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Once Again the TPLF Hoodlums Are Banging the Drums of War Against Eritrea

Eritrean SU-27UB jet fighter landing (credit: Griffon/

Once Again the TPLF Hoodlums Are Banging the Drums of War Against Eritrea

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, August 15, 2014


One of the most disturbing and bizarre political events in the annals of Ethiopian history is the advent of the absolutist rule of the TPLF/EPRDF in Ethiopia in May 1991. It is disturbing because since then Ethiopia has been ruled by a politically paranoid tyrannical minority group that suffers from an acute inferiority complex; a minority group that considers and treats all the legitimately organised, independent and alternative political groups/voices in Ethiopia as enemies who must be humiliated and targeted under various pretexts. One of the common ways of terrorising legitimate Ethiopian opposition groups, journalists, bloggers and political and human rights activists and their foreign sympathisers is the so-called anti-terrorism legislation introduced in the country in 2009. This nasty piece of legislation is a direct copy-and-paste of the British and American governments’ anti-terrorism laws. There is therefore nothing Ethiopian in this legislation to justify its enactment and application against the lawful political opponents of the TPLF regime. In short, there are no terrorists in Ethiopia; there is only a terrorist regime terrorising the Ethiopian people into total submission. Thus, frankly speaking, there is no rational ground that warrants the introduction of anti-terrorism law in Ethiopia today.

It therefore goes without saying that political groups such as the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia, who suffer from an inferiority complex and are politically paranoid, are the most unstable and dangerous groups for the well-being, stability and security of Ethiopia and its neighbours. Politically unstable minority groups such as the one ruling Ethiopia today are dangerous because they are always in search of enemies, and if real enemies do not exist, they create themselves bogus enemies. Such is the fascist nature of the TPLF junta.

However, to complicate matters, there are certain western powers that have vested interests in the Horn of Africa and therefore falsely portray the TPLF/EPRDF-led government of Ethiopia as a strong and stable government. In reality, however, TPLF-ruled Ethiopia is riddled and plagued by political upheaval and is internally a very troubled and unstable country.

Consequently, the existence of a federal democratic government in name but a highly centralised and tightly controlled one-party state in reality, that is even worse than the one-party state varieties which existed in former communist countries, has disturbed and ruined the lives of many Ethiopian people and communities, and is continuously threatening the security and stability of the peace-loving people living in independent Eritrea.

It is important to mention in passing here that centralisation and the tight control of society using the one-party state as an instrument of control/oppression, as is practised in Ethiopia under TPLF rule, are the hallmarks of a fascist totalitarian state.

False Terrorism Charges Are the Order of the Day under TPLF Rule

As already mentioned, one of the pretexts commonly used by the TPLF/EPRDF government to silence, humiliate and destroy its political opponents is false and vague terrorism charges. It must be clearly understood that the TPLF’s so-called terrorism act was developed and enacted into law in order to unjustly stifle lawful and peaceful dissent in Ethiopia. Most of those who have been imprisoned since 2009 due to the deeply flawed anti-terrorism law are well-known leaders of legitimate political parties and groups opposed to TPLF/EPRDF rule, as well as political and freedom activists, bloggers and journalists. The latest victim of the law is the legendary Andargachew Tsige, the Secretary General of the G7. He was abducted in Saana, Yemen, on June 23, 2014 and has been described by the TPLF junta prime minister as a “Trojan horse for the Eritrean government to destabilise Ethiopia“. He is now in the torture chambers of the TPLF, suffering from the inhuman interrogation methods the TPLF uses to humiliate its political opponents without any respite. To date so many brave and proud Ethiopian democrats with an indomitable spirit to fight for democracy and human rights have been humiliated under this so-called anti-terrorism law. In the concrete situation prevailing in Ethiopia today, this so-called anti-terrorism law is nothing but the law of the jungle. Thus, it must be repealed immediately.

