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Industrialization and Global Value Chains in Eritrea

Italian firm Gruppo Italiano Construzioni is contracted by Eritrea to develop 1,680 modern homes and shops in Asmara

Industrialization and Global Value Chains in Eritrea

By Afribiz,

The Government of Eritrea considers global value chains as one of the main engines for reducing economic volatility and improving growth. Major activities within the value chain are currently performed in the provision of ancillary services, production of agricultural goods, processing, natural-resource extraction, and sales and marketing. The mining sector has been the biggest area of attraction with more than 14 mining and exploration firms from Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, Libya, the United Arab Emirates and the UK involved.

In the agricultural sector, China-based firms are increasingly investing in the construction of cold food-storage facilities, an aluminium-tin manufacturing plant and a high-quality PVC agriculture drip-irrigation pipe-production line. The government is strongly encouraging companies and individuals to invest in building residential housing, roads, airports, ports and hospitals. In the housing sector, Gruppo Italiano Costruzioni, an Italian firm, is constructing 1680 housing units in the capital city, Asmara, as well as several housing projects and a resort in Massawa. The main drivers of the development initiatives are embedded in the country’s commitment to development through a self-reliance policy.

The Eritrean Investment Centre has been reaching out to potential investors and has provided assurances of protection to investors in the country. The government also introduced a crash program for export take-off designed to penetrate the European and US markets (through the US Africa Growth and Opportunities Act, 2000). Eritrea was thus able to export textiles/garments to the United States free of duty and free of quota restrictions up to 2008.

Overall, the impact of the country’s participation in the value chain is noticeable, particularly in job creation, infrastructure and capacity development and in increased revenue inflows. Direct and indirect employment associated with the Bisha mine only is expected to amount to as many as 700 jobs when in full operation.

The growth potential of agriculture has not been fully exploited mainly due to low connectivity of the production locations, low levels of value addition and low productivity. The fishing value chains are relatively well-developed, but there is considerable room for improvement. Key investment opportunities in the fisheries subsector provide a potential of 90 000 km² of fishing grounds, with an estimated annual production potential of between 65 000 t and 70 000 t of fish and other marine produce. Demand for fish exceeds supply in urban areas and there is latitude for increased domestic consumption. In addition, the Eritrea fisheries sector has the potential to contribute significantly to Eritrean food security, foreign-exchange earnings and job creation.

The tourism sector has huge potential based on the scenic and topographic diversity of the country as well as on its history, in addition to a long coastal line of pristine sandy beaches, many islands and clear water with abundant marine life. There are also good investment opportunities in developing the historical and cultural heritage of the country.

Investment in exploration activities for reserves of oil, natural gas and other minerals provide a potential source for the expansion of export receipts. Offshore-oil and natural-gas exploration are specific areas of potential investment.

In spite of these investment opportunities, the country faces many challenges, amongst which low productivity in agriculture attributed to archaic farming practices and a land-tenure system that vests ownership of land to the government.

Exploitation of the existing economic opportunities in Eritrea will require not only the commitment of the Government of Eritrea and its people, but also regional integration and international trade. The country therefore needs to undertake effective policy reforms, including regional co-operation and integration policies, and develop a strong infrastructure base in addition to the provision of sufficient energy, transport, communication and physical marketing facilities, as well as adequate institutional and human-resource capacity and incentives. For example, with adequate policy reforms and investment, there is ample room for accelerated agricultural development. By using modern cultivation, fertilization, plant-protection and water conservation techniques, large quantities of food crops, exports and raw materials for industrial enterprises can be produced. The development of irrigated agriculture in the lowland river basins is highly promising.

In the medium-term, Eritrea should consider the following key measures:

  • Actions to deepen the value chain must be driven by market opportunities and demands. Here, the Government of Eritrea must address barriers such as high infrastructure costs, lack of access to finance (capital) and the limited availability of skilled workers and appropriate incentives. In particular, it must address barriers facing small and medium-sized firms, as these provide greater opportunities to deepen the value chain within the major economic sectors.

  • Policies aimed at supporting private-sector development in manufacturing and primary input processing are also useful. There is great potential for Eritrea in processing agro-food products for export.

  • The government’s forthcoming development plan emphasizes the move into higher value added activities. The government needs to consolidate these plans into one national plan and detail out synergies across sectors. It should further develop a business environment through the creation of supply-chain linkages between foreign and local firms in formal manufacturing in order to foster the emergence of local manufacturing firms capable of subcontracting tasks and subsequently competing with foreign firms. This will encourage domestic firms to become more innovative and raise labor productivity in order to work with multinational enterprises.

  • To improve the country’s business climate, the government should make efforts to develop human skills further and provide appropriate incentives in order to respond to labor-market demands. The government, with assistance from the AfDB, is developing the required skills and technical expertise through a vocational and technical training program. The government has asked the AfDB to support the program continuously over the medium term in order to close the skills gap in the country.

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  1. Promising. It requires a lot of effort as well as patience.

