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Italian Journalist Exposes UN Lies and Hypocrisy Against Eritrea

Ms. Sheila Keetharuth, special rapporteur for the United Nations on human rights 

Eritrea, human rights and the right to peace

By Marilena Dolce,

The High Commissariat for human rights, in an informative note, announced the trip to Italy (22-26 September) of Ms. Sheila Keetharuth, special rapporteur for the United Nations on human rights.

Her task will be to collect information, listening to migrants and political refugees present in  our Country.

Ms. Keetharuth will meet the Committee on human rights and African issues to speak about the Eritrean situation – a situation, so far, only seen from the outside.

And this is, in a nutshell, the reason for her trip to Italy: to look for evidence, abroad, on the [alleged] non observance of human rights in Eritrea , because since her appointment (2012) to the present day Ms. Keetharuth has never entered the Country.

In fact, Eritrean authorities, often scalded by hot water, as you say, are not scared of (presumably) cold water, too.

Some brief examples, to explain the American point of view on Eritrea: “nail and crush Eritrea”, writes an American diplomat in a telegraphic manner (source: Wikileaks), or, more officially, as American UN ambassador Susan Rice puts it, “the United States are pleased to announce” the imposition of sanctions against Eritrea.

Incidentally, we mention that Susan Rice has never hidden her affection and friendship bond with Meles Zenawi and Ethiopia.  Going back in years, in 1950, the American Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, declares the General Assembly of the United Nations that, though the desires of the Eritrean people must be taken into account, “the strategic interests of the United States in the Red Sea basin require that the Country is linked to our ally, Ethiopia”.

And those geopolitical interests in the past sixty years do not appear to have changed.

Back to the enquiry Commission on human rights in Eritrea, of which Ms. Keetharuth is part, its task will be to establish what happens in Eritrea, observing the Country from outside – if there are “human rights violations, extra-judicial killings, forced disappearances and imprisonments in isolations, arbitrary arrests and imprisonments, torture, inhuman imprisonment conditions, if indefinite national military service is a violation of human rights, whether there is freedom of expression, of opinion, of assembly, of association, of religious faith and movement”.

In order to carry out this delicate task, Ms. Keetharuth will meet Eritrean refugees, probably the asylum seekers in our Country indicated by the humanitarian associations who look after them, above all the Agenzia Habeshia of father Mussie Zerai and Gandhi, the non-profit organization of Dr. Alganesh Fessha, who was awarded the “Ambrogino d’oro” prize last year in Milan.

In July, vice minister Lapo Pistelli, after a visit to Eritrea, declared, taking many by surprise after talks with President Isaias Afwerki, that “you make peace with enemies, you go for a pizza with friends, instead”.

Out of metaphor, the wish was to resume bilateral relations, starting just from human rights, the trafficking of human beings and the Eritrea-Ethiopia stalemate situation, after the non-compliance with the Algiers Agreement (2002) following the clash of 1998 – 2000.

We stress that, to date, Ethiopian troops are present in the territory, which international agreements, as well as former colonial maps, define as Eritrean.

It is as if Italy invaded Bellinzona, considering it as Italian due to its name, and was therefore surprised for the belligerency of Switzerland, a Country that has always been neutral.

This paradoxical situation, that foreign Countries hostile to Eritrea use as an alibi, a pretext to keep young people imprisoned, is in reality a “no peace – no war” state, a war which Eritrea is trying to avoid at the heavy price of having a Country in peace with a wartime  economy and way of life. For fourteen years, boys and girls born after independence, have been unable to look to their future with optimism, and to see prospects for themselves and for their (beloved) Country.

Can a Country, invaded by another, not have an army?

To understand this, rather than questioning young refugees, it would be advisable to study recent history.

Asylum seekers present in Italy will give an outline of their situation within the Country, in accordance with their request for “humanitarian aid” – a different type of asylum, in terms of motivations, than political asylum.

Young Eritreans leaving the country without a visa (which foreign embassies do not issue) are informed, they take into account the risks of a difficult journey, they want to obtain the status of refugee and, alongside this, a stay permit, a house and subsidies. In fact, the most sought countries are those with a better welfare state, not Italy – a country of transit.

These young people see, via the internet, how life is abroad, where there are often relatives who, during the Ethiopian occupation, fled to Europe, America, Canada.

The exodus, however, has never cut the bonds with their roots.

Since 1974, combatants and exiled people who found themselves gathered in Italy, in Bologna, united and supportive, concretely organized the help to be sent to the motherland to those who were fighting.

