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Eritrea and Ethiopia: 'Two Halves of The Tale'

13 years after the signing the Algiers Agreement, the wayward regime in Ethiopia continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories


The 1990s were a very peculiar decade for both Eritreans and Ethiopians.  After sacrificing over 65,000 lives, Eritrea was able to win a protracted war and achieved its independence from Ethiopia in 1991. At the same time Ethiopia was able to overthrow one of the most brutal regimes in Africa led by Mengistu Hailemariam. The joint effort to overthrow the Mengistu’s regime was engineered by the Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF) with several faction groups in Ethiopia, including the Tigray People Liberation Front participating in a common cause. When Mengistu’s regime was defeated in 1991 a united partnership of those faction groups was created and became known as the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front prior to assuming power.

Fast-tracking to the future, in 1993 Eritrea held a United Nations-sponsored referendum and the overwhelming majority of Eritreans voted for independence and a nation was born.  While Eritreans were celebrating their independence and prepared to build their war-ravaged country, the people of Ethiopia were dealing with mixed emotion. They celebrated the fact that the protracted war between the two nations was a thing of the past and a ruthless dictator was removed.  But for Ethiopians losing a province including two ports that were once part of Ethiopia was hard to swallow. However, in spite of the fact that these two peoples belong to two different states and resentment was prevalent at the time, personal relationships among Eritreans and Ethiopians for the most part remained intact.  Between 1991 and 1997 the leadership of these two nations also enjoyed a very good relationship. It wasn’t a coincidence that these two countries that fought bloody wars for several years were able to enjoy a short-lived peace while economically prospering. The economic prosperity both nations enjoyed from 1991 to 1997 was the byproduct of the momentary peace that lasted for almost seven years.

Although Eritrea’s intention to strengthen the relationship with Ethiopia was a genuine one and was a conscious effort to rebuild the relationship between these two countries with a clean slate, the regime in Ethiopia had an ulterior motive and apparently couldn’t conceal it for long. Whether the ulterior motive was bred by external forces or merely generated from within, the TPLF leadership embraced it enough to go to unnecessary and bloody war with Eritrea in 1998. The burning questions are:

How did the TPLF/EPRDF that was despised by most Ethiopians for allowing Ethiopia to be a landlocked nation as far as its citizens were concerned manage to pursue its ill-advised war against Eritrea in 1998?

Why is the same regime that barely survived the 1998 war still infatuated with another potentially devastating war with Eritrea?

Recently, Prime Minister Hailemariam of Ethiopia made a public statement about starting war with Eritrea.  If the regime carried out its threat it could be winner takes it all.  What would be the military outcome of such a war, and subsequently what is the political result expected to follow the military outcome?


In 1991 the sentiment shared by almost 99% of Ethiopians was that their country should be given the port of Assab in exchange for them to accept Eritrea as an independent nation. Unfortunately for those who share the opinion of keeping the port of Assab under Ethiopia’s possession, Eritrea has never been and will never be willing to accommodate the idea of sacrificing its sovereign land in return for lasting peace. Though it was clearly evident that Ethiopians had no ill will toward Eritreans, nevertheless, the TPLF/EPRDF was not immune to that sentiment. As a matter of fact, that attitude manifested itself once the bloody 1998 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia became a reality. Perhaps, the ugly feeling the regime had carried for a long period of time against the people of Eritrea and its leadership was one of the contributing factors for the bloody war that claimed so many precious lives on both sides. 

Most Ethiopians including intellectuals remained vocal for several years about the loss of access to the sea. While some expressed their resentment directly against the current regime in Ethiopia for facilitating Eritrea’s independence, others were encouraging the regime to re-negotiate the return of Assab by any means necessary with force to be entertained only as a last recourse. The ulterior motives of the regime in Ethiopia was to take advantage of the emotion of those Ethiopians who felt betrayed by their government for losing the port of Assab that they believed to be their sovereign land.  Intellectuals were encouraged to criticize the regime openly about the loss of the port.  With false assertions and intellectual dishonesty most continued to argue about Assab being the sovereign land of Ethiopia.  The regime used it to gauge the nation’s feeling and the type of support it would be receiving if it decides to invade Eritrea. The regime in Ethiopia was contented enough to start pursuing its aggression against Eritrea to carry out its war of revenge in order to feel self-worthiness.  The only thing missing from these detractors was motive.

The 1998 war

The Ethiopian regime’s military aggression in some parts of Eritrea that was initially perceived by the government of Eritrea as innocent mistakes was the beginning of many episodes until the perfect motive was handed to the regime when retaliation occurred after the Badme incident. Subsequently the government of Eritrea chased the regime’s force out of Badme and fully controlled it. Though the scale of the military conflict was a reason for relationships between these two countries to deteriorate, the ulterior motive escalated the devastating and unrestrained war in 1998. While the regime claimed to the whole world to have been invaded by Eritrea, and claimed full scale war was justified against Eritrea to defend its sovereign land, privately regaining access to the sea was underlined at its main objective. This sentiment was also shared in so many different ways to the citizens of Ethiopia and to the international community to galvanize support for the war, at the same time, the hidden agenda about recapturing access to the sea kept its critics briefly muzzled. The regime’s critics found it very difficult to not be on the side of their government during the conflict with Eritrea.  After all, they had the desire to see Eritrea brought back as part of Ethiopia and reverse the independence or worst case scenario recapture the port of Assab and establish ownership of the port. Seemingly, the desire to gaining access to the sea is the only thing that brought the regime and its critics together. War was justified for that reason.