TPLF Reaction to the Abduction of Andargachew

As could be expected, only a few days after the arrest and imprisonment of Andargachew Tsige, the TPLF hoodlums have been banging the drums of war against Eritrea. They have been also busy arresting political activists and journalists with highly politicised terrorism charges.  What is more, instead of addressing the legitimate demands and grievances of the politically oppressed Ethiopian people and inviting all of their political opponents to join a dialogue, the paranoid TPLF rulers of Ethiopia are claiming that Eritrea sponsors terrorism in Ethiopia and are mobilising their army to start a war against Eritrea. Thus, a war against Eritrea initiated by the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia would not be ignited by border issues; it is being concocted solely to punish Eritrea for allegedly supporting the Ethiopian freedom fighters operating from their bases in the country.

Indeed, according to an article posted on Tigrai Online on 10 August 2014, the puppet TPLF Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn has unambiguously declared that TPLF Ethiopia has made preparations for war and is poised to invade independent Eritrea in order to topple the PFDJ regime. It therefore appears that war is now imminent between the Tigrian rulers of Ethiopia and the PFDJ rulers of Eritrea.

The Political Objectives of the TPLF’s War Against Eritrea

At this important juncture of Eritrean history, it is of the utmost importance for every Eritrean patriot to clearly understand that the TPLF hoodlums ruling Ethiopia are not only the enemies of the PFDJ government of Eritrea: they are first and foremost the mortal enemies of independent Eritrea and its people, and those who have paid an incalculable price to make Eritrean independence a reality. It is therefore high time that Eritrean patriots and Ethiopians should ask the question: what do the TPLF political gangs want to achieve by once again igniting war against independent Eritrea?

In my opinion, if successful, the ultimate political objective of the blatant TPLF invasion of Eritrea would be to tear apart Eritrean unity, kill the indomitable spirit of the Eritrean people and destroy Eritrean independence, appoint the chieftains of the puppet Eritrean groups to administer Eritrea on behalf of their TPLF mentors, and arrest and obliterate once and for all the Ethiopian opposition groups based in Eritrea.  In my opinion, these are the pipe dreams which the TPLF political gangs are entertaining; but they will remain only pipe dreams, just as landing on the moon is a pipe dream for many people.

Concluding Remarks

In concluding this article, I think it is vitally important that readers be aware of the fact that what the TPLF junta says in the daytime for reasons of public consumption, and what they actually do at night, are always at loggerheads. For this very reason, I tend to believe that the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia and their generals are not really poised to start a fresh war against Eritrea. It seems that it is all part of a psychological war, and a bluff to keep Eritrea and Eritreans worrying and losing sleep. The fact of the matter is, Eritreans are already used to sleeping with one eye open.

I say it is all a bluff because the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia knows only too well that war is and has always been a double-edged sword. They know only too well that an action or decision that the political leaders of a country undertake at certain point in the hope that it will help to promote their cause can also turn against them and hasten their own demise. In other words, they know very well that war hurts you if you start it, and it equally hurts if others start it against you. That is exactly what the 1998-2000 Eritrean-Ethiopian war taught the TPLF generals, who openly cried and wept with their entire staff when the war against Shabea miserably failed to achieve the plans they had outlined.

Referring to the military debacle of the TPLF army and its generals in the 1998-2000 Eritrean-Ethiopian war, Tesfaye Gebreab, author of the book ‘Yederasiw Mastawesha’ (the author’s memoirs) has this to say on page 252:  “After the one-week battle plan failed miserably and concluded with great military losses, the General who was in charge of the war, Tsadkan Gebretensae, called a meeting at Infara, the place that was serving as the Command and Control Center. General Tsadkan tried to call the meeting to order but he could not hide his emotions and broke down crying. He wept. All of the meeting participants cried with him. Infara became like a funeral home. Once he regained his composure, he tried to comfort the meeting participants. Everyone was crying. General Tsadkan said the following to the meeting participants: ‘I have led many battles in my career. I have fought in many wars. I have seen a lot. I have never experienced this kind of utter failure. It is bad.’”

