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How Ethiopian General Tsadkan Cried During the 1998-2000 Border War

Ethiopian General Tsadkan Gebretensae (L) during the Border War 

How General Tsadkan Cried During the 1998-2000 Border War

By Bereket Kidane,

Translated from Tesfaye Gebreab’s recently published memoir of the 1998-2000 border war.

“Good morning Colonel?”

“Greetings Mr. Journalist”

“I appreciate your punctuality.”

“Well, I am a soldier aren’t I?”

“So let’s get to it. You had said that you were going to tell me all about General Tsadkan and the Tsorona Front. So where should we start?  Should we start from the beginning or middle?”

“I will just tell you things as they come to me and as I remember them.”

“Great!  Tell me things as they come to you and I will write them down and make sure they are passed on to future generations.”

Page 249

“Weyane took 10 divisions to the warfront against Eritrea.  Of those ten divisions, one was a fully mechanized division. There was also one brigade of commandos among them.  When war broke out in 1998, Weyane’s armed forces were ready to attack on four fronts, namely Burre, Zalambessa, Tsorona and Badme. The first round of the 1998 war was extremely screwed-up and gruesome. Looking back on it as a commander and a military professional, it was an extremely inept and embarrassingly flawed war plan from the beginning.  It was badly planned. It is very sad that no one to date has been held accountable for the wasted treasure in blood and national resources that was expended on the war effort.  We had anywhere from 250,000 to 300,000 of our soldiers killed on the war effort in Eritrea during the Haile Selassie and Dergue era.  But if we compare that to the Weyane era, in just one year we had 98,700 of our soldiers killed and 194,300 wounded. These are figures I got from our Ministry of Defense in Ethiopia. The figures I retrieved from the records of Ordinance Command is that two-thirds of our heavy weaponry was destroyed during the first round of Ethio-Eritrean border war.  The field generals of this nihilistic and meaningless war were Seare Mekonen, Samora Younis, Yohannes Gebremeskel, Tadesse Werede, Quarter (Abraha Woldemariam) and Berhane Negash.  The Central Command leaders were Meles Zenawi, Siye Abraha, Tewolde Woldemariam, Alemseghed Gebreamlak, Tefera Walwa, Tsadkan Gebretensae and Kinfe Gebremedhin.

Page 250

The Ethio-Eritrean War archive is still not open to the public. We may hear some really surprising stories in the future.  We can easily list some very basic military errors that were committed during the first round of the 1998 war.  Tadesse Werede was assigned to the Burre Front. The commands given to him were once he captures Assab, he would go up the Red Sea coastline destroying the Eritrean forces along the way and seize Massawa.  Abraha Woldegebriel was assigned to Tsorona while Berhane Negash was assigned to Zalambessa (the front that General Tsadkan closely supervised).  They would both attack from two directions and meet up in Segeneiti to combine forces and proceed to Asmara under a single command. Seare Mekonen, Yohannes Gebremeskel and Abebe Tadesse were to lead the Badme Front under close supervision from Samora.  They were instructed to capture and control the entire lowland of Eritrea.
Extensive military exercises and preparations were held for this military effort.  The ultimate mission of the war effort was also communicated at all levels to the military leaders.  There were many disagreements and debates on the final mission of the war. For instance, the Commander of the 23rd Division, Colonel Berhe Gebremariam, had asked many questions regarding the political loss and condemnation that would follow if they invade Eritrea, whether the Ethiopian Armed forces had any motivation to fight or if they could even be trusted.  He had asked for a revision of the war plan.  The response he received from General Tsadkan was “Unless we destroy Shaebia, we can not exist. Shaebia is weak.  Eritrea’s economy is weak.  We have the upper hand when it comes to armaments.  This is a decision made by the government so everyone has to follow it.”

Page 251

The lower level commanders were doubtful whether the mission could be accomplished. They were doubtful whether success could be achieved. Questions and doubts were also raised in the Badme and Burre fronts. But just as in the Adigrat meetings, the response received was “This is a government decision and has to be followed.”

So the war was carried out.

The war started with the Badme front. The three divisions that opened the attack suffered great human and material losses so an additional mechanized division and a commando brigade had to be added to the Badme front. Two additional divisions were also sent later to try again but the attack failed again.  The human and material losses were adding up. It became clear to General Tsadkan that things were not going according to plan in the Badme Front so he ordered to continue the attacks on the Tsorona Front instead.

The battle plan briefings were given at a place called Infara.  Separate preparations and exercises were held in the Tsorona front. 12,000 Tigrayan militias, 5000 plus civilians that would carry food and drinking water for the infantry forces as well as thousands of donkeys and horses were commissioned for this battle plan. All of the militias, civilians and thousands of donkeys and horses that were assembled for this offensive in this small patch of land were wiped out within a week.

The large 20th mechanized division was completely destroyed and turned to ash at Igri Mekel. Tanks and locomotives were all burnt and turned into charcoal.  Shaebia easily received and killed our forces by firing heavy artillery from cannons placed in Zalambessa, Mai Ayni and Adi Quala.  This is not necessarily a matter of heroism on Shaebia’s part but rather the ignorance and incompetence of our military leaders.  Our troops were completely liquidated and made to drop like leaves.  The ones spared of this slaughter and the Militia Sirnays retreated back to Adwa.

