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Eritrea: September 1st – A Brief Reflection

September 1st – A Brief Reflection

Why is September 1st such an important day for Eritrea? It represents the day that the Eritrean independence movement transitioned from non-violence and protest, to active, armed resistance – going against all odds and logic. It is a day to reflect upon and remember the contributions and heroic exploits of the thousands of freedom fighters  - those mythical, legendary men and women who spent over 30 years in the barren, dusty deserts and harsh mountains of Eritrea, persevering and ultimately delivering freedom against all odds.

Of all the independence movements throughout Africa in the 1900s, only two emerged “victorious” militarily, Zimbabwe and Eritrea. And of those two, only Eritrea was able to do so via an outright military destruction of the colonial oppressor (rather than a negotiated settlement, a la the Lancaster Agreements). Furthermore, not only was Eritrea’s struggle the longest African independence war of the 1900s, the three decades long struggle targeted far more than just political emancipation. Rather, it sought to usher in a complete and radical transformation of society, destroying all outdated, harmful, traditional structures within society.

Today, although a large number of African states have been “politically” independent for decades, many are still mired in economic dependency and shackled by the oppressive chains of neocolonialism. Even with an abundance of precious natural resources, the African continent has remained poor and continues to suffer from the many blights of underdevelopment. Across the continent, resources, which could promote development, have instead fueled conflict and bred vast inequalities, while foreign exploitation has sustained debilitating poverty. In stark contrast however, Eritrea has maintained control of its considerable resource endowments, firmly grasped the reins to its national and economic development, and is navigating a pragmatic path towards true national emancipation and a tangible improvement in the lives of its people.

Some worthwhile links:

An excellent resource. Everything outlined and detailed. So inspirational. 

On all aspects of Eritrea’s history, and recent updates. 

Video Documentary

Hands down, one of my favorite songs and videos, particularly for the imagery. Watch until the end, “after every dark night, there’s a brighter day.” 

Heroic Eritrean fighters

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  1. Nice article Fikre!
    September 1 marked the first military engagement between Eritreans and the Ethiopian Army. As such it is a momentous day in Eritrea's history.

  2. Atum halay, ASSEBACHIN SUTUN ? Or stand to loose MASsAWa too!
    We are asking politely before the need to push you into the sea & TAKE it .
    Again give us ASSAB & become good neighbors or ese ...

  3. hahahahahaha.....oh my God! Agame are going loco.! hahahahahaha...."Oh God..not you too". you inherited your parents mental illness, you poor Agame qondaf.

    *Envy eats nothing but its own heart*!!!...


  5. what Kenyan say about Ethiopia read the link
    and coppaired with what Eritreans think about Ethiopia then you can get the difference.

  6. Yerdaeka Agame LemaniSeptember 1, 2014 at 2:00 PM

    Agame Lemani. Yerdae'ka! Go to your Agame website.

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha......Aye Agame...............hahahahahahahaha......

  8. "Oh God..not you too". you inherited your parents mental illness, you poor Agame qondaf. this is Eritrean website.

  9. Mother etopia ab maakorrkum wetufuwa, wala etom korakurkum abty monfos latkum agurwom, we out beeechez!

  10. @ wedi agame
    we know agame haters eyes get red, ears all floppy & fume out of all your holes when you read or see something positive about eritrea,
    But that is your reality, to DIE in vain becouse eritreans won't FAIL at anything they put their mind into. History would have taught you that, but there is no BRAIN to cope with that simple REALITY for PROUD beggars called agames.
    Good luck BEGGING the world while looking over the mountains towards eritrea, & wishing it to fail in VAIN, as HER children are husling& busling to make the ERITREA they ENVISIONED not long ago , a REALITY on the ground, hAters be ware it's a FUTILE DAYDREAM & will consume you ALIVE


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