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Eritrea: Promising Harvest Owing To Hard work and Good Rainy Season

Contrary to media reports based on opinions, Eritrea is experiencing a good harvest season

Aligidir: Promising Harvest Owing To Hard work and Good Rainy Season

By Kesete Ghebrehiwet,

Owing to nature’s benevolence farmers have been engaged in ploughing, leveling, sowing, and different farming activities. The very promising rainy season of 2014 has enabled a number of farmers to extensively engage in their farmlands with an intensified expectation of good harvest. Farmers in Aligidir area have therefore been excessively busy in reaping and threshing of different sorts of agricultural yields. If it is very common to see a number of tractors ploughing vast farm area, it is also not surprising to see harvester machines making moves in Aligidir so as to garner as much agricultural produce. All the activities and the movements of agricultural vehicles are mainly directed towards harvesting the fruits of hard work on the part of Eritrean farmers.

Farmers have continued to do what they could relying in seasonal rainfall. There is no doubt that the availability of rain is the very reason for any sort of development. Thus the impact of a great amount of water that has been impounded in the already constructed different sized water reservoirs would be highly instrumental in boosting agricultural yields of the country.

One could see a number of farmers from Aligidir and from Teseney have not only been harvesting cereal crops of different types, but they have also opened employment opportunities to a number of people in from the environs of the agricultural area.

Inhabitants of Teseney Mr. Hamid Ahmed Ali and Mr. Abdela Hamid Mahmud have been jointly working in a farm land of eight hectares in Aligidir. These two farmers have been engaged in cultivating sorghum and they were very busy threshing their agricultural produce using a harvesting machine.

As regards the goody rain season of 2014 and what their expectation is, Mr. Hamid Mahmud Ali said “we have been annually engaged in farming activities and we believe the most demanding task is ultimately the highly compensated. Praise to the Almighty God! The seasonal rain was really sufficient enough. We are expecting to harvest up to and beyond our expectation.”

There was indeed good amount of seasonal rain in 2014. Nature’s benevolence coupled with hard work of farmers in leveling and making diversion lines and most importantly timely distribution Government and private tractors, Mr. Hamid said that they have not witnessed any sort of delay as regards provision of agricultural machines. What is more is that the Ministry of Agriculture has been assisting them in disseminating timely information about pests that could pose threat to the agricultural yields as well as in the distribution of pesticides in due time.

But, Mr. Hamid expressed his dismay about the prices of ploughing service they continued to pay for private owned tractors and hence the called up on concerned bodies to increase the number of Government tractors so as to enable every farmer to have due service at a fair price.

Mr. Abdela on his part said “Praise to the Lord!! As this year’s rainfall has been evenly distributed and to the extent of sufficient amount, everybody is very thankful. We are enjoying good work atmosphere where everybody earns his daily bread. Like Mr. Hamid, Mr. Abdela is highly concerned about the threshing machines. Most of the harvesting machines we are using are private owned ones. There exists a vivid deficit of Government harvesting machines. There is also a huge price difference. While we pay Nakfa 1250 per hour to the Government tractors we are forced to pay Nakfa 200 per one quintal to the private machines. The Government tractors are capable of harvesting redoubled quintals within the set timeline. Thus, instead of paying Nakfa 4000 to the private tractors we could spare some money.

The agricultural activities that have been carried out in Aligidir have awakened different work areas. A number of youth have been engaged in reaping activities, different trucks have been giving freight services and garages have been giving maintenance services to agricultural as well as loading vehicles. Different shops have been busy in selling different items, a number of people have been gathering animal feed for their livestock. What one could understand from the vibrant agricultural activities of Aligidir is that, the more the agriculture is developed the more the work opportunities are increased.

Rahel Abrham is among the youth who have been engaged in reaping activities. She is 8th grader. She said “This is my first time to work in agriculture. As soon as I heard that there is good work atmosphere in this area, I come to make use of the spare time after school.”