  2. Is there a way to prevent the dark-green eyed Weyane to read this encouraging article ?

  3. The government must let the private sector to do its job. Allow private investment no matter how big or small so that they will in turn create jobs and prevent stagnation and corruption. For example, the housing permit has been frozen for almost 10 years because of this rampant corruption and illegal housing construction is booming. Let the private sector be free with little regulation.

  4. What are you talking about? Our people need food more than any thing, provide food, drinking water, electricity....then just then we can talk about industrialisation.
    Our people are been rationing for bread and drinking water and you guys talk about...nonsense.

  5. True after some houses were constructed, the shortage of installing electricity, water sewerage, cement etc are still challenging.

  6. You are nonsense! that why your comments are always nonsense too.
    If you can not understand the content of the article, refrain from your nonsense comments.

  7. No country improved its socio/economical situation within a day or year, it takes rather decades of a dedicated work of all population and its governement, (not aritificial progress nor glittering one, is intended sustainable growth), it requires patience, perseverance, honesty. It is blind to pretend to be rich in a day. About a private sector lonely can do nothing, if not for its own benefit, its
    shown in humans history and sayed "homo homine lupus" to say greedy, so the i belive Eritrean gov. attitude toward this issue is remarkable in Africa and need to be encouraged and supported.

  8. Ata baham! Don't you know that bread is selling in black market in Eritrea, i am saying provide some thing edible to the people and you can plan, masterplan or dream any thing you want.

  9. Eritreans chose their fate. Esayas is doing excellent job in making the people of Eritrea #1 beggers around the world, they sent him some% from their ration they are getting in the camps of neighboring countries like Ethiopia; yet half of the Eritreans live below the poverty line! Keep it up Esayas, the fool Eritreans (I can say most of them) are going to pay for their foolishness!

  10. When the economy is unstable the supply and demand will not be balanced. People can argue about who should run the economy the government or the private sector. The private sector will only be interested on how to maximize profit.
    However the government will make sure to provide a minimum standard of living.
    In our case Goe started from scratch below zero economy and built all roads, schools, hospitals, clinics, dams, farm projects so on so forth....all over eritrea
    Plus for 23 protected our sovereignty
    However the enemy are not sleeping they are doing everything they could to punish Goe, the people and the country with their ugly sanction, no peace no war etc
    our people are still working and the government is doing the best ever for our Eritrana.

  11. ሂድ ጥፋ ከዚ! ስለ ኤርትራ ምን ኣገባህና ነው! ስለ ገዛ ኣገርህ ኣስብ። ኢሳያስ ኤርትራውያን እንሰራለን እንጂ ኣንለምንም፡ ምግብ ስለ ተረጠበልን ኣናጎበድድም፡ ፍላጎታችሁ ይህ ከሆነ ከነምግባችሁ ዘወር በሉ ነው ያለው። ይህ ደግሞ ያስከበራል እንጂ ኣያዋርድም። ስለ ውርደት መናገር ከፈልግህ፡ ሰፋ ያለ ማብራሪያ ከበትህ ኣምጣ።

  12. I was wondering what ZCruz would say. I guess he would rewrite the whole article, sentence by sentence, into a negative report. That is his expertise!

  13. Of course that's what he does search for negative things

  14. At this moment you proved you are a true agame. You finally admitted. Note its Eritrea we got lots of food that can feed your country and USA care about the ppl starving in your agame/Ethiopia

  15. Another agame go talk about you 80million ppl who are living in poverty and dying for food

  16. Weyane is building more than 4,000 modern homes just only at the welkait sugar project site.

  17. that is fine, then just leave Eritrea alone including her website.

  18. Yacob,
    Ethiopia is building 4,000 homes for 90 million people. Do not get proud about it. Do not forget Ethiopia is one of the most corrupted government in the world. Just the dead prime minister took 4 billion dollar. There is lines for bread everywhere in the capital. Shame to Hailemariam to say on national TV that Ethiopia is producing enough food for the country. Look on the UN food program website, 6 million people in Ethiopia need food help. How come one month from his speech there is line for bread?
    The government is clashing with every ethnic and religios groups. Are you going to tel me that there is democracy in Ethiopia? Every time election approaches in Ethiopia, there is mass of arrest. What the government says and the realty doesn't mach. I can't wait Demhit and Ginbot 7 will take over.

  19. I have something to add of Gasha´s about AfDB, i work in a international consulting company based in italy and our major works are linked to Africa and they are financed mainly from big institutions like AfDB, world bank, EU, UN. ect, what is amazed about this orchestra is that the finance some times are loans, sometimes are donated, in all the cases there are conditions that a country involved in this issue have to compromise, wether political, wethter social..The big paradox is that not all the time work is done as it needed, most of the times instead a Local company are required "the so called international companies" that import corruption at high government level, bribery, and most of all what suffers is the work, we can´t say is done well. So from my point Eritrea is doing in the best of way, not needing experts from international companies when is something that can be done Localy, not needing loans for a simple sake of importing corruptions and uncomplete job in a neive country. This is not a tell "tsuntsway dear Rora, is personal experience"

  20. Ethiopia's population projected to reach 174 mil by 2050. Can you imagaine supporting a massive, demanding population 30yrs from now.