Page 252

After the 1-week battle plan failed miserably and concluded with great military losses the general who was in charge of the war, Tsadkan Gebretensae, called a meeting at Infara, the place that was serving as the Command and Control Center. General Tsadkan tried to call the meeting to order but he could not hide his emotions and broke down crying. He wept. All of the meeting participants cried with him. Infara was like a funeral home. Once he gained his composure, he tried to comfort the meeting participants. Everyone was crying.  General Tsadkan said the following to the meeting participants, “I have led many battles in my career.  I have fought in many wars.  I have seen a lot.  I have never experienced this kind of utter failure.  It is bad.”

The reason the meeting was called was to assess the situation and find solutions to the problems.  Meeting participants agreed that there were two basic problems. The challenging landscape and defective battle plans were equally to blame. The landscape is favorable to the enemy because the enemy is in a defensive position. Also, there was no adequate preparation on our part. We didn’t size up the enemy and its strength correctly. We underestimated the enemy’s capabilities. The enemy is using the landscape to his advantage and rotating forces and battle plans as he wishes. Without going into great details, we concluded the meeting at that. Using that as a starting point, we collectively decided to disard the offensive battle plans for Zalambessa and Burre.  In order to beef up our fighting capability, it was decided that a committee led by General Abebe Teklehaymanot would go on a shopping spree for the air and ground forces. Bereket Simon was to lead the conscription of massive number of troops.  Aba Dula was to supervise the training of the conscripts.  The number of divisions was to increase from 12 to 30 in a short period of time.  Until then, the troops would stay in a defensive position.

Page 253

Tsadkan communicated to the senior commanders gathered at Infara (division level commanders and up) that the latest decisions were made at the Central Command level. We were told to prepare according to those battle plans handed down from Central Command. We were trained for a full year accordingly.  In April of 1999 Tsadkan, Jebe and Aba Dula gathered us in Makele and shared the general battle plan with us.

The 1998 and 1999 plans differed in one respect.  The mission of the 1998 plan was to capture the entire Eritrea.  The 1999 plan was a scaled back version and simply stated to continue the war as long as our ammunitions and capabilities would allow us to last. The 1998 plan explicitly stated once we enter Eritrea we would destroy Eritrea’s natural resources and properties. It also mentioned that the people should not be trusted since they are Shaebia supporters. The 1999 plan did not make such explicit pronouncements.  It did, however, say in one sentence that since the people are Shaebia supporters we have to be cautious.

At the end of April 1999, the war re-started in the Badme front.  Even though we suffered great losses, we were able to reach Barentu. But the commanders were communicating to Tsadkan that Shaebia had preserved its entire troops and fighting capability through strategic withdrawals and that its losses were minimal.  The commanders were warning Tsadkan that Shaebia was lulling us to a place inside Eritrea were it would encircle and liquidate us. Moreover, the commanders were telling Tsadkan that the deeper we got into Eritrea the farther away we were from our command centers and supply lines, lacking organizational support and that the only option was to retreat.

After the Badme Front, without assessing the results and analyzing the problems experienced in that front we hurriedly opened simultaneous attacks on the Tsorona and Zalambessa fronts.  The rationale being if we start with the Badme Front Shaebia can bring most of its reinforcements quickly to that front so other fronts had to be explored. However, nothing went according to plan for us.

Page 254

Even though the battle plan was not going according to script and not achieving its goals in any of the three fronts that were opened around the same time, another front was to open within a short period of time. Some of the leaders started thinking if we capture Assab through the Burre Front, we can score a huge moral and psychological victory. The main reasoning that led to this idea of capturing Assab was that it would be a surprise attack and that the enemy would be unprepared because it wasn’t expecting an attack on that front. Since we have already had discussions with the Djibouti Government, we can bring our forces through Djibouti and launch our attack from there and create very ideal circumstances for the battle plan. However, there were many questions that popped up during this initiative’s briefings. For instance, the 36th Division Commander Colonel Mohammed Isha, the 39th Division Commander Colonel Wondesen Teka and the 14th Division Commander Colonel Wedi Abate raised the following question: “The only thing we have done so far is have Shaebia go into a strategic withdrawal but have not accomplished any of our goals. We have no concrete achievements to speak of. And we have paid a huge price for this and suffered tremendous losses. As a result of the losses we suffered, our troop’s morale is very low. Burre’s climate and landscape are very difficult. We do not have enough logistics or preparations. We can not count on luck because we can just as easily have bad luck and get wiped out. So far, everything we have been told about the enemy has been wrong.” The question raised by the colonels led to some heated discussions. In the end, even though no convincing argument was put forth in favor of proceeding with the battle plan, we were told that it was an irreversible decision made by the government to capture Assab so we had to proceed. The Assab Campaign was carried out and fought for five consecutive weeks. The results turned out to be even worse than we had imagined and worse than any of the setbacks we previously experienced in the other fronts. Our forces experienced the worst and greatest defeats at the Burre Front. Shaebia’s method of leading its enemy to places where it can liquidate them was used extensively again in the Burre Front and forced us to suffer tremendous losses and abandon our plan of capturing Assab.

From the very beginning , the Ethio-Eritrean turned out to be….

