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5th Eritrean Mining Conference opens

5th Eritrean Mining Conference opens

By Shabait

The 5th Eritrean Mining Conference opened today at Asmara Palace Hotel here in the capital under the theme “Mining Excellence for Driving Economic Growth”.

Speaking at the opening of the Conference in which Government officials, representatives of various countries, mining companies and social service-rendering institutions took part, Gen. Sebhat Ephrem, Minister of Energy and Mines, pointed out  that Eritrea possesses rich mineral resources and that the undertaking of research activities towards harnessing the available resources is imperative.

The Minister further indicated that sufficient information has been secured since the holding of mining conferences in Asmara in 2010 pertaining to industrial mining, and that endeavors are being made to harness such resource.  In this regard, he stated that the necessary regulations have been put in place that has secured confidence on the part of foreign companies.

He went on to explain that about 60% of Eritrean territory contains mineral resources, and that the necessary conducive ground prevails in the country, coupled with a corruption-free leadership and viable infrastructure facilities, among others, thus ensuring the requisite factors for expanding industrial plants. Gen. Sebhat also indicated that there are plans to launch 4-dimensional mining projects in 2017.

Representatives of 50 mining companies are taking part in the conference.

Photos courtesy of Iqbal Jhazbhay, South Africa's Ambassador to Eritrea:

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  1. Is that General Sebhat Efream?

  2. Poor Eritrea!!!
    Who is minister of defense now? The mad dog called Esseyas Afeworki has every right to reshuffle ministers without the confirmation and approval of the so called national congress. Don’t the Eritrean people have a right to know who is replacing who? Don’t the Eritrean people have a right to know where the sale of the minerals are going? Is this what we fought for? To let one man do whatever he wants to do?

    To the supporters of the mafia group called PFDJ, please stop clapping!!! Your country is heading into its graveyard!!! Don’t be fooled by the fool leadership in Eritrea.

  3. Wedi Keren,
    I was a PFDJ supporter from 1991 until recently.
    I have now become a Born Again PFDJ supporter.

  4. This sector surely will help the country's economy to make a decisive boost to put our peoples life condition in higher level and quality of life.

  5. Eritrea Shoots !! And She Scores Again!!! So proud ma beloved Eritrea.

    A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.

  6. fiona selam nesh??
    where were you hiding? come on, lets finish our film making project, shrek p=5. principle?? no,,,,it is not in your nature do you mean arogance, its ok ! may be from our last encounter you might get tiered of my amara donkey tom hawk, but prininciple is not in your menu but arogance is, dueto your fake identity.

  7. Like i said donkey. inferiority complex is hard to get rid of and u people are loaded with it from head to toe. u poor poor Adgi. keep dreaming about Eritrea. and thats the only choice u have to dream without action.


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