With this spirit many Eritreans from all over the world gathered in Bologna, in the last Summer 2014, to hold hands once ore with one another, despite the great difficulties in their Country.

The Italian Eritrean Community could speak of this and much more, if interviewed.

For instance, women could explain Ms Keetharuth why in Italy they have gathered funds for a polyfunctional medical and reception centre, opened in Keren last August, and why they believe the right to health is a priority.

Eritrea, said Ms. Christine Umutoni, UNDP representative in Asmara, is committed to the projects it believes in, and, first among these, is the project for women’s health, for safer births, for a reduced incidence of neonatal deaths and for widespread children vaccination.

So why would a Country – which achieves the Millennium Goals (MDG’s) invests in training young people and increases scholarization, then sell these very young people to traffickers of human beings to be killed in the sand or at sea?

Eritrean society, based on the importance of traditions, after achieving independence in 1993, has become a lay society, respectful of all religions, which coexist peacefully. In an area of the world where this is a rare occurrence, it so happens that Muslim families living next to Christian families, reciprocally participate in family weddings.

Ms. Keetharuth could ask the Eritrean community questions about this religious tolerance, too. After all, accusations that the Eritrean Government is helping al Shabaab, a group of Somali Islamic extremists, have been found to be completely unfounded.

There are two major issues that Ms. Keetharuth ought to tackle in order to understand the human rights issue: the heavy duty of the long military service, which inevitably limits other rights and which would end if only Eritrea should not defend its borders, and the imprisonments without process on fifteen opponents, the so-called  “G15”.

With regards to the first point, though, rather than interviewing refugees and representatives on non-profit organizations in Italy, [Ms. Keetharuth] ought to ask Ethiopia why it does not observe the agreement signed some time ago. If Ethiopia withdrew from Eritrean territories, if its incursions stopped, Eritrea would regain a fundamental right, the right to peace. And may grant more rights to its people.

The second issue is more intricate to be solved abroad. Certainly, to imprison someone without a process, to condemn and throw away the key is not what our penal code teaches us.

But one has to remember that Eritrea has fought part of the long fight for independence, without foreign support and with various forces inside the Country.

To overthrow the Menghistu regime, the Eritrean and Ethiopian fronts have fought together. A unity that held out until independence was achieved, then Ethiopia, though, a large country next to a small one, expected that the two paths would proceed united.

And when Eritrea in 1998 decided to abandon the Birr, the Ethiopian currency, to introduce its own currency (Nafka), Ethiopia understood that the two paths were separating and, shortly after, attacked the old ally.

An “incomprehensible” war for the West, caused by a small plot of land that gps do not even detect, as the Italian press wrote. Peace has been rejected on more than one occasion by Ethiopia, ignoring the ultimatums of the UN Security Council, in spite of the famine hitting its population.

Humanitarian aids get there, in any case, and with regards to a possible arms embargo, it has a good stock of them, accumulated during the years.

In 2001, in a critical context, with a precarious peace, not accepted by neighbours, an attempted coup takes place in Eritrea.

Today, we are asking Ms. Keetharuth to establish whether the imprisonment of the organizers of this failed plot is right and if, during dentention, their human rights have been respected.

President Isaias on the situation of the “G15” has spoken with clarity (interview by Giovanni Porzio for Panorama magazine, 2010): it was a war situation. During the interview, he declared that it was a matter of avoiding a great danger for national security, a situation provoked from outside, borne during the 1998 war.    The harsh reaction of the Country was therefore a necessity, an act of self-defence.

Some of the leaders of the coup were his friends and had fought with him. A personal sadness, he explained, not different from what he had felt many times before during the thirty years’ war for independence, when his companions deserted, going to the enemy lines, ready to kill you and to kill their own people.

To give a voice, symbolically, to those who are currently in prison, I am quoting here what was written in a public letter by Meaza, daughter of Petros Solomon (former Minister for Defense and Foreign Affairs), who was a child when her father was imprisoned: “your only crime was to expect freedom for your people”, she writes referring to the G15.

And, adding a post-scriptum for her dad: “I hope that you will be able to attend my graduation ceremony in June 2015”.

In summary, I would like to repeat, that Ms. Keetharuth, addressing human rights, ought to help Eritrea to regain its first right, the right to peace.

The whole picture of the Country’s situation, however, will not be completed by giving a voice only to those who left their Country in desperation. A long established Eritrean community exists in Italy, which arrived a long time ago and has very clear ideas in terms of justice and rights.

