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Video and Pictures From The 2014 Eritrean West Coast Festival

2014 Eritrean West Coast Festival (Credit: Berhane Araia)

The 2014 Eritrean West Coast Festival took place in Oakland, California between August 15-17.

                                            All images are courtesy of Berhane Araia
                                               (click on images to enlarge)

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Video and Pictures From The 2014 Eritrean West Coast Festival Reviewed by Admin on 1:36 PM Rating: 5


  1. I wish this gathering of Eritreans was being celebrated with progress, democracy, unity and rule of law inside our country. All these dances what for? In the last 23 years, what have we accomplished? Is there anything that we have scored worth such childish celebration? The answer is none what so ever. Instead, our people are suffering because of the lawlessness, hideous, heinous and cruel leadership of the mafia group called PFDJ (People’s Front for Destruction and Jailing).

    Why are you guys becoming blindfolded when the situation in Eritrea is crystal clear? Why are you guys dancing when your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, kids, friends and neighbors are leaving our country in thousands because the mafia group has killed our country? In a nutshell, nowadays, there are no jobs, opportunities and most of all hope in Eritrea. Our people are looking the angel of mercy to come and safe our existence and our country and yet you guys are still dancing and worshiping an evil man?

    Simply, the formula for the current situation of Eritrea is as follows:

    No electricity + No jobs(Slavery) + No opportunities + No hope + Divided heart+ no rule of law + exodus + imprisonment …. And yet still dancing

    The good thing is there are thousands of Eritreans living in Bay area my guess is about 20 thousands and the number of people who showed up are not more than 700. Before 2011, the number was in thousands. And this is a big indication of how much the mafia group is hated by the Eritrean people.

    “You can fool me once, but not for 23 years”

  2. Tegadalay,
    Simply these are selfish, opportunistic and fake Eritreans who are unable to differentiate between blacks and white.

  3. Viva DIA. Lion of Temben.

  4. Yours is just word. We are united, power, and action. We are one unied. If you have change of mind, you are more than welcome.

    Awet nhafash.

  5. Eri,
    "Asha dehan alo zemed asha gina kefiewo alo" this say describes exactly you. United in what way? If you mean, united agaisnt the lawless mafia group PFDJ, yes, we are. Enough is Enough!!!

  6. I was there, but just for the purpose of looking a girl as simple as that. I told my friend if he can get me a girl (wife) then he told me I need to go to such festivals and get to know girls. I wouldn’t do that for Higidef mendef!! I am not a fool!!!

  7. Many changes has happened for the better in last 23 yrs, but you are too ignorant to know.

  8. Tegadalay is always tegadalay no matter what, I don't think you where tegadalay or you knew the way to ghedle. The way you write, you are very articulate and I assume you must have lived in a west more than 23 yrs. My question is are you a very wealthy person,do you live in a mansion or castle ,do you own a private plain, a boat..... ? No you don't, If you where you would not have time to write on this web. If you can't be successful in 23 yrs only for yourself,,how in the heck you expect a nation with 5 mill + founded 23 rocky yrs ago with no $ in bank expecting to be like Dubai. If you and alike have stayed and do their fare share to protect and build the nation, by now we would have been close to success.


  10. Well said Luamina

  11. "Tegadalay" so you think we should just sit and mourn? why should we do that what for? Eritrea may is progressing at a slower pace, that does not mean Eritrea is sick. how would you suggest we do help our country? by not supporting GOE oppose anything and everything that is good about Eritrea. I thought it was a tegadalay thing to bury the heroes that fallen next to you and go to guayla?

    When people dance even just to have fun, you say why are you dancing? don't you dance or sing in your own time? if the answer is yes then what is the difference btween me and you if i dance in the Eritrean festivals. you might say i support the government, fare enough, but what if I just want to have fun with my fellow country men and women?.

    when Eritrea find gold or there is inaguration of school or there is a new resurce found (oil?) you say it is not for the benefit f the people so what is the point!.

    When the enemy say we will envade Eritrea and unseat the government to create a pupet then you cheer up! eventhough it is probably your brother who will die - indeed if you are Eritrean - what type of opposition are your type?.

    what is your stand? why are you insulting thousands of Eritreans for supporting their government. fine! you can oppose, but have you ever wondered for a brief second that I have the same right as you do to oppose, me to support?.

    We can agree on some of the things you mentioned, such as not enough jobs and people leaving the country - at this point please click the following link and read people leave their comfort zone to seek a greener pasture even "Europians" do that for your information and return back when things are rosy. and what you decribed as "slavery" is actualy called national service for yor information and no matter how small, people get paid.