The 1998 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia was perceived to be one of the most devastating wars in the modern era. While Eritrea was fighting to defend its sovereign land and to try to preserve its independence, the regime in Ethiopia’s objective was fluctuating based on its daily military feat in a given day. Included in the list the regime outlined as its objectives in the war against Eritrea were defending Ethiopia’s sovereign land, teaching Eritrea a lesson, freeing Eritreans from oppressive government by capturing Asmara and dismantling the current government. 

Whereas the regime was pretending to have a military superiority against Eritrea, the facts on the ground suggested otherwise. The failure to capture Asmara or the port of Assab was a major disappointment to the regime and its supporters. The loss of human lives and materiel followed the disappointing failure was catastrophic. With over 150,000 soldiers killed and 2/3 of the military arsenal being used for a losing cause, the regime’s option to stay in power was to simply accept what Eritrea had already accepted – the Algiers agreement.  The famous bravado by the late Prime Minister “give us 72 hours and we will finish the war” leads one to believe that the regime had no military credential. The genesis of the 1998 war between the regime in Ethiopia and Eritrea was stated by most as a “senseless war”. Given the outcome of the war and the mechanism put in place to end the war clearly exposed the irrationality behind the war. 

True, Eritrea sacrificed 19,000 precious lives to defend and preserve its independence.  In a clear and unambiguous manner, Eritrea made it clear that this was a war it shouldn’t have been fought.  For that reason, Eritrea continued to follow the international law in defending its territory. Eritrea’s engagement in this war was a universally accepted position, that is, self-defense. On the other hand, the regime in Ethiopia, with erratic behavior in conducting the war, couldn’t rationally present its objective for continuing the war. The regime was showing its frustration by bombing cities, economic sectors and non-military targets such as airports as its effort to capture the two most important cities, the port of Assab and Asmara the capital city of Eritrea, diminished by the minute. Between May 12th and June 18th of 2000, the regime in Ethiopia bragged about winning the war. The propaganda machine that was installed in Addis Ababa continued to report victory after victory while innocent Ethiopians were thrown into the line of fire from which they couldn’t escape.  The regime’s military forces, with an appetite to capture more of Eritrea’s land, was spread thin and ended up being a target. The Military force of the regime that pretty much attacked Eritrea from every position known wasn’t able to achieve its objective. Its military adventure might have brought brief political victory.  However, the hollow victory the regime and its supporters continued to convey to the world was not able to disguise the military defeat the regime had suffered in the hands of the Eritrean defense force. Soon the war was over with both countries heading to Algiers to sign the peace agreement.

Even though Eritrea accepted the Algiers’ agreement and sent its leadership to Algiers for the signing ceremony, the regime in Ethiopia was bemoaning its loss after the 72 hours extension it received from the U.N. to continue the war of aggression that was defended successfully. Eritrea was ready to sign the Algiers agreement after successfully defending its territory. On the other hand, the regime in Ethiopia was forced to finally show up with nothing to show for its war of aggression. Yes, Badme remains under its control.  Nevertheless, it is just a matter of time before Badme returns to its rightful owner.

The political and military dilemma the regime is facing

From the Ethiopian perspective, Eritrea had lost the war and therefore not only Badme but access to the sea should be part of the negotiation. The regime and its supporters were deliberately misleading the people of Ethiopia about the nature of the agreement and most certainly about the outcome of the war. Of course, the matter had to be handled in a delicate manner to ensure the survival of the regime. As time goes by, the people of Ethiopia started asking questions about the result of the war and the true nature of the agreement. The questions were ranged from what was the human loss to what is the status of the port of Asseb. Apparently, the people of Ethiopia never received adequate response with regard to the human cost of the war. Finally, most Ethiopians discovered that the hollow victory was in fact an agonizing defeat and the chance of gaining access to the sea was merely depending on a civilized relationship with their neighbor country, Eritrea. For the past 16 years, the regime’s strategy was to conceal the facts from its own citizens. The costly war the regime instigated with Eritrea failed to produce any of its unpredictable objectives.

Today, the people of Ethiopia are more concerned about the well-being of their nation. Gaining ownership of the port of Assab is no longer on their agenda and Badme is no longer on the Ethiopian radar. Their first priority is to take ownership of their country by eliminating the current regime. The regime’s opponents are flooding the country and those who chose to fight are finding shelter with the government of Eritrea.  There are number of freedom fighters against the regime in Ethiopia. In their own right, they have become formidable political and military opponents and pose a serious threat to the regime’s existence. Today, the regime in Ethiopia is faced with a political and military quagmire. 

Two Halves of the Tale:  A Potential Second Round War

The war between Ethiopia and Eritrea ended over a decade and half ago. The first half of the tale is over. But today there are those posturing to renew war between the two nations.  Will there be a second half of the tale?

