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Pictures of the 1st Turkish Eritrean Business Meeting in Asmara

Turkish Ambassador to Eritrea, Mr. Firat Sunel (credit: Embassy Turkey in Asmara)

1st Turkish Eritrean Business Meeting in Asmara 

A business delegation of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) paid a visit to Asmara between 4-7 November 2014, according to a Facebook post made by the Embassy of Turkey in Eritrea. The post read 113 Eritrean businessmen attended the 1st Turkish Eritrean Business Meeting in Asmara Palace Hotel.

Pictures are courtesy of Embassy Turkey in Asmara. 

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Pictures of the 1st Turkish Eritrean Business Meeting in Asmara Reviewed by Admin on 11:02 AM Rating: 5


  1. May God/Allah help our Shaebia realize their dream of prospering this beautiful land of the brave, Eritrea. Shaebia have done so much for this wonderful place, and still in their retirement age, they are relentlessly working day and night to make us proud of our birth place while some of us are cheerleading on the sidelines, even worse, some of us trying to destroy their hard-earned good name. You have earned your respect from the Turkish government now to come to your house and do business on equal footing. It was not long ago, where you the brave women and men of Shaebia who created independent Eritrea after long 30 years struggle, while the whole world were throwing kitchen sink at you. Every government in the planet is slowly coming to its senses to work with you on one-to-one basis. The Canadians who were sending food aid to Mengistu while Mengistu (May Satan Rest His Evil soul) was trying to destroy us, are now working with Shaebia for Golden Eritrea. The Russians who were sending “Stalin Organ” to Mengistu to destroy Eritrea are already imitating the Canadians in the mining field. We are confident that others will soon be following the footsteps of the Canadians.

    … And to the lost souls, I say to you …

    Shaebia were never perfect and may never be perfect, but they are the best the world has ever seen.

    Long Live Shaebia.

  2. Brother you forget one important issue of the latest to come, about education that Our ministry are doing the tie with Finland to boost the sector and other fields as well..

    Teàwet Adi halifulla iyu..chenki be werki kenhajmo, ab semayna nehbi kezenbew jemiru, maàr welela hazilu..elelelel
    hassadat ayreayu, aysemeiu

  3. MerHaba (& sorry for my late response) Hillas Wallace,
    How did I forget the cooperation with Finland? It was recently that I read about too?? You know easy it is to forget important things when you get excited. That's what it always happens to me when writing about our Eritrea.
    Thanks again & happy weekend.

  4. You are funnier than Suzinino


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