    Good look!

  21. **Luck (was nervous typing it) lol

  22. i remember the late 90s how contraction was booming until the government shut down all the private sectors.

  23. if there was a true constitution there would be an opportunity to develop our country in various sectors. 20 years is not a few and we haven't used any of our resources to stable our economy.

  24. I hope the 21st century young generation like more talk more than work. You guys talking about Eritrea 23 yrs old country let us talk about the fact 51 Africa countries they are gotten budget support every year . With out industrialization countries never grow, one country when starting walk forward on the beginning modern agricultural and industrial creativity using fertilizers to produce food by modern system that's the growing system but Our African problem is you are jumping on the top that's doesn't work at all

  25. Ato Mehari:

    They are not there to hope, dream and prosper. The new generation goal is to escape out of the country anyway they can.

    Why don't you ask WHY? If a few here and there are fleeing I can understand, but we are talking about in thousands every month. Are every single one of them wrong? They just want a better life man. To live in Eritrea now is a living hell. How can you support your family on an income of 400 nak a month? How can you open small business when their is a shortage of electricity and water?

    The country is a huge prison. If you disagree you have the option to go there and live as well as serve your country.

  26. Weyane is not building homes in Wolkait. Weyane is killing people from all Ethnicity and Muslims in different part of the country.

  27. wedi awate, from your comment it seems that it matters you Eritreas issue, if so,what have you done personally to make Eritrea better?

  28. How Ethiopia is in a condition to give to others when herself is N.1 in Africa to need support? From this statement we understand that you don´t know what is rationality. Yallew liset yechelal, yelielew keyet yamta enna liset?

  29. What is shame and pitty is that the "cadre they come in here to dialogue" nor they have mind, nor rationality nor humbleness. They just come as brocken radio to say bad thing about the only country that REFUSE ANY AID from the rich world and standing by its own feet, without the big brother that gives today, denies tomorrow. So my amateur cadres we know you as our hands, go to preach other part of Africa, might be better to get better, We Eritreans don´t need any suggestion from "those riches" imagine if we lissen you poor people that go ahaed through handouts..

  30. None of the private sectors would be able to build all the roads, the hospitals, clincs, colleges, schools, agricultural sectors, dams, minining projects, etc etc etc but the government of Eritrea took over start working with the people and the rest is history and our people are still working

  31. You still don't get, do you? You still believe the mirages of the con artist isaias afewerqi true, but let me ask you:
    Did he carry out what he said would do in 2011 with regard to National Election?
    Did he carry out what he several times he said would do with regard to raising the salaries and building homes for young Eritreans he has had them in concentration camps under the guise of national service?
    Where are they, those alleged college graduates, whose photos he has been posting annually on various outlets? But why do you think he has never shown us photos of those graduates happily working in industries, factories etc. in their own country? Isn't it because he is purposely decimating the economic capacity of the country? Yes, this is absolutely true.

    Suppose, those, who allegedly graduate every year, stayed in their economically decimated and dilapidated country. Can you imagine that the depth and magnitude of the social crisis that would have been ignited could have long burnt the con artist and his tegaru cabals? You better do. It was therefore to escape the consequence of his own con artistry that he created several schemes to intimidate the youngsters to flee their country in droves.
    There is another. If you go to Eritrea and visit the University of Asmera, you will see a gigantic empty building. Why has it become empty? The answer is the same as the above. The con artist isaias afewerqi did it for his own safety and longevity so he can fulfill his conspiracy of decimating of our country and people without the youngsters ever able to mount effective resistance. He built shanty colleges in the rural areas where the students, twenty fours a day and seven days a week, are under strict surveillance and intimidation by Demhit and other paramilitary.
    Rumors are circulating that the con artist isaias Afewerqi has placed under house arrest General Manjus and colonel TaAm, two of the many of his notorious cabals who have amassed huge financial assets using human trafficking. In this connection, I must also mention the veteran EPLF fighter, Naizgi kflu, whose remains the con artist isaias fewerqi denied burial in his own country.
    The reason he took the aforementioned steps against them is because each of them were linked to human right violation by the world community. By so doing therefore, he is attempting to demonstrate his innocence to the world. This in fact has been one of his modus operandi since he joined ELF; he steals the achievement others earned and lays blame his own crime on others.
    Genuine Eritreans
    The con artist isaias afewerqi has a mafia organization, solely composed of tegaru cabals, of which the "PFDJ" is a decoy. But again, by now every Eritrean must have understood that "PFDJ" is invented as a drape to conceal the tegaru mafia. "Demhit" is also a drape to hide the mafia military wing, which , as you well know, is well armed and organized, ready to be launched at opportune time. Recall the 2013 Forto incident when Demhit was brought to Asmera. Conversely, our Defense Forces are being brought down to the level of militia.

