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Ethiopian Maid survives 4-story suicide leap in Beirut, Lebanon [Video]

Ethiopian woman survives four-story suicide leap in Beirut 

Ethiopian maid survives 4-story suicide leap

By The Daily Star,

Ethiopian Woman threw herself Monday from a fourth floor Beirut apartment and survived what appeared to be a suicide attempt.

Videos uploaded online show the woman leaping from a window as spectators let out screams. The incident occurred in capital's Moseitbeh neighborhood near Lebanese International University.

The woman slammed into a car, shattering its windshield and smashing its roof, which may have saved her life, according to television footage from the scene of the incident.

Media reports said the woman's condition was not life threatening.

The incident comes less than a week after a maid leapt to her death in south Lebanon.

About 200,000 foreign domestic workers work in Lebanon under the much-criticized sponsorship system, which bounds the maid to the employer.

Human Rights Watch and other organizations have called on Lebanese authorities to address the "high levels of abuse and deaths" of maids in the country.

HRW in 2008 recorded an average of one maid death a week in Lebanon by unnatural causes, including suicides.

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  1. Tanx God she survived and I hope she recover soon.

  2. Very sad. Hope she fully recovers.

  3. It's very painful to hear regular abuse of poor girls in middle east, especially in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. How could these Arabs abuse when all these girls want is to work for them for dirt cheap. These sub-humans are known to posses no brain or moral values. It's no wonder they have no respect for their own daughters, sisters, mothers.

    Revenge is the only language they understand.

  4. Where is the Cruise
    Sorry I did not mean to respond to your comment. Although I agree with your comment, It was meant for a general comment.

  5. This is an evidence that humans still unaware to be called "sapiens", too much savagery in our world in general term for different reasons, developed & not developed countries.

  6. Lebanese People are the most RACIST in the Middle East still Ethiopians wish to go there i don't know why????!!I hate them from the inside of my heart wish ISRAEL WEB THEM FROM THE SURFACE OF EARTH.

  7. I really don't like to generalize but from what i see and hear Arabs are primitive and abusive!

  8. This is what happens when women don't have rights in their own countries... If my own people don't respect my rights, why would I be respected in somebody else's country? This applies to both Eritrea and Ethiopia. I'm tired of incompetent habesha politicians.

  9. Sorry may she recover soon,

  10. arabs need to treat our ethiopian sisters humanly. God Bless the poor lady who have been victimized by the savage arabs of the middel east.

  11. Most likely she was pushed over to her death, but survived unlike my cousin she didn't when she request her payment of over two years. Please tell every one not to seek employment in Lebanon.

  12. My God this is very sad,i hope she will fully recover by God's help. i hope this mindless/savages Arabs get what they deserve.

  13. This woman must have been pushed over, unless there was a scream before she was thrown over those ppl in ground would not have position their camera towards her.


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