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The Regime in Ethiopia Continues to Win More Battles Before Losing the War

Andargachew Tsige


By Yohannes Kifle (,

The abduction of Andergachew Tsige was the latest drama the regime in Ethiopia was able to stockpile in its backyard in an effort to prevent the inevitable. The regime in Ethiopia, with no substantial victory to claim since 1991, is eager to score small victories against its rivals to prolong its existence. Those victories are proved to be short-lived with diminishing return. In fact, it is those types of mini victories that are the cause of widening the regime’s vulnerability.

Furthermore, the regime’s main supporters, be it politically or financially, may not be able to circumvent the well-deserved criticism. The British government is one of the staunch supporters of the regime. Given the fact that Andergachew Tsige is a British citizen, one would expect the country that offered him a citizenship would protect him just like any other citizen would be protected. The British government miserably failed its own citizen, Andergatchew, by negotiating unofficially and asking the regime to spare his life. In other words, the British government take on this is that “do what you have to do just don’t execute him”. It wasn’t long ago the British government demanded access to its citizens that were found breaking the law by entering illegally the sovereign Eritrean territory while armed. One should expect the British government to exert the same amount of pressure against the regime in Ethiopia while asking clarification from the government of Yemen behind its illegal action against a British citizen. You do not handover a citizen of one country to another without consulting the home country. The question is: Was the British government consulted about the possible handover? Those who are blessed with commonsense would think that is the case.

The ramifications of the regime’s action, for the past few years, were well documented as the political bankruptcy to the regime and its supporters has become more evident. The question is: How much of the latest stunt it managed to pull off, with the help of the Government of Yemen and the British government looking the other way, is going to expedite to its demise that is inescapable. For the regime in Ethiopia, a collection of small battles here and there against its enemies will become a road map to the ultimate defeat. Andergachew’s abduction may bring instant gratification and bragging right to the regime in Ethiopia. While the Yemenis and the British governments may have to deal with the nuisance it comes with the baggage for their actions in foreseeable future, once the instant gratification is worn out and the thrill is gone, what is to follow behind should be a concern to the regime in Ethiopia and perhaps to its supporters.

Winning the battle but losing the war is the regime’s modus operandi.

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The Regime in Ethiopia Continues to Win More Battles Before Losing the War Reviewed by Admin on 3:03 PM Rating: 5


  1. that is exactly did the Derge near its dimes. the derge started kidnaping and extraditing Ethiopian students and others from the Eastern block countries by accusing them members or sympathizers of rebels/wenbedewoch. the derge also intensified the arresting of even its member part/ employees special the one hailed from Eritrea, Tigray and Oromo. the weyane is doing the same thing arresting right and left by arousing of being member of terrorist or sympathizers. its domes day is nearing.

  2. There are only battles to win. There are no wars no and will not be wars if Ethiopia chips every battles it encounters. I think most opposition are stuck in the cold era morphology which has gone for good.

  3. The woyanes are experts only at short term goals. I would call it, self inflicted slow death, rather than winning battles. This is evident from:
    * Picking a fight with a formidable African force who happens to be the teachers and baby sitter of Woyane from 1976 to 1996.
    * Denying the battle of Tsorona and Bure, when world was provided with gruesome dead woyane soldiers, accused Shaebia of Hollywood pictures
    * Declaring (except General TsadKan) total victory on “boarder” war with Eritrea followed by Addis Abeba street dances
    * Accepting the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission, then Accepting it in principle, then not accepting it, ...
    * Accepting the outcome of 2005 election, then not accepting and going on a killing spree.
    * Invading Somalia in the pretext of 2000 Eritrean soldiers in Somalia
    supporting the Islamic Union Court (UIC) which lead the creation of
    * Planting bombs in civilian areas and accusing Shaebia, G7, and Al-Shebab for terrorism
    * Just too many to list.

  4. Woyanes break every rule of humanity, and decency. They are not ashamed to blame others for their own actions. They forget the great judge upstairs is watching. They will reap what they sow. Look at what happened to their leader, the author of all evil. They never learn. I am just happy that Eritrea is not like them.

  5. Weyanne are real men and at least rule by a constitution and are ruling 87 million citizens. Addis never have shortages of electricity and there are more schools and universities than prisons. Unlike the weyannes, the mafia group called PFDJ has no constitution,has more prisons than schools and universities and are unable to provide about 2 million citizens with the basic necessities.
    Stop comparing a government again a mafia group that rules by lies and blames.