It is formed by men and women who have fought – sometimes parents, uncles, relatives of those who have left the Country, these people have mourned the deaths of their sons at sea and in the desert.

Why not meet them, Ms. Keetharuth, to listen to their opinion on human rights?

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Italian Journalist Exposes UN Lies and Hypocrisy Against Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 7:56 AM Rating: 5


  1. The sweetness of life triumphs over the bitter, now and again hope is transmitted into action; in such dolce vita.
    A stream of gentleness flows in your writing showing innocence and purity of the prosecuted; we are forgiven indeed.

  2. Dear Marilena Dolce,

    You wrote "Ethiopia understood that the two paths were separating and, shortly after, attacked the old ally". My advise to you is do your homework properly before you throw a garbage article to the Internet so that you can preserve your ignorance to yourself. For your own information, the Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission which was formed under Algiers peace agreement and was tasked to investigate as to who started the 1998-2000 Ethiopia Eritrea border war has given its verdict stating that ERITREA STARTED THE 1998-2000 WAR. For that Eritrea was punished a fine of 261 million dollars for the destruction it caused to Ethiopia.

    While we are at it, let me also remind you the fact that some disgruntled regime supporters will come here barking such commission is illegal or unfair. Here is how you disprove or disarm them easily. Anyone can read, both the claims commission and border arbitration commission were created by the Algiers Peace Agreement. So if one tries to annul either of the commissions findings, then automatically it becomes opening the door for the other party to annul the other commission's findings. As such, it is ignorance for certain disgruntled individuals to claim Badme as an Eritrean territory based on the border commission's award and then try to annul to the claims commission's verdict that Eritrea started the war. ኣብ ሕጋዊ ኣሰራርሓ ክጥዕመክን ብኢድክን ክኸፍኣክን ብማንካ ዓይነት ኣሰራርሓ ቦታ‘ይብሉን። ወይ ሙሉእ ብሙሉእ ፍርዲ ትቕበል: ወይ ሕገ—ኣልቦ ጁንታ ኢኻ።

    I hope I will have at least raised your curiosity to revisit and explore the Ethiopia Eritrea situation and you will rectify your mistake on your next article. Thanks.

  3. Why are you lying in the Eritrea web site? Bring your evidence here if you are sure Eritrea started the war and other issues?
    If you are jealous because the truth about Eritrea was flourished by independent journalist lick your vomit.
    Qondaf woyane!

  4. Is it logical that the villain woyane's occupation of our territory in breach of international law necessarily brings about the subjugation of our people by un elected person?

    No, it does not. This is invented rationalization propounded by the con artist isaias and his cabals in the service of falsehood.

    The advocates of this false logic advance the current state of NO Peace NO War situation as underlying reason for the subjugation of our people.

    It is a fact that the land under occupation relative to the size of country is minuscule and the NO Peace NO War situation we have is not with all the countries of the world but with one country, Ethiopia. The implication is that we have amicable relationship with the other more or less two hundred countries. Now the question is:

    Why would one country's adversarial relationship cripple us from realizing our political freedom?

    No, it would not. Again, the con artist isaias Afewerqi and his cabals are advancing this false justification as a veil for their hidden agenda.

    We have been not only political crippled but also economically and socially. Our youngsters, the backbone of our country's security and economy, have been fleeing our country and crossing borders to Ethiopia, who has been brainwashing and organizing them into their respective ethnic grouping to weaken Eritrean unity, the unity we built throughout the Thirty Year War.

    Lets not deceive ourselves, the No Peace No War situation has not affected Ethiopia at all. Big corporations of Europe, USA , China and others are investing heavily in the country and the people are benefiting. This is happening in spite of woyane's renege of International Law.

    Doesn't this look paradoxical, the Eritrea that observed international Law is not only shunned, neglected but also smitten with crippling economic sanction, whereas Ethiopia, the breaker of the Law, is spoiled?

    No, it is not paradoxical. It is the conniving isaias afewerqi who is the author of all these sins we are suffering. He had long conspired to bring about all these to our people. The 1998 war that has spawned the current crisis was avoidable. All that needed was to inform the UNSC of the unprovoked woyane border instigation and nipped woyane motive in the bud.. By launching the war, he afforded woyane diplomatic victory and subjected our people to suffer many times over.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    Not all things are as they appear. Go beyond the façade the con artist is erecting before your receptors.

