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10th YPFDJ conference in North America conducted

10th annual North America YPFDJ and PFDJ II conference in Washington, D.C.

By MoI,

The 10th annual YPFDJ and PFDJ II conference in North America was conducted from August 28 to September 1 in Washington DC.

In a teleconference message he conveyed, Mr. Yemene Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, underlined the significance of assessing the past experience of the Front and thereby strengthening the nation-building process and reinforcing the staunch resistance. He further stressed the need to strengthen organizations both in quantity and quality.

Similarly, Mr. Birhane Gebrehiwet, Charge de’ Affairs of the Eritrean Embassy in the US, said that the conference attests to the readiness of Eritrean youths everywhere to face any challenge along with the people and its vanguard political organization.

Likewise, Mr. Dawit Haile, Head of youth and organizational affairs at the Embassy, stated that the organization of youths keeps on registering strengthens, and thus making the necessary input in the implementation of national development programs.

Moreover, the conference witnessed the staging of lectures by Eritrean intellectuals regarding the significance of reinforcing national identity and values, among others. American friends of Eritrea on their part commended the persistent struggle of the people and Government of Eritrea to ensure respect of national sovereignty and independent political path.

The participants of the conference adopted a 13-point resolution aimed at ensuring organizational capacity and State affairs.

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10th YPFDJ conference in North America conducted Reviewed by Admin on 8:39 PM Rating: 5


  1. It is history in its clear and loud form.
    Amazing, with no wizardry or voodoo magic...with no 'abracadabra' or else...whatever Shaebia touches or organizes turns successful and productive.

    Why and How? ...Just for being indeed blessed !!

  2. That is it! Building the strength of the youth at this early age is necessary.

    As said above quote '.......He further stressed the need to strengthen organizations both in quantity and quality.

  3. May be they have truth by their side, Haki werki hizom sele zekedu yekewun..You see i stop voting in italy, cause you don't see neither by one side nor by other difference, all false and cheatty..Eritrean leadership convince me. I like it

  4. Grateful dear comrades over there for your commitment, congra...we're beside you in spirit from all over the world..
    ypfdjeans from EU.

  5. Thank you Madote for the report. I counted not more 230 half them may be older people wearing the red shirt. Where are the youth? Few years ago the conference use to attract hundreds. What happened now?

  6. It sure looks like Hitler style to me. Do you all really expect a groups of kids that are raised in the west to go back to Eritrea and contribute to the Eritrean society? It all looks good for photo up but here are a couple of reasons YPFDJ is a laughing matter.
    1. Eritrean society won't accept them for reason such as language barrier. Don't you know they are called BELES.
    2. YPFDJ are kids that are pushed to the brick by their parents. They not doing what they are doing willingly.Their Western lifestyle just don't go hand to hand with the lifestyle of the Eritrean people.
    3. YPFDJ is not accepted by the Eritrean youth in Eritrea. While they are getting rutting in trenches here you have a youth getting their education and going to bed with full stomach.

    YPFDJ, if you all are Eritreans go to Eritrea and live there for while so you can get a taste of the sawa slavery as well as a taste of the water and electric shortage that our people continue to endure.

  7. Amico, "No may be", but 'certainly'. We are lucky because it's not a fantastic quality attributed only to one person or a small group but to all the Hafash/Shaebians inside & outside the country. 'Truthfulness' has become our trademark, a culture which we have to safeguard and cherish now and forever.

    (Da Shaebiadoc a un'altro Shaebia: perche non cambi il tuo pen-name? e.g. da 'cane libero' a 'aquila del nord'. Stammi bene.

  8. Kiss you ass qondaf woyane!
    Move to your website!

  9. Hassawi! woyal woyane!
    Why should you care about Eritrean youth and people?
    Move to your failed country and stay there begging! no other choice!

  10. Kemey si, abza alem Hasot bezihu..nay bahaki iye zebleka..Hezbi Eritra kea be bahli ayhesewen iyu..That's way i'm on their part

  11. Denkoro woyane. It amazes me how you agames are zelealem denkoro. You never learn! You are the one who is a slave to Meles Chenawi. You are the one who is going to bed empty stomach. Aren't you the one who is eating from the garbage? Denkoro!

  12. Proud of you deki ERI.!!! Ab'zkedna kedna aynrsen ena elamana. Everything we do is for ERITREA!!! KULU DHRI HAGER EU.!!


  13. B/C Truth eu sendq ElamanA and hdri alena hdri swatna.

  14. Just like ur two face Agame people trying to sugar coat your way in u Agame are pathetic. who are you try to decisive.

  15. Thanks for the excellent service.

  16. Brother Alec, we'll stand for the HDRI our Hero's left us, blagztsi zemetse menennet zemeslen ahbay allewa..forgetting our past and present History..

  17. Abraham:
    Wedi Erey Tsada come down. Did you know Meles Chenawi mother is from Adi Quala?

    Instead of name calling when you are going to go back to Eritrea and get weyane or the agames out of our land?

    I hear the other agames, TPDM are raping our ladies in Asmara. Our mine money is going to TPDM and YPFDJ. How sad is that...

  18. Dam bro...why do you have so much hate towards you fellow Eritrean?
    You know what I have stated is the truth. While our youth is fleeing the country, if you expecting YPFDJ to go back and develop Eritrea, you day dreaming and you must be from the moon.

  19. These are fake, selfish and worthless Eritrean youths who have no idea about the suffering of their people. I am sure; none of them even pay the 2% tax.
    My advice is if you really think you love Eritrea and its people, go to Eritrea and contribute a little. In history, we never seen a country built afar by dancing and gathering.

  20. "It sure looks like Hitler style to me" ...Asha weyane!...Eritreawian Ne Eritrea ...Eritrea Ne Eritreawian.....History will be the judge...and history is made by Eritreans ....youth inside and outside of the country.....bebizelenayou ejamina nigebirina..that was the proud history in the past which lead to independent Eritrea .....and to day as yesterday...the legacy will continue
    "Let a thousand stories bloom. But, let not one of them deny, I am a person. I am Eritrean!"

    Awet Ni Hafash!

  21. You seem to be generalizing quite a bit. Some of the attendees were individuals who partaked in Sawa and even the last border war. There were doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers who have been back home and provided their services to their people, country, etc. So please have all the facts before you before you pass judgement on things you haven't a clue about.

  22. Some of you are truly gifted in the art of assumptions and generalizations. Too bad it doesn't add any value to Eritrea's development.

  23. Nai bhaki cane, kenerabareb ina mes zemetse..tarikna iyu..yes we will always protect our ***BELOVED ERITREA***.

  24. Thank you bro, Thanks to all Eritreans Love u all.


  25. Jealous??? You have tried to mimic YPFDJ Eritreans in diaspora with Tegaru; that didn't work out huh????

  26. Awesome analysis, thx !

  27. sirahka serah..keytehatetka memelas sedenet iyu..who are you to talk on behalf of Eritreans? Seddi

  28. They are mostly teenagers, they have ample time to physically serve. Eritrea does not survive by only 2% contribution but through the heart and soul of its citizens, and those kids they do have heart, soul and mind for Eritrea.

    You said that (in history) no country was built from afar?!
    Well, (assuming that you are right) note it or record it:
    Eritrea will be the first country in history to be built (in addition to the Warsay) by its dedicated citizens residing abroad.

    N.B. Read a little about the Israeli Diaspora and their financial & political contribution to the development of Israel (you may get wiser).

  29. That's it? even now Muslim name's on the government positions. the president, vice president, internal affairs, defense and generals even consular to Jeddah lastly to ypfdj .that's funny. anyway we will see


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