For the past few years, the regime in Ethiopia has been threatening Eritrea with another round of war. The regime was creating a perception that it has the military might to crush any opponent, including Eritrea.  This message was designed for local consumption, especially directed at those who are prepared to confront the regime militarily. In addition, the threats were orchestrated to divert attention from internal issues.  Whatever the case may be, a threat of war against a sovereign nation is not accepted by international law.  Moreover, Eritrea has the right to defend itself. In fact, Eritrea doesn’t need to wait until Ethiopia fires the first bullet now that the irresponsible prime minister is on the record saying that his administration’s future policy will embrace military attack against Eritrea.  Obviously, Hailemariam inherited the prime ministry seat from his predecessor. Sadly, the position is not the only thing he inherited. Between the current prime minister and his predecessor, countless threats were made to attack Eritrea. The first war with Eritrea had a perfect scenario for the regime, its supporters and critics. They all were galvanized under the underlined objective of taking the port of Assab by force. The aftermath of the war produced a legal document that endorsed Badme and the port of Assab to be within the territory of Eritrea. Today, it is unambiguous that the regime in Ethiopia lost the war and the legal issue in 2000. Most importantly, Badme, the focal point of the war with Eritrea is now the sovereign land of Eritrea.

As far as Ethiopians are concerned, there is no legal ground to declare war against Eritrea. The support Ethiopians afforded to the regime in 1998 will not be there today.  As a matter of fact those critics of the regime have become opponents and ready to overthrow the regime.  Amazingly, the very same opponents who supported the regime in its endeavor to capture access to the sea are now working with the government of Eritrea in their attempt to unseat the regime.

The regime has no clear motive to start war with Eritrea.  Support afforded by its citizens in 1998 war with Eritrea will not be available. Most importantly, the regime has created more enemies within and these enemies of the regime have military capability to attack the regime from every direction. A potential second round war with Eritrea may not be imminent. However, given the irrationality the regime had displayed for the past 20 years anything is possible. If this regime starts war with Eritrea, “A tale of two halves” will be completed.

Yohannes Kifle

Algiers Agreement Signatures (click to enlarge)

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  1. An intelligent Eritrean
    did say that Eritrea have never been colonized by Ethiopia at any time in
    history but by the superpowers indirectly. The enemy have tried continuously
    and have managed to challenge our unique unity which could have been the basis
    for African renaissance. Just like most so called African intellectuals,
    Eritreans who are lucky enough to read books written by westerners forgot who
    they really are and preached about the shortcut to building a nation. The
    majority of the youth who fell in to the trap without realizing what really is
    happening around them have given the wrong impression for the Ethiopians to do
    the wrong calculations. Once and again the idea that our RED SEA will serve the
    interest of the master and slave will not succeed just because the so called
    Eritrean intellectuals who have the power and the expertise have done their
    utmost to challenge and question the aggressors intention but because of the
    sacrifice by those who have always believed in their leadership and sacrificed
    their lives for the cause.

  2. Shabians dogs are barking from very far away from home as if they knows the current situation about their so called Country just to divert the problems they are facing. On our side there is nothing that bring us to fight you while you are about to die by your own unless you try to provoke us like you deed back in 1998-2000 war.

  3. Eritrea is ready for anything they will NEVER take any part of our land. Ethiopia will be crushed and demolished Long Live PIA. And Long live Shabia PIA forever Shabia forever

  4. Antayo shabia goshimna embey, ya A woo woo!
    Way way, way way, wiy, wiy, wiy,
    Shabia geyrulna mbeye , chergiduna mbeye Wey Wey!

    Gen, tsadkan 2000.

  5. This writer is a confused individual that doesn't have any idea about the present situation in his Country or the usual blind folded shabian supporters that works day and night to destabilize the whole region by creating such un founded war mongering article while he is enjoying good life in western country and he think the poor peoples of both Country will fight each others for the war that any one will be a winner. He even said, Ethiopia doesn't have any right to start war but Eritrea need to strike first.Mr stupid writer who gave Eritrea to strike first and Ethiopia second and on what chapter of the United Nations is this or it is the usual shabians jungle of law you are trying to tell us?

  6. Woyane can't lie to Eritreans or Ethiopians. They are desperately surrounded. With elections imminent, they are looking to use Eritrea's war to prolong their unwelcome stay in power. The problem, they cried wolf too many times. No one will fall for their lies this time. Good bye woyane!

  7. RIP Meles & all agames dream!August 20, 2014 at 5:55 PM

    Some DDT & your azz will run for the hills, it's comming & FAST !
    No need for us to waste even ONE eritrean, we are feeding your cousins & they are comin & HARD, ask bereket shuoL!

  8. Take it or LEAVE it , coz that's way it iz!
    You are asking questions as if a human being, Haaaa!

    Mexicans = paper? Or plastic ?
    Agame = LOQUOTA ? Walas FESTAL ? ( for silemariam)!

    But time change now beeches, YIRDEKUM all the way !

  9. -0AN6p1K4/s1600/Ethiopian+General+Tsadkan+Gebretensae.jpg

  10. The war was sponsored by Jews bankers and their cronies such as Herman Cohen in Washington, to punish Eritrea for introducing its own currency without the blessing of of the thugs at the IBS and for not having its central bank controlled by those filthy Zionists. ....that and the fact Eritrea was against the New World Order.... and of course this opened door for Agame to carry out their dream of "greater Tgray" by invading sovereign nations with the blessing of Zionist Washington.