  5. Your rebuttal is founded on false premises as is dawit mokonen'; his is incriminating a presidant that stood his ground in tremendous adversaries and yours denying the fact that long before the war, badme was and (through a court's finding later) part and parcel of Eritrea; therefore, one can not be accused of starting a war while in all logic and technicalities to reclaim or safeguard ones own internationally recognised territories. we were only defending our territories from an invading rag-tag of gullible and duped army.
    Woyane saw an opportunity to reverse back Eritrea's independence if successful, or leave a weak and subordinate administration controlled by it that not only serves it's needs but will be a testimonial to making the myth of "super power of the horn."
    So please don't lie my friend.

  6. i understand in your head (not your twisted heart) you know Ethiopia has no balls to start a war against the Eritrean so you coming up with some illogical argument as one could not start a war by going or claiming it own land, but yes you are right on Ethiopia having no balls - you need to remember that you are created by the British empire (as a house nigger - e.g. why would a European glorify an African leader as they do with yours- as basic logic would expect their interest to differed unless ..... just like all your last 5 leaders have been servant to the banks (i.e. rockafellas...) so you need to understand and remember what the Nafka means and stand for.. its not just freedom but also independence - as Nafka never fell after it become independent and not just that its the root of our strength that brought our freedom.... so you need to re-understand what she's saying by "Ethiopia understood that the two paths were separating and, shortly after, attacked the old ally" as her masters

  7. Let me disarm you with your own words! You said

    [quote]therefore, one can not be accused of starting a war while in all logic and technicalities to reclaim or safeguard ones own internationally recognised territories. we were only defending our territories from an invading rag-tag of gullible and duped army.
    [end quote]

    Look brother forto sawa, you can not tell me you WENT (ATTACKED) to reclaim what you knew (believed) was and is yours and then contradict yourself saying you were defending from INVADING army. I am not arguing Badme belongs to Eritrea. Yes it does; but only after the arbitration. Before then, it was administered by Ethiopia but claimed by both. So sending Eritrean Army to reclaim is legally INVADING Ethiopia for it was administering it. Even the despot regime we have back home doesn't deny this which is why it said eshi goytay when the EECC delivered its verdict and accepted the fine it owed Ethiopia. Then you can ask me, what could Eritrea do when it was instigated by Ethiopia? Simple! Go to UN, inform the world it is being provocated and give ultimatum to weyane to withdraw from what it claims is its own. Or better ask for arbitration of its border as a whole. Remember this is what Rwanda and America advised Eritrea in 1998 before the evil dictator went on rumbling it would be easier for the sun to rise from the west than listen to peaceful solution. Well, what happened then? America and the world decided let the two cousins play it out. Weyane, thanks to its diplomacy then, informed to the whole world it will take action unless someone makes Eritrea listen. It gave a year six month ultimatum until its operation sun set starts. What did the Eritrean Diaspora, who presumably knew legal jargon better, do in those six months? Instead of trying to calm down the despot regime, they went on stupid fundraising for war to eliminate woyane from the minilik palace they foolishely thought shabia put woyane there. Well well well... Feb 1999 came, shaebia was taught a lesson it will never forget and we are where we are. The proof of the lesson shaebia took at the time is what happened in March 2012. Woyane penetrated 18km inside Eritrean territory to attack what it wanted to attack and what did shaebia do? Hide in its mothers (Arabs) skirt. Shame on it!!!

