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Ethnic Conflict Engineered by Ethiopia’s Plantation Schemes

Suri People in Ethiopia

Ethnic Conflict Engineered by Ethiopia’s Plantation Schemes

By OI and ASO,

Oakland, CA – Today, the Oakland Institute (OI), in collaboration with the Anywaa Survival Organisation (ASO), released Engineering Ethnic Conflict: The Toll of Ethiopia’s Plantation Development on the Suri People, the latest in its series of comprehensive investigative reports about land grabs and forced evictions in Ethiopia. The report uncovers the truth behind a reported massacre of 30 to 50 Suri people in May 2012 near the 30,000-hectare Malaysian-owned Koka plantation. Based on extensive fieldwork, Engineering Ethnic Conflict reveals the destabilizing effects of foreign investment in Southwestern Ethiopia and examines the role of international aid programs in supporting forced evictions in the country.

“The tragic experiences of the Suri people outlined in this report are just one of many examples of the human rights abuses experienced by pastoralist communities in regions across Ethiopia,” said OI’s Executive Director, Anuradha Mittal. “These incidents are intimately tied to the Ethiopian government’s priorities of leasing land to foreign entities,” she continued.

“Some donor countries and development institutions have heralded Ethiopia for its unprecedented economic growth in recent years, which has in turn led to large-scale land acquisitions by foreign interests,” said Nyikaw Ochalla, Executive Director of the Anywaa Survival Organisation. “What has gone underreported is the tragic on-the-ground impact of this growth on indigenous populations. Engineering Ethnic Conflict exposes this harsh reality,” Ochalla continued.

“Unfortunately the Suri and other marginalized groups have no ability to voice their concerns over these developments on their land. There is little in the way of an independent media in Ethiopia that is permitted to cover this story, civil society that could advocate on these issues have been decimated by repressive laws, any criticism of government is met with harassment and detention. So what options are left for the Suri?” said Felix Horne of the Human Rights Watch.

The Suri pastoralist communities have lived in Southwestern Ethiopia for up to 200 to 300 years. The introduction of the large-scale plantations, including the Koka plantation in 2010, has not only made important grazing lands unavailable to the Suri and devastated their livelihoods–but also disturbed political order between the Suri and other local ethnic groups, escalating violent conflicts.

From coerced displacement of the Suri people to the exacerbation of pre-existing ethnic tensions between local groups in the region, Engineering Ethnic Conflict highlights the unreported nightmare experienced by Ethiopia’s traditionally pastoralist communities.

The report comes at a significant time in US politics. The US Senate included provisions in the 2014 Appropriations Bill that effectively diverts development aid funds for Ethiopia away from projects associated with forced evictions. Engineering Ethnic Conflict raises important questions about whether and how this language is being implemented, and the problematic connections between aid from the World Bank Group and other international donors, including the International Fund for Agricultural Development, for programs that support forced displacement and perpetrate violence against pastoralist communities.

“The stance taken by the US government in 2014 was encouraging, but it remains unclear whether action has been taken to implement the provisions of the bill and monitor the situation on the ground in Ethiopia,” said Mittal. “In light of this opacity and the continued violence and human rights abuses, it is time for the US government, other donors, and international institutions to stop turning a blind eye and take a strong stand to ensure aid in the name of development is not contributing to the ongoing atrocities nor supporting the forced displacement of people,” she continued.

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  1. It seems like every time i come to this web site, there is a news about Ethiopia. I thought you wanted to be independent and mind your own business. I guess you can take Eritrea out of Ethiopia but you can't take Ethiopia out of Eritrean mind. Ayeee Eritrea, your slavery mentality did not change . You still have to talk about your masters all the time. Somehow Ethiopian bad news still makes you feel good. What's that has got to do with Eritrea? Why are you still comparing yourselves to Ethiopia? Good or bad news about Ethiopia, why do you care? Wake up! ! Free your mind from mental slavery !

  2. It's not about mental slavery, it's about denouncing what the minor regime's doing brutal criminal acts..That not only created havoc to all the region of the Horn, but also to the poor ethiopians..Oromo's, Amhara's, Gambela's, Anuak, Suri, Gurage ect..

  3. The "observer" is from Adwa, he doesn't see it.

  4. Eritrean people were never enslaved by Ethiopia. Correct that fact first. The thirty years of conflict was a war for self determination for a statehood and not that of a freedom from slavery. Stop distorting the truth.

  5. This is my point. Why do you worry about Ethiopian ethnic groups ? There are enough Ethiopians discussing it everyday. Why don't you worry about your own ethnic groups? I can't name them because I don't know them. It's Eritrean affair and I will leave it as such. You should do the same. Just an observation :-)

  6. Is just to support a write cause, or to give a voice to the voiceless

  7. Ethiopian Airlines named as AFRAA’s airline of the year 2013/14

  8. So let me understand your point. There are thousands of young Eritrean fleeing your country. Dying all over the desert and drowning in Europe shores. Their organs being sold. And yet this patriotic Eritrean web site likes to focus about Ethiopians voiceless? Who will talk about the voiceless Eritrean? Do you think just because you don't talk about it it's not happening? There are are voiceless people all around the world . This website seems to be dedicated to the one leaving in Ethiopia only. Do you get my point now? Your obsession with Ethiopia is due to mental slavery. you have been independent for more than 20 years. Learn to move on.