    The likes of you are the type who dream that Eritrea should be Dubi in 23 years. well we all wish well for our country but realities are different from dreams. however, Eritrea is marching may be not to your satisfaction.

  12. Viva indeed!
    Where is your brother? Ooppss addis ababa begin,!
    Sucks to be agame !!!!!!!

  13. These 'fake eritreans 'are at home, wht u doin here?
    Wat wrong with walta? Tol? Hassena? Awyatey? Hmm?

  14. You see, in 23 years we achieved 7 of 8 mdg on the basis of self reliance, remember no one in third world specially in africa(in their 60 years of independence)have ever done this is for me is the big motive to selebrate. Don't think you so?I am proud eritrea, is the roll model for third world country, the only way for ward to real independence .every body know we have a long way to go but I want assure you, slowly but surely we will get there.

  15. Join chat room:

  16. Only fools go to an event to meet a future wife .Your ideology stinks ,I am very doubtful you will be able to win a trophy,which is Eritrean woman.

  17. Luam,

    Actually, your guess is wrong. I came in to the USA in 2001, right after the real Eritrean heroes and heroines were arrested just for calling a meeting of national assembly and democratic way of governance. Up until 2001, I fought for 22 years, 11 years before independence and 11 years after. Before I continue, let me offer you one correction. Living in the west for 23 years, doesn’t make someone articulate and doesn’t necessary mean you have to be rich or live in a mansion or a castle. Had that been the case, you would been one of those who own all. The good news is I have a very decent life just the way every Eritrean in the west have.

    To answer your other question, yes I have a private boat and an airplane built inside my mind by which I sail and fly back to the land of the braves and god fearing people, but not blessed with a leadership that disrespects the cause of our struggle. Finally, the root cause of our internal and external problems is the mafia group called PFDJ (People’s Front For Destruction and Jailing) that rules by blames, lies, defamations and accusations. Please wake up sister!!! You can be fooled once, twice.., but not for 23 years!!! Ezi we dehanki gual adey.

  18. Peoud,

    You have every right to dance, socialize and have fun, we all have an alienable rights. However, the mafia group uses such festivals as a propaganda machine as if you are happy with whatever the group is doing back home. Help your people, not the government. The government is hated by your people inside and outside due to the fact that it is not able to follow the rule of law, doesn’t have clear economic policy and vison to you beloved country. Wake up before it is too late!!!

    You said, “Eritrea is marching”, on what direction? Simple questions, where are our big merchants, contractors, educated citizens? Why are they leaving our country? These individuals supposed be the engine of our marching and not force them to leave their county. The reason for such mass exodus is simple and that is the mafia group has destroyed all opportunities and monopolized the whole country and made our people inside hostages of its childish leadership. Anta hawna, do you know all the cafeterias, bakeries and hotels back in Eritrea are using personal generators to serve their customer? Economically, our people were better off during the dergue period. We never heard a generator running in kombushtato. Is this a marching?

  19. Hassad agame , get out with that bullshit!

  20. In politics it is not what you did yesteryear it is what you do today and in the future, if any one got caught in illegal act they ought to be in prison,even my family members. You claim you left the country because some individual you adore are in prison,If I where you after fighting for 22 yrs witnessed many of my friends family members fallen beside me to free Eritrea, I would have stayed on course to make their dream come through . Please spare me, don't even call me gual adey,go find your self gual adeka some where south of Eritrea. I bet you, you have been in the country you claimed to be minimum of 30+ the way you write. Please stop lying people like you all they do is just talk no action. Tegadalay for 22 yrs what a joke.

  21. Luam,

    I don’t think you know politics, sorry to say that. In politics, the cause of any movement or struggle begins in the past. Once your mission is accomplished, then you stay firm to honor and protect it (Current) and try to preserve it for the future generations. In case of Eritrea, we fought for our independence and people such as you failed to protect it. Instead, you have chosen to worship a mafia group. As a result, here we have a country that is marching towards it’s graveyard. Thanks to your silence!!

    I left the country because of my political view (Speaking the truth) and for that I was chased. And I am glad with my decision to the fact that I know what would have happened to me.

    My second advise to you is, keep debating with facts and the realities, but it is not wise to ship me to the south (Tigray). I love Eritrea and I know for sure you love Eritrea too, even if you are currently worshiping a dictatorial leadership. Remember, there will always be a political difference among citizens, however, letting your heart hate your fellow citizen is not something that is expected from a person who lives in 21 century. Ezi we dehanki eza haftey!!!
    One thing though!!!
    Are you saying in order to write English, you have to be out of your origin country for over 30 years? Wow!!! How about our brothers and sisters who are living back home and write and speak perfect English? Come on!!!