  8. Brother Mokie it is ironic, your brain is relative to your body size!!

  9. There is no doubt in mind that Badme was through through and always Eritrean territory,pre and post war. In fact, the main reason the villain woyane failed to defend its claim was that the crooked Geographical line it artificially created and presented as evidence of its claim to the EEBC was easily refuted by the genuine and official straight line that had existed before, even after our country was forcefully annexed by proxy of imperialists, the haile selase regime.
    We must also remember that about in 1978 or 1979, in response to Badme residents that the villain woyane was interfering in their day to day activities, Abai Jebha had sent one Ketiba and obliterated the villain woyanes.
    However, the villain woyane returned to Badme after Abai Jebha disintegrated in 1981 with the expressed acquiescence of the con artist isaias afewerqi. Even after Independence, the issue was never raised and thus, Badme remained in the hands of the villain woyanes.
    The question genuine and patriotic Eritreans ought to ask is that why Badme was not taken from the hands of woyane at independence?
    Remember, it was the Mighty EPLFs that chased out Mengistu Haile Mariam from Ethiopia, not the vain woyanes, who were simply piggybacks. And for more than three years, it was the Mighty EPLFs, who kept security in addis abeba, not the vain woyanes.
    Doesn't it look suspicious then for Badme to remain under occupation of the vain woyane when the Mighty EPLFs could seize it by a mere command?
    For me, the travesty is more than suspicious. The subsequent woyane border provocation and isaias's acquiescence to leave Badme under woyane hands was a product of conspiracy which had been woven and hatched by isaias and meles
    Along with this point, you have to consider Isaias'e wanton disregard for the International Law when he launched the war without informing the UNSC.
    And please, do not take woyane as neutral or supportive with respect to our country. Remember, in 1977,woyane had put out a Manifesto declaring our country and some part of Ethiopia as part and parcel of Abai Tigrai. Incidentally, the parts of Ethiopia that the Manifesto claimed were incorporated to tigrai before woyane started border instigation with Eritrea.
    Isaias afewerqi was aware of the Manifesto and the sunsequent fact that woyane had realized its claim on the parts of Ethiopia.
    Now, is there any doubt in your mind that isaias purposely left Badme in the hand of woyane to serve him in the future as a springboard ( war) to monopolize power and navigate the country and people to their final decimation?
    This is absolutely true. Wake up, get united and save your country before it reaches a point of no return.
    Do not listen to his words, see the evil fruits he has so far produced. Do not judge a person by his flattering tongue, or his charming smiles but by the result of his actions. You have a lot evil fruits isaias has produced to convict him for crime against humanity.
    Do not fail our tormented people, lest, history will hold you accountable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I am not sure your identity; you sound Isaias's cousin tigrawai from tembien.
    I have discussed in my earlier entry that the 1998 war was premeditated, woven and hatched by Isaias Afewerqi and Meles Zenawi as a prelude to systematically weaken Eritrean resolve to support their Sovereignty.
    Other than the evidences I laid out in my earlier entry, the secret interview melse zenawi gave to Paul Hanze in 1990 can add an impetus to my conviction that isaias Afewerqi did not support Eritrean independence.
    You alleged that Badme was recognized as Eritreans territory only after the EEBC decision. This is a false premise. The truth is, Badme was always an Eritrean territory; that woyane had to create a crooked Geographical line to prove its false claim which backfired because that line was always Straight line before annexation and even during haile selase regime.
    Another erroneous point you said was that woyane was victorious during the war. First and foremost, woyane had boasted to enter Asmera within 48 hours and change the regime. That was hot air as proven on the ground; its soldiers were completely routed by the Sawa Lions during its two separate offensives.
    Before the third offensive, do you remember the conference in Cairo by the western countries under the cover of helping the starving people of Ethiopia? I hope you do. At that time, instead of buying grains by the money contributed, they decided to give woyane in cash. Why? For woyane to buy sophisticated war planes and mercenaries to fly them.
    Now, would the western surrogates have gone extra miles to arm woyane with sophisticated war planes and mercenary pilots if woyane was winning the war, not to mention the military satellites ? No. It was only because the Sawa Lions were crushing woyane good times.
    By the way, when the soviet union decided to help the battered Mengisto Haile Mariam, the Mighty EPLFs made tactical withdrawal. In your view that was also a defeat. Mengistu also thought it was a defeat, but history shows you both are totally wrong, and the Mighty EPLFs were totally right.
    But again, if a pumpkin withstood some pounding, it should be congratulated.

  11. and where does this "Marilena Dolce" work? Google her and please let us know about her:)

  12. Dawit Moconen, please grow up. Making stuff up about PIA having a conspiracy with Meles to go to war makes you sound like someone that is willing to say anything untrue to smear PIA.
    The manifesto was the product of the dream of Abbay Tigray. Both Eritrea and PIA never accepted the manifesto, so stop making stuff up.

  13. I couldn't agree more on the legitimacy of Eritrea' case on both fronts; and thank you for setting our friend from the south straight.
    And you are right on the three rounds of woyane's attempt to create facts on the ground, it was the mighty Eritrean Defense Forces that astounded the world by easily routing the gullible woyane army into disarray and disintegration.
    As you have said it, the west was not only the financier of the war effort, but was also planner and executor- providing satellite images and troop movements, however, to no success, and it's subsequent utter failure in the face of the court of LAW.
    Tserona, mereb aliteina, mai dma igrimakel, adi begyo and bure; we not only with stood but totally defeated chifra woyane mismemakrtun hageztu.
    In many occations then brother, thw humble commander-in-chief was at the for front and in the middle of the heated battle; often heard saying "ajokum ezom dekey!" As he personally was overseeing the execution of the war plan.
    Western front was not penetrated but a tactical withdrawal that oversaw the demise of dazed and confused woyane's army march towards keren; lby tigray t'wiTway would not have been called so if this road was turning and twisting on the Plaines of Asha Golgol, but from hagaz to glass keren hashferai, abrenkega digdig adi tek to meet in serejeka- asab massawa to wiena medhanit sabur selemuna filfil zagir,,,ohhh woyane what dreams you dream? Sorry....
    So my brother, the war picnic and every Eritrean should take pride in not only defeating the foot-soldiers of the west but those that.concocted this evil.
    We are sanctioned now not to be tied down by it but to strengthen our resolve.
    You see mr.mokonnen, its only in woyane state of mind a triagle is formed without three straight lines.
    The woyane by the nick 'Truth please' is trying to be hollier than the holly ghost; while still draws a crooked line of delineation and committs acts of provocation in and around the baduma plains. To say woyane is going to take Badme is to say the sun will not rise again!
    Mission accomplished! Fin!