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  1. Dream of Abay Tigray CrushedJuly 20, 2014 at 3:39 PM

    Interesting memoir! We knew Weyane had tried to take Assab and failed. Assab was never disputed territory. So anyone who refers to it as a border dispute is wrong.
    We should call it what it was. It was Weyane's attempt to conquer all of Eritrea and create Abay Tigray. Thanks to Warsay their plan did not succeed!
    Weyane's dream of Abay Tigray crashed and burned!

  2. ጀነራል ጻድቃን ገብረትንሳኤ ለምን ኣለቀሱ?

  3. Weyane is the most rotten and despicable entity.

  4. Welsaid man but I want read that book if it written in English or tigrna

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    Thank you sir am grateful ..

  6. Eritrea # 1 Shaebia # 1

  7. Because he woke up from his good dreams...

  8. እታ ሓቂ ከም ዘላታ ኣውጽእካያ። ንሕና ወያነ ዝኣከበ ስራዊትን ብረትን ዲፕሎማስያዊ ደገፍን ኣኪቡ ፈሺሉ ክንብል እንከሎና ነቲ ዕላማኡ ኣብ ግምት ብምእታው እኳ እዩ። ኣሕዋትናን ኣሓትናን ብዘርኣይዎ ጅግንነትን ብልሕን ተዓጻጻፍነትን ኣዚና ክንኮርዕን ክንሕበንን ይግበኣና። ኤርትራዊ ሰራሕ ተኣምር ምዃኑ ኩሉ ጊዜ ክንስሕት የብልናን። እዚ ትምክሕቲ ዘይኮነስ ውጹእ ሓቂ እዩ።

  9. idon't know who wrote this so I can not comment

  10. this looks moe like It was written by higdef

  11. your comment is not needed so is your contribution.
    teTeraTari kem Tomas aytdeln iya Eritrea.

  12. I really appreciate this translation by Bereket. I have seen this in Amharic for a while now and wondered what was being said. We Eritreans need to translate a lot of important information from regional native languages to English, so researchers and policy makers can have access to them. The war of information is being played in English!

  13. ይግርማል ደንግጦ ይሆና፤፤ ኣልቅሶ መቀጠሉ ያሳዝናል፤፤ ከዛ በላይ ግን ኣለመማሩና መቀጠሉ ያሳዝናል፤፤ ያለቁት ወታደሮችና ህዝብ ይበልጥ ያሳዝናሉ፤፤

  14. EPLF, PFDJ, Eritrean Mass and Shaebia are an amazing creation of the almighty God/Allah.
    We Eritreans are so fortunate that the genius & heroism of our leaders and defense forces is being told, not 50 years after the war ended, but while the fighting is raging, by the very high ranking military personnel of our enemies, the Woyanes of Tigray. I believe the enemies are just Woyanes. I have to admit my respect for General TsadKan to be a man and tell the facts as it is. He admitted the defeat of his army due to the incompetence of his leaders and war planners. I believe Ethiopians and Eritreans lost tremendously during the war and still losing more as the
    result of hostility between the two countries.
    May Allah/God rest the souls of all our brave women and men that have fallen on our behalf; we are forever indebted to our defense forces.
    Long Live EPLF, PFDJ

  15. Possibilities:
    1. He is a coward,
    2. He misses Shaebia's like help during Mengistu's time,
    3. He has never being to Asmara, now he knows it's over :(
    4. He is a General who cares of his soldiers,
    I hope it is the latter.

  16. wey beAl tsadqan, baElom ztsedqu LOL
    tsadqan ilka shm..hmmm

  17. Woyane Tigray is Eritrea's sworn enemy!
    They spilled Eritrean blood for no good reason.
    We will never forget this.

  18. I'm sure if it was written by a so called ( eritrean) opposition, you would have supported it, commented on it...unfortunately ( for you) this's the true story, this's the end story of your GOITOTKA ( woyane)

  19. Lemsamesel...liela mskin wetaderoch lb lemesab...inji le wedeku msking ye'weyane wetaderoch ayidelum

  20. The funny thing, how agames think they can make it in Amhara land without Eritrea? This is suicide. They are now surrounded by enemies from the north and the south. God have mercy on their souls because, they are dead people walking.

  21. You can never ever chenge the history of heroism Eri. You can try to blackmail, blockage, sanction, isolate, misleading and try to cause kaus, derty games like bombing Addis Abeba, helping Al'shebab, Attacting Djibuty, Yemen........blockade of 2%............
    Iza hala meriet ade jeganu, seb sire, beal mestenkr, zimetse ymtsa werari ab bari sewra harari
    Let me come to you. You can start so many coalition parties, spend alot of time and meatings in Addis, knock millions times the west door, get $$$$$$$ aid and mass media liars, try to twist reality on the ground.
    Shabia is not a jock. Shabia yesterday, today and tomorrow
    Zelalemawi kibrn zikrin N'jeganuna

  22. The year was 1999 and today we are in 2014. 14 years after the war we still are living i dark age. What have we accomplish the past 14 years beside our people scattered around deserts and refugee camps. We have not seen any single development. Do we have better roads than the Italian era? do we have better electrical, water, sanitation.... service than derg era? Do we have enough food supply than derg era? Are we productive than 20 years ago? Do we have human right? Do we have freedom of expression? We have nothing!
    Been back home for a week to see my family and almost every single day there was no electricity in the country. This is how low we have fallen.
    The elite of HGDEF are on final stage to crash Eritreanism.