  11. Madote,where lie hosted.What ever you lie history tells the truth.

  12. The Algiers Treaty is null and void.
    Belligerent Eritrea invaded the demilitarized zone from the get go and hence,Eritrea willfully nullified the agreement.
    Algiers Agreement/Treaty is Dead, kaput, Finished.

    Badme dima kem tub Adekum Hiremuwa.

  13. The Algiers Treaty is null and void.
    Belligerent Eritrea invaded the demilitarized zone from the get go and hence will fully nullified the agreement. As far as Ethiopia is concerned ,the Algiers Agreement/Treaty is Dead, kaput, Finished.
    The status quo is fine with Ethiopia but It should be crystal clear to everyone that if Eritrea/HIGDEF wants to negotiate in good terms on everything, Ethiopia is ready and willing to put an end to this nonsense.

  14. At least there is ELECTION in Ethiopia, taboo in Eritrea?
    that should be your concern.

  15. True, Eritrea has never been colonized by Ethiopia, it was part and parcel of Ethiopia.

  16. Fuk yur negotiate duhulAugust 21, 2014 at 12:41 AM

    Right, just like the victory drum you were bangin while 100,000 of stinkin corpse filled the hills and back! In the end she 's comin out and her name is TRUTH !
    You had 12 yrs to lick your wounds & come up with a feasible or sustainable skeem, & it's too late now. Woyane has just few more months of life & back to reality after that, it's either the dusty no mans land or beg in addis as it always was. Third option duba/asmara is OFF THE TABLE for GOOOOOOD. !

  17. Fuk yur negotiate duhul !August 21, 2014 at 1:08 AM

    The Only thing null, dull & void is an agames rational thinking!
    Hade n kab hade fetsimom zeyhishu
    Gize zeyimhrom denakur ayasu .

    Fuk negotiating, GTFO NOW? Or GTFO later from it all! ( im sure you know)!

    IT is the only offer on the table!

  18. The majority of african countries leaders are dependent on external influence management (western neo enslavement). Just going back and reading history after the "concession of independence" on the mid-twentieth century" one observe many tactics used to recolonize the continent by the west, since then we observe that african nations was engaged intra tribal, religious wars among nations and peoples, somehow similar of what the "developed countries" did during the first and second world wars. The weakness to attribute to african leaders is that they don't learn from past nor from present time, and above all still things are there not resolved while other continents like Asia, S. America are aware and doing better to change situation. True the latin say: errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum (To err is human, but to persevere diabolical)

    Ethiopian leaders as their african mates didn't learn from their past history and they are persisting up to date on the erroneous path, instead improving the public services of their poor population they accomplish their masters order here and there creating havoc in all the region. History tells again what happen to their past leaders and how things went. At this point isn't appropriate to call again, the majority of the african leaders including the ethiopians unconscious donkeys or monkeys with due respect to donkeys & monkeys?

  19. abe, it is nn of your business. we do election when we need it, we do things according to our needs. What do you think election will do for you.? what if election take place in Eritrea will benefit an individual like from Ethiopia. tell me.

  20. Abe Eritrea was not colonized because the Ethiopians have no power to do that. They did colonized Eritrea because they were ( the Ethiopians were a colonly of the Super power meanse, indirectly America was doing the job for Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country that cannot lead itself. That is wahy it has all this civil wars, kllings, uprisings and wars within itself. So it was obviouse, if it was not for the Americans who support Ethiopia to put Eritrea under its rule by force, then Ethiopia is broken country to colonized it.
    Whether you say and that the history is recoded you cannot undo it. so you better do not make a fool of your self. Yes , I can say to you more and more times, Ethiopia is not capable to lead self, not alone to colonize other countries. It is only the west, America mainly who sustained Ethiopia. Where you when Eritrea was colonized, by Egypt in the 14th Century, Where were you when the Turkish colonized Eritrea in the 15th Century, Where were you when The Italians colonized Eritrea in the 18th-20th Century for over a hundred years. Where were you when the borders were made between Ethiopia and Eritrea by Italy and Menelik of Ethiopia, Where were you When the British administered Eritrea in 1940-1950. Why did you gave Eritrea to colonizers. It is been recoded that is why we have a border. that is sealed. You cannot make a history on line on this website. Do not dream.

  21. Gobeze, do not worry about Eritrea. you can say shaebian dogs or not it does not make any sense, we are Eritreans,. What is your problem/? Why do you hate Shaebia. There is one reason why you hate Shabians is because you are jealouse of our achievements, our identity, our being best and clever. Shabeia liberated Ethiopia and tigray from Derg butcher. You must be thankful. But a snake is a snake . you do not have a good heart.
    We are shaebians ourselves. do not think there it is wrong to support our government where ever we are. We die or survie we know what we are doing and what we can do. We never depend on anyone for survival, we never beg, we never went hungry, we never fail and forget our country. The most strongest community in the world Eritrean community who support our country, our people and our Government. That is why woyanes cried about 2% contribution from overseas diaspora Eritreans. That scared woyane and Meles went to America, CIA UN and Europe to stop it. See!! How important we diaspora Eritreans are. Eritreans who live the country are not against their country. But it is fashion to go to Europe and America and you better shut up. you need to worry bout your own life. You have more problems in your country ND BETTER CONCENTRATE TO YOUR OWN SHAMFUL HISTORY OF BEGGARS.

