the land hidri the laibiliy of garpping these holy land could bring unstelled armageddon to settlers,remember the battle of egeri Mekale, genber burea, adi begieo to mention few because donkeys do not remember and they think at all about themselves like you Fedup, how many your fellow Ethiopians lost their precious life. in this untainble mission. we honor peace, but we teach those war momering elements unforgetable lessons. we lead to addis also we will show you one way out of addis. weyanne pimps and weyannes warning this web site highly charged volatages Eritreans' website stepback.
    land of hedri blessed for ever

  53. I second that, welcome back!

  54. You are a Woyane stooge trying hide yourself in plain sight. Dedeb Woyane.

  55. ተስፋ ስቕ ኢሉ ዝመጽእ ዘይኮነ ብጻዕርን ብመስዋእትን ስለዝኾነ ውሉድ ናቕፋ እዩ

  56. Cane Libero asked you a good question but you only answered half of what he asked you.

    What about the things you like about the current government of Eritrea? What about the accomplishments that Eritreans have made over the last 23 years, such as schools and medical services in rural areas, conservation of water and forests, farming, national service ( I know you think is too long)?

    You said you like the collective rule during the time of EPLF but before that you said you are against a one man rule for over 40 years? If you believe in the collective rule of the EPLF era, who is the one man who ruled Eritrea for over 40 years.

    Humans are entitled to their views and values and Eritreans have the god given right to criticize their government. However, for other Eritreans to understand your opposing views, your views have to be make sense.

    Your statement of one man ruling Eritrea is simply a talking point of those who oppose the Eritrean on behalf of Woyane regime and their wester handlers or groups who are simply after their own tribal and regional interest.

    You can argue that the national service is too long and that is a reasonable argument to make but it doesn't take our current situation into account. It is almost like arguing the at the 10th anniversary of the independence struggle that it has taken us 10 years, hence it is too long and therefore we have to disband. If that was the decision taken by by those who died, maimed or sacrificed 30 years of their life, there would not have been an Eritrea to speak of today.

    There are those also who are opposed to the whole idea of national service? How do you build an independent country if you don't do what it takes to build one? Who will benefit from abolishing national services? for sure Eritrea or Eritreans.
    Eritreans cant be calling themselves credible opposition when they are being funded he Woyane regime and its western masters to argue the talking points (national service, terrorism etc) of foreign interest and eventually effect a "regime change" in Eritrea.
    Le Mehaber Andet and Commanndos be an example for you my Eritrean friend. Mehaber Andet betrayed Eritrea and sold it to Hailselasie
    and Commandos raped and murdered Eritreans so they can summit to the Ethiopian rule.
    Eritreans never gave in to those murderesers and they will not give in to todays Woyane bootlickers.
    Let us talk agains when you get your facts toghther

  57. Cleanse yourself and Haile Gebissa
    First, you are not Eritreans hence, you can tell your bs to who ever cares to listen to it.
    I should alos point out that there is no Woyane beggar name Haile Gebissa, you stupid Woyane.

    Cleanse yourself
    I agree you should clean your Woyane stench. You smell from miles away

  58. I call the present state of affairs ''the stupid status quo''. I have always hoped there should be a way out before it is too late. How can Eritrea and Ethiopia find peace? How can this two nations make a start in the path of peace and healing. Where is the win-win:)?
    Thx to the good Dr. , all one needs to imagine is people eating and drinking together in our Traditional setting *in Meadi... sitting together arround a Meblie Enjera or Krchat :)*.
    It is not necessary that the two people in the 'MEADI' are friends or have common Agenda. Yet they are sitting together and enjoying their meal... well it is is all about sharing peace ... and letting life florish. They accept a *RELATIONAL PRESENCE* ... and through that good will and sharing they start healing. Couldn't that be a way out of our STUPID STATUS QUO?
    Relational Presence:

  59. Why don't you do something else besides being a cheerleader for slavery?

  60. How could you make someone who neglect your invitation and enjoys -no peace no war- force him to eat together ? One hand cannot clap by its own. Your mr. someone is hitting wardrums while you play angel.

  61. May be he can speak one or more, may be he cannot at all. What has this to do with anything he said or with anything at all?

  62. ማሌ ኣቦ! የሌባ ኣይነ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ኣድርቅ ይላሉ ያገርህ ልጆች። By hook or by crook, you will leave the territories you occupy because it is international law. የመንገድ ላይ ጸብ መሰለህ? Do not think international and regional situations will stay the same. Is it not better if you leave our territories by respecting international law than when ordered by whoever it is!

  63. I suggested a choir boy, but you? Buda, belaE seB; can't even do that. Cheerleading? Ok.

  64. you want change in Eritrea, why don't you go there and fight for change. We are saying the GOE is working to bring economic liberty and you are calling national service is slavery so why not go and liberate those you call slaves. The so called opposition which I call sold out are all about talk, no deed

  65. Simon when you fail in everything, the last thing you do is question whether the writer speaks any native languages! hmmmmm what a dim with Woyane stooge looser.

  66. Eritrean Government has not accomplished any thing the past 15 plus years. I don't want to go into details because you and I know it.

  67. your view is too superficial, it doesn't go into depth..

  68. You are absolutely wrong. If you don't know something say so. Don't simply make up stuff as you go.
    In the last 15 years Eritreans protected their country from the hired Woyane mercenary regime. In 2002 our border was demarcated and it is legal. I known your Woyane friends are choking on this. Despite all of the distractive climate, Eritreans each and every day they did everything they can in order to usher a better tomorrow.
    If you are Woyane I know you robed and begged and probably amassed few coins.

    If you are Eritrean what did you do for Eritrea each and every day in the last 15 years? Did you even stand up every June 20th for a moment and thought about the tens of thousands of Eritrean youth who perished at as such a young age for our independence? Even a Woyane beggar should stand for a moment of silence on June 20th because Eritreans give their lives defending the god given rights of the people of Tigray.
    I know the Woyane regime is known for defecating on its dinner table but it doesn't represent represent the peaceful people of Tigray.

    Anyone can make up stuff and say, but it takes a fair minded and a truthful person to make a credible argument. Do you believe you have a credible point?


  70. One thing is certain, About Dr. Samuel, he does not speak Weyane stooge language. Got it ?

  71. I thank madot for being open to different views. Unlike tesfa news madots accommodate views they do not support. It good beginning of democracy.

  72. How can murderers like you be anything but cheerleaders for savagery and slavery?. The doctor is washing his hands with the blood of thousands of your innocent victims.


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