  9. okkk, another Agame Juniversity Educated fool

    if as you say Eritrean talking about Ethiopia is due to Mental Slavery (which i fail to see how, as Mental Slavery is when someone controls your thoughts by manipulating your well being and train of thought, to suit their interest)

    then my AJE fool could you please then tell me what would you call someone who "...every time (i) come to this web site..." uninvited and unwanted, who even though he's more than aware, this land like this page being a property of this land has "..been independent for more than 20 years..."?

    my AJE fool, by the words definition and logic, it seems to be only you who is suffering Mental Slavery. so much so that as people who are the head, they always have the ability to manipulate the body's well being and thus the bodies train of thought that even 1200 years later they are still so obsessed that they pray to Eritrea at breakfast, lunch and dinner

    p.s. if by any chance that you see Eritrean been obsessed by Ethiopia, it's as you are well aware is due to Ethiopia's obsession with Eritrea even after 24 years later it still can't accept Eritrea or its head been independent or lost to her, that against all international laws it's still keeping Eritrean territory??? now if that not a clear sign of obsession and Mental Slavery then my Agame juniversity educated fool, i advice you to go to Mekel higher prostitution University, i hear them make toys for Arabs to use

    "Enslaved" dog do you know how many of your own sisters and mom worked as slaves at my own house but we did not call them / see them as slaves or use them as a punching bag as Arabs do, but we actually gave them food and a home, and we tough them how to sit in a table and eat food fit for a king. a slave could not in-slave a free minded people

    p.s. do you know what your name "observer" means? if so could you please put it into practice as you are contradicting your self by been personally interested on the issue and yet you are meant to just be an "observer"

  10. Observer with out a brain, we are not dim wits like you our horizon is wide unlike you from nose to mouth, silly agame boy!!!

  11. seriQu zHalefelu tnfas seb aHlefe zbluwo kemzi natka iyu LOL

  12. heheheh

    Erilion, did I touch a nerve ?

  13. ??? what ??? how delusional are you?

    AJE fool a true result of his education

    or is that all you could master up to answer my questions? you should rename yourself Hatela, just Hatela of everything instead of observer, if you choose to keep calling yourself observer you must be the only observer who intentionally manipulate what he's studying because he's not getting the result he was expecting, so a fitting name Hatela

  14. We would ask you the same question you are asking!

    1) One would also ask, "Why is every Ethiopian website obsessed with Eritrea and why do they act as if they know anything about Eritrea?

    2) We want to bring evidence to our own traitors that their supporter, the force in which they rely to bring them to power on the back of their tanks, is doing people to its own people worse than they allege the our government has done. That way, we expose them as short-sighted, power-hungry hypocrites!

    3) We also expose the governments that support your government do not really care about human rights and other lofty ideals, but about their own selfish interests. That way we remind them to keep an eye on their own interests (living, working and raising their children in their own land peacefully) and not to be fooled.

    I think I have said enough for you to digest for today. As for the rest you are fooling yourself with what you wish to ge.

  15. 3) is about reminding (them) our own people to keep an eye on their own interest.

    4) I would say, "ኣትመካ" to you. How about the many Ethiopians who become victims of the same thing you say Eritreans suffer as they migrate?

  16. You see Shaebia and Africa are opposite, while Africans said EAL is best Shaboons said it is Ebola Airlines.
    Ebola Shaebia Afer Bilaa

  17. you touch him at the core of his mental slavery


  19. habesha is lunatic a game. Why he talking about Ethiopian air lines when the topic is about the victims if Ethiopian woyane massacre, land grab, torture, killing, and displacing the sure people. Ethiopian AIRLINES has not improved the lives of the Ethiopian poor who arte been tortured, evicted from their ancestral land to put woyane retired generals and cadres to use land grabbed from the people. IF Ethiopian Airlines named world clash or famous for the year, what impact does it has on the lives of these people in picture or the 30 million beggars and very poor who live on UN and US donated hand outs. Only in Addis Ababa there are one million beggars with out home, with out shelter, with out daily bread and clothes to cover their naked bodies.
    Habesha do not cheat your self. Wake up it is really cvruel to deny what is undeniable. YOU SHOUL FEEL SORRY FOR THSES people. Shame on you try to defend woyane, but you cannot bury the truth.