Ms. Tsgereda Bokretsion is a mother of two children. She said “I found working here is very rewarding when compared to other work areas. So far, I have worked for 10 days and I would stay here as long as the harvesting time comes to an end. “

Likewise, Mr. Babakir Mussa Omar is a father of two children. He used to be engaged in small scale gardening activities. But, he said that since he found working at Aligidir is more profitable than his former work, he has chosen to be in the farm area to earn a price of his hard work.

Mr. Eyob Berhane is another farmer who has been working in eight hectares of farm land. He said “It is not only due to good amount of rain that we have been able to harvest good amount of agricultural produce. This has become a reality owing to the relentless efforts that we continued to exert.”

One could conclude that if agricultural activities are by far developed another areas of work would also be awakened. There would be good employment opportunity and service providers would also get benefited of the opportunity that would be opened owing to a booming agricultural activity.

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Eritrea: Promising Harvest Owing To Hard work and Good Rainy Season Reviewed by Admin on 1:55 PM Rating: 5


  1. Grow baby Grow! Proud of my Nation.

  2. Thanks Madote to hear good hope and tangible output on this year agricultural season..may other sectors also will follow as well..

  3. The merciful Providence is always at the side of the diligent,
    and the generous mother earth gives back its yields billion times more than it receives only when soaked by the precious sweats
    of the beneficiaries.

    A good news that proves wrong all those who due to malice or
    pure stupidity equate productive self-serving labor to slavery.

    Hope to read more of this delightful news yearly and for ever.

  4. Why don't you go then and help them??? Werengnja!

  5. The Kebesas must go back to their ancestral dry land, the Kebesa. Teseney and the environs belong to the Kunamas. The Kebesas are committing an unforgivable land grab. The Kunamas are living in terrible huts and the Kebesas are grabbing their lands and being rich? God may have mercy!

  6. ንኪድ፡ጥራይ!!!

  7. Bella Mokkie arekey..izi tsa eram Hezbi izi keman kewehdo..kes bekes..kullu kwahas iyu..ajona, ne tselai ayna yedfenelna terah..

  8. ገና፡ገና፡ጽቡቅ፡ክንሰምኢና፡ጎይታና(አላሕ)፡ምሳና፡ኢዩ።

  9. Asking some-one to go or to stay with out knowing who he/she is, what he/she do in life, it's naive, we don't know except we ask who "Meriet" is? What we know for now is that is a good will person, who loves his/her Country..In short our comrade.
    Thanks Meriet m' helawka/ki

  10. There is Abrham Afewerki's say "yemesgeno Fetari kabakum Meftarey", true Mokkie hawey, i'm proud to be like you, like our comrade called "Meriet", B. Adal brief all Eritreans..nay bahaki tehebenu Hezbi ikum..

  11. ብዙ፡ምርት፡ስላመረትን፡Meriet፡የአንተ፡አይነት፡እንክርዳድ፡እየለቀመ፡ነው።

  12. ንህና፡እንታይ፡ጌርና።

  13. Congratulation to Eritrea and Eritreans for this fantastic achievement that let you to go HEAD-HIGH and proud, hope you success in other sectors as well.

  14. Men'ke ybluka? Are you one of deki Spagadish? If the answer is Yes, then get lost and go back to Aigaforum

  15. Why you choose Amharic instead of Tigringa?? Are you one of the TPDM patrolling Asmara?

  16. አንተ፡አሞሌ፡ራስ፡ስለሆንክነዋ።

  17. Meriet is an opportunistic individual that throws her criticism towards people who try free themselves from none ending national service, people who demand justice, freedom of movement, freedom of speech.... SHE IS AN INDIVIDUAL LIVING COMFORTABLE LIFE IN USA.
    Meriet = hypocrite

  18. Wizee, meriet is a man the pic you see is the embodiment of liberity, justice and equality! I think you've been misreading us all, the pic is lady liberity, original and genuine Eritrean.
    My cents...

  19. God/Rebbi bless Eritrea ,Rebbi/God bless Esayas

  20. I am going home soon, all I will consume will be Enjera nay Meshela, kecha segem and tehnee

  21. Hahahaha..., poor Geretsadqan Agame boy, u are out of ur words talking crap. u have to stop consuming khat. chewing khat can make u hallucinate.