  22. "...Most Ethiopians including intellectuals remained vocal for several years about the loss of access to the sea. While some expressed their resentment directly against the current regime in Ethiopia for facilitating Eritrea’s independence..."

    Yes all of Ethiopians believe TPLF was a troy horse for EPLF for that they facilitate in the name of Independence took Ethiopian sovereignty land and sea. However you Eritreans was so selfish you want Ethiopia as a share and Eritrea for a single. Its calculation protested by Real Tigray people and asked the regime to deiced whether Ethiopian people or Eritrean people at this time TPLF/EPRDF choose Ethiopians that is why the war began.

    The main thing you Eritrean must know yow didn't won Ethiopian people your Independence given by TPLF you must thanks them if it wasn't facilitate by them Eritrea look like Somaliland till now.

    The last thing you Eritreans saw Ethiopians People in 1998-2000 war we won that war take care for next time

  23. Haki qomal we make to remember the day you beg for left over food in asmara just wait

  24. Haile Gebissa
    woy wayo, haile gebisa, half tigraway, half Oromo. Scared to to tell his identity. Haile Gebissa you do not have any moral ground to talk about us. You better shut up.. Eritrea is safe and developing. Eritrea is full of gold, Potash and Gold. e never went hungry. We never begged from any country for food or for cash. We never work for any government that gives us handouts. You better think about the 1000,000 beggars and sick and disabled people in Ethiopia. onoy in Addis ababa Shanti towns. Eritrea is admired by journalists visitors for being a proud country and proud people. Ethiopia is known for its poverty, famine and begging every year for food. 20 million Ethiopians are geting food aid in Ethiopia while you talk here. Eritrean people are not rich but they manage to live without begging. can you see the difference. Eritrean people never ever got food, money from American or Eurpean masters. Eritrea never makes problem in neighbouring countries like you in Somalia, in Sudan and in Kenya. Ethiopia fighting and killing its own oeople. War war and war is what Ethiopia knows. Eritrea live in peace and we are mining our wealth and produce food for our consumption. We do not have food aid. All this makes you jealouse and come here complaining without reason shaebia ShaEia Shaebia. .YOU MUST BE THANKFUL IT WAS SHAEBIA WHO LIBERATED YOU FESSAME SHINTAM HULA FROM DERG. DERG WAS BUTCHERING YOU, ERITREA LIBERATED YOU ALL. AND NOW YOU COME AS A SNAKE TO BITE US. YOU BETTER SHSUT UP. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PEOPLE, YOU WOULD HAVE APPRECIATED WHAT WE DID FR YOU. BUT YETERGEME HULA NEVER THANKFUL


  26. You are my man! But what is IBS? could you write more about it please. A lot of Eritreans, even the educated once don't know about it.

  27. I doubt if you have any clue what election means.You need to catch up.

  28. Tedeliyo o mo yemesleken

  29. Amature historian, where you born in 1991? and baptised by phony Ghedli history?
    Go on ..why did you get stuck in 1950? what happened to eritrea from 1952- 1991?
    Go back to the basics before you dare talk on international relations..

  30. Weyane doesn't have a clue about elections. They shot and imprisoned the legitimate winners in 05.

  31. What a slave minded dud. People like you are called Fereng Amlaku in Ethiopia.You need to work on your self esteem.
    Africans are owners of their destiny.

  32. Why do you have to call my name, because you change nicknames doesn't mean everyone do it.
    I have one that is Rora and Rora only (it's my true name by the way....Rora Yemane).

  33. Stop beaching !!
    Fyi,When the terms of agreement is/are compromised/violated by one or both parties, the agreement is null and void. It clear to those who know the abc's of law.
    For now the no peace no war agreement is valid and binding and..
    "I'm Lovin' It"

  34. Fereng Amlaku are those who went to us a week ago to get lesson from the master to act this way, that way, you need to trust this and not china ect..i'm in my home and don't need no one tells me who to trust or with whom to do business, isn't this the small difference we have with all those who went there? Come on abe..

  35. The late PM of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi explaining why TPLF decided to abandon using Assab port in 1998 and what its ultimate plan in the long run which is using all means possible to bring Assab port into the Ethiopian fold

  36. Very good Ayda!
    Your reply to this reptile (Gobeze) is by itself a definite MANIFESTO of diaspora Eritreans.

  37. If Ayda is an amateur historian, you are for sure a senile reader.
    She gave you specific historical dates, you should give her specific historical answers, but as a cursed Weyane your nature does not allow you to deal with any truth.
    Phony Ghedli?? What phony, history is the witness, our Ghedli was the most successful Ghedly in Africa, ask Col. Mengestu H.M. not the Weyane cos the Weyane consider 'truth' as a cardinal sin.

  38. "የሌባ ዓይነ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ኣድርቅ" ይሉሃል እንዳንተ ዓይነቱን ነው!

  39. I know you are born from your Eritrean prostitute mother that gave birth to your Italian banda father try to colonize Africans remain in Eritrea while all his comrades killed and buried in African soil. you are nothing but confused DIKALA individual that lost his identity and all ways insulting the black Africa peoples including Eritreans.