  32. No! I meant

    Nebsika abiti adi zelo hizibina gibera.

  33. Because of the hard lesson you learn from the last war,your options

    are pray and dream for some thing miracle to happen otherwise there is nothing you can do.

  34. bla bla rumors here and there DMHIT bla bla are a bad sells person if I was your boss i would fire you. is the Ethiopian government your employer? or are you the so called "Eritrean opposition"? either way your argument does not hold water, it is a tried and failed pitch. you don't have anything better to attract Eritreans who believes in the betterment of our people by any means. "tegaru mafia" this term also failed please..please come with something better..shame on you man! I support GOE and at same time i oppose GOE for things i believe should be improved, I believe in economic freedom, as much i believe in liberal democracy, i am also realistic the fact that Africa is not in any shape to go that path.

    we work towards economic freedom and liberating the people from the darkness of illiteracy, decease and poverty is a priority. people like you shout from a distance ...believing what you hear from the main stream western media and fundamental Eritrean enemies. what amazes me is that Eritreans who thinks they doing the right thing when in fact they are prepared to sell Eritrea in the name of "liberation" in heart beat, shame on you!.

    People like you tell Eritreans they are in the wrong side of HISTORY because they support their country. We know things are not as rossy as we would like it to be, but who said life was easy and "rome was built overnight"?

  35. Foolish? Adgy we adgy...if Eritreans are foolish then Ethiopians are .............your statistics is good "half of the Eritreans live below the poverty line!" this statistically makes us a better country than your country "who is rationing" Eritreans ......#1 beggars? do you think just because a mass of weyanes call us beggars will hide the fact that begging is your culture? that the streets of your capital cities littered with beggars and homeless children? that the whole nation's recent history is associated with begging? that begging is in your vein your dead leader (may his soul rest in peace) go all the way to a OECD meeting and beg? instead of saying - teach us how to fish - . Ill stop here. you don't need to reply to this.

  36. Selam Mehari;
    Gasha and Cane Libro explained to you the consequence of foreign aid in details. I would like to add a little bit.
    Yes indeed Eritrea refused aid because GOE realized that aid for poor countries has been at best ineffective and at worst harmful. The masters of hegemony in order to defend their power, profits and privileged they financed and supported overseas religious institutions and corrupted officials to control exploited people and deflect their discontent into religious, communal and conflicts. To succeed their deadly plot they hire the self-described NGO. NGO foster a new type of cultural and economic colonialism. NGO arrival portends rising local prices and a culture shock. Many of them live in lavish housed, or five star hotels. They are ten figures multiple of the local average wage. They are busybodies, preachers, critics, do-gooders, and professional altruists. They are parasites who feed off natural and manmade disaster, mismanagement, conflict and strife. Always self-appointed they answer to no constituency. NGO are unelected and ignorant of local realities. They are involved in crime and corruption. NGO usually in the guise of think tanks and lobby groups are sometimes ideologically biased, or religiously committed and often at the service of special interest groups. NGO such as International Crises Group have openly interfered in many countries political affairs for their own ulterior motives. See for example, in Eritrea, Ukraine, Nigeria, Libya and Zimbabwe etc... The encroachment on state sovereignty international law enshrined in numerous treaties and conventions allows NGO to get involved in hitherto strictly domestic affairs like civil rights, the compositions of the media, the penal and civil codes, environmental policies, or the allocation of economic resources and natural endowments, such as land and water. No field of government activity is now exempt from the greedy NGO. They serve as self-appointed, judges, juries and executioners rolled into one. See for example, when GOE kicked NGO ass to where they belong probably Ethiopia, they fabricated allegations that Eritrea plane delivered weapons to Somalia Al Shebab, Eritrea sent 2000 troops to fight along side Somalia Islamic Court, Eritrea allowed Iran to have military base in Dahlak islands and Eritrea plotted to bomb AU building in Addis Abeba. As I mentioned on the above, because NGO are judges and jurors, they posed two unjust sanctions on my beloved Eritrea.
    NGO serve as extension arms for special interest groups - gathering intelligence, burnishing their image and promoting their interests at. These days, many host government accuse NGO of unwittingly or knowingly serving as hotbeds of espionage. All NGO claim to be not for profit (Anafafira Qokah Zeyfelit Si Ayhadanayin), yet, many of them posses sizable equity portfolios and abuse their position to increase the market share of firms they own at the expense of the aid recipient poor people.
    Mehari, I posted this article a while ago and I reposted again because it can give you the big picture of special interest groups under the disguise of foreign aid.

  37. Why are you angry when you hear about the GREEN EYED woyane from Meriet?any problem? :)

  38. speak tigrigna please. I do not understand agamigna.

  39. If you can 't speak Tigrinia, you just proved yourself you are not Eritrean but Agame.

    Lemani agames, if you think your agame dictator is doing well. Take your ass to Eritrea and live there.