  20. Zeke I can say to you treks. You cannot hide from your crimes. There is no such horrible thing like this any where in the world. EBOLA is ok. It is in the WEST Africa. Ok for you woyanes you can defend Ebola, what about you 30 million beggar. One million only in addis Ababa, you see it is not Shaebia that created the poverty in Ethiopia. now you blame shaEbia for you're poverty. Admit it. There isdn very seriouser4 problem in Ethiopia. 30 million beggars, 10 million aids, 20 million people displaced, their land grabbed and sold for the highest bidder, and people evicted from their lands. If you have normal head, do not try to change the topic to buses it saw a cover up. :You cannot escape from Reality. You are trying to hide this revelation by changing topic.. It is not a surprise when you try to hide EBOLA.. You have Aids highest % in. Africa, but it is hidden from the world. You Ethiopians like to hide reality. You cannot. Haileselasseie hide the famine of 1974/75 that killed about 2 million people from WOLLO, And Tigray. The hungry people trekked to Addis Addis Ababa and other cities on foot. Then Hailselassie government gathered the people and put them in a contraction camp, not allowing them to leave the camp in order to hide the famine. Hailesellasie wanted to keep look for himself, he did not want the world to know about the masses who were perishing due to the hunger. Green Ethiopia is always famine country
    Derg also hid the bfamine of 1983- 1984. People fell like leaves, perished in millions. Derg was begging help from the world but mostly from the west . Only when BBC broadcast it, the magnitude of the devastation of the famine was made known to the world. The whole world denoted to save lives. It was the same in 1999 the came more skeletons of starved children. That was when woyane as a government could not help the people. The irony is all Ethiopian governments wait until the starving people become good skeleton. In Ethiopia it is always a norm to keep people to the verge of death, that their skeleton is visible, the child is no more able to, that is the perfect picture to show to the world in order to raise good money. WOYANES NEVER LEARNED A LESSON FROM THE PREVIOUS ETH. GOVERNMENTS. THE DO BTHE SAME THING . But in a more systematic way. They show skeletons. They hid the famine until the starved people, faces are deformed, the skeletons are out, the child is no more able to open his mouth and eyes. That picture is the most profitable for woyane to help them get donations from the world. Blame your self . wake up or shut up.

  21. Eritreans never, ever compare ourselves, our country with Ethiopia. There is nothing to warranty that. Ethiopia is not Eritrean peer. We do not have a hoot about Ethiopia. But when it comes to the crimes Ethiopia committed against ERITREAN People3, we will never forget. An d we will write books, record it, talk about, condemn it. Not only this generation, but future generations will read the history and condemn the brutality, of ETHIOPIA. The only thing we talk about Ethiopia is about the cruelty, about crimes committed against HUMANS By Ethiopian successive governments, the nature of that country that does not know peace within itself, with Neighbours, ERITREA, SOMALIUA, NOW South Sudan. Ethiopia is the only country that is making a mess in the region. So we are talking about your history, you brutality against Ethiopian people. You do bade things, that is what you are to be remembered for.
    Also it is world news that comes our way telling us , all world media broadcast the cruelty of woyane who is massacring the Anauk people, the SUri people, the OROMO PEOPLE, , the
    Ogadenese people and the Amhara, the debub hizbotch people. SO, when we read world news and see pictures like the one above, we get sorry for the victims. It is every Human being 's right to condemn such Cruelty and crimes committed by any one. We have the right for information and make our views.
    Ethiopia Woyane is a criminal gang that is evicting indigenous Ethiopians from their land. That is inhumane. I have Human instinct to feel the pains of the victims.
    Your problem now is that truth is coming out, woyane cruelty,crimes are exposed. You do not want that. If I were talking good thing about woyane, I am sure you would not say anything about my talk.

  22. Observer, don't make a fool of yourself or do not try to pretend. You immigrated, thousands of Ethiopian immigrating illegally to all corners of the world. Did you see the UNHCR report about Hundreds of Thousands of Ethiopians reaching Yemen.
    I saw their life in Yemen. I cried, I felt sorry for them. They are Amharas, OROMOS, OGADENESE, Tigrayans, all dreamt to reach Saudi Arabia, via Djibouti and Somalia. Thousands of them perish on sea,. Those who landed in Yemen and trying to Enter Saudi Arabia, that was horrible, I feel it now to remember it. I feel sorry for the poor Ethiopians.
    There are non Eritreans on this route.
    Those who enter Israel via Egypt are equally Eritreans and Eritreans. They face kidnapping, against their wills. Tigrayans are the Majority who enter Israel. Those who go via Libya are Majority Ethiopians.,Amharas and Tigrayans. . 75% are of the immigrants that register as Eritreans are from Ethiopia.We have all the report who is who. We rcvd them in Europe. There are More Ethiopians in Sudan than Eritreans and all or moving Northwood- to Libya- Italy and Europe.
    The other corner Ethiopians flow is through the southern border of Ethiopia to Kenya, Uganda, and to South Africa. Ethiopians are overwhelming the world with illegal migration. They claim as Eritreans. So we know who is who, where they go, what they? Better not to make fool of youself

  23. I didn't read your whole comment. but, i just wanted to say that at least Mekele has a University. Not sawa.

  24. Ask Shabia. Your stupid masters said the Eritrean question is ...... colonial bla bla while you were treated and living as first class citizens. You chose to be human organ exporters to the Arabs instead.

  25. That's what the marionette say to invent reality, to turn Red to white..that's pure lies and cheap propaganda dear observer..


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