  22. Ata Crusie komue aytebel bejaka..tefelto/a dika? Hagerawi mequan giega tegebro alleka? To the contrary you should be proud we have this type of educated persons that could share their knowledge to their Eritrean brothers/ I know innerly you're not a bad person, but you have problem with some individual Eritreans..
    This by any means might not be confused nor attached to the sovereignty nor to the main objectives of Eritrea.
    Anen nesekan keneba as neke el nekewen, nehagerna gen, ahlifna keneheb aygebaen. Ane mes hade amahadari wala seb mezi nay hagerna ke guanets yeke el, gin hager ab maekel keltiena ze etwa neger yellen..ab nat a guday mes zekowen, we need to put our differences aside and join to tackle any problem together. Hope you get my point..
    zereba mezerab mebteka iyu..gen aquen, chubutenet kehelu yegebae..any constructive idea is wel-come, kemey ane kabaka iye zemehar, iti hade btsayna, wey btseytena, kabana iya temahar..

  23. Ur Awesome bro. ንኪድ፡ጥራይ!!!

  24. Ya Alec hawey nice to see you too, nay hiwet neger is so, kullu gezie ab mesmer alleku, bieteseb..serah..any izi meadi nay adena ke a yerakebenna des zebel neger..then when is good news like this one..Hagosna wesen yebellun..

  25. Then people like Petros Solomon, Sheriff, Aster, Haile, Bitweded are one of the two categories according to your logic
    Opppps¡ Kisha is Eritrean according to your twisted logic lol

  26. yep, i hear ya bro. :)

  27. Come down bro, by the way there are no TPDM patrolling Asmara. what is wrong with u nebsy. at list u can say what ever, but saying TPDM is patrolling Asmara is just a load of crap.

  28. No force of someone greedy can break our will to self motivate. ንኪድ፡ጥራይ!!!

  29. ምን፡ለማለት፡ነው፡የፈለከው፡ኤርትራዊ፡ነኛ፡ልትለኛ፡ነው።

  30. They don't need me, I'm too old.

  31. First, I'm a he looking and behaving exactly like a scarecrow. 2nd I can't be an opportunist my profession does not allow me to be one.
    3rd I don't criticize I scold anyone who misunderstands the fact that life is made of Yin-Yan (good-bad) combinations and that nothing remains constant for ever. I don't care about the older so called oppositions, they were bankrupt losers before and they will end-up losers tomorrow, my frustration and anger is with the young, they're impairing their life and future in their madness to run after butterflies.

    I don't live in your dreamland USA, I temporarily live in...........
    Hypocrite never, Shaebian YES!

  32. Forto Sawa, thanks a million !

    btw. I'm familiar with Forto and Keru plus Homib, great places indeed.

  33. Fantastic, truthfully speaking it's like reading a chapter from the pages of great positive character-behavior building manuals.

    What a pity that it's posted to advice a rabid dog like Cruise. Rabid-dogs are better kept quarantined or strangled.

  34. I think there is a probability that you'll turn normal,
    look forward to see that day.

  35. You don't live in USA. Weriduka!!! Meskin. Ferah bejbaj feger ketafi. Tinebrelu bota keman mizrab kitferh anta. Entekones, kem kedem aykonen. I can even extract ur IP address and then locate you easily just from your comments in this section. Tahabieka mitraf yelen, ab netsa Eritrea gebenka tikitsaalu gize keribuyu.

  36. Isn't it like a Weyane? Hitler would be proud of you! According to your logic, all Tigrayans who are in Ethiopia should go back to your own place! Wait, wait, . . . all from Adwa should remain in Adwa, no Axumetay in Mekele, . . .

    The Derg was right to call you ጎጠኛ! For those who may not know ጎጠኛ means one who views persons from his own corner of the village as more valued than those from the next corner. Such a person would advocate more rights and privileges to a person from his narrowly defined residence while he would treat everyone else in the village as aliens who do not deserve any rights nor privileges. In hard times, he might resort to massacres and ethnic cleansing. In short, just like the Weyane!