  23. The saddest part in all of this is they never seem to have learned their lesson. Weyane should have known better than not to try something like that.
    But their hatred of the Eritrean people and their inferiority complex was too much to overcome for them.

  24. As you say they may have some ambitious dream but it is an empty dream they don't have the backbone anymore, they are changing strategy they start to call us brother like always libi Tigray twitway

  25. Shut up you Agame, in your dreams is only possible for you to visit Eritrea you foshkal.What have you done perssonnaly in the last 14 yrs ? nothing the only thing you been doing is collecting your weekly paycheck by writing garbage on this and other website.where you have no retirement plan.

  26. Who wouldn't cry, everyone does....because in war you never win.
    "Atum ni kunat biruhuk itifeltiwa afkum hazu"

  27. Libi Tigray TiwiywaJuly 21, 2014 at 7:02 AM

    you got that right brother. You can never trust Tigray people. They will stick a knife in your back the minute they get a chance. I honestly don't think we want any kind of relationship with these people.

  28. I really feel sorry for those fenjregachoch. Their families probably never found out what happened to them.

  29. Much Respect to WarsayJuly 21, 2014 at 7:10 AM

    Much respect to Warsay!
    Helen Meles's tribute to Warsay.

  30. ወይ ንስኻትኩም:: ኢልኩም ኢልኩምስ ናይቲ ወተሃደር ደርጊ ዝነበረ ወያነ ዝማረኽዎ ደራሲ ልበ_ወለዳት እየ በሃሊ ተስፋዬ ገብረእባብ ልበ_ወለድ ፅሑፍ ካብ ኣምሓርኛ ናብ እንግሊዝኛ ምትርጓም ጀሚርኩም? ልበ_ወለድ ደኣሞ ልበ_ወለድ እንደኣሉ::ካብ ቀደሙ እውን ኣብ ልበ_ወለድ ትነብሩ ከምዘለኹም መዓስ ስኢንናዮ!!

  31. Do angels (Tsadkan) cry? No, world angels don't cry. The angels that cry are from the Weyane lands.

  32. You forgot to add that Ethiopian soldiers got within 8km of asmara before they were called back because no orders were given to take the city. Eritreans are a strong and willing military, every african nation knows this. But if Ethiopia is a more willing army. All soldiers are volunteers, not forced like Eritrean soldiers. Ethiopian soldiers carry missions year round in somalia, sudan, nigeria, while Eritrean soldiers don't do anything. Ethiopia carried a terroist mission in Eritrea not to long ago, they invaded destoryed a terrosit base and got out. No one knew what happened until later. Provoke the lion and you might be eaten

  33. Your soldiers are paid rats who die for big powers interest allover the horn and never get decent burrial unlike our gallant Eritreans who die for ONLY Eritrea nothing else but Independent Eritrea with pride ! No single Eritrean hold his gun to attack any neighbor like you guys proudly do for your stomach.
    Eritrean is dignified creature who love nothing else but the truth and never want to jump on anyones territory for a fight like you do over here, uninvited JUDAH !

  34. Inqoqlish - Abay tgray will NEVER and EVER come true
    You guys are like the frog who stretch her muscles to grow as big as elephant and blown to pieces on air with no trace LOL

  35. No Eritrean TEGADALAY cry but end-up his one and only life with his/her last word AWET NHAFASH ..unlike woyane slaves and their masters across the border who enjoy sending more Oromos and Beshanguls to war front to save their ugly agame ass

  36. Let no one tell you otherwise: the illegal and unnecessary 1998 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia was conspired and hatched by the two tegaru, the con artist and impostor isaias afewerqi and the now dead meles. This is the inconvertible Truth that we must never, ever, waver holding isaias Afewerqi responsible for all the pernicious multi layer tragedies which have been unfolding in our country and people ever since.
    The ultimate objective of that dirty war was, and still remains to be for the con artist and his inner tegaru cabals, the systematic dismantling of our Sovereignty. Please, discount all of his false rationalizations, evasions and euphemisms which he and his hired stooges, have been putting out ever since to hypnotize our minds and stifle our struggle.
    And please do not forget relevant facts, rather, continually add to your catalogues as more and more discoveries are realized, and putting them at your finger tips, wave them like flags for him and his cabals to notice that we are tearing their shrouds asunder and that their monster faces are steadily coming to light, not only to our people but also to the world community.
    If the con artist and impostor isaias afewerqi were patriotic Eritrean as he would have us believe, he would never opted for war in blatant breach of International Law, not only as noble international obligation but also for the simple reason that our country and people, coming from Thirty Year of hellish of War of Independence, among others, could not afford to go again on that hellish road of war.
    Nevertheless, the con artist and impostor plunged our country and people into the very hell that only seven years earlier they managed to come out. Again, if we were really invaded by the woyane as he lied to us, why did he leave the country just before his order was carried out? What logical reasoning spurred him to act paradoxically? As a president, wasn't it utterly illogical and irresponsible for him to leave the country while it was under the alleged invasion by a foreign power?
    I just asked the questions to show the absurdities of his claim and paradoxical act, otherwise, I know full well that his claim under which he plunged the country and people into the hell of war was fallacious and that his departure abroad after he ordered the war was to afford an alibi for himelf, avoid responsibility, and lay blame on others for starting the war, his usual evasive subterfuges
    However, although the con artist tried to hide himself behind his subterfuges for starting the war, the following factual accounts, among many others, vividly affirm his conspiratorial plot to bring about the war:
    1. The fact that he catapulted himself into the helm of leadership of the war by alienating all the capable Military Generals.
    Please, note that this con artist and impostor isaias had never had any leadership experience in war before. Therefore, it should be clear for all us that it was for the negative result our armed forced suffered that he catapulted himself to be the Supreme Commander in the war.
    2.The fact that woyane forces were able to cross into Eritrea to launch surprise rear attack on our Gash-Barka Armed Forces. The devastating result:
    The displacement of over one million Eritreans;
    The heavy casualty of our armed forces, plundering of Tessene, Barentu, the desecration of our Martyrs etc by woayen forces. In this context, please listen again the interview Dejen Ande gave to Amaniel Eyassu.