Do we need any confessions other than the vivid testimony given by General Tsadkan to understand what war is all about? I don’t think so.

In any case, for the valid reasons I have already outlined above, I tend to believe that we will not see the horrors of war again between Eritrea and Ethiopia. However, if the TPLF rulers and their generals are foolish enough to start a war against Eritrea again, this time it will definitely hasten their own inevitable demise in both Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is important also to note here that if war breaks out between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the initiators of such a criminal and destructive act will unmistakably be the Tigrian rulers of Ethiopia. As such, they will also be directly responsible for whatever happens as a result of their irresponsible decision.

In the meantime, Eritreans must remain ever vigilant; and should war be imposed on Eritrea, Eritreans must firmly and loyally stand with the freedom-loving Eritrean people and its defence forces.
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Once Again the TPLF Hoodlums Are Banging the Drums of War Against Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 7:33 AM Rating: 5


  1. TPLF is allergic to peace. I'm no fan of war, but when war is imposed on your country by a belligerent regime such as the TPLF, the only option is to put on your shidas and beat the inferiority complex out of them.

    Any miscalculation by Ethiopia should be treated as a declaration of war. If such circumstances were to occur, the GoE should consider taking out the Tekeze Dam with several SU-27 airstrikes. That would have a catastrophic result ---flooding many parts of Tigray, including its capital, Mekele. This will also cripple military supply lines to Northern Tigray for many weeks, if not months.

  2. I couldn't agree more Tsegezab! Good article, thank you!

  3. Bombing of Tekezze would flood Mekelle? buhahahahahahaha. You are from the military planning and mapping department of the Eritrean defense? You are such idiots.
    Anyways, cool down. Only a sick man would wage war on a dead nation. Eritrea is a dead nation and Ethiopia will not go to war with such a dead nation. I know that the SHABO MONKEYS are shitting already.

  4. well said. I am one of the many proud Eritreans who flee the nation after taking part in the consecutive three offensives by the Ethiopian regimes and their supporters. I am studying in a western uni hoping to go-back once the no peace no war condition ends. It seems i will have to throw away my refugee status and join my fellow country men once and again in the fight against those who dream of our RED SEA. I am against war but if they choose to play the game i think this will be the end of their being. I believe to be in the safe side, i have to arrange the route i have to take to go back home. and seriously our devoted nationalist diaspora websites should contribute some thing in organizing a ground for sharing info.

  5. Great posting. Love it much.

  6. Jacob, thi's what your past leaders have said and what they gain? nothing...only countless of dead ethiopian soldiers...and i'm sure this time too your habal leader is to follow the wrong path which obviously will fail miserably but this time you should understand it's 1way out for your weyane rulers...this time they've to be kicked out not only from eritrean territories but from the whole ethiopia, Prepare your bags you idiot.

  7. Thanks Drs. Tzegazeab...Eritreans are always united when it comes to defend the nation...except for some sell outs who've got some nationality/identity problems, we're ALL united and we stand by the Government of Eritrea to defend our whatever means we're there...

  8. For as no need war, we are happy by no peace no war.

  9. Bravo Matigari..but i don't think you need to go back...what's required continue your studies and contribute by sharing your knowledge in building our nation...well done boy.

  10. Qomalat-do you own business beggars, TPLF
    knows our stick. cowards, hungry-foxes can not bite
    a lion. your name is yacob? you beter call your-self
    Wubie, like your bro. tekeze or legese.