  6. your comments don't surprise Eritreans based on what you have named yourself (or call you in tigray abay:)), wedi medhin berad. Not that it matters, but, Is it medhin berad enda S'wa or medhin berad enda Shahi?

  7. Mussie How is your professional job going? the accounting firm? are yo paying your 2% tax by the way?

  8. Esayas perfect man for Eritrea's their hero until they are disappear from the earth Bravo Esayas Kill them force fully B/ c they love you ,they think and remember to the Ethiopian Rulers for that of 100 years a go but they forget the present killer of their leader until they love U....U excuse less people, Back ward thinkers ego followers I said kill them ...kill

  9. Esayas Afewerki is still a secret Agent for Weyane. He is the one who put a cheese on a trap for Andargachew to be caught.

  10. Esayas Afewerki is still a secret Agent for Weyane. He is the one who put a cheese on a trap for Andargachew to be caught.

  11. I cannot believe some mindless confused Eritreans writing about Woyane detaining a terrorist and then labeling it a dictator.

    *U are a country where about 20% of members of the dysfunctional National Assembly are in jail.
    *You are the only country without Constitution or Parliament whatsoever.
    *Your are a country that contribute 10% of annual international refugees with less that 0.1% of world population.
    *You are the only country in the world with no any free newspaper, political party or elections.
    *You are the only country where an 80 year old fellow is eligible for military conscription.
    *You are a country with the largest number of political detainees per capita.

    As for Woyane, u are nowhere near to their political, diplomatic, military and most importantly economic achievements.
    *Ethiopia is today the hegemony in the Horn.
    *Ethiopia is the most populous and the biggest economy in the Horn (one of the 7 biggest economies in Africa).
    *Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing world economies.
    *Ethiopia has never been this high in her position in International Relations since the demise of the Axumite times.
    *Ethiopia is on the rise, like a roaring lion.
    *Ethiopia is not you rival, she is your master!

    We know why Eritreans love talking about Ethiopia time and again. It is because this gives them a sense of importance to the otherwise forgotten group of population. Portraying themselves as a country that is at loggerheads with one of the most populous countries in the world gives them a sense of fulfillment. Stop living in illusions! Come back to ur senses.
    Let alone the whole of Ethiopia, even TIGRAY is very very far ahead of the Italian built Eritrea in every aspect of political, military, economic and social life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long live TPLF!! Long live EPRDF!!! Long live WOYANE!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Prospects of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea CCTV News MUST SEE

  13. Baire, I think Baire derives from Baria, literally slave, thence, not bad for a slave to be able compare his aid & charity built & sustained country with Eritrea.
    Don't forget that Eritrea is Shaebia's land, Shaebia the one that baptized, fed and and carried you to Menelik palace.
    Nobody plays dirty with Shaebia, those who tried before you, they turned into thin air.
    You as a slave, either you have lack of memory or you want to commit suicide.

  14. This medhin berad must be the luckiest woman in Africa to have given birth to the mythical person, unique in his intelligence, charisma, vision and maximum honesty.....namely His excellency Isayas Afewerki president of Eritrea, may the good Lord bestow him health and time to allow him see the prosperity and peace of his people, the people he loves and serves diligently. Amen!

  15. Shawit of ER, how are you?

  16. Ya, another typical character of the "urban" confused Eritrean elite is irrational intransigence (ድርቅና) and day-dreaming. U have been crying for the past 15 years that part of ur territory is under Ethiopian occupation. Is that because of ur respect to International Law and International Organizations that u r nor chasing out the Woyane and free ur territory? Let me tell u bluntly, it is because U CAN NOT!!!!! U don't have the military might to do so, neither do u have the diplomatic skills to help u out. This is so because u are dealing with the invincible WOYANE!

    If Eritrea is the land of Shaibia (more accurately the private estate of Isaias), then Tigray is the land of Yohanes, Alula, Hayelom and Meles!!!! U have been kicked at ur ass the last time u tried to invade this land of heroes and heroines. Try it next time and u will not live another day to tell the story.

    Woyane is too hard to handle even for ur historic sponsores- Egypt, let alone for their puppets- Shaibia!!!!!

    Long live TPLF!! Long live EPRDF!!! Long live WOYANE!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Wey Zeraf Zeraf !

    So whatelse do you need from Eritrea then?