  14. The conspiracy is in your head! Your hatred of PIA must have loosened some screws, hence, the nonsense! Can you tell us what the goal of this conspiracy "hatched" by the two is? If what you are saying is true, couldn't they have done what they conspired to do in other less costly and less complicated ways to reach their common goals?

    The only thing you have made clear is that your hatred to PIA has been with you since your time with "Abai" Jebha.

    Read what you said: "Now, is there any doubt in your mind that isaias purposely left Badme in the hand of woyane to serve him in the future as a springboard ( war) to monopolize power and navigate the country and people to their final decimation?" Once again, to get what? What does he gain by doing so? Are we the only once who see this lame logic? If you do not see it, I suggest you call an ambulance and check in to the nearest emergency room!

  15. Grazie Dr. Marilena Dolce, grazie per il suo articolo imparziale, obiettivo e netto. Oggi giorno rari media scrivono in questo modo come vorrebbe la deontologia professionale perchè viviamo in un mondo di corrotti.

    Thanks Dr. Marilena Dolce for the impartial and objective article, nowadays rare media state correctly what the professional deontology requires to a journalist, cause we live in a corrupted world..

    an observer from italy

  16. Weather who starts the war or who invades who is already set, dear host, remember, you can fool anyone out side the horn, but we know each other since memorial times. Men iyu tellam, men iyu kedaeh nefelto ina adaediena..

    Nesekat kum strategia tegaghikum, na ana ketetfu una hasibkum mes enda guana asharik kum, geberti tsubukum endehalena..Kemti bahlena zeblo, haki kullu gizie teqebira ayketnebren iya..

  17. It will be wasting mine, yours and other readers' times to respond to your entry because for one your response has nothing to do with my entry, and two you don't make any sense at all. You must be among those new jeganu who came to know Eritrea and some places in Eritrea in the early 2000s and went to memorize few things. Since then such people keep on writing all these nonsense anywhere and everywhere. My entry was about legality from international law point of view and you need to understand international legal jargon to rebuttle my entry. Unfortunately you know nothing of such a thing.

    As for Mekonen, I don't really understand where you stand. In one instance your hatred to DIA drives you nuts and you rumble some nonsense. On another instance your hatred to weyane once again drives you nuts and you go to no sense land. Clear your head first.

  18. Indeed it will be, that is why i did not respond to you directly and i have stated that i am in agreements with mr.mokonnen's testimony as it relates with the nature of woyane and what transpired' 97-'02; therefore no need to repeat.
    From a legal point of view; wouldn't it be oxymoronic if not all together moronic to keep on arguing after a court of you choice has rendered it's verdict? Badme is won again in both grounds, the sooner you accept this truth and make peace the better for all us.
    A 2000 jigna? May be but you make me feel like I'm young again!

  19. Abay jebha Lol bi zeben wube zitsememe wube kibil nebere zibliwo kamzi natka eu. Wake up smell the coffee my friend your Jebha abay is History. Miskinay hidirti himam alatika, you might need to see psychotherapist.

  20. Most Wester country will use African leader or country like Condom and after they finish their business will kill "Meles" or trash them

  21. Let me explain to you like you are a 6 year old. The EEBC found Badme, the flashpoint of the war inside Erirea, despite so much harassing and arm twisting by America of commission members to put Badme on the Ethiopian side. The straight line was moved inwards by 10+kms. Badme still fell inside Eritrea. So how is it that we invade our own land? All these documents you present to justify your invasion is just wordplay by your pimp, the USA who is blocking the UN from concluding this war. Stop fooling yourself believing the concoction your government shoves in your throat.