  11. Weyane are terrorists and Esayas is democrat, I dont know where you get your doctorate from, I dont know. Eirtrea Ethiopia animosity will disappear with the demise of regimes but remember Tegaru and Tigrigna Eritreans are one people in blood that is fact As long as we all know that the rest is timely

  12. You just can't see what is in Eritrea, and have the audacity to speak about others. You said, "...considers and treats all the legitimately organised, independent and alternative political groups/voices"..."as enemies who must be humiliated and targeted under various pretexts..". Atleast, Ethiopia falsely accuses them of being terrorists, in Eritrea, you are not even accused, just thrown in prison with no idea why you are in, and if you come out after years, with no idea why you are out. Nobody can ask about your where abouts. Here is a challenge for you, where is Petros Solomon (and thousands of others)? What were his charges? How many years was he sentenced? Is he alive? Off course for you, they are rhetorical questions. You wrote about "opposition groups, journalists, bloggers and political and human rights activists...", in Eritrea, all of those are enemies and not allowed to live in Eritrea. "....This nasty piece of legislation is a direct copy-and-paste of the British and American governments’ anti-terrorism laws" at least there is a law, a reference for putting people in jail, other than someone decided. War is not good for anyone. But, please do not be soooo ignorant as to complain about a kindle on the other side while your house is burning to the ground. Besides, we do not give a damn what Ethiopians do to others, we are ready to protect ourselves. However, as of now, the enemy is not Ethiopia, it is the hoodlums inside our house. This website is a clear example of ignorant praising ignorant, and being proud of being more ignorant than the previous one.

  13. which eritreans are united, Akeleguzay want to be a country, Hamasien say they are the super race and Seraye bacome anything with who ever have the power how about the other people are they not eritreans? If they are they pray we are wake up dead every morning for centuries. Melhasey ab London Sefira N Re' Essey Ketesbra' I think peace is important. Dr. Donkey I bet you were saying Enat agerr tikdem. We need with those Agames at the end they are us we are them.

  14. I have never heard a war decleration against eritrea by ethiopisns , eritreans are looking some one to give them chance to run away from thier own country they have already destroied and impoorished the country , and now the leaders wsnt to run toEngkand or America.
    eritreans like Ametica, they speake good ameticsn inglish.
    God save real etitreans from war and suffering, take away all the halfcast arabs, indians , europeans from from this country and we shall

    Be in peace.

  15. Osman, shame upon you, because you are ignorant

  16. Sahle,
    Why are you chewing the word identity crises? I really do not understand its meaning. Is there any Identity crises? Someone can be from an Eritrea father and an Ethiopian mother or vice versa. He is either an Eritrean or an Ethiopan. If you really believe that such kind of crises is existing,please ask about the identity of those who are leading our beloved nation to the hell. Let us talk openly, it will lead us to no where except for that creating mistrust. You have to consider also the numbers that can be affected.

  17. Jacob. you sound like your masters bla bla bla... Eritrea is dead nation.Haileselase, Mengistu, Meles have been telling the world that Eritrea is a dead nation for the last 50 years. Your master Mengistu told the whole world in 1982 on the eve of Red star military operation that Eritrea would be wiped out from the surface of earth in a matter of monthes. In 1998 when weyane started the war Eritrea was to be destroyed in a matter of weeks. Eritrea has never been wiped out and it will never be.

  18. Bullshit,if you where there you should know better, you should know the war started because issayas and his dumb ass generals want war with Ethiopia and we paid dearly 45.000 young EDF and veteran EPLF fighters. the sad part of this situation is the one who defended eritrea still remain defenseless and you should stood up for them, Eritrea with out its people can go to hell,Eritreans before Eritrea.

  19. Don't fu@k with Eritrea!!

  20. Drs. Tsegezab,I am Isaac Nairobi and Mombasa friend to your younger brother Gebru. It is good article keep it up Dr. It is our moral duty as Eritreanism to be united we owe this to our fallen heroes wether with present or in the absence of war. We tell those people who are misinformed, I hope they know that war an ugly option of fools, ways to resolve issues, once again we tell MLLT (weyane ) to think twice. True Eritrean children are ready for any eventuality let not wink when the enemy blink
    As always awate Nehafesh
    Our unity our strength division is our weakness
    Eritreanism holy fire light will glow for ever