  40. 1. He Mentioned 4,000 houses in one site , only in Addis 100,000 houses are built and transferred to owners and more than 200,000 houses are under construction or under plan..still a lot to go though.
    2. Ethiopia is not one of the most corrupted, 2013 corruption perception index shows Ethiopia is 111th out of 177 while Eritrea is 160th of of 177..still Ethiopia need to improve though. the 4 billion is unfounded and no credible sources claimed meles had a million dollar let alone 4 billion
    3.There is no line for bread in Addis, that is in Asmara. I have seen people lining to buy chicken in a farm, I have never seen a line for bread, I will be corrected if you present me evidence. But that doesn't mean we are not poor..we need to improve there too. Yes Ethiopia has now enough food , but that doesn't mean it is equally distributed to the 90 million people. even in the 85 famine there were a surplus product in some part of the country. the main issue is transport infrastructure and communication. according to 2013 Global hunger index Eritrea was the most hunger strike country in the world. 29 % of Ethiopians live under poverty line, while 50% of Eritreans are under poverty line. according to world bank figures less than 42% of Eritreans primary school age children go to school, 94% of Ethiopian kids are in school. stop your delusion and work to change your country. I am presenting you the figures so that you will wake up of your day dream and work, as Ethiopian I am not proud yet we have a lot to do.

    4.Yes Ethiopia is not democratic, but democracy is a process, you fail and try and retry. you cant have a democracy without constitution and with life time president. democracy cannot be a gift from weyanee, its a public struggle.

  41. I think you were busy in your professional job, where have you been? this website is full of ant-Ethiopia cold war type propaganda, when you say leave us alone, the irony is too much to comprehend.

  42. Ethiopia is one of the most corrupted countries in the world by any standard. The fact that you are relying on Transparency Internationals corruption index is laughable. I do not have the time to go into great detail about why Transparency International’s CPI is a joke, but here is a link to an article on the The Guardian explaining the biases in the CPI and why it should not be considered valid by any critical thinker. Please feel free to read it and educate yourself.
    Your claims regarding the enrollment/attendance rate of youth in Ethiopia is completely false. According to UNICEF the enrollment rate for primary school is around 85% and attendance was about 60%, and pre-primary was about 5%. That being said, 55% of the youth in Ethiopia are illiterate, you can’t compare education in Ethiopia with that in Eritrea.

    Your statements regarding bread lines in Asmara are misleading and a true testament to the way you view government and civilian relations (I am not surprised, after all you are Ethiopian). Let me break it down for you. I was in Asmara a few years ago and did not witness bread lines, but I do know for a fact that there were programs to hand out bread when I was there around 2005 and I would not be surprised if they still exist. I think it is a great thing that the government of Eritrea provides bread to those in need. The US had a similar program with Cheese/Dairy in the US in the 80s (The US is one of the largest producer of dairy products in the world). People were lining up to get “Government Cheese” and other food staples. It is good that a government looks out for its citizens in need and provides welfare to those who can’t provide for themselves. That being said there is no shortage of bread for anyone with money in Eritrea, the coffee/pastry shops are filled with bread products, just as there was no shortage of dairy for people with money in the US during the Gov Cheese days. Ethiopia on the other hand does not care enough for its citizens to provide food aid, and I am sure the 1milion poor destitute street children in Addis would love the opportunity to stand in a line and receive food products. Instead they have to beg and dig in trash piles around Merkato to sustain themselves, or if they are female they can sell their bodies to pedophiles for a few Birr. The majority of food aid/welfare programs in Ethiopia are managed and funded by foreign aid agencies and donors. The Ethiopian government begs around the world for aid and then uses foreign aid as a tool against its own citizens.

  43. You get it right, I was extremely busy January to may (Tax season ) and then I was in vacation just back to my office. You have any more questions for me? I think you are one of my clients that masquitering Trayian as Eritrean refugee who seem to know when was open and close my Business office.

  44. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 24, 2014 at 10:34 AM

    Atum duhurat, iwe nesekhum PFDJ the criminal gvt of Eritrea!

    I'm sitting here listening to BALIBI KIFLU AMER's first hand account

    of the hive of criminals which ISAIAS AFEWERKI has turned my country


    Every single transaction which your gvt takes part in is ILLEGAL

    and CRIMINAL as long as our so-called 'leader'' aka WANA



    My people deserve to live in peace and freedom in their own country.

    WE WANT ELECTIONS and every single one of you will be going

    down for crimes against humanity as long I am alive to stand

    witness to it.

    Abello t'ghenzebat deKi Adey?

  45. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 24, 2014 at 11:45 AM

    The illegal and repressive goverment of Eritrea is sinking fast.

    NOBODY but compulsive liars and traitors like @tekerebanelim


    @stesfamariaim @FikreJesus and @Ternafi is tweeting anything

    positive about Eritrea anymore.



    ENOUGH to threats, intimidation and the belittling of the truthful.

    ENOUGH to lies!

    ENOUGH to the rape of our sisters!

    ENOUGH to the silence and repression!