    3. He ordered withdrawal of our Asseb Armed Forces. If it were for him, our beloved Port of Asseb would have been in the hands of the woyane. It was the refusal and determination of our armed forces that saved Asseb.
    4. He ordered prompt withdrawal of our Zalambessa Armed Forces and exposed them to woyane attack from behind, to the ransacking of Senafe, the destruction of Historical artifacts etc.
    To be continued.

  37. hahahaha!!! wishful thinking. Go tell that to your mama...she will believe you. Bottom line is you got your ass whooped. Your ego is suffocating and that's what got you defeated

  38. As a real "Eritrean" what have you done to save us from Isayas ? Crying day and night from inside your cave do not get us anywhere, be man enough and get ready to pay your life for Eritrea and we will follow you all the way LOL LOL LOL

    Kab warsay zbeletse YQOTSE ! loosers LoL

  39. What did u smoke right now man. Or you have paid to throw lie on mainstream to black mail eritrea and Eritreans to mistrust among OSS.

  40. Mr, qomal we did not wrote that book which uncover when your master crying like a baby it is your own brother. Who sow the cald G. Tsadqan wiping. So don't complain ask him and the whole world was witnessed your soldier left unburied scatters all over farmland .

  41. Fake Almaz aka worthless stone, first of all don't call me Agame. It is for your own safety. If Hagos Kisha hear you calling me Agame, he will arrest you. To your second question - what I have done the past 14 years - I have done many things that improved my life. I don't have time to go with the list.
    How are your kids from different baby daddy doing? You are enjoying life with child support and welfare? I am glad you are in a nation that protect your right of existence.

  42. Where is 8 km from Asmara?? Could you named the place?

  43. It's been almost 14 years since the war ended but u guys still barking .....and ayeeee trust me those who been their know what happened ...and let me tell u something if u guys won that war ...ur shabia will celebrate just like their independent but they won't cuz they know their ass kicked out from badme!!

  44. Ethiopia Tabtzeh Edewiha Habe Egthiabiher.

  45. wow really!!! could you please tell us the name of the place, 8km from Asmera?

  46. General Gereanenya fiq ila bekiya abay tigray kemzimotet misfeletet.

    General Gereanenya cried like a baby once the impossible dream of Abay Tigray was buried six feet under.

    Actually, it sounds like they all joined hands and cried their eyes out at the death of Abay Tigray. It wasn't just Gereanenya.

  47. An obvious ignorance from the writer is the fact that Badme was captured in 8th February 1999 and not at the end of April 1999.

  48. Erilion - I can afford to make a short trip and one week in a darkness is enough. I am glad I'm back to civilization. Atleast I can turn on my light bulb when ever I want.

  49. Yefenj regach mamaJuly 21, 2014 at 4:41 PM

    My son is in somalia keeping piece there, & my husband is s.sudan keeping piece too after securing asseb & dismantling shabia!
    "Hulum neger wede tor ginbar" ( ahyawim,sivilianum, agameum ) !

  50. just wondering about the visa...

  51. Haha haha! Excellent joke and Dream!
    You said " We knew Weyane had tried to take Assab and failed.. Assab was never disputed territory". You have one single truth here, indeed Assab was not a contested territory at all, and neither did the brave woyanes try to capture it because it was non of the forcibly occupied disputed territories by the coward shabia who couldn't fight for more than 2 days in defending the flashpoint bademe. You cowards are trying to fabricate a lie to save yourselves from the utter embarrassment you were forced to swallow in the aftermath of the disconcerting defeat you sustained after spending 2 solid years in digging trenches and claiming you should never leave bademe come what may. It was a matter beyond belief for most eritreans to witness the reality of the matter when It only took the brave woyanes just 2 days to totally route the shabia army (both yikaloo and warsay) from the disputed area of bademe which Issayas once bragged wouldn't happen even in 100 years. The sad thing is only very few warsay soldiers managed to escape alive because of their relative young age whereas the aging yikallos were sadly decimated without any single one of them managing to come out alive. The fact of the matter was woyane routed shabia from all the disputed territories (about 9 different places) and marched about 45 kilometeres deep inside Eritrea. While this is the glaring fact, people like you are trying to come up with some concocted fabrications to just to save your faces from the ignominious defeat you suffered, besides there was no any meaningful eritrean army left to defend any part of Eritrea if the desire of woyane was to occupy Eritrea. Another glaring truth is case of the about 100,000 eritrean refugee who are sheltering in Tigray. This shows how the shabya army was broken beyond repair, because More than half of the refugees in Tigray were part of the defeated eritrean army. It was only an obvious consequence when they witnessed the mighty power of the Ethiopian army they had lost every courage they had and were forced to abandon the army altogether in order not to face any other similar war in case the crazy "Tigrean president in Eritrea" miscalculated once again by any chance. They are indeed very smart.....aren't they??
    By the way can you tell me the reason why the "Brave" eritrean army failed to defend Bure, Bada, Alitena, zalambesa, Tsorona, Badema, Geza Gerelasie etc and all of a sudden they had the courage to defend only Assab?????