    I guess you guys are specialised, you are the King of the Kings who have the ability to decide everybodies faith from your HIV infested Ethiopia. You believe your own fake and lawless administration who divide Ethiopians into pieces. Look how many of them flee the country and call Eritreans. 57 opposition parties, deprived Beshanguls, Oromos, garbage eaters, maids and children exported by Effort, is that all you are proud of?

    It is human to make mistakes but to come up and tell Eritrean that you are better than anyone else, you are loosing your mind and You will soon put down your head and face the reality because God is watching you from above, your faith is like Melese, Abebe, Legesse.

    As of my Eritrea, you are not allowed to think of me more than I do for myself, NO Thanks my enemy.

    Keep away of our insider matters, keep your boundries ugly creatures!

  18. Ok take Badme and shut up !
    We do not need you
    We do not have anything to do with you
    Just get the hell out of our face

  19. No personal attack idiot ! your IP is registered.

  20. So funny! I couldn't stop laughing. Sometimes it is good to have such fun.

  21. I am embarrassed about your attitude. You may think you are smart. We know each other and we know who was who. It is ridiculous! By stealing Eritrean's property, you want to boast as if you have achieved by your own. I would advise you to be sensible and think positive. This is old fashion. Your forefathers have lied to make us down. And now you are trying to do the same. Repeating mistakes now and then have no use instead think how things should have the proper shape. Africans should work together and develop our continent to challenge poverty. By provoking you want to broad the gap towards war. No body is a fool to go after your intrigue. Be honest to yourself!

  22. Thank you for asking, my firm MG Accounting and Tax services is doing very well and I am about to open a branch office in Asmara Eritrea very soon. Regarding my 2% tax, it is paid from 1992 to 2013 and my martyrs family responsibility I just Renaud and paid in full for the next two years for two family. if you want to confirm the validity of this, you can inquire the Embassy of Eritrea in Washington DC. I am real Eritrean not fake one like you. I talk the talk and I walk the walk.

  23. When he got citizenship, he did not mention he was seeking asylum because he was scentenced to death for murder and murder planning. He said he was a journalist, which he wasn't until after he became a British citizen. Same thing happens in eritrea. All the rsado were being shot up like rats by the orders of your wedi afom

  24. Why you brought all these now and the purpose of the war is to win the battle that kicked your ass from our territory with in two days and captured cities like Barentu,Tessene,Mendefera and so on by forcing you to accept on our demand to create buffer zone by UN 25 miles inside your territory.Now are you born after the war or try to cheat your self while the evidence is registered and known by the whole World.

  25. Yes the rest of Africans are start working together except your Country that work day and night to destabilize the whole region by supporting the terrorist group that labeled and known by World Community.

  26. Have you proof? If my government is not a civilized one the signing of Algiers agreement was not conducted. The Almighty is not biased! What was the Int'l Court decision?. Yeleba ayne derek lebe yadereke! Sorry it was not my type to be so defensive. I believe in mutual understanding, love and respect.

  27. Look, body the deferent between you and Baire is, you are the baria of one dictator man while he is a real baria of his Country and calling him baria doesn't change your color to white or ferenji which shows us that you are also mentally baria that lost his identity to 60yrs colony of Italy.

  28. Eritreans chose their fate. Esayas is doing excellent job in making the people of Eritrea #1 beggers around the world, they sent him some% from their ration they are getting in the camps of neighboring countries like Ethiopia; yet half of the Eritreans live below the poverty line! Keep it up Esayas, the fool Eritreans (I can say most of them) are going to pay for their foolishness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Read the book how Tsadkan cried. On cider, any looser like you can be a hero. But on the ground (reality) is different.

  30. The agreement was voided out by your government when they kicked out the peace keepers and also your government confrontation with the whole World that hold you back from your dream. I know your believe is for mutual understanding, love and respect, but if every body including your government shares your idea we wouldn't have been in such situation and if not today there will be always tomorrow that we can live together in peace .

  31. Fesam malet eko dimits yalew weyim dimts alba ayer malet new ante isu keleleh kitih tedefinoal malet new.

  32. Don't worry, He create weyane and he will dismantle it.

  33. @Manny H:
    Sorry, I am lost with your well thought, grammatically correct, coherent, and precisely to the point response to my comments. I am sure you have completely understood my comment. To be fair though, would you please re-write your response in either Amharic or even Agame Tigrigna? It will be much easier for you to communicate with me and other Eritreans. No worries, PFDJ already have come-up with Amharic/Agame Tigrigna to Eritrean-Tigrigna translation software for the new generation of independent Eritrea. Good Luck.