    ENOUGH to Tigrayan-lead chaos and the usurption of my peoples'


    ENOUGH to the Tigrayan-lead theft of Eritrea's resources by

    the Tigrayan psychopath ISAIAS AFEWERKI and his corrupt



    ENOUGH to the lawlessness.

    ENOUGH to the persecution of natural Eritreans by Tigrayan wannabes

    and saboteurs.


    Awet n'Eritrawiyan Hafash!

  46. When I saw the topic, I was expecting –. X-amount of new manufacturing
    (from small to large size) companies has started to operate.
    of resorts and hotels constructed in Red Sea area. Eritrea has
    employed X-thousand people full-time and X-thousands part time position.
    The consumer spending in Eritrea has gone up X%. X-amount of
    Eritreans returned home and established business……. But in the land of
    HGDEF, building cold storage is an economical success. How
    hard is
    to construct a cold storage?? How in the hell could” cold storage”
    come in a national news?? This should be on KEBELIE news. The past
    10 plus years, Eritrea has not shown neither economic progress nor
    social progress. I know some supporters will blame everything on the
    “none exist” sanction, but I blame it on the government. There is no
    transparent, accountable and responsible government in Eritrea. If we
    had, we wouldn’t witness the exodus of our people to Sudan, Ethiopia,

    If the government of Eritrea allowed the nationals
    to invest and create jobs in their country, many jobs could have been
    created, people would have income and improve their life. When the
    whole nation is living by remittance, don’t dare to tell me we have
    economic progress.

  47. Government do not create jobs, people create jobs. What we need is limited amount qualified government employes to make the country function in an efficient and productive way. Of-course it is government responsibility to construct roads, schools, supplying water and electricity and protecting the nation from enemy . The problem starts when the government controls every aspect of business from running stores to running farms. When the Eritrean government expelled privet Eritrean construction companies in-order HGDEF companies to monopolize the business, everything start to collapse. The same goes with the airlines, farms, sea farm..... It is not a secret the remaining so called privet companies and businesses such as hotels are indirectly in government hands. In Eritrea, today there is no privet enterprise, if there is, the government kills it slowly and painfully. This is why most Eritreans prefer to do business in Uganda, Angola, Ethiopia or prefer stay idle until change comes.

  48. It has been known that AID has been killing Africa for decades. I also agree with you about NGO, the organization that is founded to kill third world countries. Now lets come back to Eritrea. Like the so called NGO, we have an organization called HGDEF. What does HIGDEF does? It kills Eritreans, destruct privet owned businesses, force the citizens leave their beloved country, restrict citizens to return to their country, kill the pride of Eritreans, arrest religious leaders, arrest without trial thousands of people.
    Now which is worse - NGO or HIGDEF???

  49. So when are you moving to wolkayt? Suger is sweet, you know?

  50. I ain't crazy to compare PFDJ with NGO. PFDJ inherited totally crumbled institutions from the brutal Ethiopia regime. PFDJ has been building the nation from the scrap. PFDJ with YPFDJ defend Eritrea's sovereignty and liberty.
    Once when Ethiopia complied with the final and binding verdict of EEBC and the UN lifted the two unjust sanctions, I'm sure 100% the PFDJ will ratify the constitution, will allow authorization of private small business, will decentralize the agriculture in the form of legalizing cooperatives, will authorize of free consumer-good markets and will moderate administrative bank reform in a timely manner. At this promising moment the PFDJ is in a radical transformation because the party has been tested from all corners of the world and cause the PFDJ to walk in victory.

  51. How much is the Meles Chenawi group paying you?

  52. That is all you can?

  53. Manny Halay;
    What your masters Amharu said, "Lijitiwan Enatiwa Mit Astemarechat."
    Who got a lesson in Egri Mekhel, Zalambesa, Tserona etc...The people of Ethiopia never learned from their mistake that's why we (Eritreans) call you donkeys. Why your general Gebertsadqan cried after he lost over 96,000 soldiers. If a war ignite by the minority regime (Woyane), Shaebia will not stop until eradicate woyane once for all.

  54. Listen carefully and answer my questions yes or no please 1. Didn't our gallant forces kicked your ass out of our territory with in two days and captured Barentu , Tessene, Mendefera and other cities inside your territory? 2. Didn't your dictator said no to the World to with draw from Badme? 3. After all your BADO FUKERA and we captured the above mentioned cities, didn't your dictator ask for mercy to save his life from our advancing gallant forces and brought him down to our demand to establish 25km buffer zone inside your territory?.

  55. Atleast now you showed your civility, you replied without personal insult.

  56. In military tactic you have to retreat in order to entice your enemy to the killing zone. That's why the gallants Warsay/YkaAlo did in Egri Mekhel, Burei, Adi BegiO, and Zalambesa. If you trust your so-called general ask him why he cried like a whore. PIA has never asked mercy to his enemy since 1965. What happened to the dream of Abay Tigray. Why your mercenaries couldn't capture Asab? "Atayo Nayna Memria Aqmi Eneikum Beluna Tornet mistjemere gin Shaebia Ab maekhlna Atiyu AlahiUna."