  37. እንታይ፡ክቅየር፡ዘይተፈጠሮ፡ኤርትራዊ፡ዘይኮነ፡ እሱ፡ኤርትራዊ፡ክንብሎበር።

  38. So you are more Eritrean than me just t you support the regime?

  39. What's up Mokonen, you love that language lol. I bet you are dreaming to go back to your father's land Ethiopia. Deki Torr Serawit rebiskumna iko.

  40. ሰውየው፡ጤነኛ፡አትመስለኛም፡ዝምብለህ፡ያልተፃፈ፡ታነባለህ።

  41. እንታይ፡ንህና፡ክንርብሸካ፡ባእልካ፡ዝተረበሽካ፡ትህዞን፡ትጭብጦ፡ዘይፍለጥ።ከምፁሉል፡ከልቢ፡እዩ፡ስራህካ፡ኩሉ።ሀሊፍካ፡ድማ፡ረቢሽካኒ፡ትብል፡አለካ።ዝገርምዩ።

  42. Shut the heck up you Wedi Spagadish. Very soon we the genuine Eritreans will deport you to Shire indaselase

  43. Wedi BEDADA GEMECHU, aboka nafikaa dika?

  44. ልዋጭ፡ልዋጭ፡አይትበለልን፡በጃካ፡ግደፈና።

  45. እንታይ፡ንምባድ፡ደሊካይካ፡ተቃዋማይ።ኢያ፡ትብለና፡ዘለካ፡አኔ፡ድማ፡አይኮንካን፡አጋሜ፡ኢካ፡እብለካ።100%፡አጋሜ፡ኢካ

  46. I'm like a ghost (astra), live all over the world.
    I like to torment idiots like you, traitors and bigots. Nobody scares or threatens a ghost.
    I've a satellite phone whose IP is hard to locate and useless if found.

    Are you one of those who are dwelling in a concrete bunker?

  47. Z-Confused,
    Jacob is your twin brother from Adwa. Why you guys bite eachother like maddogs on this page ? LOL

  48. Dear Meriet aytesean dea nesekas/nesekis, you let us to laugh, and laughing aside, reading your comments one can learn lot, You know it happen to discuss rarely to someone who "declare to be with different opinion" than the big majority of the Eritreans, you can confront each other only if the counter-part is of your level of attitude: (sine serat zelewo seb, kurueh wey kubur seb, teru u halliu zezareb seb, in short a mannered one), otherwise you withdraw even to answer if you understand the intention is not to bring CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE, (hantsi nekefieta). and the counterpart is lucking good temper like the one above..(justice for all) just ignore him he don't even deserve your attention

  49. Forto- man or woman doesn't matter. I am not fighting against her/his gender but her/his opinion.

  50. Caro fratello, thanks for your concern and valuable advice, I'll certainly heed with some exceptions. It's a confrontation mostly with:

    1. Marked traitors. 2. Foreign paid psychological warriors. 3. Weyane led and directed bigots. 4. Conscript evaders who insist to falsely vindicate that Eritrea is hell on earth to justify and cover their cowardly escape thus exposing the Halal Meriet which had trusted them to an eventual peril besides becoming a good tool of denigration and negative propaganda to our relentless enemies.

    We can't allow them to dance in our own ground silently, the collective task is simple:
    Identify/categorize as per the content of their post and reply adequately in a decent/logical manner or ignore when necessary but never give them a free ride.

    AGAPE a tutti i patrioti.

  51. I thought he was you boy friend lol

  52. That's respectable wizee, but you want it to drop from the sky like "mena" and we value it as a fruit of our labour; nurtured with love and preserved with total dedication; committed for one Eritrea, one People, and one Heart!. Others may talk about it, we are doing the walking; total liberation through self realisation and reliance.
    N'nebaree selam Z'qales ghedlee,,,Nho!
    Perpetual Wizee!

  53. Yes I'm also here & else where until will be defeated the above 4 points you indicated..Not really difficult to identify them and challenge..
    Our victory is certain



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