  52. Don't wonder he never been to Eritrea he ment agameEthiopia land

  53. Dear looser.
    Your attempt to divert real issue tells me that either you are defeatist or tigrayan loyalists .

  54. Why are you calling him Agame? He is a eritrean person just like you. Almaz you are not a better person than him and you shoudent have your nationalism so heigth. Eritreans does not just have one meaning or religion. But you can not exclude him as a eritrean because he will always have eritrean blood on him.
    Thanks i hope you will understand and try understand that it is eritreans with different meanings

  55. OMG is the only thing that befits this story. This is PFDJ propaganda at its best. It was and still remains a senseless war and used to this day to hold the population hostage.

  56. the war was not commanded and lead from the front. It was commanded/ordered from Washington/Pentagon and from the American ships in the Red Sea and then order sent to Addis Ababa then to the front. the Weyane had no choice but to obey their master order from Washington even do General Tzadqan knew it was suicidal order. Washington told Weyane to jump in to the Eritrean inferno and weyane said yes sir how high and how fare. Washington said till you exhausted all your fenji regach.

  57. Wizi... you don't like to see any defeat of your mama Ethiopia. Whether it happened 14years of 140years history is history. You cannot deny or ignore history. The defeat of Woyane will remain in the heart and mind of the people of Eritrea forever.

  58. Don't cry for me mekelinoooo
    The truth is I never loved you.
    I never will love you. ..
    Althogh my heart is........


  60. Esayas perfect man for Eritrea's their hero until they are disappear from the earth Bravo Esayas Kill them force fully B/ c they love you ,they think and remember to the Ethiopian Rulers for that of 100 years a go but they forget the present killer of their leader until they love U....U excuse less people, Back ward thinkers ego followers I said kill them ...kill

  61. Almaz if this where is Z cruise is Eritrean the name foshkal suits him very well. He is weyane prostitute.Ignor him hasus wedi 90 killo eu.

  62. On 12 May the Ethiopians launched an offensive that broke through the Eritrean lines between Shambuko and Mendefera, crossed the Mareb River, and cut the road between Barentu and Mendefera, the main supply line for Eritrean troops on the western front of the fighting.[54][55]

  63. dont lie to me woyane was successful,he breaks our front.if you were not in the front ask someone who was there?

  64. You can not cook history and eat it for dinner. Our people needs food at this stage. I am sure your family are doing well thanks to the food you ship them once in 3 month with the cargo ship. But the majority needs 3 meals a day.

    Ps. When is the next shipment?

  65. Eritrea is 117,600 kmSq in size.
    The war infested regions were Zoba debub and the total size of this Zoba is 8000 kmSq. This zoba consist of - Adi keyh, Adi Quala, Areza, Dibarwa, Dekemhare, May Ayni, May Mine, Mendefera, Segenayti, Senafe, Tserona.

    Another war infested area was Gash Barka and its size is 33,000 KmSq. The main areas are Tesseney, Barentu ......
    The third war infestd area was Southern Red Sea and has a size of 22,000 KmSq. The war in this area was concentrated on a gate to Asseb called Burrie.

    Now lets come to the 25%. In Zoba Debub Woyane occupied a small area - Senafe.
    In Gash Barka , Woyane occupied a small area called Badme and Barentu. If you add the size of these areas it is not even 2% the size of Eritrea.
    Now, where did you get the 25% from???

  66. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 22, 2014 at 4:49 AM

    The con artist, imposter, usurper and murdering tyrant ISAIAS AFEWERKI must step down and leave my country

    immediately. YEMANE GEBREAB AND YEMANE GHEBREMESKEL are free to flee with IA to Dedebit Tigray

    where the dedebs OBVIOUSLY originate from.



    IMPRISON THE TYRANT or send him on a "picnic" with no passport or papers to mop floors

    in Europe where Neo-Nazis are waiting for him eagerly.

    Time to taste your own medicine Isaias. See how mopping floors in Europe affects

    the dedibit economy. Dedeb!

  67. isaias was a leader during the 30 year war
    he has fought for eritrea 27 (during 30 year war)
    he was even seen in the war front in the year 1998-2000 and i have experience to say this
    he is a hero and thats the reason he can walk freely in eritrea and never be concerned of anything to happen to him

  68. Isaias was maybe a good leader and figther during the 30 year war with Derg. But he should step down now and he should let the new generation of the eritrean people to decide about how they want to live their lifes.