  57. He is not searching for any negative things. He is in his lithium medication. Just kidding.

  58. Thank you for your ALSHESHUM ZOR ALU answer.

  59. Sure if you and I critically analyze things and stop following government propaganda we can do a favor to each other.
    I recommend you to read the ny times article again about the bread, milk and gas ration lines. Well if that was the price to be self sufficient let it be. But I highly doubt that because only last year 38% Eritreans were hunger stricken. Contrary to popular belief in ruling party camp in Eritrea , Ethiopians have a very good feeling toward Eritreans , (dont take the two wars personally, the first one was any region to get independence has to pass through struggle and the second war, Mr Isaias had a legitimate border question but he tried to execute it by force by invading us, I hope by now it is clear that is not how it work, if it happens for 100 times we will defend 100 times , so you guys dont take the border war personally)
    my point is we will be the first to congratulate you when you achieve food security and industrialization, you might not noticed it but that is in the interest of Ethiopia as well. But just like the North Korean dutche(which means self reliance and started in 1950s), its just a pretext to avoid accountability for subjugation of citizens. You might know currently North Korea is the most aid dependent country to survive. I have a reasons for that, Mr IA asked NGOs to give their aid directly to the government so that the government will distribute it as it wishes , those refused were kicked out and still the government receive aid from china, Qatar and Iran. with the addition of kicking out all foreign journalists and shutting down private media in the country, for me it looks IA is trying to hide something using self reliance as pretext. and That is consistent with witnesses from Eritrea(I really hope your only information source is not ERiTV and government propaganda)

    Aid should be used wisely I agree with that, you shouldn't develop dependency syndrome but there are absolutely important cases. Like in a natural famine and helping the farmer to achieve sustainability is what I support. I support the Chinese aid to build Eritrea college of technology but we might have different opinion on the 7.5% of GDP aid Eritrea gets and the 12.5% of GDP aid Ethiopia gets.
    Here is basically my difference with you, I dont support whatever the prime minister or the president says ..I oppose when they jail journalists or refute human right watch reports without clear evidence. I support them when they do the right thing. I am not a cadre follower. Anyways my point is I trust world bank over the prime minister political speech. I am not a kind of person who supports when a president jails his senior comrades for 15 years without charge.
    Lastly if you dont understand the difference between primary education enrollment rate(which is the ratio of school age children who are in school) and literacy rate (which is the ability of writing and reading of the general population over 15 years ) may be you are not that brilliant to discuss issues. By the way with this rate Eritrean literacy rate will decrease and the Ethiopians will increase. of course unless the Eritreans do something about it.
    Anyways , according to your common sense which country has the highest illiteracy rate in Africa, which country is most developed, and which country has low crime rate? well to answer such questions we follow scientific methodology of data collection and analysis , not common sense. that is why we have graduate schools in economics statistics, sociology..common sense is a new finding in the scientific world and if its true(which I highly doubt) you will get a noble prize for it.

  60. You have forgotten that just last month more than 20 inocent Ethiopians were marderd just because they expressed them selfs, people have been kidnaped from their own houses in addis my friend's uncle is one of them.

    2006 the Ethiopian government was about to collapse, the US had to save the country, xPM had to promise to work for them. But again he changed his mind started working even with Chinese, that's why he had to died, and they poisoned him.

    So, let's see what is going to happen in the near future when the US and the Britsh break Thor foot on the already agitated PM.

    I am not wishing problems, but fore sure massive irruption is about to happen in that country. Open your gland and wait for the right time to tickle off.

  61. Manny,
    It is not that the Ethiopian army forced the Eritrean from Tesseney or even Barents. Don't be stupid. It is called war tactics. How do you think we got Eritrea independent?
    Let me tell you one thing, if it was not for the the Americans to give you guns, ammunition and provide you with false ideology you would never even think of having a war with Eritrea.
    Not many people know, the Eritrean army force advanced in side Tigray when the war started, but they had to retreat because the US was to bombard Eritrea, like what they did with sadam Hussien. Then once the game was obvious, the Eritrean government had to play the dirty game with UN too.
    The world is full of dramas, but the Ethiopian leadership is nasty and dirty and it's time is limited, now that

  62. I liked your analysis of the war where you portrayed Eritrean as the loosers. But whatever makes you sleep at night. When the true account of the war and your government true intentions then we will talk about who the winner is, although war is destructive and costly, Badmie is a decoy and always was, in fact the real battle took place in Assab, ask your brothers in TPLF, including how many days the fight took and the loss (algers was signed after this incident). But, when all is failed EPRDF came out and said they were victorious because the gallant Ethiopian forces took badime in "two" days! when you cherry pick facts to suits your arguments in a public forum you are exposed to scrutiny. Lets assume they did that in two days, but can you tell me how many attempts? and the amount youth that died?

    That is fine, and after all if winning is measured by outcome then the outcome is that "Badime" is awarded to Eritrea, period.

    Weyanes tried to hoodwink Eritreans, but you know we prevailed. and again "fukera" that Ethiopia has the mightiest the most powerful army - I ask whats new?