  40. Africans should be owners of their own destiny. Unfortunately, many aren't. They, including your own country, have been entrapped by the machinations of the "fereng" and are made to sacrifice their own chosen destiny for the "fereng." They are treated like animals with the "carrot and stick." The carrot, when they obey (money to steal, in the form of aid)--the stick when they disobey (government overthrown, sanctions, destabilization, refusing loans, etc, etc.

    Do your research Mr. Abe instead of playing መበሻሸቅ with Eritreans.

  41. So, you know more than Eritreans about the current situation about our country? Man you don't know a thing about Eritreans. Wherever we are, we ask everything in detail from various sources, including many of our relatives!

    It is your Prime Minister who said they will fight with Eritrea. You General Gobeze, say different!

  42. Haile,
    Have you not heard your Prime Minister's comment about attacking Eritrea? If anybody is stupid it is your Prime minister who is on the record making irresponsible comment.
    I strongly suggest that you read the article again so you understand where the writer is coming from. I am not ready to call you stupid yet; however, assuming your understanding of the article remains unchanged, I will be forced to change my mind.

  43. Here is someone who has not yet understood the propaganda of 1998- 2000. ኤርትራ የግል፡ ኢትዮፕያ የጋራ! Stop repeating this meaningless phrase it is 2014 now! We traded just as any two good neighbors would trade. You even used our ports for far more less than it would cost you in the market. We exchanged as the market would allow us. Now Djibouti is playing you as it wants. Are you going to scream ጂቡቲ የግል፡ ኢትዮፕያ የጋራ? It is using the market to get the best it can get. What is more, their president and his wife have even acquired Ethiopian land for themselves. It must be better now!

  44. At least now you admit that it is NONSENSE. That is an improvement, bravo!

  45. Sheinka deqqs habibi!

  46. Go check around the world who is prostitute. You can start in Dubai!!! Ethiopians all over for 10 dirhams. Flippin public toilets in every sense... personally, politically...u name it

  47. Hassawi woyal woyane!
    99.9% of Eritrea Sovereign Land is in our control. Eritrea has further occupied Ethiopia land, because of the final and binding border agreement is not implement on the ground.

    So, no need to go for war. If you wish safe your failed state Ethiopia.

  48. What a hell are you talking about? Since Ethiopia had never been an Independent State you don't have man date to decide for your country and people. Just wait the west will tell you to stick on the Algeria's treaty and you will respect their call.

    Eritrea is an Independent State, and no one can over take our Sovereign Land. It will remain there for ever.

    The Eritrean Defense Force (EDF) have still occupied the largest part of your land, that is larger than Badme. If you have a gut try to overtake the occupied land, which is under control of EDF. The land is under EDF control, because of not implementing the final and binding border agreement on the ground.
    If you don't know that ask your boss woyane and will tell you how bigger is that than Bademe, which is still under control of EDF.

  49. Why are do you lying? Starting from your country Ethiopia they don't own their destiny.

    Try to analyze issues based on the facts, don't be emotional. The truth will never grow old!

  50. How can Eritrea been colonized by Ethiopian?
    Ethiopia has never been an Independent State, she is always under Neo-Colonization or been colonized. She waits orders from her bosses to make decision Abe. I am sure you really don't know the current and previous history of Ethiopia and Africa.
    You need to go to school to learn Africa history of colonization and neo-colonization, and you will find out the truth about your country Ethiopia.

  51. Wake up from your emotions!
    You are educated more than your intelligence.
    How big is the size of your brain and IQ?
    Are you suffering from psychopath? Better to visit your woyane doctor to get the best medicine.
    Good Luck!

  52. ትዕግስቲ ዝወሓደካ ኢኻ ትመስል ! ሓኪ ፣ ንኹሉ ብዓቕሊ እንተጸኒሕካ ክትርእዮ ኢኻ ። ተደጋጋሚ ካብ ዓቕምኻ ንላዕሊ ምልፍላፍ ፣ ከምቲ በቕሊ ኩሉ ጊዜ ሕማቕ ብዛዕባ ፈረስ ትዛረብ ኮይኑ'ዩ ዘስምዕ -
    እትህቦ ዙምቡዕ ርእይቶ ።

  53. You are that much out of touch and irrelevant.

  54. You are "Gasha" to real Eritrea,stay out of adult talk.

  55. Most Amiche's are back to Ethiopia, may be you should give it a try instead of dreaming about non existent system .Your Amharic is intact.

  56. The largest investors in Ethiopia are China, Sudan, Turkey, India...
    Fyi,Revolutionary democrats are in charge in Ethiopia.

  57. It is nonsense because border demarcation has never been the real cause of the conflict though It was good enough to fool the feeble minded,half witted HIGDEF goons.

  58. According to the Phony Ghedli History, Colonial question was the cause of Eritrean struggle!!! has it been rebranded again?