  21. Drs Tsegzab : STOP your FLIP FLOP stand !!

    It clear to every body no human being should support a War.
    But my big problem about you is, you are an Eritrean who has more hatred towards the Ethiopian government rather than the regime in Eritrea.
    On how the Ethiopian government rules Ethiopians, you should leave it to the Ethiopians.
    So, you should make clear your stand on the dictatorial regime in Eritrea

  22. Illiterate/ ignorant/ Doctor!!!
    The title says something the diatribe is another.You couldn't find appropriate title for your propaganda?
    Fyi,Ethiopia has one and only one enemy,POVERTY.The war on poverty declared a decade ago is bearing fruit, why bother,let the status quo /no war no peace/take its toll on of HIGDEF.Relax no one is fighting the dead.

  23. Dejen ayiray!!!
    The air show must be from pre 2000.I don't think there are any competent pilots nor a functioning MIG29 left to speak off.
    Source Eritrean pilot Dejen.

  24. Sure many fellow Eritrean and I have been called many names weyane,tigray this that for simply speaking our opinions. However, war comes war comes I(speaking for my self) will be on the side of my country, Eritrea and defeat the scum bug Weyane.However having said my heart and the heart of thousands of Eritreans is bleeding by the divisive and incompetent Esais afewerki.Can some one advise him to free all the political prisoners so that the nation is United once again and defend it.I'm mean this is just commonsense and it would greatly strength his political power. Please someone advise him. Even foolish weyane got smart in this and free his political opponents using names pardon and so.Why is Esu can not be smart and know this basic math..
    To unite our country and defend it Esu needs to 1. Free all political prisoners
    2.Put some sanity to his judicial system .Don't put people in jail with out due process
    3.Abolish the 2% mandatory tax
    4.Fire the old guards and put new faces like the newly positioned Eritrean one Ambassador to France(I forgot her name)
    5.Give up some of your immense power.

  25. I don't think both Eritrea and Ethiopia are financially and morally capable to wage a full scale war. Ethiopia is divided by ethnically conflict between different ethnic groups. Amharas and Oromos are not going to be fooled like the last war and join the fight. Woyane can not fight alone and she knows if she does it will be the end of her breath.
    On the other hand Eritreans are divided between supporters of HIGDEF and opposers. The opposition (majority) and the supporters have one thing in common - they don't compromise when it comes to Red Sea.

  26. Shut up Shabia was powerful event without migs back in the day let alone now a government with a military budget. stupid

  27. Shut up! Shabia was powerful even without migs back in the day let alone now a government with a military budget, stupid!

  28. You agame shit shut the FUCK up Eritrea has some good pilots. Can even fly these FUCKING planes just wait for Ethiopia to be our garbage

  29. Am ready for war if it starts am gonna fight along my PIA and my People and my land if they try to take any part of the land I will even destroy all Ethiopia and it's people I don't care who stands in front of me.

  30. ማይ ከምዝዓሞኽና??

    ወይ ሰብ ደቀይ ኣብዚ ዘለኻ ጃህራ
    ዝሓዝካ ዘይብልካ ጠራዕራዕ ፈኸራ
    ዓቅሚ ከምዘለዋ ክትወርር ኤረትራ
    ታህዲድን ብደዐን ወያነ ጀሚራ ?