  22. Sorry i missed your Eritrean side, go lick your wounds,it is Eritrean land and shabia is Eritrean, can you get this fact through your thick skull. Ede'Wo Ede, aiga'muot!
    Eritrea used the birr 'til 97 so what says you mr. dedebit? Ethiopians of Eritrean origin and some agames also participated in the referendum ; so what do you make of that?
    RIP anyways, no need to reply, pls.

  23. mate.....from the point of international law, you have NO leg to stand on

  24. hehehe....true! that was melese zenawi

  25. your analysis is very basic. Scratch beneath the surface and you will understand why PIA didn't accept proposals to withdraw. All the countries you mentioned were wolves dressed as lamb and PIA can smell them from miles away. America uses these gullible countries to make it look like an African initiative, but the plan is tainted with American poison. And f**k susan rice, that evil witch, the harlot. Her crimes are despicable. the difference between us Eritreans and you Ethiopians is that you listen to what the tongue says but we look at the inclination of the heart, then we know the intention and don't waste our energy and time. We knew the intentions of the Americans. As for Badme being taken by Ethiopia in 1999, legally it is ours so mission accomplished! Yes this war was costly, but it is a price we have to pay for our freedom and independence. As for lost port revenues, we know that its costing you twice as much to go elsewhere, cutting off your nose to spite your face. When we did our calculations for independence back in the 40s and 50s, we didn't rely on port revenues but other resources. It might have contributed some percentage but it is not our lifeline. Stop daydreaming, we are meticulous people we have done our homework. We wouldn't have fought for 30 years only to rely on you for our existence. Besides you are poorer than us, you have nothing to give us.

  26. Lets start with the obvious: You refer to this con artist ,"president", Did the Eritrean people elect him?
    Then who conferred upon him the title of president of our nation?
    Then, he is a criminal gangster .
    Nevertheless, you support this criminal gangster.
    The inference is: you are a criminal gangster accomplice.
    Would this criminal gangster willfully abdicate his power, and mastering courage, stand up before the people to ask for forgiveness for his crime?
    No. Remember, criminal gangsters are cowards, that is why they hide behind walls of lies.
    Do you remember Saddam Hussien of Iraq, Gadafi of Libya , the lies they perpetrated with regard to their alleged love to the respective people they had subjugated, and the courage they professed to have had?
    But did the people stood by them, and the two tyrants exhibited their professed courage when the final hour of reckoning arrived?
    The Iraqi people could not wait to knock down his statue and to pull him out from his rat-hole hiding place. He had pistol in his hand with which he could have ended his pathetic life if had had the professed courage. He never done that. It was all lie.
    Since the final days of Gadafi was an exact replica of Saddam Hussien, I am not going to go over it.
    The moral story is: all such people are cowards which underlie the reason they hide behind walls of lies.
    lately,the criminal gangster isaias has told the people that drafting of a Constitution is underway.
    This too is a lie intended to appease his ruffled supporters, a gimmick of buying time. He did not live up to his words of 2011, words he uttered by his own lips to conduct National Election. The reason for the delay, he lied, was the woyane invasion.
    But then, pathological liar that he is, as soon as he went to Eritrea and asked by wedi abe about the National election, he took a U-turn and said, we do not conduct national election to make people happy.
    And now, mind you, he is not talking of National Election but Drafting a new Constitution. But why drafting a new constitution when there is already one, approved and ratified by the people?
    No, my genuine Eritreans, he never was up to good before and never will be in the future. No Good comes out of rascal person like him. We must continue exposing him as a preparation for the final show down.

  27. Are you a Neurosurgeon and had opened the con artist's brain to affirm whether or not he was involved in the abai tigrai manifesto?
    I do not think so. You are just taking the appearance for the reality. Do you know why our people came up with the terse dictum of Libi tigrai twi twai?
    But remember as a concept, woyane is not the first to raise the abai tigrai notion; the first was the late Woldeab Woldemariam. He later dropped it counseled by the sags of our people.
    Another factual truth is Isaias Afewerqi was born of tegaru parents. I hope you do not deny that.

  28. There are two sides to every story. Thank you for telling the Eritrean side of the story Ms. Dolce. People usually pick the side that serves them. You chose to tell the truth. God bless you!