  34. Surprise, surprise!
    I just responded to your very smart older brother, Manny H. He knows what he is doing, just communicate with him, will you?

  35. Here we meet a gain must have spoken to your older brother Manny H :)
    I am starting to enjoy your Agame English. You remind me of Woyanit Cadre. On a serious note; with your English language skills, you have a bright future in standup comedy. Keep writing!

  36. I rather listen to your Excellency General TsadKan.

  37. I don't think you are embarrassed, rather you are angry. It was not deliberate anyway. But before giving me this 'civilized', 'modernized' gesture, look back to some of the comments by your fellow countrymen including the author of this 'article' and give them some advice that this is not the attitude to get your ailed country better. Get out of illusion! Take some time of introspection! Avoid mob mentality! Be rational! Deflate your ego! Correct your self-image. I know this is easier said than done. But there is no short-cut for a fresh start of good neighborliness. Otherwise your insecurity complex towards Woyane/Tigray will continue to be the source of all of your internal problems to the point of making you practically a failed state!!!

  38. You seem y have a great hatred. You are far away from the truth. I don't know how old you are but I advise you to read Ethiopian history. The recent one Mengistu's regime is a good example. The same mistake is done now and then. How many Eritreans were killed 'lemeketacha'? Read Red terror by Dawit Weldegiorgis. I was brought up in Ethiopia and you don't tell me about Ethiopia because I have been there. I was also in Eritrea and I have seen in my eyes the government working very honestly to its people. Do you think it was necessary to break a war and kill another innocent people after independence? Do you think it was necessary to deport innocent Eritreans and loot their property? Was it necessary to keep the peace keepers without any change? Look what is happening in Democratic Congo? I have never been open like this. I was afraid of politics. Let alone a country's politics neigbor's or office politics is very hard for me to face because behind all this there is power or else money which makes us fight. Have you seen any change in our continent except hunger and war? It is my government who works hard to achieve the development's goal (MDG)? How many African countries have achieved this? How many years were the other countries in independent? The MDG was designed by UN to make poor countries out from dark. I want you to be fair and see things positively.

  39. Aren´t we Eritreans kind and specialy democrates to give chance to talk in to our Home Web Sites to many lumpens here and there who even can´t make a complete sentence?

  40. Tezaribom yezarbuka koynu

  41. Precisely :)

    Also, leflaf adgi, adwalaziz,exfart,hawdian,yebandakurs, tooooo many to list se is 90% ER!

  42. Kurkur Hgdef. You run to cave when the truth is unveiled infornt of you.kkkkkkkkk. You can not answer, all you can do is just to show your frustration. One thing is your English is awful. you can only rotate on few words and ideas kkkkkkk. Do you think only third graders read your comment? kkkkkk.. Geeezz , Your Wshma Wedi medhin berad is scrambling. Cry river cry as always. I thank God for not being a puppet of any one.

  43. Weyane are at the border ,so all Hgdef puppets go and tackle them. Weyane are not in Washington DC or Stockholm or London,LOL. If you want to fight with Weyane,go to the border ,they are already in our land ,the land they occupied by force. Me as Eritrean will never fight for Isaias. I had enough of him. I wish I had run out of the country long time ago. You puppets of Hgdef in the diaspora cannot do anything except barking from here. I am quite sure non of you will go to defend the country if war breaks out. You can only bark from here. Why should I sacrifice my life for a country that I can not even visit Teseney or Senafe without permission .I am giving my life and still denied my basic right. All the Hgdef puppets are earning a lot of money living in the western countries,still they want my brothers and sisters in Eritrea to fight for them, are you kidding me? If you want to fight Weyane, all you Hgdef puppets should go by themselve and do the job. I will support you from here . But do not involve my family. I have already paid a lot for a country where I can not even speak freely, live peacefully. Stop your non sense. Go you and your families to fight Weyane.

  44. Are u sure you fought and freed ur Eritrea? You bought it from mengistus boy scouts( his generals) u paying with petro dollars that u used to collect by cheating the arabs as being Arabs.The Arabs taught they would control east and horn of Africa and have full Arabic control of north and East africas coast.You have been cheating the whole world , but now the world came to know you for who u are.Do u know how PIA used to assemble disabled people in the streets of stockholm asking for money and he bought companys in london and nairobi; that he owns now ..............

  45. Put his picture with your dictator because he will be our next target.

  46. Sorry Woyanne and Woyanne supporter can't speak English, value scriptures can not make sense because they are accustomed to lie to themselves.


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