    ረሲዖሞ ድዮም ናይ ባድመ ውዕሎ
    ኲናት ዛላምበሳ ከምኡውን ገምሃሎ
    ኣብ ግምባር ክገጥሞም ጅግና ይካኣሎ
    ሓበን ናይ ኤርትራ ዋርሳይ ብርኪ ሊሎ
    ሕጂ ውን ከምቀደም ኣለና ገጥ ኢልና
    ህዝብን መንግስትናን ማይን ፀባን ኮይና
    ዝመፅአ እንተመፀ ከይተደናገፅና
    ንድሕሪት ኣይንብልን ሃገር ከነድሕና ::
    ኤረይ !
    ኣንታ እዞም ሰባት ሕልሚ ዮም ሓሊሞም
    እንታይ ከምዝሰርሑ ኣይፈልጡን ፈፂሞም
    ክንወርረኩም ዝብሉ ኣብ ቅርዓት ወፂኦም
    ታሪኽ ጅግንነትና ሓቂ ድዩ ረሲዖም?
    ንሕና ዶ ኣይኮናን ሥልጣን ዝሃብናዮም
    መንገዲ መሪሕና ሽዋ ዘብፃሕናዮም
    ክንወረኩም ዝብሉ ሎሚ ምስ ዓንተሩ
    ማይ ዲና ዓሚኲና ከመይ ድዩ ነገሩ?
    ኣብ ሸዋ ኣብፂሕና መኣስ ገዲፍናዮም
    ህዝቢ ምምሕዳር ሀ ኢልና ሚህርናዮም
    ሕጊ ክኽተሉ ቅዋም ሓንፂፅናሎም
    ገጠርን ከተማን ስርዓት ኣትሒዝናሎም
    እዚ ኹሉ ጌርና ሎሚ ረሲዖሞ
    ክንወረኩም ክብሉ መንሞ ዘይገርሞ!!
    እንተ ኾነ ንሕና ቀንዲል ሰላም ኢና
    ጦርነት ፈፂምና ኣይንብህጎን ኢና
    ሃገር ከነማዕብል ኣብ ዕማም ኣሎና
    ብታህዲድ ወያነ ከይተደናገፅና !!

    ዓወት ንሓፋሽ

  31. Please tell woyane, they are going to far
    Bragging non-stop forgetting who we are
    now they start pounding drums of a war
    This time in public not fearing anyone.

    they think we are wimps, cowards to the bone
    unable to defend our nation alone
    they are making a mistake, they ought to be told
    needing no one's help we are able to defend

    they say they are ready to wage a war with us
    forgetting history of the near and past
    I fear they are going the road of decline
    Like the Derg, like the king whom we put in line

    This wasn't our merit, what we deserve to get
    for helping woyane to shoot up like rocket
    by raising them from ash, from pieces of the dust.
    Although they deny it, though they seem to forget

  32. Dear Sir- does May 15, 2012 ring any bell. If it does let me remind you. In this day Ethiopia announced that it attacked Eritrea- NOT ONCE but TWICE! And trust me they will do it for the third-or even fouth time if they see the need for it. And what do guys like you do, keep politiking sitting somewhere in the west. All the comments written here does reflect the heart beat of the average WARSAY or ERITREAN living in ERITREA. First, let alone to have an internet access- the average WARSAY is praying that he/she can charge his cell phone enough. And if the comments are coming from some lucky ex-Warsay who were lucky enough to escape the hell hole- how are you going to defend a country and a government that you willfully went to hell and back so you can stay away from? Wey Gud! You have deserted the army-claimed an asylum- now chill out- there wont be any virtual SAWA for you.
    As for Drs ( is that a Phd?) - i am not even half your age but please take my advise on this- Ethiopia has close to 90 million people with different political views who sometimes march forward- and at times fall sideways. But that is thier business. You should focus on Eritreans and Eritrea because both are facing existential threat from the very regime that you think will defend the country.
    Ezi wedahnaka aya!

  33. Shaebia will ass rape Agame/Amhara with AK47

  34. We are ready to destroy the double tongued woyane from the face of earth. I wish they start the war just today. Hot blooded and sick and tired of the ugly creatures across our border. All the wars of Ethiopia never been waged by Ethiopians but by the HASADAT on our doorsteps, who use to call us COSINS falesely. Destroy tgray. If any war errupts we should eradicate the cancer of the Horn for good! But lets be very cautious not to shoot the first bullet, instead let stand on guard with our cameras and witnesses on our side and then stand to safeguard what is ours legally. Eritrea always been on the right side abiding by the law and never and ever intended to take the steps before. But this people never learn from history. The Menelik palace is thurst and obssessed of Eritrean blood. But now we have all the right to defend ourselves not as before but AS A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY like everyone else.