  59. In Tigrina, it is "Tedelyeo' mo Yizingiakin.

  60. Yohannes; your writing reflects your internal fear and confusion. It also lacks objectivity and honesty. How can you say ethiopia invaded Eritrea when it was our army that invaded and captured badme? You can also not say that Eritrea won the war. Are you blind to see the dire strais Eritrea is in

  61. On what kind of drugs are you on cause in your Ethiopia there are so many and I can't guess witch one you on

  62. Aha you been here all along your the agame spy but we already knew you and your agame ass holes. ZCruise is even one of those dumb spy hiding thinking his doing a good job. When suddenly your prime minister of Ethiopia announced he wants war you and your other apes trying to stay low we know all your dirty dumb tricks

  63. Okay here is my take. As an millennial Eritrean living in the states, I wasn't there in the war and I don't have the historic political liability in my blood to hate or disengage Ethiopians. No problem whatsoever. But from the business & economic standpoint, it's common sense to talk with the regime to resolve basic needs of the Ethiopians 90+ million and allow them access to one of our ports (with fees off course) to provide additional cargo access aside from Djibouti's port monopoly.

    I rarely talk about politics in my personal life but this is Econ 101 common sense man. Don't get me wrong... I'm a proud but sometimes I feel we let our ego get in the way of deals. I understand we're in our early stage of development and we have to protect our country but I also feel like we're mission some economic play in the region.

    This war mentality has to stop. We're two brother nations and our value should be high. We need to bounce back and take charge of economic prosperity. I don't understand it. It's like we'd love to invest in our country just like the Nigerians and all African Diasporas are doing but this divide and conquer bull shit has to stop. One of my dreams is to see newly elected PM of Ethiopia and and PIA retire and new fresh leaders start talking. We can not fulfill our potential and destiny with the current political/economic climate. Let's make Real Change from both sides.

  64. ** Proud Eritrean **Missing not mission. I was drinking a cold one writing this.

  65. Abe, why are you so scared of Eritrea? How is ethiopia doing this days? Hope everything dandy, good luck and may grow as a human being.

  66. Sorry, it was a typo ... What i meant was the IMF & World Bank... anyways .. BIS (Bank of International Settlement) used for dispute settlement. Long story short... please check out this interview given by Herman Cohen a zionist jew representing Washington and the bankers,... and shamelessly accusing Eritrea... see what he says starting from the time 32:16

  67. how is my Ethiopia doing? read below


    By: Elayne Wangalwa,

    The country which is sub-Saharan Africa’s fifth biggest economy is at the focal point of emerging economies’ interest with various delegations of foreign investors seeking investment opportunities in the largest landlocked country in the continent.
    “If you look at it [Ethiopia] from an economic standpoint, I think Ethiopia is one of the countries that has become the quintessential embodiment of the Africa rising narrative,” Julians Amboko, research analyst at Stratlink Africa from CNBC Africa.
    The country’s economic growth is principally attributed to intense government projects aimed at achieving its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as the country aims at becoming a middle income status by 2025.
    “Look at the year between 2013 and 2014, the GDP growth was about 10.6 per cent, double digits. Kenya did only 4.8 per cent, Rwanda which has been a very stellar performer did only 7.9 per cent and therefore from that stunt point indeed investors must be looking at how they can tap into this market which is growing so fast,” Amboko said.......

  68. Ertrea 2014

    Ethiopia 2014

    Shall we say god bless 'talaku mery' ? BUAHAHAHAHA,,,,

  69. Says who? You get out of Eritrean matters! Capisco?

  70. Oh, I didn't see your "adult talk." talk. Your responses are childish. Even your government did not say the Algiers agreement is null and void. Your government refused to accept the decision, then flip-flopped and refused to implement the decision. We patiently waited and finally the Lion of Nakfa made the UN go away because they were simply enforcing the occupation of our territories by your government.

    ሌባን ሌባ ካላሉት, . . .

  71. WediEri
    So you are too young to understand anything. We do not hate Ethiopians either. It is their governments/ruling class that is our enemy.

    You say, "I feel we let our ego get in the way of deals." If that is the case why don't we sell them a port or even the whole country? It's a deal we should not miss, yes?

    Do you have any understanding why these "deals" cannot be done? Let me give you and example. A bully gets into your house and settles there. You take him to court. You win, the court says he should vacate immediately. The bully says to you we should have a dialogue on how I am going to leave your house. Later he tells you that you should talk about the use of water, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and everything in the house. He also tells you that your father is not good for you, he should leave.

    Which of these do you accept. I hope you say, "I don't want to entertain any of this nonsense! I just want him to leave right now!"

    That is the kind on thing that is happening, though more serious.

  72. I would have asked you, "So what was the cause?" However, I do not want to go there. HIGDEF was fooled? I think you need to go back and read some of the press statements of the time from both sides.

  73. No amount of colone or mask cover agame
    I can smell your azz frm here , fo eded !
    Agame on line straight ahead, you took wrong turn sumwere, bedido!

  74. 24 tanks & 3 brigades who rolled into addis escorting stinking agames say otherwise!
    Ask tamagn, he did a piece on that on esat!

  75. I agree with you. The Algeries agreement is Null and Void. Gov't of Eritrea nullified the agreement by Invading the TSZ, and EEBC was forced to quite its activities. So talking is the way out, but no one will talk based on Algiers Agreement.

    One can't help it when the song final and binding is repeated day in day out. Eritrea deemed it neither final nor binding itself.

  76. Fyi! i am against any war, but if the TPLF pull the trigger i am still with my people defending my country from internal as well as external enemies.

  77. First of all unless EPLF becoming hopeless and decided to start again the war, Ethiopians will not start it. if again a conflict is started between Eritrea and Ethiopia I am 100% sure it will be the end of Eritrea. Even Demhit will sided with their brothers Tegaru-Ethiopians not supporting EPLF. I am sure the people who shouting in Washington streets will not come to the front only the armies who engaged before in Berentu and Adi Keyh.