  69. ዋርሳይ እዞም ሰባት መንዮም መንዮም
    ኢልኩም ዶ ሐቲትኩም ፀጋይኩም ሄለንኩም?
    መንነት ወያነ ያኢ ጠፊኡኩም
    ሃሰውሰው ዘይትብሉ ንሳሕል ወሪድኩም
    መንነት ወያነ አብኡ ክትረኽቡ ኢኹም
    ሕተቱ ይካአሎ እንተለው ዝተረፉ
    ዋርሳይ ንገረና ምባልኩም ግደፉ
    ወሪድዎም ዋርሳይ እንታይ ክነግሩኹም
    ትማሊ ዝተወልዱ ሓራ ምስወጻእኹም::

    ይካአሎ አንታ ይካአሎ
    ማሰ ዶ ክብለልካ አውሎ አውሎ
    ይመስለና ኔሩ ኩሉ እትኽእሎ
    አብ ባደመ ዝዋዓልካዮ ውዕሎ
    ፀላኢና አይኧሎ ፀላኢና አይዓሎ
    ወያነ ረኺቡካ ወያነ ብርኪ ሊሎ
    ወያነ ረኺቡካ ወያነ ዘይትኽእሎ
    ዶዂዑ ዶዂዑ አምሲሉካ ፀሎሎ
    ብሰንክኻ ዋርሳይ ኳ አትይዎ ሰሎሎ
    ሃገሩ ራሕሪሕዋ ከይዱ ብተሎ ብተሎ
    ተዛረብ እካአሎ ተዛረብ እካአሎ
    ከመይ ከምዝነበረ ናይ ባድመ ውዕሎ
    ንታሪኽ ክኸውን ኩሉ ከስተውዕሎ::

    ሕተትዎም ጀብሃ ዓበይቲ አያታትኩም
    በትሮም ዝጣዓሙ በሰላ ዘለዎም
    ውቅዒት ወያነ ከመይ ከምዘሕምም
    ክነግሩኲም እዮም ንዅሉ ዘርዚሮም
    ዋርሳይ ንገረና ምባልኩም ገዲፍኩም
    ንጀብሃ ሕተቱ ንሶም ይንገሩኹም

    ወያነ ስሒቶም ዓቢ ጌጋ ጌሮም
    ሻዕቢያ ምሕቋፎም ንጀብሃ ሃሪሞም
    ደለይቲ ናይሰላም ንሶም እዮም ኔሮም::

  70. Dawit meconen must be an amharan chaauvinist, or sellout or reminant of mahber andinet

  71. After ethio soldiers took mandefera and akordat, they began marching towards Asmara instead of going to keren forward, which were not orders. They were called back. Look it up. You can find a map of all of your captured cities

  72. I approve this message !

  73. Mendefera and Akordet? Lol
    Where did you get this from?? Let me ask you one question- where were you at tha time?

  74. you moron!!! do you even know where Mandefera, Keren, Akordat are found? you are a clear moron, if as you say they Ethiopian soldiers took Akordat, and began marching towards Asmara-- they first need to pass Keren you moron, you are a wast of time everything you say is beyond stupid, and please just go on google and check the place you thinking is 8km from Asmera - stop writing you stupid - read and learn first

  75. You are one of the qomal agame' you should be. You know every day I see you blog I smell agame or AmneAregawi yhalukum whistle through my ears

  76. Prostitute addis abeba I smell chigram tigraway with you have been slept with to night

  77. Is this the final display of the Eritrean Mig29 that was shot down in a dogfight by Ethiopian SU27 ?

  78. Tesfay Ghebreab is very creative fiction writer. He new he lost his market from Ethiopian opposition, now he is shifting his strategy,his planning to milk destitute pro HIGDEF Eritreans.

  79. Abay Tigray propaganda was created by HIDGDEF and will only remain in the mind of HIGDEF dogs ....It only makes sense to HIDEF and its brainless dogs.
    What is Abay Tigray? Why Abay Tigray when you have the whole of Ethiopia? besides who needs Eritrea when you have peacefully Djibouti?

  80. Nope, it's actually one of the two defected su27p
    Ns & demhits own it now, making them the first EVER rebels to have an air force !!!!!! Gotta luv THAT !

  81. Some time I very much think we should take over Tigray and clam it as Eritera and leave Ethiopia to Ethiopian !!!!

  82. may be he has the long term exit visa from previous visit... #commonsense

  83. You people are halucinating... the actual shooting war lasted a little over a week, at the end of which 1/3 of Eritrea was under Ethiopian military control. The ONLY reason the Ethiopian military did not capture Assab and also move into Asmara was because of tremendous European and US pressure on the Ethiopian government to stop the war. Ethiopia was forced to stop and Eritrea was spared from being stamped out of existence. If you for a moment think that the Eritrean military was in any shape able to withstand Ethiopian attacks you are dead wrong!! You ought to thank your European masters for pleading with Ethiopia to spare you. What a bunch of tragic Anbettas that will not recognize that you have swallowed lock, stock and barrel the bitter pill of utter military defeat and humiliation. Your existenece is based on your falsely fabled military prowess but that was wiped out within one week of the war. You've nothing to show for your 30 years of bloodbath for independece. At the end of the day your sad people are fleeing Eritrea in every direction and ironically it is only Ethiopia that has treated your nearly 200,000 refugees with dignity and respect. What a bunch of sad, stupid lost souls you lot are.
    Also a word of advise... You were granted your independence in 1993 - 21 years ago. You lost the Badme war in 2000 - 14 years ago. MOVE ON!!! Stop lamenting and living in the past. Learn from your past and build better future for your remaining destitute popupation. Majority of Ethiopians do not want you back!!!! If you read any of the Ethiopian affiliated websites, Eritrea is seldom mentioned and only when some tragidy has befallen your sad people. You on the other hand breath and live Ethiopia every day of your existence. You must end your madness and tragedy and take responsibility for what you've created: 1) A non-viable failed, prison-state. 2) A state ruled by the second coming of Kim Il Jung of Africa your PIA and 3) The largest refugee exporter per capita of any country in the world.