  22. qondaf woyane! What about the MDG goals achieved in Eritrea? There are endless achievements in Eritrea. The challenges that Eritrea have is similar to other countries in the continent. If you are really living on earth. Migration is a personal choice, and it is all over the continent. How many children migrated to USA last week from neighboring countries?
    You have a problem how to differentiate issues, that is the differences between lies, propagandas and truth.
    I am 100% sure you are not an Eritrean, if you pretend to be Eritrean I wish you good luck.

  23. Hassad woyane!!

  24. You can sugar coat your message, but still you are not speaking the truth. No one chase any one unless they are caught with their hand in a cookie jar, did you? you have claimed you left the country,because some of your compatriot has been arrested in 2001, now your saying you left the country of your political view. Please turn off your device and go to hibernation for as long as possible, because I am not interested continuing this conversation with some one who have committed God knows what.

  25. With the mentality you have, bull would be perfect mate for you to deal with.

  26. compare and contrast
    Eritrea is building a cult vs Ethiopia building cities( cmc road)

  27. Zip it agame , remove that eritrean mask & speak your mind as quomal agame!!!

  28. Haa, U R baaad :)

    Btw you wasted a few precious minutes of you life!
    He is neither tegadaay nor ertrean , but quomal agame
    Taking you for a loop , sorry!

  29. I misspelled Proud.
    Yes as i said Eritrea is progressing. you have a limited view of whats going on Eritrea with a very limmted amount of resource. The only readily available resource Eritrea had after independence was its people and that is what you use as the basis for your non existent economy. and progress - a real one is slow but solid. I find some oppositions say "meukeby may tiray diom kiserhu kinebru!" whats wron with micro dams thats what will support food security for Eritreas future.
    Electriciy may be not be available as you like it to be in "kombishtato", the reason is now many parts of rural Eritrea has electricity, alas with the existing capacity, Eritea is blessed with lots of resources and me and you know that as well as the government. what a"childish" government would do is get a multy national company give them the green light to take whatever they want and the country will have some dollar that will be shared among the ruling parties - thats African story and you know that" do you see GOE doing this giving a green light to everyone and any one, have you been checking the deals that have been taking place with cariety of companies in Ertrea? if as you say the government is "childish" wouldn't make sense to amass the few dollar Eritrea get in swiss banks?
    I leave you with these questions and i don't pretend to know the basics of economies but I know real growth is slow and Eritrea is on the right track.

  30. You wasting your time with comal agame too!
    He knows better than he uttered, but that is not why he is here!
    He is part of the quomalat dedebits wish to 'divide & conquer' !
    Day dreams of agames are endless!!!!

  31. At least EVEN YOU know it has "productive youth'!
    Where are your brothers?
    Oopppsssss, adddis ababa BEGGIN ?
    Eway wurdet !!!

  32. ኣለክስ ቆማል ዓጋመ- ኪድ ኣብቲ ቤት እንዳ ዉቤ ኣብኡ ተዛረብ፡ ሕማቅ ምተዛረብኩኻ ነይረ ግን ካልእ ከየሕዝን ገዲፈዮ ኣሎኹ፡ ደርጃኻ-ሓሉ ኣብዚ ቦታኻ ኣይኮነን፡፡

  33. Proud,
    I just mentioned Kombushtato as an example. It is all over Eritrea. What happen to Hirgigo power plant? 18 years ago the mafia group was beating drums of propaganda about the plant. What is in the rural area is polls with no power. Answer the following questions and you will know what a progress is:
    Why are our people leaving the country to Uganda, Angola...? Why is corruption spreading like a flu virus? It has been over 23 years and how come we don't have a sustainable air lines? What do we export? Why are all private construction companies suspended for over 10 years?
    The mafia group is even unable to maintain the economic level that they got from Dergue. You just want to hide the truth brother. Call your families backhome and ask them how they all are doing and how life is they will tell you to pray for them.

  34. "tegadalay" nay internet !!!

    keep crying from your rathole LOL

    The real tegadaly is at HOME holding his kalashinkof on one hand and building the nation on the other hand !

  35. Long live DIA.Lion of Temben :)!

  36. Sheriff is buried in unmarked grave in she labor ,Aster was buried next to a soldiers latrine ,g-15 all dead and thrown like garbage


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