  78. Our son PIA will teach the Bandits and Gangs of Eritrea. At the end you will realized you personality and identity. Yes! Long Live PIA.

  79. This war will be the End of woy'ane and the way for independence of the oromo and ogaden people. bye Woyane may u all rest in pieces.

  80. thank you YOHANNES KIFLE for ur hard work. and tanks *MADOTE* of course.


  82. I laugh when i see people like you with fake nationalism, fyi I with many more like me are on the side of our people when Weyane pull the trigger(lomi iwn kem tmali alena, ab resa bixot siwuat zeshkalil bijekakum kali yelen) We don't compromise with our people's pride and dignity.

  83. You just talking! I guess since we are not capable, we are waiting for the other tegaru to do the job for us.

    Thanks to DIA our country is weaken. The youth is feeling in numbers. The economy is a disaster. international diplomacy is non-exist.

  84. No one will side w/ Tigray regime. You are on your own, Jack

  85. Lol
    Do you really think you scoring? Wait for what? Isn't it the truth what I stated they still are occupying our land and we can't do shit about it thanks to DIA for destroying our people and our country.

    Are you going to call the international community? if so, no one will listen because Eritrean's diplomacy under DIA is ZERO.

  86. Abe, i know my amharic may not be at par but i use to hear this saying : ye Ayt Mskir DmBeeT, correct me if misappropraited and learn me what it defines. I know Ayeet, but Dmbeet =Kangaroo?
    Thx abe

  87. So why bother?
    It took Eritrea 30 years to get Independence,it seems you will have to fight another 30 years to come back to the union.

  88. I'm proud Eritrean citizen..proud of that identity as all Eritreans with out doubt for many reasons:
    1) self stand people
    2) people that don't beg
    3) people that don't get instruction from no one
    4) hard working people
    5) honest people many qualities
    sure i feel sorry for so many africans included you and your comrades.

  89. Have you asked your bosses?

  90. ትደልዮ 'ሞ፡ ይዝንግዓክን!

  91. Cool Abe. You are so cool :) !!!!

  92. Can you even laugh. The truth is your from Ethiopia and trying to lie to us that your Eritrean and that if agameEthiopia starts war your there to fight are you gonna be on Eritrea side to spy or to survive for dear life we know all your dirty games and the same with you zcruise

  93. Why should I wanna be Eritrean if I am Ethiopian?

  94. One Eyes Monster WoyaneAugust 23, 2014 at 12:13 AM

    For a lawless woyane, Algeries Agreement is nollified,
    Oromo fertile land is nollified to Oromos,
    Menelik Palace is nollified to Amharas,
    One and same Somalia is nolified to Somalis,
    One and same Sudan is nolified to Sudanese,
    One and same Ethiopia is nollified to Ethiopians,
    Do I need to say more ??? LOL

  95. One Eyed Monster WoyaneAugust 23, 2014 at 12:24 AM

    Did I hear you say MY Ethiopia? LOL
    Who gave you the ownership of the WHOLE country?
    If I was Ethiopian I would have fought you back to your burrenland of tgray to teach you all about YOUR boundries.
    But I guess the people is cursed and used to live under terror, deprived from his home eating garbage.

  96. Thats why we call them for Adgi, Yes they never learn LOL

  97. Gash, very firm agreement. I understand your position. And yes, I'm an armature in what's happening on the political arena. Mind you I grew up in the states but both my parents are Eritreans. So let me get this straight... do you think if the ruling gov. of Ethiopia changes then there will be peace and prosperity for both sides? Whos party/group is favorable of becoming the next Ethio gov. and what's is the chance of this happening? And if it does, what's the economic impact it will have for Eritrea?

  98. @Alec you bro you active on the scene lol. I be seeing your trademark shirt on youtube comments and multiple sites.

  99. I guess you admitted it like all Ethiopian people they wanna claim to. Be Eritrean cause they are ashamed of there countries poverty and aid taking country or you Are in America or other countries and asked asylum and you changed your country to Eritrea cause that's what they accept and they think that there hurting Eritrea by letting Eritrean leave more but one thing is wrong there just hurting your puppet dumb poor ass country Ethiopia cause there the one who's claiming to be Eritrean. So that's the reason your claiming to be Eritrean while your originally Ethiopian

  100. haki : we know you very well . do not try to talk like eritrean. you bullshit agame leave eritrean web to eritrean. kondaf agamee

  101. gasha : kondaf agame. your right pic come out . meles is gone, haileselase gone, mengestu gone, and the next the one who have 1 eye hailemaryam. after that tigray will wip out of worled map. kikiki

  102. yes man am everywhere BUhahahahahaha....

  103. today's news
    "Eritrean Border Guards Shoot Dead 10 Civilians Trying To Flee"

  104. Djiboutians are never in black market in Ethiopia (Eritrean ambassadors use to that), they don't forge money and deceive poor farmers, they never try to abuse market and try to be coffee exporters when they don't have a single coffee tree like you did. they don't boost on God-given access to the sea. they just do business.

  105. wow, are they eating from trash dump? I thought westerners were feeding them...


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