  84. may be he has the long term exit visa from previous visit... #commonsense
    never issued an exit visa since summer 2012

  85. Endless hate
    Eritrea vs Ethiopia
    India vs Pakistan
    Iran vs Saudi Arabia
    China vs Japan
    Israel vs Palestine
    North Korea vs North Korea
    Russia vs USA

  86. Long live pia, the ministers, and the military leaders of this great nation. Eritrea.

  87. I'm surprised when I was read information coming from freedom4Ethioian news paper said weyane is ready to start war against Eritrea supported from USA to remove Eritrea government by power and to put new opposition government to destroy Eritrea like to Somalia.

  88. gasha konka mitsae, keytemenekha wutsae

  89. take some lessons before spit your dirty english

  90. read and learn

  91. we are talking about Eritrea here and not Ethiopia

  92. Moron you do have some uses though, you give me a chance to tell what I believe 99% of the Eritrean people especially among the diaspora
    does not know about, thank you moron. (Eritreans no offence but correct me if I’m wrong) I hope Eritreans or anyone visiting Eritrea, when you are in Asmara take half a day for one of the top 3 most beautiful village in the Eritrea & also for one of the most priceless majestic views.

  93. The village you’re confusing it with is called Beleza … this villages is a very ancient villages with scriptures dating from 800AD-1000AD still present within its church. However the first thing one should realize is its unusual name especial in relation to the surrounding villages e.g. Adi Nifas (land of wind) Emba Derho (chicking mountain)…. Beleze does not follow the same pattern…not Tigrinya or Geeze ….in fact its not a Geeze origin name, its in fact Portuguese … meaning BEAUTIFUL -- Some might think the name comes from Bel ezia (ok then this one) but the name originate from when the Portuguese used to interact with the highlander Christians. Coming from the low land Massawa before the road was build, people used to go through what’s locally know as Bahri (green belt now know as Northern Red Sea) and to get to the highland you must pass the villages found at North Western side of the Hamasien escarpment.

    Anyhow the view from here is priceless as you stand above usually three levels of clouds on most days, sometimes up to seven levels. You could enter Beleza through two different roads the old road passing through Beleza Power station (Eritrea’s old hydropower station) which is surrounded by a big lake and parks (enda Mariam river used to be used for weddings…) and the new dirt road passing through Adi Nifas in the left and Beleza in your right coming from the new road down to Filfil Selemuna. So for the view I advice you to use the new road as a way out driving / walking towards Asmara –Keren road to a place called Vivo. Now if you stop at the back of the village Beleza with the village Adi Nifas in front of you and look to North-East-East by North-North-East you will see with naked eyes our beautiful port city Massawa and if you just turn your head slightly and look East-East-South by South-South-East you will see our capital city Asmera all from one spot (best time to view the two cities with naked eyes is at sunset or sunrise) the view in any case will make you feel like you are standing at the top of the world
    with the most majestic view and you’ll understand why the area at large is known as the Land Sea (Medri behri ) and why the Portuguese decided to name this place as simply beautiful – Beleza (beautiful). If you are going to Eritrea this year its only 30m from the heart of Asmera so please do visit – the government intend to use it as a tourist sight although still has not fully promoted it even among Eritreans.

  94. I think you guys are insane,You think Washington remember Eritrea existence at all. It is negligible, semi desert country with GDP 10% one mid sized company.
    US does this , CIA does that??? What is this ? you all suffering from small man syndrome? wake up let alone Eritrea the entire Africa is not of a big concern for USA.

  95. It could also be the one that took the terrorist from Yemen to Kality .
    Andy is finally resting and at peace with himself.

  96. This is TU-160 bomber that incinerated 150,000 filthy Agame with napalm.

  97. I can feel it! Isaias afewerki is your alter ego.

  98. no more deceiving from you

  99. DAwit Meconen ,TULTULHIN ATNFU BAKH.AGAMIDO!!!!!!!

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  107. Your General Tsadkan can explain everything in detail to you. As a matter of fact, the bodies of those dead Ethiopian Soldiers in Adi Begio have not been touched, they were left there for the next round, so that you and your comrades will walk over the dead bodies of your Ethiopian Brothers if it's war you are looking for. While your at it you can count how many hundreds of thousands of your brothers were killed there.


  109. Meaning ? History is unnecessary? and who's going to cry ? This is just the surface of History More will come when the time us right.

  110. This is a scratch on the surface of History of the Weyane Blunder. There is more to come . The Day the Ethiopian people learn of the Human Cost and Idiocy of the puppets Weyane.


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