  29. Dear Mekonen,

    I think your hatred to IA as an individual is clouding your judgement on the big picture. I share some of your concerns like he is a con artist, he lied about constitution and so on so forth; but there are few things you must open your head and look beyond IA. As an example, you claimed he conferred/elected himself to be a president. I disagree! In 1994, when the transitional government of Eritrea was transitioned to the government of Eritrea, the leadership (you can call it EPLF) had its congress and transformed/renamed itself to PFDJ and the PFDJ group elected its new leader and the leadership elected IA to be the leader of PFDJ which automatically meant the leader/president of Eritrea for these leadership had decided for the path of the country to be lead by a central state governance; thus the name THE STATE OF ERITREA. Most importantly, remember these people who elected him for that job include those individuals who are languishing in jail now. So lets not try to twist recent history. The election of IA is solely the responsibility of those EPLF leadership who were on that congress and they will live with that choice they made. In short, lets not be distracted by the process, which in my opinion was done legally, to bring him to power and waste our time now. Instead let's question about his leadership quality, his lies, cheatings, and his dictatorship and evil nature as a president. As an example, you can't hold only IA as the instigator of the 1998 war with weyane. How about the others? Wasn't Haile Drue who was our foreign minister going around the world claiming they will decimate weyane? If he had the slightest feeling that that provocation and instigation is wrong, he could resign in the country or even stay outside the country for he was abroad preaching about war. So let's focus and put the blame on the whole government leadership which is basically higdef and not IA alone. Of course does IA deserve more blame as the top leader, yes he does. But this doesn't absolve the others from taking blame too. I hope this helps you not to be too narrow on your approach to the problems to our people and country.

    Another point I would like to bring to your attention is you earlier on talked about Badme being Eritrean, straight line and the like. Excuse me mister. Please separate international law from some emotional attachments. Whether you like it or not, Badme was administered by Ethiopia from 1993 until 1998. This makes it illegal for Eritrea to claim it by force! I am not arguing Badme belongs or doesn't belong to Eritrea. All I am saying is the fact that it was under Ethiopian administration when the Eritrean State was formed, you can't just wake up another day and occupy it by force. That makes you invader. The only way to get it either mutual consensus or court of arbitration and if both these fail then you can inform IGAD, OAU, UN and other bodies and then may be go for force. Don't bring con artist IA left it to weyane or some other rubbish argument. What about wedi Efrem, wedi Menkerios, Ali Seid, Sherifo, Drue, Mesfin Hagos, Okbe, and all the others? Are you telling me they didn't know Badme was with Ethiopia? Or worse are you telling me IA was taking them for a ride as he wishes? I find this not plausible. I have heard people saying so but I find it stupid.

    So once again, let us stop these sensual and emotional outbursts and focus on legal, economical, and political issues instead.

  30. Why doesn't pain you when hibernating a done deal? Badme is Eritrean so why you keep presenting it as if still in dispute? Hind sight is 20/20; now we even see woyane was not limited to territorial disputes such as in bada, adi murug, regali and so on but is now openly declaring war, fortunately we do not beat the drums of war but war! We win!
    What do you think is the reason/s mr your highness? And Djibouti? Yeah taken care off, yemen, sudan all taken care off, so dont shade crocodile's tears.
    BTW, i see more Eritreanness in mr mokonnen, but can not say the same about you. You are for the reverse of Eritrean independence and mr mokonnen is for reverse migration of the tegaru out of Eritrea.
    On who is who he might have some hit amd miss, that is all.

  31. Bravi alla Comunita Eritrea d'Italia.........

  32. Eritrea did not start a war but Ethiopia instead.
    I forget you are pathologically lie Libi Tigray tiwiwai.

  33. Remember that Ethiopian are ignorant have no clue about history past and present Cos. they are after money. They leave their country and fake to be Eritrean. If any of you have chance to go to Swiss you will see how many Ethi are faking to be Eritrean refugee or asylum. Please Ethi you are not welcome any longer in this website. Brainless people of Ethi.

  34. You are right Marta, this guy has more holes than a Swiss cheese and is trying to lecture us while faking his identity as the many in Swiss and other nation's of the world being Eritrean.

  35. That was not National Election; he was temporarily elected to the post by temporary Baito, a simple stop-gap measure demanded by the occasion to keep law and order in the interim.
    Believe whatever you want but it is historical fact that woyane was devastated by the Sawa Lions during its two offensives. It was then that the defeated and crushed woyane cried for help before its Western surrogates, who promptly provided it with hard cash to buy sophisticated war with their mercenary pilots from the ex-soviet blocks through Israeli intermediary. I am sure you would not expect dummy woyane to undertake such sophisticated enterprise.
    Another thing: woyane was EPLF's proxy throughout its life in the so called tigrai liberation movement.
    Remember: pumpkin is always pumpkin, it does not change its intrinsic nature, and so is woyane, perennially, proxy.


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