    Weyane online cadres are everywhere this days, I'll give though that you are the better of all I have seen so far, you can twist, and manoeuvre, and a good grasp of the English lingo.

  63. I don't remember analyzing the Bademe war, the same court that awarded the major flash point badme to Eritrea said , Eritrea violated international law and triggered a war by invading Ethiopia.(so which part of that shows TPLF was going for Assab), of course unless you are a mind reader that Assab was not even an issue in the war. Long before the war culminated the lives of thousands of Ethiopia and Eritreans, Ethiopia accepted the OAU peace plan which Eritrea rejected it until the last minute where the defeat was apparent. Ethiopia had one precondition, we can negotiate and go to arbitration but first Eritrea must withdraw to pre May 98 position. Eritrea refused ,At the end of the war Ethiopia held all of the disputed territory and had advanced into Eritrea. and added one more precondition intentionally to humiliate Isaias Afewerki, there must be a 25 km buffer zone inside Eritrea. Eritrea who refused to withdraw its force into pre May 98 position accepted the buffer zone precondition. The court awarded 60% of the disputed area to Eritrea and the rest to Ethiopia. As you said Bademe is a done deal, its just Mr Isaias using it to distract from internal problems. In Ethiopia there is nothing changed because of Badme, no election postponed, no constitution suspended, no forced conscription, Ethiopia which has 5 times the population of Eritrea maintains half the number of Eritrean army, No budget is diverted to Badme(Ethiopia uses less than 1% of its GDP to Military) so who is using the no war no peace as a scapegoat?(hint not Ethiopia)

  64. Gentleman, By this I will end my discussion on this thread. But I have a last word.

    you look a reasonable person and you kept your composure throughout the discussion, thank you , that is not that common in Eritrean government supporters forum. and I stand corrected on the outdated data I used. I usually use those data not to show Ethiopia is superior but to show some of my Eritrean friends that their country is not as superior as they think it is.

    I tried not to use government propaganda data and I referenced more credible sources and international media.

    I am not TPLF supporter and I have no plan to be one. Before 6 months in winter break I started working as a dishwasher, I got to know a fanatic Eri government supporter and otherwise a very pleasant former Eritrean solder. I tried to present him evidences , in every area he is smart but in some of the current government policies he just follow what the government says. He claps when the president says we don't need constitution and he claps again when the president changes his mind. He approves when people get arrested without charge, He justify when Eri Gov takes actions that isolates it and put it at odd with the super powers. that made me to be curious to know what the other Eritreans think. I came to Tesfanews and Madote, on everything it seems Eritreans have a different version of history. strangely that version is only consistent with Eri Gov propaganda. Most of them honestly convinced the west is against them and there is a big conspiracy against them, even if most of them are living with the very same people who are modest and who gave them refugee. After a few months of trying to converse using sources I deemed credible, I gave up. I was convinced they are brainwashed. and I saw ugly racism and bigotry toward their same ethnic group in the south, I am not from Tigray but i couldn't believe my eye when I saw some people think somehow they are superior. from my view that is consintent with North Korea, a very sophetsicated and beautiful people but when it comes to thier government propaganda they just follow what the dear leader says however rediculous it is. I almost gave up on Eritreans but I got Awate , I restrored my faith in Eritreans again. I saw people arguing with Idea(both supporting and opposing). Why I am telling you all this? I am a new generation of Ethiopia, I hardly have any memories about the dergue. as the majority of the youth in Ethiopia I am indifferent about Eritrea. I have no question on Eritrean sovereignty , I wan't things to be resolved peacefully. I hate extremists. I never visited Ethiopian government or government related sites . I get my information from medias I belive are credible. When I argue I am just trying to correct people which I belive are wrong. But the last 6 months took a lot of energy from me. without noticing it I became obsessed with Eritrea. for my embarassement i started becoming happy when I read something negative, because that will prove that i was right and people who were arguing were wrong Today will be my last day in any Eritrea related website. Thank you for your time. I used 2 nicknames but my ideas were the same. I hope one day we will resolve our differences and live peacefully. wish you the best.

  65. to be honest i haven't done anything special but as Eritrean i'm looking forward to do something to my people and my beautiful country.... and still i stand by my Government i don't really trust any opposition group as they do not have true target.

  66. hmmm do we have a proper roads in eritrea if we do name them please? apart from the old hospital the government built 5 hospitals so far.... the rest are clinics and how many are going to our neighbor country sudan just have good medical service? Collages what happen to Asmara University? schools they are suffering from shortage of teachers? lets skip the agricultural sector cuz we Eritrean we know how to survive. Dams what happen to the newly built Gergera Dam u would know if u ask someone who know well. and the main thing is mining project where is the gold or where is the money?

  67. i just cannot believe what i am reading this whole thing is a pure lie whom u are lying to. what a shame . may be u r decieving to eritreans living aboad but these living inside know the truth that instead of building house u r destroing the ones that have been built


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