    Hdri Alena !!!
    God Bless Eritrea !
    Awet n'Hafash !
    wideQet nfeshfash woyanen mesharkhtun !!!!

  35. I know no peace no war is the blessing for just tgray and woyane to stay in power and the Eritrean patience is there not for underestimation and miscalculation to fail you to the state you cant handle soon :)
    You may try your luck once again, because your HM muscles seems to be pumped by false retoric of your Masters to use you as a fodder to their gun as usual :)
    Just have a courage and move a step !
    Im sure your choice of No Peace No War is not without reason :)

  36. Go and lick your masters behind. Eritrea is saved by Real Eritreans !

  37. Keep chewing that false rethoric - we are cosins - while stabing our back from behind. Nice try Agames

  38. Who told you that Eritrea is made of only Tigrigna speakers?
    You will regret it, when you taste the sword of Barka, Sahil, Dankalia hand on hand. Eritrea is not made of only those you call cosins. But most part is the rest. Swallow the truth !!!

  39. Why do you think the Oromos are gathered from the streets of Addis and shaved their head to make them ready for their silly war, as usual.

  40. sahle you are from tigrai hide inside internet and tryed to show your self as an Eritrean AND SAID CONTINUE YOUR STUDIES . HEHE . DO NOT TRY TO BE SMART MORE THAN ERITREAN WE KNOW YOU VERY WELL ADGI KONDAF WEYANE.

  41. Everyone who has shallow reasons to not defend Eritrean interest is NOT Eritrean !!!
    Eritrea comes first !!!

  42. Disctatorial or not NONE of YOUR F--N BUSINESS !

  43. deal with Your halfChinese, halfIndians, halfSomalis, halfSudanese population and forget about Eritrea

  44. That was meant to the Agamia Esaw Bark, the Barka Lions dinner !

  45. The intention of damaging the Dam isn't to the best interest of the friendly masses of the peace loving Eritro/Tigraians. It will remain intact and be used instead for our advantage, while at the same time annihilate the evil and cursed felon the dimwit Wein and its puppy's for good from our area

  46. In the two occasions(Red Star Operation of the Dergue and the Badme war), Shabia was in weyanes mercy absolutely. Weyane Goma Egra in the Red Star Operation and Meles Zenawi in the Badme war saved you from a total annihilation. Next time however, I hope weyane will not repeat the same mistake for the third time. You are destined to disaster.

  47. the reason we prefer no war no peace is because of "ketali muwut kenibahal silezeyinideli eyu"

  48. Your article is clear evidence it exposed your identity you are weyane bimp. We urge to find exit strategy from this website, Weyanes unleashed dogs trying to infiltrate on Eritrean website. I know that you have dirty mind and mouth your needed at walta Agamemnon website. One way ticket to weyane camp no you trun

  49. Ethiopia is not divided, for that matter it has never been as solid as it is now.It was that same stupid assumption that took Shaebia'sm and Eritrea to the current mayhem.
    The no war no peace is doing its job, why bother? Shaebia is no longer a fighting force,no match for Djibouti let alone Ethiopia.

  50. Agame chatter ;)

  51. Truth will always prevail..

  52. I am with you too brother Matigari.

  53. wey zeben, atayo HmaQ melHas labtuy lnebernayo keymelsena ma TinQiQ a nbel, imbey iziatom nekasat ijom keybelUna Hdegatom. Amharay Oromoy ima intay inihewom tgrayna ay lawzuy ay laftuy khaytQeri beyzakha siq ima bel.


  55. I want my 2% to be INCREASED to 5%!!!!

  56. Abe,
    Chat kimeshal ende zare?

  57. You make me remember Meles Chenawi's face when you say MONKEY! Kikiki .....


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