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Eritrea, Yemen discuss cooperation in fisheries field

Eritrea is building three cold stores to keep fishes and vegetables fresh for interior markets -Photo: Construction of cold store near Alebu

Eritrea, Yemen discuss cooperation in fisheries field

By Saba,

SANA'A, Nov.17(Saba) – Fisheries Wealth Minister Fahd Kafain discussed on Monday with Eritrea's ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Sheikh Abdul-Jalil the cooperation between the two countries in the fisheries field.

In the meeting, Kafain and Abdul-Jalil touched on the importance of signing a Memorandum of Understanding to organize the work in fishing field and to end the problems that face fishermen in the two countries.

The two sides also discussed mechanisms to activate the Yemeni-Eritrean Ministerial Committee and to accelerate its convening in order to promote the cooperation between the two countries in this field.

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Eritrea, Yemen discuss cooperation in fisheries field Reviewed by Admin on 11:12 AM Rating: 5


  1. Are you sure? If you visit the source it says it was published on Nov 17 2014

  2. Good news. We need to eat our red sea fish before others eat them.

    The news in this page is current (17 Nov 2014) agreement between the two countries as stated by

    The picture of the cold storage may be a little older since it was used in the previous madote news in regards to the 60% completion of the construction of the cold storage, as shown by the link:

    In any case, the news (the agreement not the construction of the storage) is the subject matter in this page. Personally I don't mind hearing good news about Eritrea more than once :) since it will definitely cause heart problem/failure to woyanes and their friends.

  3. መንኢዩ፡ዝርኢና፡ዘሎ።

  4. መንኢዩ፡ዝርኤና፡ዘሎ?

  5. We can cooperate with them but for your information theses people are stealing fishes form SOMALIA and label it with their name while it is Somalia product so we should watch them carefully not to do the same with us.

  6. I would love to see as soon as possible that Eritrea boost tremendously this field in general, Our Red See and the fish industry, it's a huge sector never been exploited except marginally, would love to see fish get's in our base diet as potential food..


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